💥 4th of July Part 2

The long lost sequel to the story that started it all! Find out what happens to Brad when things get even worse!


60 min read

Written by Haley 💕


[TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic, detailed depictions of forced, non-consensual sexual abuse. DO NOT READ if this offends you!]

My breath caught in my throat as my head throbbed from the blinding light. The sound of a whisper rattled around in my brain but I couldn't actually figure out the words. Ringing. And then, my senses awoke to the smell and taste embedded in me. I tried to choke but my mouth was still sealed. Why can't I…

"Nnnnnnggggggg… heyyyyy! Braaaaad! Wakey wakey! Heyyyyy!!" The words started to become clearer as I felt a spray of vomit coat the back of my throat. Instinctively I tried to sit up with force but I was slammed back painfully by what felt like a two-ton heavy thing just yanking me down.

Oh. Fuck… that's right… I'm fucking trapped… jesus christ, that wasn't a dream?! I blinked a few times as my watery eyes focused on the halo of a figure. "There he is!" A sweet sing-song voice soothed my ears, and then the next thing I knew, a hot explosive breath came crashing over my face. I tried to choke again but my mouth… ohhh GOD! Those panties… the sock… my mouth was still stuffed with filth and taped shut. I spasmed violently.

"HellllllOOOOOOOOOOO??!!" My nose wrinkled as the rotten garlicky punch assaulted my nose. I turned my head. Suddenly a blinding pain shot through my jaw as Kailey gripped my chin violently and straightened my face. "Don't turn your head away from me, brat!" She hissed. More sour breath. I felt my eyes cross a little but I tried not to react. I knew if I did, she'd just torture me with it more.

Luckily she didn't catch on, and instead she turned her head and called out quietly, "Hey Kel! He's awake!" I heard a squeal and footsteps come thudding up to me, and then Kelly and Kailey's faces peered down at me, a devious glint in their sadistic eyes. My heart fucking sank.

I tried to calm down an oncoming panic attack. I thought to myself, "Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Okay, this can't go on much longer… what time even is it? Fuck! Wait… where's Erika? Why aren't mom and dad home by now? Jesus christ the smell and taste… please please please GOD SOMEONE SAVE ME!!!"

I hyperventilated as the reality of my horrible situation was explained to me. Kailey spoke first.

"Hey buttface! Glad you're finally awake! So just so you know, you kept passing out but finally you just stayed passed out. We played Halo for like another hour but then we all got tired."

My eyes darted around the dark room as the panic rose in my body.

"Erika decided to go stay at Greg's for the night since he finally got home from his brother's party. So… she's gone. Kelly and I asked her if we could crash here since we're both super tired and also still really high…"

They both giggled chillingly, and I let out an uncontrolled whimper.

Kelly chimed in, "Aww! Look at how scared he is! He's like… trembling! And those eyes…" She licked her lips subtly and I saw her take a sharp breath inward.

Kailey continued, "Mmm that's right bitch boy. Your sister's gone. Oh, and just before she left your parents called. They're staying at that BBQ thing because your mom got too wasted!" They both cackled as the horror clicked in my brain.

I couldn't help it. I started yelping, whimpering, screaming, begging, pleading… anything… I stared up at them as my bloodshot eyes flooded with tears and I shook my head in a panic as I thrashed against these stupid fucking cuffs with all my might.

They just laughed harder. Kelly pointed to her ears and stuck her tongue out at me. "I can't understand a word you're saying, Brad. You are such a mush mouth! God. Get some speech therapy!"

Kailey snickered wickedly. "I think I understood him. He's saying we have complete freedom to do whatever we want with him, and the more he screams, the more he likes it and wants us to keep going!"

They both squealed with delight as I screamed even louder. And then, shit got weird.

Without any further warning, Kelly stood over me, still wearing her little skirt. But no panties. My eyes went wide as the sight of her perfect ass still caught me off guard. She really was so fucking hot. Why did she have to be sooo GROSS??

Yep. As if on cue, that sick bitch DROPPED onto my face. She didn't lower. She didn't sit. She DROPPED. Intense pain shot through my face and the back of head as it squished into the hard floor.

The next thing I felt was heavy pressure wiggling around on my face. It was warm, moist, and suffocating. I hadn't been able to breathe yet, but unfortunately that was about to change.

Kelly reached back and gripped her butt cheeks and pulled them wide apart as she leaned forward a little. I fucking heard the cork pop of my nose from inside her gooey fart box AGAIN and it made my skin crawl. And then the smell hit.

My lungs burned so I huffed a big ass inhale through my only available holes - my nostrils. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck! Holllly shit, the burn… the stink!!! My brain literally felt like it was sizzling. Each inhale drew in an indescribable, reekingly potent cloud of the most concentrated girl ass you could ever imagine.

It was sharp, cheesy, oily, greasy… it smelled like stale shit AND piss - how the fuck?! It was DISGUSTING! By the fourth inhale my eyes rolled back and I felt more vomit tickle the back of my throat. I heaved violently and flexed my entire weak body to fight it back down.

Kelly cooed in a breathy whisper, “Smell that stinky bum, loser! Sniffy sniff sniff! Come on you nimrod, inhale like you fucking mean it!!”

She wiggled back and forth and cackled as my body violently rejected her rotten fumes. Holy shit, the smell… if anything, it seemed even worse than before! How the fuck was that even possible?

I guess these sadistic psychos are also mind readers? Because they answered my question.

"Ohhh myyyyy GOSH my butthole is SO itchy and grimy!!!" Kelly whined as she kept ass-fucking my nose with her slimy stench maker. Kailey groaned in disgusted delight, "Mine too!! If yours is even HALF as sweaty as mine, make sure he doesn't drown in your swamp ass soup!! How many squats did you do again?"

Kelly whined in a bratty little moan as she arched her back and scraped her funky wet butthole hairs all over my nose, flossing my nostrils with her cheesy stringy crotch rot.

I fucking baulked viciously, screeching again as my throat begged my brain to puke and run. Puke and run. But I was fucking trapped. My body AND my fucking MOUTH! How in the god damn hell did this even happen? My panic attack started coming back as their voices drifted away… it was harder and harder to focus on their words as Kelly resumed smothering me everytime she scratched her asshole on my face. Sometimes she'd sink and linger. It didn't matter if I screamed. They didn't fucking react at all to me, except with laughter and teasing.

“Shut the fuck up, weasel! No body fucking cares!!” Kailey barked angrily as Kelly moaned louder and rocked her hips rhythmically as my nose slid in and out of her tight wet fart spitter. I shuddered each time as more of her oily butt grease leached onto my nose and lips and built up. My eyes rolled back again as Kelly bucked me harder and smashed her meaty twat into my taped mouth over and over and over again. I screamed from the pain and I could barely breathe as the oily viscus sludge caked my nostrils and began clogging my sinuses.

“You have one job, dumb dumb! That’s to shut up and SNIFF! I want to hear you ripping the stink drips from my wrinkly little hole! Feel it pooching out against your nose? Mmmm… little hugs and kisses from my stinky butt, Brad! Don’t fucking be rude. Nuzzle back! Sniff hard and kiss my hole!” She giggled as I screamed again. “Oh yeah, your stupid mouth is all taped up huh buttmunch!! That sucks. Okay then kiss my asshole with your stupid little nose instead!!”

She squealed in a high pitched chipmunk moan as she rocked back again and spread her asshole as wide as she could before drilling both my nostrils INSIDE her fucking drenched fart cave!! My nostrils squeezed shut but as she pulsed her hole it was like fucking glue or something! It suctioned to my nose and pulled it apart. She kept forcing it open and closed, making me take panicked sniffs at hyper speed whenever I could. The terror took hold of me and I gave in again.

More puke sprayed my throat. FUCK!!! God, the flavor… I wanted to die. My stomach heaved and lurched as I yelped and shrieked desperately for mercy. A break. Something. But it’s like they didn’t even fucking hear me! More laughter, more moaning and giggling, more murmured voices. I couldn’t understand what they even said when they weren’t yelling at me.

My mind swirled in circles of despair as the horrible burning smothering suffocating stink of Kelly's rotten asshole electrified my senses. Each inhale was a shock. Each swallow was a bitter reminder of the soiled filthy laundry they'd locked in my mouth. And my disgusting puke, with nowhere to go but back down. God… my ears rang more and me eyes streamed more tears as I thought about it. How could these fucking brats DO this to me???

"I think about 150?" I heard Kelly off in the distance finally.

150. 150? I searched my brain and couldn't even remember why she said that.

"Ooh not bad! I did like 225!" Oh. Squats? Did she ask her how many squats? Wait a second. Did these fucking bitches EXERCISE while I was passed out to get MORE stinky? Oh jesus christ, this is a joke right? FUCK!!!!

Kelly peeled my nose out of her raw, red, heat-rashed buttcrack with another loud corking SCHLUCKKK… my spine fucking shivered and I felt my entire body recoil, but I couldn't stop myself… I had to fucking breathe. Oh god. Oh god!!! Here we go…

My nostrils twitched as the wet grease clogged them. I felt it drip down and slither into my throat - a vile, salty, bitter, thick, greasy, PUNGENT fucking liquid that made me want to literally shriek. And just kept dripping and dripping and dripping. I felt my body spasm again and I actually lifted the futon about half an inch. With a loud BANG it crashed down and my entire muscular system activated. It hurt. Like being shocked. I couldn't unclench.

Both girls squealed with excitement as I twitched and thrashed. “Ohh wow! Wittle Bwad is twying to be a stwong man!!” Kailey teased out. Kelly cackled, egging it on, “You’re not fucking going anywhere, dumbass. We locked you up good. And this old ass futon weighs like 300 pounds. Seriously. Why don’t you get something from this century?”

Her voice made my skin crawl. She was such a fucking bitch!! Her tone was so grating. Such a whiny bratty superior whine. God, I hated her!!

I was bracing myself for the horrible air I had to inhale to survive. And then I did it. I actually squealed like a little girl from the horrible stench as I shoveled it hungrily into my nostrils with big snorts. My panic attack and lack of oxygen sent my into a hyperventilating fart filter state. My god, I drank her fucking ass stink with my stupid fucking nostrils!

I wanted to stop, but I was so starved for air. I peeled more stink. More. Each sniff made me dizzier and sicker. It was fucking agony! She started rocking slowly back and forth. FooooorWARD… … … baaaaaackWARD… … … suuuuuffocateeeeee… sniiiiiiiffffffff… suuuuufffffffooooccccaattttttteee… sniffffff…

I learned that if I didn't sniff whenever she let me, I might not get another chance for a long time. So as awful as it was, I fucking sniffed.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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As Kelly kept absentmindedly nose-fucking her turd tunnel, Kailey spoke up. "All right, so who's going first? You or me?" Kelly paused for a minute, full-weight on my face. I yelped but I might as well have been 300 feet underwater. Barely any sound and certainly no response.

Kelly tapped her chin playfully as she shook her hips slightly, keeping me buried in her deep asscrack. My vision started changing from black to red, then white, and then a starburst of hyperactive colors popping and exploding everywhere. I knew this feeling. Blackout, here I come… fuck!!!!

I gasped inward hard as I felt an immense relief of pressure. Kelly had stood up. I shook my head weakly and tried to wipe my face without thinking, but my hands cut into the cuffs again and my muscles cramped. I went limp, and everything fucking hurt.

"So you remember the rules?" Kelly asked excitedly. "Yep! I'll sit on his face first. You can play with him." Kailey giggled back.

Their voices were subtlety different. Lower… it felt like something changed. I hardly had time to process it before I felt two hands grab my boxers and rip them off of me. It hadn't occurred to me to even wonder if I was naked or not. But, now I was…

I was grateful that Kelly was off my face. Kailey said she'd go first? And wait… play with me? What the hell did that mean? And there's no way Kailey's ass could be worse than Kelly's. Every sniff still burned my aching lungs and sent a shudder through me.

Kailey stepped over me and squatted down. At first I was relieved to see she still had her panties on. But then as she lowered herself down, I could see a wet brownish mark across her buttcrack! A fucking skidmark?! Are you kidding me? I lost it again.


I screamed it with all my heart. Yelping each word. Enunciating it. Pleading emphatically. Kailey stopped her descent onto my face and peered down between her legs at me. Then I saw Kelly's face pop in from below. She was already sitting on my calves, inspecting my naked fuck stick.

They both blinked, heads cocked a little in mock concern. Kelly whispered urgently, "Did he… was he trying to say something?" Kailey scrunched her face up and made a cute little squealing noise. "I thought I heard something, but I have no idea at all what it could have been. Certainly not BRADLEY here!" She glared down at me as she said my name, shooting a cold bullet of disdain into my face with her demonic little smirk. Fucking BRAT!!!

This was so god damn humiliating!! UGH!!! I tried to squirm away with my hips, but it just made my fucking lonely soldier dance and wiggle, which amused them both to no end. I cried again as I tried to hide into the floor. I clenched my eyes shut and wished I could be somewhere else. ANYWHERE else. And then… I can only explain what came next as the most intense, insane, cruel, agonizing, endless, humiliating, unbearable, maddeningly satanic torture imaginable.

Kailey sat down hard. My face was fucking engulfed. Her ass just swallowed me whole. She was heavier than Kelly and she didn't care to grind or adjust much. She just fucking used me as a chair. As she settled in, second by second, I sunk deeper into her rancid brown stained panties. I didn't dare breathe yet. I didn't even know if I could.

And then the most horrifying fucking sound imaginable. Her guts started rumbling and bubbling, and I felt her shift a little as she groaned and then grunted. Oh fuck. OH FUCK OH FUCK!!! NOT THE FARTS!!!! PLEASE GOD NOOOOOOO!!!!"

I went apeshit under her, but it was a pathetic display of man vs. tools, and their tools held me in place exceptionally well. The more I fought, the more I hurt. I wasn't going anywhere.

"Whew, Brad you better get ready to sniff. I'm about to rip some egg bombs into your nose that would make a sewer seem like paradise!"

I snapped. I knew I couldn't take this. FUCK THIS!! I'd hold my breath. Fine. So I did. I held it and held it while that psycho brat grunted and groaned on top of me. Her stomach sounded like a fucking unbalanced washing machine!!

"Don't worry Brad! I'll make suuuper sure that you sniffy sniff sniff reallllllly good, okay?" Kelly sang up sweetly at me. She had disappeared again down between my legs, and suddenly, I felt… pressure.

She grabbed my dick. And she wasn't gentle about it. She yanked it hard, pulling it away from my balls and giggling as it stretched. She giggled out in a lustful little hiss, "Mmmm! I'm gonna play with this and see if I can figure out how you work, Brad!" Her voice turned extremely feral all of a sudden. I felt myself throb in her hand despite myself… it was so hot what she was doing and saying.

And then… FUCK MY LIFE. Kailey let out a silent hissing nuke that I didn't even notice until it lit my fucking nostrils ON GOD DAMN FIRE! I shrieked at the top of my lungs, which made me twitch, which made Kelly's manicured little fingers scratch the fuck out of my dick, which made me snort, which made me gag, which made me heave, which made me scream again, which made both girls squeal and squirm on top of me, and Kailey farted again. And again. And again!!!! Kelly never let go of my aching, stretched out cock as she tugged and tugged. "Sniffy sniff bitch!!!" She commanded into my dick like a microphone. I felt her breath explode as her bratty voice oozed out and tickled my shaft and balls.

Fucking hell! I sniffed so fucking hard! Endless inhales of eggy death. Thick, and it built up and up and up. So fucking nasty!!! I heard it just hiss and sizzle like a vent someone forgot to shut off. Putrid mist just swirling and curling around my sinuses like a deadly snake making a beeline for my brain.

"OH GOD, SOMEBODY FUCKING KILL ME!!!!" I yelped desperately as the burning gas seized off my lungs. I couldn't even get a breath, it was so toxic!!

Finally, Kelly let go of my dick, and I felt immediate relief. Just then, Kailey lifted off of my face a little, and I sniffed in so hard that I suctioned her brown, stained skidmark right into my nostrils! FUCK!!!

I snorted and inhaled the stale rancid out-house smell of her shitty, pissy panties, and the fresh reek of her oozing asshole. She giggled as she noticed what was happening. "Is the smell stuck in my panties, loser? BIG SNIFFS!!!"

She wiggled her ass a little more as her soaking wet sweaty shitty underwear clung to my nostrils with each sniff. My eyes burned and I tried to thrash my head away but all I met was her meaty thighs and stinky feet mashing my cheeks back upright. No fucking escape.

Horribly, it worked to allow me to get my breathing back. My lungs slowly opened back up as I carefully and painfully took in every ounce of her filthy panty filling. God this was so fucked up!!!

Suddenly, I felt an explosion simultaneously as my cock was enveloped in a hot, wet pocket, and my nose was blasted full-force by 4 more of Kailey's 10+ second SBD ASSASSINATION FARTS!

Kelly fucking sucked my cock sloppily, scraping her teeth as she giggled and learned on my swollen, abused dick and balls. Her nails dug into my shaft and she flicked and hit my balls hard. I winced and yelped, whimpering and screaming, but under Kailey's massive ass and buried in their dirty laundry, it was a lost cause.

Suddenly, the overwhelming sensations sent me into a strange trance-like state. It seemed to HEIGHTEN my senses! Oh fucking GREAT! Could this get any god damn worse???!

"Wow, that chili burger and chocolate shake was SUCH a good idea, Kel! My stomach is going bananas! I don't think he'll survive this!" They both cackled joyously, ignoring my immense suffering.

Suddenly, Kailey spread her butt cheeks wider and plopped back down, flattening my nose right against her puckering anus. Through the thin wet fabric of her filthy cotton panties, the smell just oozed and stuck, endlessly refilling my nostrils with a maddening stench that made my eyeballs itch!

Ssssssssssfffffffffffftftftftftttttttfffffsssssssssssspppppbbbtpppbtpppbttttsssssss ffffffffflupflupflubbbruubbubububbbbbbbfffffffffssssssssssssss

As Kailey's massive, repeated silent, sputtering, oozing, moist farts erupted into her panties, my nostrils involuntarily sucked every stinking ounce of her farts. She and Kelly made sure of it.

"Time to figure out how to make him hyperventilate!!!" I heard Kelly squeal deviously.

"OHHH FUCK NOOOOO!!!!" I screamed, but was cut off by another hissing, steaming, poisonous nose raper, pumped point blank into my raw nostrils. It felt like they were bleeding, I swear. Every sniff just burned and singed, scorching me alive.

As Kailey milked more massive methane murder monsters into my locked nostrils, my brain began to flood with her burning fumes. My eyes rolled back into my head and I felt them roll around as my body wanted to give up. And then…

BAM! HOLLLLLY FUCKING SHIT!!! Kelly punched me in the balls. Hard. I inhaled sharply and screeched. My nostrils twitched as they fought Kailey's panties and sucked more fart reek deep into my saturated lungs. Fuck fuck fuck, I'm gonna die like this! I'm literally gonna drown in fart. WHAT THE FUCK!!!

My mind was slipping. Kelly punched my dick again. I snorted. Sharp inhale. Violent gag. Kailey's asshole erupted again. As she sprayed her panties, the thick oily gas shot through into my nostrils, clung to my nose hairs, ripped at my sanity. The smell was INSANE!!!

Rotten eggs + spoiled milk + rancid vegetables + old garbage + strong cheese + rancid vinegar + oniony BO + cheesy twat snot + piss + shit + cum + god knows what else!!!

I felt myself slip into the black place again. But Kelly wouldn't let me. She grabbed my aching cock and started licking slowly up and down the shaft. I twitched as my painful dick BETRAYED ME and started to fucking grow. As I got harder, the pain got so much worse!!

Kelly licked gently and kissed, purring and mming with her hot wet lips. She was being so gentle now. But it wasn't helping. If anything, the light, soft sensations made me inhale harder!

🩷 🩷 🩷

For the next 20 minutes or so, Kelly experimented with my cock. And my balls. Sucking. Licking. Tugging. Squeezing. Punching. Flicking. She was obsessed with it. I don't know how she did it either, but she balanced the pleasure and pain really well. That psycho little brat could read me perfectly.

Every single time Kailey farted, Kelly did exactly what she needed to do to force involuntary hyperventilation. Once they'd perfected their technique, Kailey made an announcement.

"I've just created a new rule. I never want to shower again unless Brad here has serviced my butthole first."

Kelly gasped a little and giggled into my dick, sending vibrations through me like electricity. I snorted hard and spasmed, forcefully inhaling JUST as Kailey bit her lip, grunted, and spurted a bubbly, beefy, loud fart right into my brain.

"FUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!!" I screamed, wincing and yelping again. I tried to thrash. Nothing but pain. I screamed again. Kelly and Kailey just giggled slightly and kept going.

"I think that is a GREAT idea! He should like… sniff and lick all our farts and butt grease before either of us ever shower! It can be like, his new job!"

I balked at the suggestion, trying again to survive on the pure fart "oxygen" I'd been pressure-pumped full of. Kelly suddenly deepthroated my cock without warning and clenched her throat muscles around it, milking it and fighting her gag reflex. Holy shit! I didn't know she could even do that!

Before I could enjoy it, Kailey reached back and pulled her panties to the side before impaling her naked, oily, soaking wet asshole with my poor nose. OH GOD, EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

I panicked again as Kelly kept deep throating me. She gagged and gargled but kept it deep in her mouth as Kailey squeezed and milked my nose with her naked fartbox, leaving a toxic trail of stinky slime sludge all over my taped lips and nose. Just as I felt her asshole expand and swallow my nose, my throat sprayed with vomit as her asshole shot a thick, wet shart deep into both my nostrils!

WELL FUCK! NOW I KNOW WHY HER PANTIES WERE SKIDMARKED!!!! Holy shit, the insane burning pressure was too much. I violently puked into my gag and my throat bulged like I was a fucking frog!

Kailey lost her shit and ALMOST fell over laughing, but that savage cunt didn't give me a second of relief. My nose swam for its life deep inside her spongy, filthy, greasy shit cave. And the smell… if you could go INSIDE a colon and take a nice, deep breath, that would probably be better than this girl's fucking rotten intestines!!!!!

Kelly finally eased up on my cock and came back up, nibbling on my red, throbbing head. She kept her wet lips and hot breath all over it as she noticed the smell. "Jesus christ Kailey! Did you just fucking SHIT YOURSELF?!!?" She shrieked in true disgust.

Kailey sat back hard on my face, drilling her wet, thick, oozing shit stew mess down down down down my fucking nostrils, into the back of my throat. The flavor was so bitter and vile that it actually made my puke taste tolerable. I fucking screamed again as my vision went white and I forced another round of puke and shart snot down into my stomach.


I screamed. I begged. I prayed. Kelly just swirled her tongue over and over on the tip of my dick, pausing to kiss or nibble it every so often. Kailey was now rocking back and forth on my nose, her panties still shoved to the side. She was literally fucking her filthy asshole with my nose. In and out, back and forth, and I couldn't even fucking breathe!!!

My nose was packed with her sludge. My mouth still taped. I'd almost swallowed half of her gym sock and I thought I was going to choke to death and die right here and now. I summoned all of my strength to cough a violent expulsion, stopping my puke, launching that disgusting sock up out of my throat, and finally snorting her fucking SHIT SOUP enough that I could breathe. But only through my left nostril. And it was mostly pinched shut by her huge fucking ass.

"GOD DAMNIT!!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I fought her thighs and feet with my face to barely turn just enough to steal a fucking breath, and I don't know how they did it, but Kailey FARTED and Kelly BIT my dick right as I got that one fucking sniff.

My vision went white again, my nostrils got sprayed with another wet fart that bubbled into a thick, misty hiss of rotten eggs and shit. My dick was throbbing, and it could never get more than half-hard. I’d never felt so turned on and repulsed at the same time, and it was making my cock burn. God it hurt so bad!

My balls started to swell as Kelly tightened her grip, pulling my dick up towards my stomach and exposing my balls. She bit her lip and let out a mischievous little giggle as she punched my balls again. Twice. And then slapped them around. She started laughing so hard as I screamed in pain and winced, trying again to thrash free in a pathetic jerking motion that did absolutely nothing.

Kailey cracked up too, and as her body shook with her heavy laughter, a bunch more farts sputtered and spurted out of her jiggly asshole. They burst against my nose and punched there way through, filling my lungs with more disgusting pre-shit farts and sharts. Fuck!! My stomach…. Nonononono… not again!!!!

I steeled my entire body and white knuckled the ground as I clenched my stomach and fought back the puke. I barely held on. But I fucking did it. God that was close!

Sssffffffffshhooooofffftttbtttbbbbttbbttt ffffffssssstatatatsssss SPLATburburburb fphloooorttttssssffffbrrrrrppptptptptptptpt!!!

Kailey farted again. Farted isn’t the word though. It was more like she ripped a god damn hole in the space time continuum. My face vibrated so hard I thought my teeth would chip. The smell was beyond vile. A new level of deep colon shit and girl gut rot. The puke came back. Nononononooooo!!! HOLD IT!!!

Then Kelly saw me fighting. Saw me struggling to SURVIVE. And she nibbled her lips wetly as her eyebrows lifted. Without a second thought, she cackled and punched my nuts three more times!!!

My vision went blinding white and my body betrayed me again. Ohhhhh fucking hell, please noooononononoooo!!!!

I puked. Hard. I screeched and panicked as my mouth flooded. It kept coming. I screamed as I clenched my whole face. I tried to ignore the pain. I tried to ignore the stinking rotten smell wafting through my lungs. I couldn’t.

“Awwww shit!!! Look he’s puking again! God that’s sooo nasty!!!” Kailey mused with twisted glee. Kelly covered her face with one hand and squeezed my cock with the other. I twitched again as more puke oozed up. My mouth was full to capacity and as I tried to negotiate it back down my throat, some of it started bubbling and oozing out of my nostrils!

They didn’t even fucking notice. I almost drowned. Not even a fucking word. They just tortured me and giggled at my suffering, otherwise just ignoring me and talking.

“Okay I’ve got a really beefy fart coming on! My tummy is howling!!! This could probably knock out a rhino!” Kailey whined as she shifted uncomfortably on my face. Fuck, the grinding scratched my raw face like sandpaper, and the motion stirred up her nauseating stink. My mind raced as my throat seized again.

“Eww, you’re so gross Kailey!” Kelly groaned, her hot breath wooshing down around my wet, twitching dick. Her hot breath felt cold against my slimy skin. She’d really fucking covered me good with her spit!

My heart froze as Kailey started grunting. I heard her stomach gurgle violently and critch critch critch like a malfunctioning piece of machinery. Fuck… please, I can’t take this anymore! Don’t fart don’t fart don’t fart don’t fart!!!

I prayed endlessly for relief. It never came. Instead, Kelly’s little hands squeezed my slippery cock again as she began double-fisting me with slow, suffocating strokes. She zoned in on my purple cockhead sticking out between her thumbs. Just as Kailey grunted again, I was shot into space!!!

Kailey’s asshole literally pooched open and nibbled and gnawed on my nose as she chewed it into her wet, reek-oozing pit. I tried to let out a scream but just as a sticky, burning steam exploded into my aching nostrils, Kelly let out a little squealy moan and dug her thumbs into my tip. My scream caught in my throat as she began swirling my precum and her saliva around and around my throbbing soldier’s helmet.

“Fuck, his cock is sooo sexy…” She moaned, nibbling on her wet lips as she planted wet kisses on my dick between thumb swirls. The sensations forced my autonomous systems into hyperdrive and I began snorting and sniffing with fucking maddening intensity! NONONONONOOOO!!! GODDDD!!!!

I screamed in absolute torment as the rotten stink pummeled my nose with brutal spine-shocking force. It oozed and oozed, popping and splattering randomly into beefy sloppy bubbles of putrid fart sludge. All over my nose. Dripping into it. And I fucking force-inhaled every bit of it as Kelly manipulated my cock, balls, and even used her long manicured nails to tickle and scratch my thighs. Anything she could do to keep me snorting up her disgusting friends lethal fumes.

Fssshhhoooooobbblorpblorpblorp fsssttttbbbbbLAPBBT! Sssssssssshhhhoooooffffffffffsssssssfuhpuh poooooft ssssssBlublublubrrrrapppptsssssFUHHHH!

10 seconds. 12. 15. 20?! Her fart kept going. And going and going. She was the fucking Energizer Bunny of girl gas, and my brain was shutting down. Dizzy. Puke. Choke. Gag. Snort. Burning nose hairs. Brain pain. Scratch scratch scratch.

“Ewwww that one was EPICCCC!!!! Holy shit Kel did you HEAR THAT?!” Kailey squealed excitedly as she jerked her hips and shook her ass violently on my throbbing face. Then that cruel little bitch reached back and squeezed her juicy ass cheeks, peeling them apart and flapping them open and closed rapidly as she cackled and wiggled herself more.

The eruption of wafting stink that came torpedoing out of her brown, deep, steaming crack was unreasonable. Unexplainable. My eyes burned. It felt like they melted out of my head! My nose twitched hard as the swirling stinking funk settled around my face and just sat, viciously, waiting for me to inhale. Every fucking ounce of her unwashed jet-propelled raw girl ass reek. And the god damn farts!!

Kelly was just as bad. She started timing Kailey’s farts and rhythmic face humping, learning how to use the best techniques to make me snort at the worst fucking timing! Slap slap slap, grind grind grind, fart, swirl, SUCKSUCK nibble BITE BITE speed stroke, tongue swirls on the head, more farts pressure-boosted into my overloaded nostrils. My throat spewed again. Mouth flooded. Vile thick puke filled those disgusting panties and sock AGAIN. I had to suck it out to keep it from clogging my throat. It was like a disgusting, nauseating, brain breaking cork. I fought it with my life.

Kailey groaned and leaned forward, spreading her asshole. With a sudden jerking motion, she slid herself back, totally pinning my nose flat and open against her spongy puke-inducer. The reeking musk and oily greasy shart butter absolutely soaked my nose. Just as I shuddered and let out another gargled scream, Kailey’s brutal little butthole burped a lava bomb fart that must have taken the last of my nose hairs. AHHHHHH!!!!! GOOOOODDDDDDDD IT BURNSSSSS!!!!!!!

God, these bitches!! What did I do to deserve this?!!! Please, someone MAKE IT STOP!! By now I’d made good friends with the imaginary person in my brain that I was pleading to. All I could do was sniff. And scream. And swallow. Shart sludge, ass sweat and pussy cheese caked up inside my nose as she kept swirling and slapping her nasty fucking ass cheeks. Now she was sitting even further back. Absolutely zero room between my pinned, flared, hyperactive nostrils and her endlessly oozing fart pit. She milked and squeezed.

God. I could FEEL her pulsing her sticky anus in and out, gripping and pulling at my nostrils. She moaned and purred as her tiny swirling motions drilled me deeper and deeper into different folds of her asshole. The smells varied in musk and intensity. Sometimes, I found pure shit. I swear it mushed against me. Fuck, it smelled like it!!

Suddenly, the moisture increased as her asshole swallowed my nose again and then spread open into a wrinkly death trap - and she pushed.

Her fart factor was no match for my olfactory. I broke right there. I barely even noticed Kelly deepthroating me again. As she gargled my cock and let out more vibrating giggles and squeals, my vision faded again. Then a flash of white, and bursting colors. Oh no… no no no no not again!!!

I blacked out. But not for long. Seeing me go limp (in every way) made them both mad. A blinding, excruciating stab jolted me back awake, just as Kailey was lifting up and butt slamming all her weight down onto my face, over and over. I blinked twice and screamed as Kailey’s ass came crashing down on my again, this time along with a fart that she drilled straight into my nose with her weight.

Then I realized. Kelly was biting my balls. Hard. She was actually growling and I could hear them both hissing about how I wasn’t allowed to blackout again.

“Wake the fuck up, Brad! God you’re such a worthless fuck! WAKE UP!!!!”

I can’t. All I could feel was pain. Every breath was toxic. The taste. The smell. The sound of their horrible bratty voices. God I hated their voices…

🩷 🩷 🩷

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“Wake the hell up you nimrod! You can’t be this weak!” Kailey screamed. I heard it. I felt it. She enunciated herself with her hammering ass smashes. And Kelly… bit harder and harder on my swollen balls as she dug her fingernails into my limp cock.

My eyes shot open and my whole body tensed up. I actually felt my cock inflate as the blood flow returned. Kelly let out a startled little giggle as she finally let my balls drop from her sharp teeth, only to stuff my overstimulated dick into her tight wet mouth again. Ughhh, more teeth! I inhaled sharply. Mistake.

Sfffffftttttt glubuhhfffsssshhhooooorrrfffftttt!


Kailey. My god. What can make a human being fart like this?!! And A GIRL at that! It seemed impossible. But as that bratty volleyball captain wiggled herself into a suffocating, nose-in-ass position, she sighed happily and rubbed her tummy. She relaxed. The crushing weight squeezed my eyes until they felt like they were going to pop out of my ears. It was unbearable!

Then, Kelly giggled. “I’m hearing a lot of sloshing down there, Brad. Is Kailey drowning you?” Kailey squealed in response, glaring over at Kelly. “That’s rich. You’re trying to call me a slut with your friend’s brother’s dick in your mouth. Nice, Kel.” She rolled her eyes as she discreetly spread her thighs and felt around her crotch.

Then she let out a soft moan, and actually sounded a bit embarrassed. I blinked in time to see her pink cheeks come into a soft focus as she peered down at me between her sweaty, meaty thighs.

Kelly had let out a little huff but just giggled and went back to swirling her tongue around and around, balls to shaft, the underside, a ton of focus on the head, and then she’d repeat it. I couldn’t believe it, but I was getting harder and harder! Kelly noticed and it spurred her on.

Meanwhile, Kailey had lifted her knees a little and repositioned herself so that my nose was resting on her pussy lips. They were cheesy and crusty and looked glued closed. I shuddered as the faint stench of what was inside already made me want to die.

I barely noticed, but just above her taint, at the bottom of her pussy, she was leaking. Not dripping. Oozing. Just a small, thin line of nonstop pussy juice. Her girl squirt was clear and slippery, and had a tangy smell. But also, there were big deposits of white globs of girl cum. I’d never seen that in person before!!

I realized that’s the wet slimy coating that’s been covering my face! Great… farting on my face literally makes her dripping wet. What the fuck is wrong with this crazy ass bitch?!

Kelly. Jesus Christ, Kelly. Her little mouth just kept working me. Nonstop. It wasn’t always good but it was always stimulation. My cock twitched and ached against her tongue and cheeks. She’d actually started making a conscious effort to not use her teeth.

As I started to focus on my cock’s growing pleasure, I caught a brief moment of pleasure. Sadly, Kailey wouldn’t let that stand. I heard her moan wetly, hissing as there was a movement above me. My eyes were wet and burning so I couldn’t really see. But I knew what she was doing.

Her hand reached down, and first, she patted me on the forehead condescendingly. “Good puppy. I knew it! All dogs love to sniff ass!” She laughed at her own stupid joke, and then worked her fingers along her girl slit. Her lips were really tiny, and the whole area around her gash was bright red. It even just LOOKED stinky!

I yelped as her grubby little fingers spread her nauseating beef curtains open, and the slithering, oozing stink crept out. I winced as I FELT the reek release. She spread her lips wider and moaned loudly, and suddenly she slid forward and stuffed my nose into her cheesy, tight, rotten little mound!!!

I panicked and screamed again, thrashing with all my strength. Kelly laughed as she bounced a little, barely even affected by my desperate struggles. Fuck my life.

Kailey started rocking back and forth as she sludge-fucked my nose right into her filthy sex pocket. God, why does it smell so fucking BAD?!!!

Kill me. Kill me. God damnit Kelly. Oh fuck that feels good. JESUS the smell. Kill me kill me kill me!!! I inhaled sharply as her cruel serpent tongue tingled wet electric kisses all up and down my shuddering cock. Bad idea. FUCK! THIS GOD DAMN TAPE! I squealed in agony as a moan turned into a retch. Kailey had spread her meaty murder mounds apart and zeroed in on my nose.

“Target acquired! Brace for impact!” Kailey giggled out. Clearly they’d been playing too much Halo. I winced as she wriggled and swirled her greasy hole into my raw nose. It squished and sunk slowly into her anus with ease as her sharty swampy butt grease lubed my nose up good.

As Kelly moaned louder and purposefully giggled exaggerated, vibrating noises into my bursting cock, I felt my balls tighten up. Holy shit. I was actually gonna cum! Jesus fucking christ, how the hell? What is even happening to me right now?!!

Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum… I started bucking my hips a little into Kelly’s face, praying she kept it going just like that. But then…


“Oof! Gross…” Kailey groaned as she launched a fart rocket from inside my nostrils. That felt… weird. It burned from heat and also pressure as it flooded up and out into my lungs and eyeballs and brain. I spasmed violently.


A steaming hot silent stinker slithered into my nostrils, worming its way into my body. It invaded me. I felt it. I tasted it. Fuck… my stomach is churning again… no no no no no… hold it together!!!

Kelly kept her pace. My cock was in a race to explode before Kailey’s farts could send me into nausea overdrive! Fuck, it was already happening…

“Shit, Brad! How you doin down there? I bet that’s like, REALLY bad, huh?” Kailey taunted me with little wiggles of her ass as more oozing fart burps leaked out into my lips.

Bubbbbbbbfffffffffssssssssssssss brrrapppttttapptapppaptt!

“Drink those sludgy farts, freak! They’re extra juicy JUUUUUST for you!!!” Kailey cackled as she humped my nose in and out of her swollen, gaping asshole. I could actually see her pushing. And I got my first real glimpse of the crime scene that was her canyon…

Putrid green slime globs were splattered all over her red, swollen crack. Heat rash, sweat, cheesy grime, and layers upon layers of green, brown and even black shart slime!

I shrieked. I couldn’t help it. My cock gave up, and even though it felt like I had four orgasms from Kelly’s sloppy experiments, they were just like ghost loads. So unsatisfying!! Ugh, I sank into the floor more and screamed a slew of obscenities in my mind. But, wait…

Kailey stopped farting for a minute… she just rode me, letting out soft little moans and whimpers. Her greasy pussy stank to high heaven, but at least it wasn’t sharts. Kelly’s tongue started doing something interesting, and suddenly I was back in the game. Fuck yeah… at least I’ll get an orgasm out of this hellish nightmare!

Suddenly, everything stopped. Kailey jumped up from my face, and Kelly froze her sucking, and then let my twitching cock fall out of her mouth. NononononoNOOOOOOO!!! FUCK!!! I WAS SO CLOSE TO CUMMING!!! I let out an agonized moan of frustration beyond my base-level repulsion. It sounded funny enough to grab their attention.

Kailey cocked her head to the side and looked down at me, as I gasped in a blinding bath of stinky fumes and bright light. "What the hell was that, Brad? You sound so silly!" They had no idea. No idea how fucking close I came to choking Kelly out with my cream filling. God, that would have been so sweet!

Instead, my rock hard rod wriggled and twitched like a worm on a hook, spasming in the cold air as my wet, tingly flesh begged for one more god damn stroke. One more fucking squeeze. PLEAAAASSEE!!!! My mind raged as my stomach revolted again. Amazingly, Kailey getting up OFF my face had made the greasy, rancid ass oil she'd been marinating me in for the last hour smell even WORSE. Actually, no it wasn't worse. It was just different. I wasn't used to it. God, it was… staler. More subdued and more mixed. Intensified. Stewed.

My heart sunk as the horror of each sniff made me realize, I was in vomit territory whether they were on my face or not! Until I could take a shower… no, scratch that. Until I could fucking BATHE IN A VOLCANO AND BURN THIS SMELL OFF, I'm never getting fresh air. Never ever ever. Another panic attack began. My throat seized again, a warning that my stomach was about to fucking puke punch my throat again.

I couldn't fucking do this anymore. I begged for unconsciousness. But they wouldn't let me. Nothing so nice would come. It was maddening. Medieval torture would've been better. This was just so fucking gross and depraved. And I was aware of it. Highly. No such luck as to go into like shock or something. I was in the fucking moment. Relentless!

I was literally sobbing and hyperventilating, when it occurred to me. I still didn't know why they had suddenly stopped. Wait… wait! Was someone home? A rush of hope jolted me into action. "HELLO??? HEYYYY!!!!! HELLLLPPPPPPP!! SOMEONE!!! IS ANYBODY THERE!!!!! PLEASE I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!!" I belted it. All my heart and soul.

Kailey was peeling off her soiled panties, and Kelly's eyes narrowed in anger as my little tantrum was apparently breaking the rules. She hauled back and slapped me across the face so hard, my eyes went white and my ears screamed with a deafening ringing.

"Chill out you moron! No one is coming to save you! No one can even hear you! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!" She stood back up, and paused for a moment, a wicked demon smile spreading over her lips. My stomach churned as she stepped back, swung her leg back and wound up a swift soccer kick into my already aching dick and balls.


I shrieked. The most intense pain I've ever felt in my life shot through me. I've had broken bones. I've been in pretty burly fights. I've wrecked my 4 wheeler more than once. I wasn't exactly a stranger to pain. But Kelly's cruel kick made me projectile vomit hard into my mouth. I yelped again as she fucking lifted her leg and this time, stomped down on my crotch! I howled and gargled in puke pain again as she stomped 2 more times. I thought my dick had broken off. It felt like it was bleeding. I was sure I was mutilated. All I could focus on was not drowning. Not choking.

I prompted myself, becoming my own drill sergeant. Swallow your puke, Brad. Swallow it. Just fucking do it. Come on, you can get it done. HURRY! As I gulped my third chunky bite, my pep talk was interrupted. Brutally.

'NO MORE FUCKING WHINING, RETARD!!!!" Kailey growled at me viciously. Her anger spurred Kelly on, and she lifted back for another stomp. I let out a half-second yowl and then held my breath, flinching my entire body and forcing myself to stop yelling. More puke oozed out of my nostrils as I silently gagged it down, barely keeping it together. Kelly's foot froze. Mercifully, she gently set it down next to my bruised man meat.

I tried to catch my breath as my sobbing tears and the shock of the pain actually sent me somewhere else for a couple minutes. I couldn't even fully comprehend the next whirlwind of events.

Kelly and Kailey said something to each other, giggled, and then my lips were ripped off my face by a 300mph tornado. Pain. So much fucking pain. My body tingled from head to toe as a sort of shock response continued building in me.

They must have noticed, because as I convulsed and flinched in terrified panic, Kelly cooed down at me softly. "Bradley, shhh it's okay. Can you hear my voice?" She sounded like… an angel? No no no, don't fall for it!

A soft, loving touch made me flinch again as Kelly's soft fingertips gently brushed my cheek. "Brad? Hey, Brad? Shh shh shh, it's okay. You're okay."

Tears dripped down my sob-streaked cheeks as Kelly awwed comfortingly down at me. She cupped my cheek in her soft little hand and gave my face a gentle wiggle.

"Hey, Brad! We took the tape off your mouth. I need you to fucking hear me!" Kailey's commanding tone broke me out of my comforting trance. I blinked hard and trembled again as Kelly stroked my cheek. She giggled as my horrified, unblinking eyes begged and pleaded up at her.

"So you need to spit out our dirty laundry. I want your mouth empty and ready. And this is very, very important, Bradley…" Kelly's soft voice morphed into a maniacal, demonic hiss. It made my heart stop.

"You better not say one fucking word, not one fucking sound. No more screaming, no more begging, no more talking to your imaginary friends, just fucking shut up!" Her bratty tone was so arrogant and cruel that more tears formed in the corners of my eyes.

"I mean it, Brad. Not one fucking sound better come from your mouth. And if you can't follow these simple instructions, your no fucking use to us. You're only as valuable as your entertainment value, loser. Disobey, and see how quickly we tape you back up, smother you out, and get bored and "forget" to revive you.

Kailey's sinister smirk came into view in my blurry, wet vision. "A horrible, sad tragedy! A poor boy was found unresponsive in his room after partying too hard on 4th of July. High levels of alcohol and marijuana were found in his system, and he had pills in his pants pockets."

She mimicked a news broadcast. As if I had died. I let out a soft whimper into my rotten, soggy pantysock gag. My eyes widened with more fear as they both cackled viciously at their horrible game.

"Get the picture, Brrrrad?" Kelly hissed again. Before I could answer, Kailey stepped over my face again. Oh yeah, I forgot. She was naked now… yay. Great. Wonderful. This will smell WAY better! FUCK. MY. LIFE.

"You have one chance…"

"…Don't disappoint us, bitch boy!"

They announced together, each one saying part of the sentence in their brattiest, snobbiest voices. I fucking HATED their voices!! So cute and girly, but so fucking MEAN AND GROSS!!!!!

Now naked, Kailey turned around to face my head, away from Kelly. Wait. What was she doing? I wasn't staring up at her butt crack anymore. Instead I saw the matted, sweaty blonde hairs curling into a sticky, tiny, gooey, dribbling slit. I almost couldn't see it, it was so small. And filthy. Covered in cum, grime, sweat, cheese, piss, pussy juice, god knows what else… I could smell every single god damn one of them, distinct from the other, as the savage cocktail battered my senses like a canoe in a hurricane.

The pressure, the smell, the humiliation… I wanted to die. No. I wanted to never even exist. There's no erasing this. You can't come back from this. I'm doomed forever now. My wicked anxieties ran wild in my insane brain as Kelly began working my dick again in her soft hands, little puffs of warm air blasting the tip as she brought her lips close.

Kailey sat back just a little and sneered down at me. I blinked sadly up at her. "Okay Brad. Time to empty that mouth. I need to… use it…" She trailed off ominously, nibbling on her wet lip as she thrust her hips around and used my nose to begin peeling apart her fort knox glue box. It was SO tight and SO sticky and SO stinky and SO steamy and SO fucking sealed shut that every tiny micro-tear in her pukey pussy let out micro-appetizers of the musky, cheesy, sour odors beating at the gates, ready to eviscerate their prisoners of war: my nostrils.

Kailey leaned back a little more, balancing her buttcrack on my chin as she reached down to grab her ass and steady herself. I choked out, cringing on the tiny remnants of pussy rot she'd peppered me with. It was nothing, but it smelled like everything. HELL WAS COMING.

After a few chokes, I don't remember much. My mouth fell open, and I heard squeals, groans, and giggles as neither of them wanted to help fish the disgusting mess out of my throat. My tired, traumatized tongue finally pushed it out enough that gravity could claim the heavy, wet, rancid fabric. More squeals and jumping as they fell onto my chest and then the floor.

"Ewwwwwwwwwww! That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seeeeen!!!!!" They both wailed. Such fucking drama queens. I let out another cough as bits of vomit dislodged in my throat and flew into my teeth. Another quick squeal and BAM, I was buried back in the cheesy, tight folds of Kailey's fat hairy pussy mound. FUUUCKKKKKKKKK!! No chance to spit. I gulped. Chunky, bone-chilling gulps.

Kailey took her time, rubbing her stinky little mound around my nostrils and the tip of my nose. She let out soft little moans as she teased my nose a little more into her lips. The smell was agonizing, and intensifying at a slow and steady rate. This was psychology torture on another level! These bitches could teach militaries a thing or two about interrogation. I would've literally given these horrible cunts ANYTHING to make this stop!

I basically almost passed out. I could hear… noises. Nothing clearly. I could feel… vibrations. No details. Vision was just a pink and white blur. I noticed the tickling sensation of something inside my nostrils. Kailey's disgusting pussy hair. God, ew ew ew ew EW!!! And the smell. It just got worse, and worse, and worse. As my eyes rolled around, little tippy taps started dancing around my dick again, too. Shit… the sensory overload was making my entire body electrified!!! OUCH!!

"His dick is like PURPLE!!!!" Kelly squealed loudly. That I could hear. Kailey replied with something, but it was Swedish chef to me. As she sat harder, the horror of my situation became apparent. Kelly had started waking up my miserable cock again, and Kailey was now pressing her gooey, stinking fucklips right into my nostrils. They were… spreading. Ohhh god! It was soggy, wet and rancid. It just FELT like stink. Fucking hell… how much longer could they do this to me?!

Her greasy, shitty, stinking asshole sunk down into my lips as she wriggled around excitedly on my face. "Mmmmm, fuckkkk, his face feels… like, really good…" Kailey panted out, starting to moan more. I barely noticed as I tried to clench my mouth shut but Kelly, whether planned or not, did another round of deep throating and shaft underside licking. I couldn't believe how good it felt, and wondered if she even knew at all what she was doing!

Fucking sadly enough, her hot little mouth on my swollen limp noodle made my stupid fucking mouth open up and moan like a little bitch. Betrayed again by my own body! Kailey noticed, and wasted no time in wiggling around harder and pooching her greasy wrinkled star beyond my lips and flat against my tongue!

As she sat heavier and heaver, sinking deeper and deeper, my nose got lodged into her cheesy fuck slit. Fuck, it was happening… my skin crawled as my nose entered her gooey, slimy, squeezing little stink pocket. I mean, it could've been hot, I guess. If she didn't smell like a homeless lumberjack and wasn't about to literally smother me in her putrid mess.

My panic went into overdrive. I saw flashes of her sadistic smirk from between her beefy thighs as she sat heavy above me. Her hand reached down and she spread her juicy little fuck lips apart. My nose sank in deeper as she let out a louder moan. My eyes shot open wide as Kelly bit down again on my cock, making me scream and thrash. Kailey responded with the same wide-eyed shock as my sudden reaction felt like a fuck machine under her dripping twat. She let out an explosive squeal and slammed her thighs tight around my face.

My brain was sluggish so it took longer to realize than it should of… Ohh shit, she was spurting from inside, too! Oh my sweet baby jesus, were they… getting turned on by this??!

How had I missed it… Kailey's panting moans increased as Kelly's wet hot mouth explored my cock with excitement and giggly moans of her own. Yeah, they were fucking getting off to this!!

I couldn't tell of that made it better or worse… but it definitely made things more slippery, pungent, and dangerous. The risk of drowning was very real.


I froze. An electric shock jolted me awake. The sudden acceptance of what just happened. Kailey, without any warning, had leaned back, drooped her asshole into my mouth more and ripped a boiling hot shart onto my tongue!! The earthy, bitter taste took me a minute to process.

Both girls squealed and almost fell over as they absolutely LOVED the goofy hollow blorb blorb sound it made when Kailey farted in my mouth. Fuck, this wasn't good. Judging by their reaction, that was just a taste…

"EWWW YOU FARTED IN HIS MOUTH!!" Kelly squealed, staring at my chin barely poking out from between Kailey's fat ass cheeks. Kailey laughed so hard she spurted again, simultaneously sending eggy fart steam and misty shart spray into my mouth, and ALSO her sour twat snot oozed into my fucking nostrils as she clamped and milked at my face.

An animalistic moan escaped her lips as she bit her tongue and humped my face harder with each breath, "Fffffuck yeah, and I'm about to do it again, too… open wide, Brad! You're gonna be eating my next farts!" Her voice oozed with pleasure and sadistic delight. The wetness began to intensify dramatically, and I felt pressure in my nostrils as her ooey gooey cunt cream-filled my sinus cavity.

Kelly's giggling lips kissed and tickled at my half-hard cock carelessly, and she used her hands to grasp the base of my shaft and experiment with massaging my balls. It didn't feel good.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to yelp, I wanted to set off a bomb. Anything. But I knew I might literally die under these sadistic demon girls, so I steeled myself and became what they wanted. A silent, suffering slave. My mind shattered so many times…

"I think I shart more in his mouth because there's nothing like pressing against my asshole and keeping it in." Kailey hypothesized casually. My eyes rolled around as she grunted and painted my mouth with another bitter, acidic spray of liquid fart. It popped and burbled at the end and I swear I felt like a thick slime bubble actually pop against my tongue…

The viscous sludge oozed down my tongue like a slug, scraping and traumatizing every tastebud as it relentlessly slithered into my throat. My tongue swam around in it as I tried to decide whether to gulp it all whole or suck and chew it into smaller swallows. I could feel my tongue collecting it from around my teeth and the roof of my mouth.

EWWW! Why am I doing that?!! Oh, I know why. If I don't get it out of my mouth, I'll puke. Already my saliva was flooding and thickening as my throat prepared to shuttle another round of waste up into my already waste-filled mouth. I clenched my stomach painfully and fought the urge with everything in me. My knuckles went white as I made a fist that cramped my entire forearms.

Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up. Don't throw up.

I chanted. I prayed. I begged. I screamed. All in my lonely head. All to no one but myself. And even I was barely listening. I gulped hard and sent a lump of nausea dropping into my churning stomach. Jesus christ. Also, I never throw up. Like I can literally chug liquor. I can count the number of times I've thrown up in my entire life on one hand.

Until tonight. I couldn't believe how violently my stomach protested. Why now?! A gallon of tequila is nothing, but two little girls rub their greasy taints on my nose and I fucking lose my lunch!I They're right - I am pathetic.

Kailey kept farting. Kelly kept sucking. After each fart, Kelly would ask, "Wet?" or "Shart?" It was about a 50/50 crapshoot (pun definitely intended) whether she said yes or no, and whether she was even right. I was surprised how many times she spewed liquified shit spit into my throat and still thought it wasn't wet.

I wanted to correct her, and cry, and scream… but I just laid there and took it. I winced when it was wet. I dry heaved with it was dry. They were all horrible. Rotten eggs or rotten shit, spoiled milk or bitter diarrhea. Take your pick, it all made me lose the will to live.


Wet. So fucking wet. Oh shit, SO GOD DAMN FUCKING WET!!! My mouth was coated in a thick mist of efficiently painted shart. Every inch of my teeth, tongue, mouth roof and walls. Saturated. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't!

"Ugh. Wow, that chili burger is really making my ass all chatty tonight!" Kailey half-whined half-bragged. She rubbed her stomach and arched her back a bit, wiggling her gooey, soiled fart sprayer all over my face. I tried to turn away again, but her sweaty, red thighs kept me squeezed to within an inch of my life. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!

"Wet one?" Kelly asked with a mouthful of cock, her hands still tickling and tapping my balls uncomfortably. She kept me maddeningly on the edge of pleasure and pain.

"Nah, think the next one will be though." Kailey replied as she kept her focus squarely on my face, maneuvering and hoovering my nose deep into her greedy, needy stinkhole. Her hungry asshole milked and squeezed, depositing layer upon layer of greasy grime, pungent girl stink that just settled in and joined the sedimentary buildup.


I fucking tore the roof off with the power behind my scream. Except, only I heard it. My vocal cords were just paralyzed. I couldn't activate them, and I knew I shouldn't anyway.

My balls throbbed as more precum oozed out of my aching cock. Kelly practiced whatever made me such, gasp, inhale, or snort. Again and again and again. She got overly excited every time it worked, and just relentlessly experimented.

Fuck, even without Kailey raping my face with her disgusting, unwashed girl punge, I seriously doubt Kelly's erratic blowjob could've made me cum anyway. It was all just maddening. Every little thing added so much torment.

Kailey giggled and let out a breathy moan as she shifted slightly, spread her thighs and stuffed two fingers into her juicy pussy. "Mmmmmmm ffffffuuuuuckkkk!!!" She screamed, causing Kelly to squeal and flinch. And scrape my cock with her teeth. Again. Yay, thanks so much!

Kailey increased her humping and started really losing control. Each humping thwack of her filthy fuck hole disrupted ozone-ripping puke stink that swirled and swam all around my nose, patiently waiting for each forced sniffle to vacuum it all up.

Rotten, reeking, rancid, thick, musky, cheesy, shitty, pissy, laced turbo charged teenage girl pheromones. To say it made me dizzy was like saying Alaska gets a little chilly sometimes. Nowhere in the realm of human language can I find the words to tell you what was happening in my face holes.

Bubbly, gassy, fetid, acrid, acidic, burning, stinging, putrid, rotting, decomposing RAW GIRL ASSHOLE. Oh yeah and ripe unshowered oversexed pussy. Fucking hell, I choked so many times on it I started to feel abs developing on my stomach!


Kailey groaned as she panted breathlessly on my face. “I think riding his face like this is actually helping move things around more. I can’t promise things won’t get… messier…”

She squealed with disgust as her own depraved words seemed to amp her horniness. Gooey strings of thick pussy spit erupted like bubbles against my nostrils as she kept a steady rhythm. I had to learn to breathe on her back grind, just as she wafted her nauseating funk at me every god damn time. I flirted with unconsciousness pretty fucking hard.


“Unnggggg, fuck yeah… ohhhh god, squeezing out these stinkers feels SOOO good, Brad!! I hope you’re hungry, fart muncher!!” She squealed more as she fucked and moaned, oozing squirty girl sauce and putrid shart blasts into my face relentlessly.

Kelly kept me hard and sniffing, but she never gave me enough pleasure to enjoy it. I still couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose, or if she was just super lousy at blowjobs. I still wasn’t even sure if she’d ever given one before. It sure didn’t feel like someone told her what the hell to do!


Kelly giggled into my screaming cock. “Mmmm… het wan?” Kailey groaned and moaned, reaching back again to rub her big ass cheeks and spread them a little, jiggling them. “Mmmmhmmmm… I think they’re basically all coming out wet now.” She hissed lustfully.

Nibbles on my cockhead forced another round of pain-injected snorts just as Kailey lifted herself up. Barely anything at all - just a cunthair. As the tiny pocket of space crackled and popped from her wet sweat cavern…


My cheeks flooded with her gas and actually pooched out! She kept overflowing my mouth with her thick, fetid gas, and I felt it pressurize into my throat and nostrils like homing missiles. Some of it actually came back out my nose, but she just sat heavy, forcing me to inhale and exhale her massive, lingering fart cloud over and over and over and over again.

Kelly started mmming more and more, and I noticed her… savoring the head of my cock. She slurped loudly a few times. “Wow… he keeps leaking this like… weird sticky stuff… it just keeps coming and coming and coming out, and it’s like… mmmm… fuck, it tastes REALLY fucking good…”

Kailey gently rocked my nose in and out of her spongy twat. Her stench was basically embedded into me permanently at this point. She rocked relentlessly, moaning softly and breathing in feral huffs.

Even as she got louder, she never varied her grind. The suckling sound of her drizzling cunt wetly swallowing and spitting out my nose made m shiver with disgust. She didn’t stop! Just slow and steady, in and out. In… squeeze… out… shhhccllllooockkK!! SNORT GAG COUGH SNIFF in… squeeze… out… shhhhlllliiick… GAG CHOKE SNIFF SOB in… squeeze… out… shhrrrrrfffk… SCREAM SNORT HEAVE GASP in… squeeze… out…

The horrific scene played out over and over again. In a twisted display of irony, it somehow set my dick on fire, and Kelly was getting her mouth washed out with my pre-creamed cock syrup.

Kailey finally responded to Kelly’s comment. “Yeah Kel, that’s called precum.” Her tone was annoyed bratty. As usual. “DUH. I know what it is, DORK. I just… his tastes so fucking good, and I just keep drinking it and I can’t get enough!!!” She blurted out shamelessly, her voice dripping with hunger.

I shuddered and clenched my eyes shut as her lips wrapped tightly around my tender head and sucked and swirled her tongue all around. She actually was. Savoring every drop. Fuck, I wish I could TURN IT OFF!! I really didn’t want to be literally FEEDING this psycho demon slut with my baby-dispenser. What is WRONG with me?

I choked and gagged violently, spasming as her gas slowly shutdown my brain more and more. Kelly hungrily milked me to endless, sweet, precummy ghost loads. It was hell on earth…

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Numb. Ringing. Black. Void. Air. Sweet, sweet air. Tainted, but unrestricted. What’s happening… I’d visited the sandman again. The extreme lack of attention made my entire body buzz. Where were they?

The silence was literally deafening. My whole face ached and throbbed. I was too weak to even try to move. Was I still tied up?

Seconds ticked by like minutes. I tried to convince myself that it was finally over. Could it really just be… oh, FUCK! I heard distant giggling. Kelly’s voice. Then Kailey’s.

My stomach jumped into my throat as another terrifying PTSD panic attack slammed into me. No no no no no fuck fuck fuck FUCK!

“…probably couldn’t do it.” I heard Kailey finish a sentence. Kelly whined like a petulant child, “But I wanna try!!!!!” Suddenly, I saw their shadows, and their figures. I blinked a few times, trying to focus. Their words faded out. I guess I could only focus on sight or sound at once. Not enough brain power to do both.

They both had their hands full. What the… what were they carrying? I tried to focus in on them, my blurry bloodshot eyes refusing to cooperate. Finally, they were standing over me. I saw them smirk and acknowledge me but I still could only focus on the… oh, shit… fucking SHIT!

They had a plate full of those cheap frozen burritos, covered in more melted shredded cheese, a bag of flaming hot Cheetos, a tub of sour cream, and a bottle of Taco Bell fire sauce (what the fuck, you can buy that shit by the bottle???!)

They also had like four of those kool-aid squeezy bottles each. The blue ones.

I couldn’t manage my breathing, and so I started to get dizzier as I panted faster and faster. Kelly stepped over my face, still in her mini skirt. No panties. Distorted, echoey giggling crashed into my ears as I still had zero strength to protest, let alone move.

OWWWW!!!!! BURNING HOT PLATE ON MY CHEST!!!! I tried to thrash but Kelly squatted herself down and planted her ass forcefully on my face just as Kailey slammed herself onto my crotch, rudely grinding herself into my aching tortured dick. It bent as she adjusted herself and I yelped into Kelly’s ass. More fucking giggles.

Kailey was wearing her panties again, and she held me down hard with her full weight as the burning plate stayed put on my flesh. After a few seconds I was able to mostly ignore the pain. I hadn’t taken a proper breath since Kelly sat on my nose, and I really didn’t fucking want to.

Luckily my mouth was still untaped. I tried to organize my ravaged brain enough to plan how to sneak a breath through my mouth when she let me breathe.

Kelly started munching a burrito loudly. I heard forks and plates clanking. Oh yeah, loading up there food with sour cream and fire sauce. God, kill me now…

“Mmmm… sour cream always makes my farts super gnarly!” Kelly cackled, her mouth full of food. I heard Kailey start humming happily, grinding me absentmindedly as she also stuffed her face.

My lungs burned. I couldn’t hold it any longer. Why didn’t she let me breathe yet? Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!!!! HELLO! I yelped, trying to thrash under both their weight. The plate rocked a little and both of them barked at me to knock it off and I felt knees, heels and fingernails dig into my body.

I tried to scream again, but they just talked over me. Swirling black. More popping rainbow lights. FUCK, NOT AGAIN! This is going to give me permanent brain damage!!! This light got even brighter. My eyes melted…

🩷 🩷 🩷

“IS HE BREATHING YET??!” A panicked screech shocked me awake. “SHIT! You have to let him BREATHE, Kelly!!” I heard my heartbeat in my head. Everything was hollow. All I could notice was… smell. Kelly’s ass. It was altogether different than Kailey’s. It made my nose itch and my eyes spin. I forgot. Kelly is the gross one…

Light flickered into my brain as I choked weakly. They both let out huge sighs of relief.

“Fuck! I thought we lost you there for a minute, Brad!” Kailey laughed nervously. Holy shit. That was way too fucking close. Surely they had to be done now… please god, let it just END!!!

Kelly sat back down quickly on my face. No… no no no… this can’t be happening… she let out an impatient little whine as she wiggled herself into a comfortable position. “It’s not my fault! I’m sooo hungry and the food tastes sooooooo good!!!” Kailey laughed.

Kailey rolled her eyes. “Congratulations. You’ve just experienced your first raging round of stoner munchies.” Kelly giggled as they both stuffed their faces more.

Kailey had to remind Kelly to let me breathe almost every time. I just teetered on the brink until they finished their snack. It felt like days.

Suddenly, things shifted around. Kailey moved all the food over to the desk, and she came skipping back to me, perching down between my legs. “MY TURN TO PLAY!!!” She sang happily.

Kelly shifted on my face, reached back and spread her asshole open. She split it wide with my nose as she sat back, full weight, and purred. Fuck. I could already hear her bubble guts acting up. This was NOT GOOD!

“Oof! My tummy is getting ready to eject!” Kelly whined, rubbing herself on my face rhythmically. She giggled softly, her vulgar words contradicting her sweet, girlish voice. “Poor little Brad here is gonna live out the rest of the days at the funny farm babbling about our farts!!!”

They both laughed softly. Either they were getting more tired, or more horny, or both. Because the mood changed. It almost felt… intimate? Maybe we can all just go the fuck to sleep… please, god, make it stop!

Kelly’s ass was on another level. I actually think Kailey’s smelled worse, but just barely. While Kailey’s ass was more raw sewage, out-house, stale pee, cum, and shit, Kelly’s smelled like… pure, potent, girl ass.

I hadn’t had much experience with it, but it was strong. Thick. Musky. Bitter. Earthy. Cheesy. Sharp and tangy. So far I hadn’t smelled any piss or shit. She was extremely sweaty, but it seemed like most of her wetness came from her swampass. She did seem overall cleaner than Kailey.

I took a deep breath, trying to adjust to the new stench. Suddenly my eyes shot open against Kelly’s fleshy butt meat. Kailey had started flicking her tongue on the head of my dick. Gently. Slowly. Repeatedly. It took like a minute, maybe longer, but it actually started to make me grow.

She giggled and mmmed as she used her tongue to manipulate my radiating purple cock. Every little lick felt like 10 feathers on a tickling machine set to 10. I squirmed so much, but it was helpless.

After a few minutes, Kelly’s grumbling tummy stopped threatening and started storming. She shifted suddenly, doubling over and clenching her stomach. “Ohh, fuck. I definitely ate way too much cheese…” She groaned in pain. I felt her body tense up above me as she began rocking back and forth slightly, moaning in discomfort.

As her raw, drum-tight stinkhole puckered slightly, she began purring and moaning more as the discomfort turned into pleasure from my nauseated nose drilling into her crampy colon.

She bit her lip, lifted her right thigh up just a little, and grunted. Fuck… here it comes!!!

“Oh oh oh oh oh!! Here it is!!” Kelly squealed excitedly. “Get ready, Brad!”

I felt Kailey smirk against my cock, and with pornographic precision, she slid my dick slowly into her mouth, keeping her hot, wet lips tightly wrapped while she milked me into her throat.

I shuddered. Hollllllllllly FUCK!!!! Kelly hadn’t tried that! I inhaled deeply and gagged on the sharp, bitter sting of Kelly’s grimy asshole.

Kelly’s asshole unloaded. She swirled around slightly and leaned up, her leg still lifted. Her grunting sounded fucking horrifying as the oozing reek of her intestines burst out and bubbled into my nose.

JESUS. H. TITS. Her fart smelled like pure rotten eggs. Like 100 rotten eggs. In a hot tent on a sunny day. Bury your face in something like that, and maybe you can understand what this girl’s ass was ripping into my nose.

I baulked hard. Violent gag. I totally fucking forgot to try and breathe through my mouth, too. SHIT! Kailey’s mouth. Kailey’s mouth. Fuck, Kailey’s mouth. Fuck Kailey’s mouth. Shit I wanna fuck Kailey’s mouth.

I tried to come back to my senses. But my senses fucking SUCKED!!!!! These tainted ass bitches had absolutely ruined me.


Kelly just kept leaking. I don’t even know if she stopped farting, technically. It was just one constant burning hot, hissing, silent, thick, cloying ooze of fart reek. HOW DO I TURN HER FUCKING VENT OFF?!?!? I went insane as the eggy rotten fumes endlessly slithered through my body. My heart was pounding. 150bpm easy. Maybe more. And my brain couldn’t handle it. The stinging burn made me gurgle.

“Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyy godddddddd…” Kelly clenched her teeth and moaned and groaned. “These feel like literal lava…” She wriggled awkwardly on my nose as her asshole kept getting plugged by it. Which was fucking awesome. Nothing like having 20psi nonstop fart fumes oozed with maddening consistency direction from colon-to-nostrils. Little burps of hot mist would literally drill into my nose when it sunk into her hole, and as she rocked it back out, it would gape and just hiss and spit, fizzing foul fart funk all over my face. Bathing me in it, before it would swirl, collect, and slowly filter into my lungs, one nose-full at a time.

Kailey commented on the smell and let out a choke, which made Kelly growl. “Okay Brad, you’re like really sucking at sucking. So SUCK IT UP and SUCK MY FUCKING FARTS!! I want to hear constant, non-stop, DESP-ER-ATE-“ She enunciated each syllable with a butt slam. “SNIFFS! Whiff it up like it’s the last oxygen you’ll ever get. Do you fucking hear me, dumbfuck? FART FILTER MODE! RIGHT NOW!

My head spun like that stupid Exorcist scene, and I couldn’t even fathom how I was supposed to do what Kelly ordered. All I could do was try.

Kelly lifted up a little and slammed back down with an ACME anvil force. I swear I saw the dust cloud around my head when she landed. Or maybe it was the stink cloud. Either way, FUCKKKK!!

Her sputtering little asshole pooched, flexed and gaped. It only ever opened maybe a pinky fingernail’s worth, but that was more than enough for her to spout her noxious, UNREASONABLE steam.

“BIG sniffs, dorkface! Whiff it up, little bitch!” Sizzle and fizz. Hiss and spit. Sputter and hiss, wheeze and buzz. She kept squealing, groaning and whining about how much her belly was hurting.

I inhaled like an olympic fucking snorter. Sign me up for the pig calling competition. I’m your guy. The burning steam shovel-fucked my nostrils as my vacuum pumps drank Kelly’s nauseating shit mist. The rotten egg stink didn’t go away. In fact, it lingered so bad that it just constantly built up and got worse and worse, no matter how hard I sniffed.

That was one problem. The other problem was that while rotten eggs continued, something new happened. I felt a huge gurgling shift in Kelly’s gut, and she let out a warning squeal. She stood up for just a second, shook her ass and let out a frustrated huff, bent forward, and then did a slow squat downward onto my face. She squatted up and down several more times, slowly, shoveling reeking piles of stink into my face with her massive ass.

Then, she squealed excitedly one last time and dropped hard on my nose. Impaled. Right up her asshole. I felt her internal anus muscles squeeze, and then, all hell broke loose.

She farted again. But different this time. First, it wasn’t silent. Second, it was eggy. Well I mean, it wasn’t JUST eggy… somehow, this thing elevated her previous farts to a new level of torture, and my body just went full mutiny.

Panic. Hyperventilation. Snorts. Puke. Gagging. Choking. Stomach pain. Clenching. Hand cramps. Squeezing. Nauseated to the core. Bones hurt. Brain is boiling. Face is raw. Head throbbing. I couldn’t help it. I lost it.

A screaming puking eruption tried to come out of my mouth. Kelly noticed my sudden erratic behavior. Curious, she froze, licked the corner of her lip a couple times, and she just stared at me as she reached down and clamped my mouth shut with her hands. She awkwardly stumbled as she lifted a little more above me.

“Listen here you pathetic little worm. If you fucking puke on me, I will kill you. The end. You will cease to exist. Do you fucking got that, douchebag?!” Kelly growled demonically. My face burned from her vice clamp.

I don’t know how I did it, but I froze and took four sour, chunky, grotesque gulps with full control. Her eyes burned into mine as she wiggled her eyebrows, taunting me and teasing me silently with her bratty little faces.

Kailey was getting good at playing my fuck fiddle. Really good. I could already tell she was considerably better with her hands and mouth than Kelly. She already seemed to know how to suck and how to edge. When to rev up, when to be steady, and when to pull back. She can notice when I’m about to bust and she always changes course. Every fucking time. In fact… she was acting like god damn cock prodigy!

God. I should’ve known. What a slut! But this slut’s mouth knew how to milk my cock to god damn ATTENTION! I’ll give her that.

Meanwhile, Kelly. What was this girl, part SKUNK? She just hissed out noxious fart fumes like a broken tailpipe. It was… unreal. Her farts were SO much worse than Kailey’s, too. Plus, her asshole smelled completely different than Kailey’s. All of my training, practicing, preparation for the last… however many fucking hours, that was for Kailey’s ass.

Kelly’s ass aroma started me back at level 0. It had a tangy musk that was so unique, so strong, and almost smelled good, or sexy… but it was just OFF. I mean, the raw ass of it all was off-the-charts. It smelled like you took a girl, wrapped her in plastic pants, had her play basketball outside in the desert for 35 hours, and then took a nice big whiff of her buttcrack.

“Wow, I’m just like oozing non-stop! What a musical bootyhole!” Kelly cackled triumphantly as she shook her ass roughly on my face. Kailey groaned some bass rumbles into my dripping dick. She wrinkled her nose. “Yeah I fucking KNOW, bitch!” Kailey playfully berated Kelly with her dick still in my mouth. I guess no one taught these brats not to talk with their mouth full.

Kelly began flapping her thighs together, wafting her beefy reek up into a swirly stink tornado that funneled into my nose. Kelly whoofed on her own stink, coughing through a giggle fit. “GOD I smell… SHARP! I bet it feels like being stabbed, huh Brad?” She snickered deviously as I swirled the drain again.

Kailey had a different technique than Kelly did. No biting, no teeth. She was a pleasure-delivering suck slut. But I swear she knew. She KNEW when I was about to bust. She’d change her pattern. Milk it different and flick or squeeze my balls. Sometimes just let go completely, breathing hotly on my begging, screaming shaft.

She licked her lips and sucked hard on my tip again. Pressure. SOOO sensitive! Her tongue flicked all around the underside as she mmmmed loudly.

“I guess you’re not COMPLETELY useless, Brad. Your cock does taste… really fucking good.” She seemed lust-drunk, but her movements were so deliberate. Kelly was sloppy and all over the place. Kailey systematically studied my cock. My reactions. She had me pumping ghost loads into the air WHILE she kept stroking. It was MADDENING…

After so much moaning, all I could do was whimper. Kelly’s nonstop fartbox had actually slowed down. A few farts a minute. Then, only one or two. Then one every couple minutes.

Kailey saw her opportunity. Suddenly, the night shifted. Again.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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“Ughhhhh! I think I’m running out of farts…” Kelly whined sadly. She pooched out her stomach and rubbed it, frowning. “Oh oh oh!” She arched her back and groaned little, squeaking cutely.


“Oh COME ON! That wasn’t even a fart!” She grumbled. Meanwhile, Kailey seemed to have a new goal. She brought me right to the edge. As Kelly’s steamy little asshole stopped burping up my nose, she began to softly grind me. The eggy death stench slowly began to lighten up. Christ, I never thought a raw, red, greasy asshole could smell SO good, but it was compared to her skunk clouds!

I still didn’t handle it well. And things were just about to go from worse to HORROR MOVIE.

My cock throbbed and twitched. Soft little moans. Such a hot, wet, tight little mouth. Suddenly, she was so eager to please. Realms of unicorn rainbow pleasure ticklefucked my balls into an agreement. Let’s eject, boys! They made the decision without me.

Somehow I knew Kailey would ruin it. I braced for a fucking horrific outcome. But she moaned louder, sucked deeper, and began to milk ropes of thick, spunky cum into her mouth.

Ohhh FUCK!!! Blinding white again! The feeling of relief was indescribable. I panicked, thinking Kailey would spit it out, be angry at me, punish me. Was I… supposed to do that? Why didn’t she stop???

I whimpered breathlessly as she kept sucking. Oh, oh fuck. FUCK! Her tongue… jesus CHRIST her tongue moved like a charmed snake, dancing and flitting in perfect little choreographed movements. And she didn’t spit. She didn’t even really react.

A tiny little muffled squeal, her lips still sealed, and she began drinking. Guzzling. Swallow, swallow, then DEEP THROATED ME while swallowing so her fucking esophagus milked me… what kind of pro status fucking move was THAT?!

I don’t think Kelly noticed. She just kept grinding and staring off at the ceiling, panting sharp little exhales through her nose as she tried to stifle her pleasure screams. Her greasy butt butter clung and strung to my nose as her oily little butthole superglued itself to my nose over and over and over again.

Weirdly, right after I came, Kelly started farting again. Oh no. Oh god nooooo! Could it be OVER?

Ha. Over. Ha ha fucking HA ha. That’s cute. It wasn’t over. Hours. Kailey timed her cock slobbering with Kelly’s cruel little fart spitter. And she milked me out again. And again. And again.

I wish I could fully explain what happened next. It’s really just a blur. Blips and flashes. Excruciating pain. Unbearable hyperventilation. I can’t… find words to properly describe it.

Two horrible, awful, KILLMENOW things happened. First, Kailey kept sucking me. Oh god, did she keep sucking. But here’s the thing. The cock torture after cumming was only the first part. As she kept bringing me to climax, any slight chance of getting revved up was gone. Horny go bye bye.

I hadn’t felt anything like it since puberty. Sex just… didn’t register. In fact, OW. Stay away. I just wanted to crawl into a hole with a comic book and be left alone forever. My hormones just plummeted.

But they didn’t stop. They didn’t even really know, I don’t think. And each ticking minute became clearer, and realer, and nastier, and longer than the last. My brain wasn’t fogged with horny thoughts. I just wanted OUT.

Kelly’s fart vent, meanwhile, had returned to full operating force. Near nonstop methane mist just fizzled and whizzed into and around my nostrils. Kailey’s fucking mouth sent electricity through my spent cock over and over.



It went on for hours.

I broke. I shattered. I sobbed. I cried like a little bitch.

After I don’t know how long, a miracle. Yawns, sleepy giggles, slower and slower. My torturers got tired. The ultimate fuck it all on top of my miserable life is that they fell asleep ON TOP OF ME!

Sleep farts. And burps. Gassy ass fucking bitches, man! The snuggled and nuzzled my aching, stretched body. Didn’t unstrap me. Nooo, why would they do that??

Whenever I tried to wake them up or complain, one of them would slap me, yell at me, or kneel up and fart directly on my face. One time Kailey even fell asleep in that position for about 45 minutes, and the sleep farts plus her snoring was like a literally nightmare. It was like being a mattress for an ogre. YUCK.

I barely slept, but I was basically out. Things got a lot sweatier. They all slept hot I guess. A slippery film of girl goo covered me as their thighs, armpits and asses rubbed all over my body. They were fucking bricks. A weed coma. I was shit out of luck.

🩷 🩷 🩷


A shrill scream pierced the silence. All three of us jolted awake. Sadly, for one of us, that meant a nose got engulfed in a gooey sweat-drenched asscrack. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, FUCK MY GOD DAMN FUCKING LIFE!!

I couldn’t see, and I could barely hear. Panicked voices shot back and forth. My lungs burned, and without even thinking about it, the ass on my face leaned forward a little and bathed my nose in a putrid morning fart tsunami of terror. Thick rivers of beefy butt belch blasted my nose point blank as I heard Kailey’s sadistic little sigh and giggle. The she shook her ass and readjusted. Now I could hear.

“Oh shut up miss goodie two shoes! You’re the one who literally just went and fucked a guy! You’re the biggest slut of us all!” Kailey whined.

Holy shit. Erika was home!! I WAS SAVED!!!!!! My heart leapt out of my chest and I started yowling. I tried to scream but my voice was so hoarse and my throat so dry, it was just a crackle. I hadn’t had anything but sweat, piss, cum and shart to drink in like 12 hours!

I felt deranged. The stinking smell and rotten flavors just swam around inside me. I wanted to puke but my stomach muscles literally seized. The cramps were unbelievably painful. I remembered throwing up. A lot. Fucking OW…

“We talked about this! I specifically said no sex stuff with him!” Erika shot back angrily. “We don’t have time to argue about this right now, you need to clean this shit up! My parents are probably on their way home right now!!!”

Suddenly a chaotic tornado of squealing girls took over the huge room. Panties flying, furniture moving, garbage being thrown away. Windows were thrown open and two fans turned on.

Lastly, they finally unstrapped me. I trembled as my weak, painful arms retracted. Actually moving them HURT LIKE HELL. A deep ache I really can’t explain.

I rolled over and crawled away as they kept yelling and cleaning. Somehow I made it to the bathroom. I saw the toilet and fell to it, hugging the base as I tried to throw up. I screamed from the pain, and just dry heaved. My body burned. Invisible flies swarmed my face. I sobbed as I stumbled into the shower. I didn’t even wait for it to warm up.

I stared up at the ice cold water as it slowly warmed up, and then turned steaming hot. The smell on my face swirled and intensified again from the water. I wanted to puke. All I could do was cry.

3 more weeks. 3 more weeks and I was off to college. I would be free of these psychos for good. Come on. Just 3 more weeks… I willed myself back from the dead, daydreaming of escape.

I actually fell asleep in the shower. The water turned cold and it jolted me awake. I tumbled out and wrapped myself in a towel. I barely caught a look at my wrecked face in the foggy mirror as I limped out the door.

“Hey, bro!” My blood ran cold, and I froze. Erika was standing there, holding the straps. She grinned wickedly. “God, I thought they’d never leave!” I ran for the door, but she chased me, tackled me to the ground and started wrapping my wrists together.

3 more weeks? There’s no fucking way. I'm out of here TOMORROW!!!!

the end

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