🪩 Dance Party Self Care Suffercation

After a stressful day and a panic attack on top of period cramps, I just needed to unload… I mean, unwind! Time for a facefarting DANCE PARTY!!! 🥳


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Written by Haley 💕 Summer 2023


After a long day filled with anxiety, stress and even a panic attack, I was exhausted. To top it all off, I was having horrible period cramps. was just using him as a chair and kind of ignoring him. I was starting a new puzzle and he was absolutely terrified, because I can do a puzzle for hours.

My farts were off the charts spicy, for several gruesome reasons: anxiety, stress, and period cramps. They were the ones that linger and build, and so even before I had him in my smotherbench the whole room reeked of my rotten egg bombs. He knew taking these at point blank was going to be MURDER hahahaha!

I wasn't fucking around, so I saran wrapped his legs super tight, AND cuffed his ankles to the bench, and of course clamped his head tight, pumped him up nice and high, and bound his wrists and arms to the box. He was fucked! 😍

To make matters worse, as soon as I pulled the table over him and put my AirPods in, he completely disappeared under me! And unfortunately for him I put on my DANCE PARTY playlist, so I couldn't help myself, I was bouncing and grinding and dancing on his face like crazy, literally twerking and smashing my non-stop room-destroying extra spicy farts straight down his nasal passage!

Each fart oozed and steamed and just endlessly scorched my swollen, pooching butthole sooo much. Omg it hurt so bad! 😫😭

After about 45 minutes he began screaming nonstop and my farts had started turning wet. The acid shart spray was unbearable on my asshole! Fuck this! I slid forward and scraped my throbbing hole over his mouth. I couldn’t really hear much over my music but I FELT him shriek and shudder under me as he knew what was coming next…

I grunted hard and exploded a thick, nasty, sulfur shockwave into his mouth and bulged his cheeks! But terrifyingly it didn’t stop there… I kept pushing… the fart kept oozing… and suddenly, viciously, it turned wet and absolutely PAINTED his entire tongue, mouth, and throat in my nauseating fart grease!

He almost puked right there. I watched him fight it. His throat bulged, his veins popped, his entire body clenched. Awww… struggle for me, loser! I wiggled my ass on his face and moved it back up to his nose in an instant, pumping his nostrils full of some soupy steam, and then slid back hard on his mouth and filled it more with fart spray. And finally…

I giggled sadistically and sat still, sinking heavy on him. “My asshole hurts…” I whined through my devious smirk. “Lick it!” He yelped again and I saw the color drain from his neck as he froze. “Come onnnnnn! LICK IT! NOWWWWW!” I whined more, wiggling and bouncing my greasy, stinking opening deeper into his mouth. Finally, I felt his timid, terrified tongue tickle my reeking wrinkles… hollllllllly fuck it felt amazing! An explosion of soothing warmth and wetness bathed my sour, raw butthole, and I giggled and moaned as I felt him physically react to my vile taste.

I made him lick me for a few minutes, until it felt muuuuuuuch better, and then I made a mistake. I slid back onto his nose, turned up my music, and sort of forgot about him. Apparently he safe worded me. Multiple times. But I didn’t hear him… oops! 🤭

And so when I started farting again, it was wet. And huge. And it flooded his nostrils until he had to snort it back to survive… I didn’t even notice, really. All I knew was something was smelling shitty… hahaha

I kept ignoring him, dancing and singing along to my music, working on my puzzle. I don’t know how many more wet farts my rotten little hole spat into his nostrils, but eventually, it was too many. He yelped and PANICKED, thrashing insanely hard, and suddenly I heard a loud noise and he completely froze, whimpering…

I took an AirPod out and called out, “What the fuck was that?!” He yelped into my soupy fart spitter and shuddered, twitching spastically. I rolled my eyes and huffed in frustration, pushed the table aside and stood up. Then I noticed it. This fucking pathetic loser had YANKED the BOLT out of the bench, even while saran wrapped down! 😲 How the fuck?! I couldn’t fucking believe it!

He was panting, hyperventilating, still in shock with a mouthful of my ooey gooey booty sauce… I covered my mouth and giggled and gagged at the same time. “Eww… that’s disgusting!” I whined in a snobby voice and glared down at him wickedly. He pleaded up at me with his teary eyes, still fighting waves of nausea, and gurgled out, “Please please I’m so sorry Princess I don’t know what happened! Please I’m sorry!!”

I smirked down at him, my glare softening. Fine. I was worried about my smotherbench anyway, so I let him up. Luckily he didn’t damage the wood too bad, but I was still suuuuper pissed! I hid it though, and was sweet to him. Little did he know what was to come… 😈

Because I’ve already reinforced the bolt and upgraded the ankle cuffs. So far it’s holding up great! Oh yeah, he’s under me right now. His punishment is spending ALL DAY as my chair! 10 hours? 12…? probably more. I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️

All I know is my perfect ass will be the END of him! 😇

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