⛺️ Haley and Nikki Go Camping with slaveboy DAY 3

A new boyfriend, an old best friend, and a big secret. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


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Written by Haley 💕



The next morning, I woke up to slaveboy’s arm wrapped tightly around me. As I blinked myself awake, I heard Nikki stirring already. slaveboy was on his back, and Nikki was almost completely on top of him. His other arm was wrapped around her back, and she was squirming a little and mmming sleepily. “Nikki? Are you awake?” I whispered. “Yeah…” She replied quietly. She sounded kind of funny. “Everything okay?” She giggled quietly, nuzzling her whole face into his neck. “Yeah…” I giggled, smiling and kissing slaveboy’s arm. “How long have you been up?” I asked, slightly teasing her. I realized she had been watching him sleep, and was embarrassed. “Not long!” She squeaked back.

I heard her take a sharp breath. “Haley?” She whispered. “Mmm?” “His… uhh, he is… he’s really hard…” She stuttered. I giggled louder. “Yes sweetie, it’s morning. He’s always hard in the morning.” A naughty smile came over my lips as I reached over and felt his hard cock. I wrapped my hands around it and squeezed gently.

slaveboy let out a deep, quiet moan, which caused Nikki to gasp. Her stomach was so close that I felt it with my fingers as I gripped him. She was laying slightly diagonally, with her upper body on his, and her legs dangling off to the side in the sleeping bag. I moaned softly. Fuck his cock was so big and sexy! Nikki looked up at his chin, watching him stir gently as I played with him. She ran her hands over his shoulders and chest, watching him adoringly as he made his sexy sleepy pleasure sounds.

After a minute I let go of his dick and it rested against Nikki’s stomach. She breathed heavily as she felt it twitching against her with his heartbeat. “You can play with him if you want!” I whispered. She didn’t move for a minute, but then I saw her hand slip down his body. As her little fingers barely caressed his hard cock, he moaned again. Nikki froze, biting her lip and watching his face. She gasped as her fingers began tracing his cock again, and then his eyes flickered open.

She recoiled her hand quickly and scrunched her face up, holding her breath on top of him. He instinctively tightened his arms around both of us, hugging us into him. It took him a few seconds to remember where he was, and why there were two girls tangled around him. Suddenly, his arms relaxed and he looked very, very nervous. I giggled sweetly. “Good morning, baby!” He groaned a little and squeezed his eyes shut, re-opening them a few times. Then he lifted his head and looked down towards his crotch, a look of panic on his face. He realized he was hard, and Nikki was practically laying on top of it!

He squirmed uncomfortably, trying to get his arms free from under both of us. I giggled and pinned him down, nuzzling his ribs. Nikki kind of rolled off of him a little and sat up, looking down at him with her messy hair and sleepy eyes. She couldn’t help but blush and smile. “Haley, uhh… I have a… situation…” He whispered adorably. I giggled, another mischevious grin covering my face. “You mean your morning wood? Yeah we know! We’ve been playing with it!” Nikki squealed in shame and buried her face in her hands as slaveboy went white. I cracked up, feeling more and more devious by the second.

“Oh come on. You expected us not to touch it?” I giggled as I unzipped the sleeping bag on my side and pulled the flap away, uncovering me and slaveboy. Nikki peaked through her fingers as his erect dick was exposed. “HALEY!” He shrieked, pulling his free hand down to try and cover himself. Nikki gasped into her hands and blurted, “It’s so big and pretty!!” Then she squeaked again and closed her fingers over her eyes. I laughed my ass off as slaveboy tried to squirm away from her, but I was still laying on his arm. “Jesus christ Haley!” He cried, feeling completely embarrassed. “Nikki I’m so sorry!” He gasped out breathlessly. Suddenly, she started giggling from behind her hands, and she slowly pulled them down, her eyes glued to it.

It really was a perfect cock. About 6 or 7 inches, circumcised, slightly pink, barely any veins showing. I remember the first time I saw it, I couldn’t fucking believe how beautiful it was! He hadn’t given me any clues about it either. Not even an, “I have a nice dick. You’ll like it.” In fact I remember going on and on for like an hour to him about how perfect it was, and he was extremely embarrassed about it. So cute!

slaveboy finally freed his arm from under me and quickly pulled the sleeping bag back over him, breathing hard. Nikki’s face was bright red, but she couldn’t stop giggling. I giggled with her. “Mmmm. Yes it is so big! And pretty!” I teased. She closed her eyes tightly in shame, her face turning even redder. slaveboy had sunk completely into the sleeping bag now, hiding his face from us. I giggled, pulling the sleeping bag up over me completely and sealing it around him.

Then I grunted, and let out an explosive morning fart into the sleeping bag. slaveboy immediately screamed and started thrashing, trying to claw his way out of the bag. I giggled and pounced on top of him. “Nope! You want to hide, you stay in there!” Nikki let out her loud, surprised laugh. “HAAA!” As he started choking on the eggy fumes, I turned myself around to face my ass right towards him and farted again, even longer this time. Nikki groaned and covered her nose. She was sitting up, but her lower body was still in the sleeping bag. She desperately held the opening around her closed and helped me seal him in.

After a minute, she started giggling. “Uh oh…” I heard her say, and then she started grunting too! Then she let out a loud, burbly fart into the bag, and slaveboy was screaming! I laughed so hard that I farted two more times, and Nikki farted again too! “Ohhh god, this is great!” I panted, still laughing uncontrollably. “Morning farts are the worst, huh babe?” I cackled out as he choked and gagged.

Finally, I let up on him a little and his head flew out of the top of the sleeping bag. His eyes were watery and he was still gagging violently. “Fucking hell!!” He gasped. Nikki and I laughed and laughed. I knew that would snap her out of her embarrassment! slaveboy sat up more, his sexy chest and stomach sliding out of the sleeping bag. He was careful to keep his dick covered, even has he kept choking.

I laughed and got out of the sleeping bag, shaking my naked ass in his face as I did. Nikki groaned and turned her head away, still laughing. My perky tits jiggled as I skipped across the tent, finding my dirty shorts and shirt. I pulled them on quickly with no bra or panties, and slipped on my dirty hiking boots with no socks. “I’m gonna make coffee!” I chirped, skipping out of the tent. I giggled to myself, wondering how they would react to the awkward situation of being left alone, him still being naked and probably rock hard!

Nikki was nice though. She got up first, pulled her shirt and shorts on over her bra and panties, and came out wearing her filthy boots again, almost certainly without socks. slaveboy was left alone to finally get out of the sleeping bag and get dressed. Of course he came out in a fresh, clean, new outfit.

We sat and drank our coffee, listening to the birds and enjoying the beautiful scenery while we woke up. Nikki and I started preparing breakfast. Another fruit platter, some crispy bacon, and more hard boiled eggs. Then we decided to drive out to a big lake not too far away. slaveboy went for a walk into the woods to go to the bathroom, and Nikki and I were left alone.

The first thing she asked is if she could sit up front with him on the drive. I shrugged and said sure. I didn’t even ask her why, but I would soon find out. Then, she brushed my shoulder. “Haley?” Her voice was quiet. “What’s up?” “Well… I can’t stop thinking about what you said last night before dinner.” I looked at her curiously. “Like, how you make him be your… toilet?” I giggled nervously. “Yeah? What about it?” Was she going to tell me I was a gross weirdo? That I should stop? That I was mean?

Nope. Instead, she asked, “What’s it like?” Her cheeks were pink, as she bashfully looked towards the ground. I smiled big. “Mmm well, I imagine it’s fucking awful! I mean, I make him eat my shit and drink my piss!” She laughed, shuffling uncomfortably. “No, I mean… like, for you. What’s it like to do it to him?” I grinned bigger. “Oh! It’s amazing! I mean, it’s such a rush to be in control like that! It makes me feel like such a princess, knowing he’s consuming my waste. The most vile, disgusting things that come out of me. And he swallows them! It’s hard to explain, but it’s just so fun and sexy and… I don’t know…” I trailed off, feeling a little embarrassed again. It felt weird to talk about it out loud to someone else.

Her eyes shimmered as she watched me gush about how incredible it was. I could tell she was a bit disgusted by it, but she seemed extremely curious, too. “Why do you keep thinking about it?” I asked, smiling slyly at her. Her cheeks turned redder. “I… I don’t know, it just sounds so… like, dirty, I guess…” I giggled. “Do you want to watch me do it to him next time?” She bit her lip and chewed on it nervously, her eyes flitting left to right, as she thought for a moment. Then slowly started nodding her head. I smiled bigger. “YAY!! I think you’ll really like it. It’s super fun watching him try and swallow it!” Nikki smiled huge at me, her eyes wide with wonder. Then she started shaking her head a little. “God… what’s wrong with me?” She laughed.

“Well, whatever’s wrong with you is also wrong with me. Because I love it!” We laughed happily, and I could tell Nikki was excited to watch me turn my slave into a human toilet! This was so awesome!! Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this working out any better. “Nikki I love you so fucking much!” I squealed, throwing myself into her to hug her tightly. She squealed happily and squeezed me back.

Just then, slaveboy returned to the camp, seeing us hugging and giggling. “Did I miss something?” He asked nervously. I giggled. “Yeah but you’ll find out soon enough, baby!” He seemed unnerved, but we quickly changed the subject, and he forgot about it. Soon, we were ready to head out. We loaded into the car, and slaveboy smiled nervously at Nikki as she grinned big at him, sitting in the front seat. “I called shotgun.” She announced happily, kicking her feet a little. I watched eagerly from the backseat, wondering what she had planned.

Within a few minutes of driving, Nikki looked back at me and smirked. She then leaned forward and slipped off her boots. She turned in her seat and sighed happily as she lifted her legs and placed her filthy feet right on slaveboy’s lap! slaveboy looked over at her, his nose twitching as the smell wafted up to him. She beamed an adorable grin at him and wiggled her toes happily. He groaned, trying to focus on the road. I giggled and commented about how stinkier her feet were.

A minute or two later, slaveboy was choking on the stench. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she stretched one of her legs up and casually brushed his nose with the sole of her filthy foot. “Smell my feet!” She bossed, sounding very pleased with herself. slaveboy took a sniff and immediately balked. “Princess Nikki, please don’t do this. I’m driving!” He whined. She giggled again and pressed her other foot into the vent that was pointing at his face. She leaned up and turned the fan to high, cooing as the cold air sailed through her soggy, wrinkled toes. The fan blew the stink right into his face, while she kept her other foot hovering just under his nose!

By now I was laughing my ass off, and trying not to choke on the fumes. “Nikki your feet are awful!” I whined through my cruel laughter. She beamed happily, squirming in her seat. “I know, right??” slaveboy was forced to smell her feet like this for the remainder of the 30 minute drive. He kept whimpering and pleading her to put her boots back on. “NOPE! SMELL THEM!” She replied proudly. Towards the end of the drive, I also took my boots off and pushed my feet into the front seat, resting them in his lap. We giggled and giggled, wiggling our stinky toes and wafting the pungent odor up into his face, choking on our own stink a bit and teasing him about how awful our feet were. SO FUN!!

And to make matters even worse, I kept farting in the back seat! Long, loud, bubbly ones. They stunk like rotten eggs. Nikki and I covered our noses and groaned. She even farted a few times too! Ugh, fruit and hard boiled eggs! Plus all the jalapenos we had on our burgers last night. Stinky!! At one point slaveboy was choking so hard he tried to roll down the window. But Nikki shot that down real quick. “Keep the windows up slave! If you want fresh air, sniff our stinky feet and farts better!” She ordered. I giggled, plugging my nose from the horrible smell in the car. Nikki was really getting good at being a mean, bossy princess, and I loved it!

We finally got to the lake. slaveboy parked quickly and ripped open the door, jumping out of the car, covering his face. We laughed and threw our boots back on, escaping the horrible smelling car and skipping after him. We spent the next several hours in the hot sun. Even in the 90 degree weather, snow-capped mountains surrounded us. It was gorgeous! We hiked along the perimeter of the lake for awhile, eventually finding a shady spot to sit and rest. As soon as slaveboy sat down, I snickered and stood in front of him, bending down to touch my toes. I felt his face press into my sweaty ass and he grumbled. “Sniff my stinky butt, baby!” I cackled. As he took an inhale, I grunted out a thick, hissy fart. It burned my asshole coming out and I squealed, shaking my ass in his face. He tried to turn his head but Nikki quickly came up behind him and stuck her ass into the back of his head, sandwiching his face between our asses!

She giggled uncontrollably as he choked on another fart I had just served up, and before long, she was letting out farts too! A swirl of rotten eggy, shit-tainted farts clouded around his head as we wiggled our asses and pushed him back and forth between us. He wiggled his head free, but as he turned it for fresh air, Nikki swung her ass around and caught him right in her crack as she squirted out another bubbly fart! We laughed so hard we almost fell over as slaveboy found himself trapped in our endless fart stink!

Nikki ran out of farts, but I was still going. “On your back, slave!” I hissed, keeping my ass glued to his face as he fell backwards. I landed roughly on his head and almost fell over, giggling as I wiggled his nose up inside my sweaty shorts. I was still going commando, and these shorts had been abused for days with my wet, squirty farts and swampy hiking ass sweat. He yelped as I sent more brain-melters up his nostrils, giggling like crazy! We sat like this for a few minutes, until I finally felt like I had run out of farts too. But just as I lifted my ass of his face, his eyes went wide with horror as he saw Nikki, sitting off to the side of his head, eyeing him hungrily as she wriggled her wet feet out of her boots. Just as he started to beg for mercy, she stuffed both of her meaty soles right into his face, smearing her disgusting foot slime into his lips and nose!

He choked violently as she scooted closer, her ass almost against his cheek as she hugged her knees to her tits and pressed her feet hard into his face. She cackled and purred as his panicked sniffs cooled her tender toes, spreading them wide to engulf his nose between the string-cheesy slits between them. I laughed at him and ordered him to smell Nikki’s feet really deep. Even with the fresh, breezy air, the unbearable stink of her rotten cheese toes kept smacking me in the face. I rubbed my nose and squinted. “Fucking christ, Niknik! Your feet are INSANE!” She giggled happily, flexing her toes all over his nose as he balked on the pummeling reek.

After about 20 minutes, we finally let him up. He rolled over onto his stomach and choked into the ground, dry heaving over and over again. Nikki looked at me triumphantly as she tugged her filthy boots back onto her pruny, sweat-soaked feet. After slaveboy recovered, he stood up, looking down at us as me grinned up him, a naughty look on both our faces. “I need to go for a swim. My face fucking REEKS!” He complained. I laughed up at him. “Okay baby, enjoy! The water is way too cold for me.” Nikki giggled up at him. “Yeah me too, but you have fun!”

He shook his head, still getting used to the idea of having two devious princesses to please, and reeling from the mind fuck of us being torturous and demonic one second, and then the sweetest most innocent girls the next. It was so fun to torture him! But we also loved being sweet to him. Mmmm it was so perfect!

slaveboy took his shirt and shorts off, jogging towards the water in his boxers. We watched him hungrily as his sexy body disappeared into the water. He howled again, cursing at how cold the water was for a second, which made us giggle. And then he was swimming happily, splashing around and dunking his head to wash our vile stink off his face.

Nikki and I started talking about how much fun we were having, how beautiful it was here, and how this trip was just absolutely perfect. We looked around at the gorgeous trees, pristine meadows, and crystal blue water in the lake. “God this is perfect.” She sighed dreamily. I beamed at her. “I’m so glad you’re having fun! Honestly I couldn’t imagine a better time than right now.” We laughed happily, relaxing in the shade.

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Before long, Nikki was bringing up the whole human toilet thing again. She seemed timid about it, mostly I think because she was embarrassed about how much it intrigued her. “So how many times have you done it?” She asked. I shrugged. “Well I started him easy, just drinking my pee.” She snickered. “He’s probably done that ten times or so.” I paused for a moment. She stared at me. “And the other thing?” She finally asked, quietly. “He’s eaten my shit like three or four times. Oh, not including last night. So like five times?” She gasped excitedly. “What did he say the first time you did it?” I smirked. “Well he fucking hated it, obviously. But I’ve been training him to get better at it. The first couple of times he threw up. That wasn’t good.” Nikki squealed, covering her face. “Ewwwwww! God that sounds so fucking gross!” But her voice betrayed her. She was intrigued. Curious. Excited. I mean, why else would she keep bringing it up?

“Yeah we had to go slow. I didn’t always make him swallow all of it. Just chew it and take some of it. But the last few times he has to get it all. No mercy!” I grinned at her as she bit her lip, her eyebrows high and her face in pure shock and delight. She was quiet again for a moment. “I really want to see it…” She finally blurted. I laughed. “I don’t know. Are you sure? It can get pretty messy and gross. And it stinks. He really struggles with it.” She giggled, seeming even more excited. “Yeah I want to see it!” She sounded way more confident now. I thought for a moment, and giggled.

“Do you want to try it? I mean I was serious the other day. He can drink your pee if you want. And eat your shit!” Nikki gasped, and then let out her loud “HAA!” Laugh. Her eyes sparkled with intensity as she considered my offer. “I don’t know. Maybe? I want to see you do it first. And then maybe…” I smiled big. “Okay. Tonight? When we get back to camp? I’ll make him do it and you can watch.” She lit up like a firecracker. “YES!” Oh god. This was too perfect! Now that was all I could think about for the rest of the day. Ugh, I couldn’t wait!!

My mind kept wandering. The thought of making him eat my shit, drink my piss, and then have Nikki repeat the whole process… fuck it was driving me insane! My pussy was swimming, and I kept squirming as we sat and talked, noticing how wet I was. I hungrily watched slaveboy swimming innocently in the water. That poor boy had no idea what he was in for tonight. I giggled to myself, squishing my thighs together and shivering as the cum oozed out of my tight, wet slit.

“Nikki…” I said, almost whimpering. She looked at me curiously. “I can’t stop thinking about it now… it’s making me really wet!” I blurted, my face turning a little pink. She giggled. “Really? Fuck. Me too…” She whispered, biting her lip again. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. “Honestly I don’t know how he would handle both of us using him as a toilet. He can barely get through me.” She nodded slowly. “So if you want to try it, maybe tomorrow, and we’ll start him off with just you that day if that’s okay.” She smiled a little. “I think I want to watch you do it a few times. Kind of get him more used to it? I don’t know, I’d feel HORRIBLE if he puked on my poop…” She looked concerned for a second, but then started giggling like a psychotic little girl. I looked at her funny. “Would you, really?” I asked, teasing her. She looked at me bashfully. “I don’t know. I mean I should feel bad, right? But thinking about it… it’s kind of… silly? I mean him trying to swallow it, and it’s just so foul that he…” She trailed off, giggling harder. “I know! It’s so fun when he can’t handle it! Like pushing his limits, you know?” She nodded again, her eyes shimmering.

A little while later, slaveboy came trotting up to his, dripping wet. We both couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his wet boxers, as he naively showed off his gorgeous body to us. I bit my lip and squirmed again, trying to curb my intense arousal. Nikki was staring too, and didn’t even try to hide it. Sweet slaveboy didn’t even notice, as he smiled big at us and pulled a towel out of the backpack on the ground. “Whew that water is fucking freezing! But damn it feels good.” He laughed, toweling off and wrapping it around his waist. The cold water had made his muscles tight and bulging. It looked like he was flexing, but he was just standing there. We couldn’t take our eyes off of him. Finally he noticed. “What’s up, do I have something on me?” He frowned, confused, and kind of turned his body around to check himself out. I giggled. “No baby, you’re fine. DAMN fine!!” I whistled at him and Nikki giggled as he blushed, suddenly feeling quite bashful. He sat down quickly and pulled the towel up over his stomach a little.

I couldn’t help myself - I lunged for him and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders. He laughed and wrestled me to the ground as I smothered his handsome face in kisses. We made out for a minute, and then I sat back up and noticed Nikki staring at us. She had a slight look of longing on her face, kind of sad. I giggled at her. “Come here Nik!” I called out. She laughed nervously and shimmied over to us. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into us in a big dog pile. slaveboy laughed as we fell on top of him.

He smelled fucking amazing! He still had a hint of his cologne on, but also smelled like spring water, sunshine and nature. I nuzzled his chest and breathed him in. “Fuck how do you always smell so good, babe?” I whined, sniffing him harder. He laughed and shrugged, still feeling a bit embarrassed. “Seriously, Nikki, smell him. Tell me he doesn’t smell amazing!” Nikki smiled big and timidly pressed her face into his bicep, breathing him in. “Mmmm, god yeah he does smell amazing!” She sighed. I kissed slaveboy’s yummy lips again and moaned softly into his mouth. “Mmmm baby?” I asked, still kissing him. He smiled into my lips. “Yes sweetheart?” I giggled and pulled away. “I think Nikki feels left out.” He looked at me funny, his forehead wrinkling slightly.

“Nikki do you want to kiss him?” I asked bluntly. She gasped audibly, and shook her head. “No no, it’s fine. Really.” I smiled at her. “Are you sure? Go on, kiss him!” She froze, her face still pressed against his bicep. “Babe, don’t make her uncomfortable.” He said, clearing his throat awkwardly. “I’m not! If she doesn’t want to that’s fine. But if she wants to…” I trailed off, looking at Nikki’s blushing face. “I couldn’t.” She whispered. I shrugged and smirked at her, turning my head again to press my lips into his, mmming loudly. Her mouth fell open a little as I watched her out of the corner of my eye. “God you’re such an amazing kisser, baby!” I giggled, rubbing it in a little. Nikki let out a tiny huff and bit her lip. Her eyes looked conflicted. I leaned up and whispered into slaveboy’s ear, “Tell Nikki you want to kiss her.” He tensed up under me a little. “Haley…” He whimpered shyly.

“Well don’t you? She’s fucking gorgeous, look at her!” I whispered louder, and then kissed his ear once before pulling back. He looked over at Nikki, blushing. “Nik…. Princess Nikki?” He asked shakily. She smiled a little, looking at him. slaveboy looked at her face and saw the sadness in her eyes. “If you want to kiss me, I want to kiss you. But if you don’t I totally understand.” He smiled awkwardly at her, his handsome grin melting her sadness away. She looked to me nervously, and I gave her a little nod. Then, without saying anything, she lifted herself up on her knees and leaned over to bring her face next to his. And she froze. “Kiss her!” I squealed excitedly, nudging slaveboy’s head with my hand.

He closed his eyes and leaned forward, pressing his lips softly into hers. Her eyes shot open wide as he kissed her, and then she closed them as she sank into it. One, two, three seconds went by. Then he pulled away a little. “Is that okay?” He asked in his quiet, deep voice. Nikki nodded her head a little, looking drunk. “Mmmmhmmm…” She whimpered, and then she pressed her lips into his again. This time, I watched eagerly as she kissed him harder, giggling as she sucked on his bottom lip and slipped her tongue into his mouth. slaveboy let out a quiet, deep moan into her mouth, and she moaned back, her hands sliding up his body to cup the back of his head.

This was the moment. Any doubt I’d had about sharing him disappeared. Watching her make out with him was fucking hot as hell! I didn’t know why! What was wrong with me?? Well okay, there’s a lot wrong with me. We’ve covered that already. But somehow, sharing him with my best friend like this just felt right. It was incredible. My mouth fell open as I grinned a fool’s grin, staring at them. Nikki fell into him more, pinning his head back into the ground as she wriggled on top of him. I watched him nibble on her bottom lip and suck on her tongue gently. My spine tingled as I watched Nikki full-on making out with him. A long, passionate, sensual, sexy as fuck kiss that literally took her breath away! Finally she came up for air, panting. Her face was bright red, her cheeks dimpled and pooched out. slaveboy opened his eyes and looked up at her, giving her his wide, handsome smile. His green eyes sparkling warmly up at her. He bit his lips and sucked on it, letting out another deep, incredibly sexy “Mmmmm” sound.

Nikki was frozen, staring down at him. After a few seconds, I giggled loudly. “Well? How was it?” She seemed startled, and her head shot over to look at me. Her eyes were wide and her face was almost purple! “It… I, uhh….. wow… just, like… wow…” She stammered, completely falling all over her words. I giggled again. “Mmm well from my angle it was hot as fuck!” She squealed nervously and covered her face with both hands. “I can’t believe I just did that!” She whimpered. slaveboy looked at me nervously, making sure I honestly meant what I said. I smiled big at him, and as he saw how happy I was, he took a deep breath of relief.

It was awkward and silent for a few seconds, but finally Nikki calmed down. Seeing me smiling and giggling helped her relax. “Isn’t he a good kisser?” I grinned, teasing her a little. “Umm, yeah. That was seriously the best kiss I’ve ever had in my life!” She gushed. slaveboy’s cheeks were turning redder. He sat back up and nervously shuffled around for his shirt, pulling it over his head. God, everything he did was sexy. He even made putting clothes ON look sexy! I was so fucking turned on right now!

“So you liked it?” I asked her again, in a teasing tone. “DUH!” She practically shouted. I laughed hard, which made us all laugh. “Okay good! So yeah, you can make out with him anytime you want! He belongs to both of us!” She raised an eyebrow and looked at me funny. “Really??” Her lips were curling into another foolish grin. “YEP!” I announced happily. She bit her lip and jumped up to her feet. She sauntered up to slaveboy and raised her arms up, slipping them around his neck and pulling his face down to hers. His eyes went wide as he looked at me out of the corner of them, and he made a startled “Mmm!” sound as she pressed her lips hard into his, slipping her tongue back into his mouth. I smirked at him and nodded enthusiastically, which prompted him to do his signature move.

He leaned down, wrapped both arms around Nikki’s waist, and lifted her up, bouncing her a little on his arms until her ass was sitting on his crossed forearms. She squealed as he lifted her effortlessly and held her against his body, tilting his chin back a little to invite her deeper into the kiss! She moaned loudly into his mouth and for like three minutes, they just made out like that! I jumped up excitedly, smiling huge as I watched them. Nikki was absolute putty in his arms, and every time he attempted to pull his head back, she tightened her arms around his neck and drilled him harder into her kiss! Finally, she pulled her face away from his, absolutely panting as she giggled deliriously, her head falling back to look up at the sky. “Holy FUCK….” She whimpered, hanging limply against his body.

slaveboy laughed and adjusted his grip to hold her more securely, flexing his big arms around her waist. She looked like she had died and gone to heaven! Her head fell forward onto his shoulder and she nuzzled his neck lovingly. “You. Are. So. Amazing.” She panted. I huffed a little, playfully, and ran up to him. “Now me now me!” I whined, standing on my tippy toes and making a kissy face at him. He laughed and gently leaned down to place Nikki’s feet back on the ground. She stumbled a little and fell into him as I quickly lunged into his chest, tugging at his face. I moaned loudly as I kissed him deeply, tasting Nikki’s lipgloss on his mouth! Fuck, why was that so hot?? Without warning I jumped into him and he oofed in my mouth, quickly catching me in his muscular arms and holding me like he’d held Nikki.

She was so weak in the knees she tumbled down a little, sitting on her butt in the grass, looking up at us with a dumbfounded expression. slaveboy and I made out for several minutes, and I was grinding my sopping wet twat into his stomach the whole time, whimpering and moaning lustfully into his lips. Finally I pulled back and giggled as I leaned back, my head looking up at the sky. “Ffffffuuuuuuuuuckkk!” I gasped, as he carefully shifted his weight to prevent me from falling out of his arms. He spun me around a couple times as I giggled.

And from that moment on, Nikki truly realized that he was her slaveboy as much as mine, and things became much less awkward for everyone. The ice was broken. As we kept exploring the area around the lake and eventually made our way back to the car, Nikki and I kept giggling and proudly commanding in a bratty voice, “Kiss me!” Every few minutes. slaveboy would stop and kiss whichever one of us had said it. It was really funny! Nikki really abused the privilege stopping us often to make out again with him. slaveboy would sometimes get ahead of us and we would hang back a little, whispering to each other about what an amazing kisser he was, and how much fun tonight was going to be.

We got to the car, and Nikki again jumped into the front seat. slaveboy grumbled as he knew why. Before we had even gotten off the dirt path leading to the lake, Nikki had pulled her boots off and planted her filthy feet on his lap. The smell was unbelievable! Easily ten times worse than this morning! I whined in the back seat and pulled my shirt up over my nose, as Nikki giggled happily and wiggled her sopping wet, freshly unsheathed toes just under his nose. He was coughing violently, struggling to look straight at the road. “Please don’t do this, they smell sooo bad Princess Nikki!” He begged. She laughed and raised her foot up, pressing it right into his nose and mouth. “Shoooosh! You better start sniffing deep or we’re all going to pass out!” She cackled as his eyes watered, as he winced under the nauseating stench of her feet.

As we got closer to the main road, I felt my tummy grumbling. I was starving! We’d eaten some fiber bars and apples on the hike, but I was ready for dinner. “Fuck I’m so hungry!” Nikki whined, nibbling on her lip as she carefully squeezed her toes around slaveboy’s nose, watching him intently. “Me too!” “It’s getting kind of late, and I don’t feel like cooking when we get back to camp.” I grumbled. slaveboy choked on Nikki’s foot fumes, trying to turn his head away from her a little. She flexed her ankle and followed his nose with her pink sweaty toes effortlessly, mmmming loudly as he took another agonizing sniff from right under her grey, cheesy toenails and the meaty balls of her grimy, wet soles. I watched in the rearview mirror as he blinked more tears, and Nikki’s gunky toes spread apart, revealing more oozing, string-cheese filth! I cringed, imagining how they smelled up close.

“Is there any place around here where we could pick something up?” slaveboy coughed again. “I think there’s a small town about 30 miles north of the campsite. But it’s out of the way.” Nikki and I giggled, knowing a longer drive meant more time for him to have to sniff her feet. “Okay let’s try it!” I giggled out, still covering my nose with my shirt. Nikki beamed and wagged her feet all around in front of his face. “You don’t mind the drive, do you?” She teased wickedly. slaveboy groaned loudly and shook his head. “No Princess Nikki.” He was almost crying from her stinky feet!

We laughed and talked as slaveboy drove, his nose buried in Nikki’s wet, greasy toes the entire time. She would switch feet every once in awhile and ask him which one was worse. When her legs got tired she rested them in his lap, one on top of the other, so the toes of her top foot were still just inches from his nose, and she would flex her toes and waft the stink at him, or hold a foot against the vent so the odor would wash right into his face. She was loving it!

Finally we got to the little town, and as we drove through the main road, we started calling out what we saw. “Oooh Dairy Queen!” “Wendy’s!” “KFC!” As we winded around the road, the familiar glowing blue sign of another fast food place came into view. Nikki and I both gasped out loud and shouted at the same exact time, “TACO BELL!!!” We giggled as slaveboy whimpered. “No, something else!” He pleaded. But Nikki and I just started chanting, “Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell!” He groaned and reluctantly pulled into the parking lot.

“Are we going in?” He asked, desperate to get a break from Nikki’s horrid feet. But I was in a hurry to get back to camp. And so was Nikki. “NO! Drive thru!” I shouted. He whimpered again and pulled up to the speaker. At least this meant he could roll his window down. And he probably expected Nikki to pull her feet away. But she didn’t! He looked at her for a second. “Princess Nikki, can you please move your feet?” He asked. She raised her eyebrows and looked him right in the eyes with a bratty little smirk. “NOPE!” He sighed deeply, and gagged a small gag deep in his throat. Nikki smiled bigger and wriggled all ten of her toes.

He rolled his window down and the girl on the speaker asked what we wanted. Nikki and I thought for a few seconds and started shouting things out. “7 layer burrito! Double decker taco! 2 beefy 5 layer burritos! 2 cheesy gordita crunches! 4 regular been burritos! OOOH! VOLCANO BURRITOS!!” slaveboy looked in amazement as we kept adding more to the order, repeating what we said to the girl on the speaker. He added the things he wanted, and we drove to the window. He looked at Nikki again, pleading at her with embarrassed eyes as her grimy, pink and black soles rested on his lap, pointing right at his window. She giggled and raised one foot to press it into his nose again! He yelped and pushed her foot away. Nikki huffed loudly. “PUT IT BACK!” She whined. slaveboy grimaced and moved his hand away from her foot, as Nikki raised it back up to his face just in time for the girl at the window to open it.

“Hi! That’ll be, uh….” The girl looked stunned, and she froze, noticing a girl’s disgusting feet pressed into the face of the guy driving the car. slaveboy’s eyes were wide with panic and he was frozen too. Finally, Nikki giggled loudly and lowered her foot back onto his lap, waving at the girl in the window with her feet. The girl laughed nervously and shook her head. She asked for the money, and we waited for the food. Nikki and I were laughing our asses off when she shut the window.

A few minutes later we were off again with our food. Nikki and I tore through the bags, making sure it was all there, and we started digging in. Nikki even squeezed out a little bit of the filling from one of her burritos onto her toes. “Aren’t you hungry too? Here I can feed you!” She put her rancid food up to his lips. “Suck my toes!” She barked, her mouth half full. She squealed as slaveboy took her toes into his mouth and gagged, licking the beans, cheese and onions off her rotten cheese toes. “Mmmmmm!!” She giggled, flexing her toes and wiggling them in his mouth.

We doused every bite in Fire and Diablo sauce, mmming and cackling, arguing about who’s farts would be more lethal. slaveboy looked terrified!! We were still about 10 minutes from camp when I started farting. I giggled, grunting in the backseat. “Taco Bell always hits me fast. These are gonna stink, just to warn you Nikki!” I cackled. She groaned, rubbing her nose as I launched another fart. I quickly started fanning the air in front of me right up to slaveboy’s face. I farted a few more times, and by the time we pulled up to our spot, the car smelled like disgusting stinky girl feet, Taco Bell leftovers, and raunchy farts. We all fell out of the car gasping on the stink. “Jesus fucking christ!” slaveboy yelled, still coughing. Nikki and I giggled like drunk sorority girls.

We set the camp up a bit, and slaveboy ate his food. Once he was done, he disappeared into the woods with a flashlight to go to pee again. Nikki and I sat quietly, looking at each other eagerly. I wrinkled my face and rubbed my tummy. “Ooof I’m super gassy!” I heard Nikki’s stomach grumbling and she giggled quietly. “I’m getting there too!” “Do you still want me to make him be my toilet tonight? Because I have to pee REALLY fucking bad.” I asked excitedly. Her eyes shimmered. “Oh hell yes!” I beamed at her. “Okay. When he gets back, it’s on. I can’t hold it anymore.” She started bouncing excitedly, nibbling on her lip and quietly clapping her hands.

slaveboy came back and saw us both grinning like idiots, staring hungrily at him. He slowed down, stepping very carefully as he got near us. “What’s up?” He asked nervously. “Well first… KISS ME!” Nikki blurted. He rolled his eyes and came close, leaning down so Nikki could reach his lips. She got on her tippy toes and mmed loudly as her hands flew around his neck. They made out for a minute or two, until slaveboy had to kind of pry her off his face. She was breathless and panting, her cheeks red as she licked her lips and smacked them loudly.

After a second, her face wrinkled up. “He smells like my feet!” She whined, but still smirking. I wanted to kiss him next, but after Nikki said that, I changed my mind. I laughed and kissed slaveboy’s chest a few times. “I’ll pass on making out with Nikki’s feet.” I laughed out, and Nikki giggled happily. slaveboy was laughing and about to sit back down at the picnic bench. “No baby. We want to go into the tent. That Taco Bell is really kicking in, and we need your fart vacuuming services!” I cracked up as Nikki snickered, and slaveboy’s eyes went wide. “No, PLEASE babe. Not tonight. I just want to relax…” He pleaded. I lifted my chin up arrogantly at him and shook my head. “Nope! You have to.” I huffed in a whiny, bratty tone.

“PLEASSEEEEE!” He tried begging again. I growled angrily. “GO IN THE TENT AND LAY DOWN! NOW! YOU’RE PISSING ME OFF!!” I screamed with such force that it even startled Nikki. He whimpered and quickly went into the tent. We followed after him, and I pulled his shirt off and cuffed his arms behind his back again. I also taped his ankles together with the duct tape. Nikki bit her lip and watched with hungry eyes as I immobilized him. She watched his broad, beefy chest and shoulders flexing as he struggled with the cuffs behind his back. He squirmed like a worm with his ankles trapped together. We giggled happily down at him. “Face it baby, you’re trapped.” I giggled. “Yeah you’re not going anywhere. Except up our butts!!” Nikki squealed out, giggling at her own cruelty.

I smiled a mean, torturous smile down at slaveboy. “Speaking of up our butts…” I bit my lip and glared into his eyes as I kicked off my boots and wiggled out of my damp shorts. My plump, juicy ass jiggled freely and glistened in the dimly lit tent. Nikki watched me excitedly as I stepped over his head and squatted down, inserting his nose deep in my spongy rectum. Instantly slaveboy screamed, wolfing on the putrid, strong smell of my raw, unwashed asshole. It was so unbelievably squishy, greasy, oily and dirty in there! I could smell myself almost immediately. First my sweaty, ripe, pissy, cummy pussy, and then my sweaty, cheesy asscrack, and lastly my musky, earthy, thick, shitty asshole. It was a whirlwind of toxic stink that combined into a rank brew so putrid, slaveboy was almost puking already!

Nikki rubbed her nose, her forehead wrinkled in disgust. I giggled up at her. “Fuck I am so incredibly rank!” I sang happily. slaveboy choked down another inhale of my repulsive lower body rot. I cleared my throat and spoke clearly, ensuring slaveboy would hear my next words. “Nikki? I need you to sit on his thighs and help me pin him down. He’s not going to want to drink this. I haven’t peed since this morning and I’ve been drinking coffee and energy drinks all day. This is going to be super concentrated and a LOT to swallow!” Nikki’s eyes flickered like wildfire as she nodded happily, still nibbling on her lips. slaveboy froze under me. “MmmmmMMFFF???” He asked in a panicked muffle. I giggled happily as Nikki sank into his body, digging her knees into his rubs and arching her back to press more weight into his thighs. She had grabbed our two mask shirts first, and handed me one. “Good thinking. This is gonna stink super bad!” I giggled at Nikki quietly as slaveboy desperately squirmed under us.

“Oh, did I not tell you? You’re going to be my toilet tonight. Nikki really wants to watch you drink my piss.” He screamed bloody murder under me! I smiled big. “Mmmm keep screaming, slave. That feels sooo good against my pussy!” Then I smirked wickedly at Nikki. “I think she wants to make you eat my shit, too. Do you want to see that, Nikki?” I asked loudly. She smiled slyly and blushed a little, still nibbling on her lips. “Mmm, yeah I want to see him eat your shit!” She squealed, shocked at the words coming out of her own mouth!

slaveboy lost it. He started thrashing and squirming so hard that he almost bucked us off of him! But we caught our balance and used our combined weight to suffocate and trap him. The more he struggled, the harder I sat on his face, using my big, firm ass to keep him from breathing. “Quit your fucking squirming if you want to breathe again, stupid!” I growled. Eventually he went still, realizing there was no way he could fight us. I mean he was super strong, but together we weighed almost 300 pounds. Plus his hands and feet were bound! And he was quickly becoming dizzy from a lack of oxygen.

He muffled another pitiful scream into my pussy as my firm asscheeks engulfed his face. I felt my tummy boiling. “Mmmm, do you need some air, baby?” I called out sweetly. He thrashed his head yes and screamed again. “You want to breathe?” I teased, sitting still as he slowly suffocated. “Hmmm. I don’t know. Nikki, should I let him breathe?” I smirked at her. slaveboy was clenched tight from head to toe, his veins popping out of his neck and shoulders. He desperately struggled under us, but could barely move.

Nikki giggled loudly. “Ummmm. Well I mean, I guess if he’s going to be your toilet, he has to be ALIVE, right?” She shrugged playfully. I laughed. “Yeah I suppose so. Okay baby, I’ll let you breathe. Ready?” I called out. His desperate, panicked spasms were adorable! Finally, I leaned forward just enough to un-pinch his nostrils with my butt crack, pressing my wet, sticky pussy into his mouth to seal it tight. Just as he started to take a desperate snort of oxygen from directly inside my asshole, I unloaded a massive, sticky-thick fiber bar Taco Bell fart that blorfed into his nose with such force, his nostrils physically expanded! His body wanted to hold his breath but his brain wouldn’t let him. He was on the verge of passing out, and my murderous methane missile was pumped through his sinuses whether he liked it or not!

He sounded like he was snorting water. My asshole was so wet and swampy from sweating so much! And oh my god, the fart smell was powerful! My nose itched as the burning wind wafted up to me. Which was incredible, since it was pumped point blank deep into his nostrils. HOW WAS I SMELLING IT?? Rancid vegetables, thick rotten eggs, beans and onions, old, sweaty cheese. Oh it was AWFUL! “There’s your fresh air. Breathe it in, loser!!” I ordered in a sinister, sneering voice. slaveboy yelped in physical pain from my brain-burning nose melter!

As soon as my first fart oozed to a stop, a second silent hisser quickly followed. This one just leaked out for what felt like forever! In and out, his flared nostrils snorted desperately over and over again for air, as my hissing fart vent just continuously funneled the toxic hellfire fart into his nostrils. He balked, heaved, and practically puked right into my clammy twat as I arched my back and smothered him deeper in my stink cloud.

As the hissing continued, the eggy, sulfur smell slowly morphed into a bitter, acidic stink of pure shit. Nikki was in shock as my fart kept coming and coming. She covered her nose with her shirt mask and groaned and squealed, whining about how disgusting it was! Just before it ended, it turned wet, and I felt a spurt of shit water spray right into his nostrils as he snorted in my wet, sweaty ass stink!

I squirmed and lifted off him just a little, panting as I flexed my asshole over his nose. It was tingling and itching from the acidic shit smear that now coated it. slaveboy saw the brown watery sludge winking at him and tried to turn his head away. I giggled as I used my stinky feet to lock his head in place. They were wet and sticky and easily glued to his cheeks, giving me extra grip. He shrieked in horror as I wiggled my ass back and forth, spreading my cheeks wide with my hands so that the dripping ooze of my pink and brown shit tunnel stared him right in the face! I pushed hard and pooched it out again as I sent another spray of liquid fart all over his face! It freckled him with spots of watery brown fart water! He squeezed his eyes shut as the goo peppered his forehead, cheeks, nose and lips. “Ohh FUCK yessss!!” I hissed, sighing in relief.

But by now my bladder was about to burst. “Fuck, I have to piss so bad. Slave! It’s time. Open your mouth. And you need to be extra good, to show Nikki how well I’ve trained you!” slaveboy was in full blown panic as Nikki squealed excitedly, bouncing up and down on his thighs. Any hope of mercy was long gone by now. He knew we both wanted this to happen, and he had zero choice! I held back my flow of piss, waiting. When he didn’t open his mouth after a few seconds, I dug my nails into his chest and started following the faint lines of his previous claw marks. Nikki gasped loudly as she saw my fingernails strip away small bits of his flesh. Almost instantly, slaveboy screamed, “STOP! I’LL BE GOOD I’LL BE GOOD! NGGGG NGGGGG NGGGGG!” He made exaggerated sounds to demonstrate to me that his mouth was now wide open. I smiled big, gently pressing my fingertips into his tender, scratched skin. “Good boy. Now drink. And don’t you dare spill a fucking drop.” I commanded coldly. Nikki took a sharp inhale and held her breath. I swear she was so excited I could almost hear her heart pounding! Or maybe it was mine. Fuck this was hot!!!

I relaxed my tummy and bladder, and within seconds, a small trickle of hot, steamy piss dripped into slaveboy’s mouth. I sighed happily as the intense flavor of just a tiny spurt of my piss sent slaveboy into a heaving fit. His stomach lurched and he yelped, trying not to gag. But he kept his mouth open. “Ohhh fuck, get ready baby. You need to swallow fast. Oh god. Oh god. HERE IT COMESS!!” I hissed, and just like that, a raging river of boiling piss shot out of my pussy so fast, that the sound it made on the back his throat was almost deafening! Nikki gasped out loud, her mouth falling to the floor as she stared in complete astonishment at his open mouth between my thighs. Her nose wrinkled in disgust as she stared, unblinking, and we both listened to the sound of my piss squirting into his mouth change octaves as I filled him up more and more.

Holy shit it felt so good to let my piss out! But dear god did it stink. The smell oozing out of his mouth was so incredibly nauseating that I almost puked into my mouth. Even in the dimly lit tent, and the dark hole of his mouth, shadowed by my pussy, I could see how dark yellow and cloudy my urine was. Oh it was fucking sickening! Nikki let out a little choke, her mouth still open, as she watched in wonder as I drowned him in my piss bath. She was so excited that she was absentmindedly grinding and bouncing a little on his thighs. slaveboy tried to squirm under her. “Nikki don’t bounce too hard!” I warned her. She choked out another gasp and froze, her eyebrows lifting higher over her wide, shimmering eyes.

As his mouth came dangerously close to overflowing, he knew he had to start swallowing. I don’t know how he did it. My piss was absolutely toxic, and I could feel the intense heat emanating from his mouth. Before he could make the terrifying choice to swallow, Nikki blurted out, “Is he going to drink it??” She too was noticing how full he was, and my spewer showed no signs of slowing. “DRINK ME NOW!!” I hissed in a demonic, forceful growl. slaveboy’s stomach lurched again as he took his first gulp. We both watched his stomach lurch again as he made horrible gagging and drowning noises under me. Oh god, he was having a tough time of it.

As if things weren’t bad enough, my asshole decided that if my pussy was relieving itself, it should be able to as well. I couldn’t even control it - a burning hot fart spurted out from between my cheeks, washing over his face with a thick, steamy odor that smelled like the depths of my bowels. With his mouth full, all he could do was sniff it in just to keep breathing. Nikki, devious brat she was, let out her signature “HAAA!!” We both giggled as he tried not to choke on my fart, because that meant he would certainly spill the contents of his mouth, and if that happened, he would be ruthlessly punished. Unfortunately for poor slaveboy, this was just the beginning of my pre-poop gas attack. I farted again and again, as he struggled to gulp more caustic piss into his stomach. He could barely keep up with my flow, and as he tried desperately to inhale my farts and drink my piss, he kept screaming and gurgling like a waterboarding victim.

I sighed loudly, giggling in relief as both of my filth spewers fired relentlessly into his mouth and nose. It just didn’t stop. Bucketloads of steamy, burning acid pee and loud, burbling shit wind assailed his senses in a toxic torture worse than hell itself. Nikki was mesmerized as she watched his throat gulp down more of my piss, again and again. Every time I farted her eyes widened, sparkling with demonic pleasure as she watched me turn my hapless slave into a full-service toilet.

Sometimes my flow would slow to a trickle, but every time he thought it was over, another geyser of foaming, poisonous piss would refill his gargling mouth. And it was always accompanied with a thick, raunchy fart. Most of my farts were loud and bassy, but sometimes they were longer and quieter. I even launched a few more wet splattery shit-water farts into his nose, too! He could never swallow my piss fast enough to breathe through his mouth, so the poor boy had to inhale all of them through his nostrils. Mmmm how deliciously disgusting, wickedly perfect!! I was so proud of myself!

Nikki’s shock had sort of warn off, and now she was just enjoying the show. She giggled and laughed, groaned and squealed in disgust, and took it upon herself to keep commanding him to swallow or sniff, as I just giggled and sighed, relieving myself into my human toilet. By the time my piss had finally trickled to an end, my asshole was pooching out and starting to push something else towards slaveboy’s nose. I groaned and clutched my stomach. “Baby, make room for more! I need you to swallow right now!” I whined, feeling him panic under me as he saw a brown piece of shit sticking out of my greasy, pink little hole.

I giggled wickedly. “Nikki I’m already shitting. It’s like sticking out of me right now!” She gasped again as her forehead wrinkled. “No way! Really??” She squealed, sounding disgusted and delighted at the same time. “Mhmmm! Watch…” I bit my lip and carefully pressed myself down hard onto slaveboy’s face, mashing his nose right into my shit-spitting asshole. I felt his nose sink into the mushy log and cringed. He started screaming and gargling so fucking loud that I thought he’d lose his voice. He tried to thrash and Nikki squealed as she flexed her body to hold him still and maintain her balance.

“Yeah his nose is in my shit right now…” I hissed breathlessly. Nikki’s eyes flickered. “Oh, Haley… groosssss…” She whined, but she couldn’t hide her excitement. slaveboy tried to kick and thrash again, but he was helpless. “You want your nose out of my shit? Swallow the rest of my pee, toilet!” I commanded loudly. Nikki snickered through a cringing face, trying to hide her smirk. slaveboy gulped loudly several times, heaving violently each time. Finally, his screams weren’t gurgling anymore. Hie mouth was empty! I sighed happily. “Okay, ready to see him chew something solid?” I cackled at Nikki.

She nodded quickly, biting her lip. Her cute little nose was still wrinkled and her eyebrows were arched high above her wide eyes. I giggled loudly as I lifted off of slaveboy, listening to the sickening sound of his nose ungluing from its shitty cage. He snorted desperately, a thick, wet heaving sound coming from his nostrils. “Tell him to open his mouth and eat my shit, Niknik!” I whispered excitedly. She groaned again, biting her lip so hard it was turning white and leaving teeth marks. But then she giggled and looked right at his chin between my thighs.

“Open your mouth, slaveboy! Haley has to shit and it’s going in your mouth!” slaveboy screamed in horror as I slid my shit-spitter down over his lips. Already the smell was so vile we heard him puke into his mouth and wolf it back down, sobbing miserably under me. “Ohh, baby. Did you throw up?” I pouted in mock-sympathy. He screamed again, but we couldn’t understand a word he said. And as he was screaming, I pressed my asshole down into his open mouth, trapping it there as he tried to shut his lips against my shitty, greasy crack. “Oh, it’s wide open! Are you ready for this?” I teased, giggling excitedly. “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!” He screamed in a panicked chant. “Shut up, loser. I was asking Nikki, not you.” I called down casually. She shivered and slowly nodded her head. “Mmm! Time to eat my shit.” I was so callous and wicked that he actually did shut up, shocked at how evil I was being.

As I started grunting, the crackling sound of my asshole milking out a brown shit-log made Nikki’s eyes bug out of her head. I leaned back a little letting her see just a glimpse of his mouth sealed around my undulating asshole. As I slid back, I felt slaveboy’s shit-packed nostrils press into the cheesy top end of my sweaty butt crack. He struggled to take a breath, first having to snort his nasal passages clear of the mashed shit I’d forced up there a moment ago. It dripped ruthlessly into the back of his throat, sending a wave of nausea through his body so powerful that he again almost bucked us off!

I kept grunting, and cringed as I felt my shit compacting in the back of his mouth. It mashed together and spread out, pooching his cheeks. Nikki couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “You’re really fucking shitting in his mouth right now!!” She announced breathlessly. “Duh!!” I giggled, shivering as he again almost puked into his mouth under me. His poor stomach was so flexed and sore from fighting his vomit down. I paused my grunting, realizing there was no more room for me to keep expelling my putrid waste.

The smell was literally burning my nostrils and eyes. Nikki and I both gagged, covering our noses with our shirt masks. I almost puked into my mouth again, and we cackled like wicked witches, thinking about how bad it had to be for him, literally being buried in it and forced to consume it!! “You need to start chewing, right now, stupid! I have a lot more for you!” Nikki laughed as my words became meaner and my voice became colder the more I thought of him as nothing more than my toilet. He barely moved, immediately almost puking again as he tried to shift the shit in his mouth around with his teeth and tongue.

I sighed in annoyance, and started smacking his red chest with my palm. He was slightly sunburned from swimming earlier, and I bit my lip as I kept smacking. He screamed through a mouthfull of my most vile shit. “FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH! FLUSH FLUSH FLUSH! CHEW CHEW CHEW! CHEW CHEW CHEW!” I smacked him hard with every word, and kept chanting and smacking even has he began mashing up the shit in his mouth.

The flavor exploded and intensified as he began chomping. I knew, because the smell got worse. Now Nikki was fighting back a round of vomit, as she looked at me in panic, covering her mouth. “Oh, god… it’s so nasty…” She whimpered, gagging over and over again. Her eyes were watering as she looked at me. “I’m sorry sweetie, you can go out for some fresh air if you want.” She shook her head. “No I want to see him eat it. ALL OF IT!!” She barked the last three words and dug her knees into his ribs harder. I smirked at her, gagging a bit myself, and continued smacking his pink, tender chest.

It took two minutes at least for slaveboy to chew the horrible log enough that it became a mushy substance he could attempt to swallow. Every agonizing chew made him want to die, and he could barely breathe under me, getting a fresh whiff of cheesy butt crack and wet, sticky shit with each inhale. I don’t know how he did it, but he did. “Show me your mouth.” I eventually said. He opened his mouth and I peered into it, plugging my nose. It was dirty, but empty. “Good. Now get ready for round two.” Nikki squealed excitedly as I covered his filthy mouth with my asshole and began pushing again. A loud, hollow fart filled his mouth first, as I exhaled sharply through my nostrils. “Ughhh.” I whined, farting again and then sighing. Every sniff slaveboy took was tainted with my farts and shit. And I knew the taste of my putrid piss was still in there, too. He was on the verge of puking again. I didn’t fucking care.

I pushed harder. The rest of my first log oozed out like brown toothpaste slowly squirted out of a tube. The shape was cylindrical, but the second it entered his mouth, it mushed into a soft, gooey pile. I paused again, but I pushed my asshole down more into his mouth, sealing off the awful smell as best I could. His mouth flooded with saliva as he again puked some bile into his throat. At least it helped dissolve the mess I’d just stuffed in his mouth! He swallowed hard and caught the puke, forcing it back down. He was heaving so hard that his throat was turning purple!

As I sat heavy on his mouth, I felt my pussy gushing. I was so fucking wet from torturing him like this, and having Nikki watch just made it better. But soon I realized it wasn’t just my creamy cum wanting to leak out of my pulsing twat. I had to pee again. I shuddered, almost feeling sorry for my poor slaveboy. But then I giggled to myself. “Here I’ll help you, baby!” I called out sweetly. He had no idea what I meant, but I’m sure the last thing he expected was for me to slide back and without warning, flood his mouth to the brim with more steamy, reeking piss. But that’s what happened. And as I filled him up, he came to the horrifying conclusion that unless he started swallowing, and quickly, I was going to piss all over the sleeping bag. And Nikki and I would both be furious with him!

He took his first gulp, my steamy piss force-washing unchewed chunks of shit mush down his throat. The sensation made him want to gag. The flavor made him actually gag. And he literally puked again, turning to stone under us as he shut down his body’s nausea response. It took everything in him to force his body to swallow, sending a cocktail of vomit, piss, and shit down his throat where it sat, heavy and cloying, in his stomach. He was crying so hard that I could feel his tears washing over my asscheeks. I giggled in mock sympathy. “I know this is horrible, baby. You’re doing so good! Nikki and I are so proud of you!!” I finally felt like being sweet to him, but only in words. Not actions. Because I kept pissing. Three more gulps. Four. Five. And as I pissed, my angry asshole started ejecting more shit, slowly, right onto his nose! The second I was done pissing, I lifted myself up and repositioned my ass, planting it right down on his mouth.

“Finish drinking that quick, baby. I’ve got more shit coming!” Nikki gasped loudly, looking at me in disbelief as I force-fed slaveboy an unreasonable amount of my princess waste. Even if this stuff was chocolate and lemonade, no human being should have been able to consume the sheer quantity of what I was dishing out. Let alone the fact that it was the most potent, stinky, dehydrated piss, and the most vile, bitter, rotten egg shit you could ever imagine! Nikki almost puked again as I filled slaveboy’s mouth with more shit. At least this time it was smaller chunks, and softer squirts. Which made chewing and swallowing more manageable. But judging by the smell, I think the flavor was only getting worse. Ugh. Nikki and I cringed and squealed into our shirt masks, selfishly begging slaveboy to eat faster because we were feeling sick!

I don’t know how long this whole thing went on for. At least 15, 20 minutes. I was finally out of shit, but as he struggled to get the remainder down, I felt a third round of piss brewing. “Oh, baby I’m so sorry… I have to pee again…” This time I warned him, and I sounded legit sorry. But part of me also announced it just to tease him. He tried to weakly shake his head. With shit still in his mouth, he desperately pleaded up at me. “HALEY PLEASE I CAN’T SWALLOW ANYMORE!!!” He sounded like he was dying! I giggled quietly, looking at Nikki. “Should we call it quits? Give him a break?” She looked at me carefully, thinking. “Probably…” She sounded a little sad. And as I thought for a minute, I became less sweet and more annoyed. Fuck that! He didn’t deserve a break! I was his princess, and he should be able to eat and drink everything I give him!

A wicked smirk came over me, as I drilled my pussy into his mouth. “Sorry slave. No mercy tonight. I’m your fucking princess. Deal with it. You’ve done so good, and I’m almost done I promise. But you have to eat and drink it all. No exceptions.” Nikki giggled, her face twisting into a big, deviant smile. Before slaveboy could even process my cruelty, I began squirting another steaming jet of stomach-churning piss into his mouth. I pushed hard, using the stream to wash his teeth and tongue clean of my remaining shit. “Use it to help clean your mouth, toilet!” I teased, squirming above him as I aimed my piss spout in different directions inside his mouth! Nikki laughed heartlessly as he started gargling again, screaming through an ever-rising mouthful of piss.

He was hoping I didn’t have much left. But as he felt his mouth again almost overflow, he let out a scream that almost made me stop peeing. It sounded like his entire body was fighting him as he forced down a big gulp of the shitty piss goop in his mouth. An instant vomit response brought back the piss, and his mouth became so full that a little trickle of my unbearable urine trickled down the side of his cheek. I giggled in mock sympathy. “Awwww, baby!!” And stopped peeing long enough for him to regain control and take a few gulps.

As he was getting it down, silently praying for an end to this unimaginable torture, I laughed cruelly as I started peeing again! “HAAAA!!” Nikki blurted wickedly. Feeling extra mean, I reached back and spread my shitty asshole open over his nostrils, launching a burning hot fart right up his nose while my pussy was still midstream. He tried to scream, but only panicked gargles and snorts came out. As my long fart kept sizzling, he forced himself to gulp again and again. Mercifully, my piss spout finally slowed to a drizzle, and I sent one more fart up his nose before releasing my cheeks and grinding down hard on him.

I giggled, sighing happily as I felt sooo much better after getting such a huge load of shit and piss out of me! I felt no remorse for my poor slaveboy. “Before you swallow the last of it, I want you to swish it around really good and get your mouth clean. I still need to use your tongue as toilet paper!” slaveboy cried loudly, a heartbreaking wail of misery. But to his horror, the only response he got was both Nikki and I laughing wickedly at his suffering. We only laughed harder as we heard him swishing my piss around in his mouth, desperately trying not to puke again.

Nikki was grinding on his thighs, excitedly bouncing and squirming on top of him. Once he had finally swallowed the last few swigs of my pissy shit cocktail, I reached back and spread my soiled asshole wide, letting him get a good look at the crime scene I had left him to clean up. He balked loudly, heaving into his open mouth. I tilted my asshole away from his eyes and over his lips. “Lick my princess asshole clean, toilet paper.” My voice was uncaring, as if cursing at an inanimate object. Nikki groaned in mock sympathy as she watched me spit my heartless demands. But she loved it! slaveboy, desperate to get this over with as quickly as possible, slid his tongue up into my shitty poop cave. I squealed happily, arching my back as he wiggled his warm, wet tongue in the messy goo covering my crack and hole.

He lapped at it again and again, choking down swallows as best he could. I helped him by sliding my ass crack, from tip to taint, all over his numb, shell-shocked tongue. “Now taste it. Mmnum mmnum mmnum. Get it all clean and swallow it down. I don’t want any more shit on my perfect princess pussy.” I barked in a robotic, whiny tone. He did. We giggled. Then I set my piss-soaked, creamy cum oozing cunt over his lips, and moaned wildly as he licked me off and ate me out. The more he licked, the messier I got, and finally I couldn’t help myself.

I drilled hard into him, suffocating his nose deep in my shit-stinking asshole, rubbing it into my spongy, twitching anus, and I farted more hot, steaming methane squirts into his brain as he licked me to a fast, creamy orgasm. I panted, humping his face hard as I filled his mouth with creamy cum and even more pissy pussy puke, while keeping his nostrils filled with a healthy dose of my unending Taco Bell farts. At least they weren’t as raunchy as my pre-shit gas, but they were fresh and strong. Beans and onions, cheese and eggs. His stomach was so full of my waste it was distended like a little beer belly, and my pussy kept unloading more piss and cheesy cum into him. I think he went into a state of self-preservation, almost blacking out as he mechanically ate me out and swallowed my repeated emissions of ecstasy. Nikki watched me intently, her face blushing as she sucked on her wet lips and stared at my thighs, trembling and chewing on slaveboy’s face.

Finally, I collapsed forward, falling into Nikki a little. She squealed in surprise as she caught me, my sweaty, matted hair falling over her shoulder. She giggled and brushed it away from my face, helping me sit back up. She had a goofy, taunting grin on her face. Watching me cum over and over again had made her feel extra naughty and I giggled bashfully at her as I squirmed my squishy mess of drained pussy and swampy ass all over slaveboy’s suffocated face.

Finally I rolled off of him, falling into a sweaty pile next to him on the sleeping bag. It was hot and stuffy in the tent, and it still stunk horribly of stinky girl feet, shit and piss. Nikki hadn’t even taken her boots off yet! I panted breathlessly, an ear-to-ear grin on my face as slaveboy breathed shallow, labored breaths. His face was contorted into a permanent squeamish grimace. Nikki giggled as she wiggled her ass on his lap, grinding him carefully while she looked down at his red face, streaks of my brown shit still smeared across his nose, lips, cheeks and chin.

I was slowly catching my breath, as slaveboy too was slowly recovering. He was panting through his mouth, still silently sobbing tears of disgust and torment. In the silence of the tent, we all heard Nikki’s tummy rumbling. She looked down at me, biting her lip. I smiled a goofy smile up at her. “Well, now you saw him be a human toilet. What did you think?” I panted out. She smiled big. “Mmmm… it was fucking awesome! And disgusting! And I can’t believe he did that! He took so much!” She gushed, unable to contain her amazement. I giggled up at her. “That’s seriously the best he’s ever done. I think he was trying to impress you.” I laughed. Nikki beamed brightly as she wrinkled her nose and looked adoringly down at slaveboy. “Well that was totally impressive!!” She cooed down to him. He smiled weakly, his shit-stained lips still grimacing.

Nikki’s tummy grumbled again, louder this time. She frowned a little. “Haley… I have to fart, but he’s already been through so much.” slaveboy’s eyes opened wide as he pleaded up at her, his adorable, handsome, pitiful look of terror making her giggle. “Awww…” She whimpered. “He’s so fucking cute…” I lifted myself up on shaky knees and elbows, crawling across the tent to find my dirty panties. I groaned as I carefully used them to wipe off what was left of my dirty ass and dripping cunt. Then I crawled back over to slaveboy, gently using the soiled panties to wipe his face clean. I stuck my tongue out of him. “Hiii shit-freckles!” I giggled out.

Nikki laughed, squirming a little on top of him. She seemed a bit uncomfortable and distressed. As I finished cleaning off slaveboy’s whimpering face, I smiled down at him. “You did such a good job, toilet boy. I’m so proud of you!” He groaned an irritated huff and looked sadly up at me. I think he expected what I was about to say next. “So, you just lay back and relax. Nikki has to fart, and all you have to do is lay there and sniff. Easy, right?” Nikki gasped happily, wiggling more on top of him. slaveboy shook his head no, sobbing again up at me. “I can’t…” He whispered weakly. “Oh yes you can. And you will.” I smiled sweetly down at him, with vicious, sparkling eyes. He took a big, petrified gulp, and closed his eyes. I grinned big over at Nikki. “Whenever you’re ready, his face is all clean for you!” I chirped. She clapped her hands excitedly. “YAY!!”

Nikki quickly climbed onto his face, being careful to gently sit her butt down with his nose sticking into her crack. I’m sure it smelled awful up there, but Slaveoy barely even coughed as he took his first inhale. Compared to what I had just been making him endure, Nikki’s sweaty asshole probably smelled like roses! She breathed heavily as she wriggled around on top of him. She had kind of a half frown, and her nose was slightly wrinkled. “His nose is giving me a wedgie. It feels weird!” I laughed and shrugged. “Why don’t you take your shorts off?” She froze for a second, and then smirked at me. slaveboy groaned a muffled objection under her plump butt cheeks. I smiled at her big, watching her eyes twinkle. “You can if you want!” I offered again.

She slowly lifted herself off of his face and stood up, putting her hands on her hips and looking smugly down at slaveboy’s petrified expression. “Nikki don’t!!” He blurted without thinking. She frowned at him and her smug look turned meaner, her eyebrows arching a little. He knew his mistake. First, not calling her princess, and second, trying to argue with her. Any hesitation she had quickly disappeared, as she stuck her ass out and leaned down a little, hands still on her hips, standing over him in a bratty pose. He whimpered and closed his eyes tight. “I’m sorry! Princess Nikki!” He corrected himself, but the damage was done.

She stood there in silence, patiently waiting for him to open his eyes. As soon as he did, she dug her fingertips into the waistband of her shorts and slowly started pulling them down. His eyes opened wider as he began shaking his head. Her eyes were locked on his as she smirked bigger, enjoying watching him as she pulled her tight shorts down over the bulge of her bubbly ass cheeks. He groaned when they hit the ground, tangled around her ankles and boots, which she was still wearing. “I WAS going to be nice and keep my panties on.” She taunted in a valley girl brat tone. “But you made me mad. Plus your nose will still give me a wedgie if I keep them on. So…” She arched her eyebrows taller, giving him a cruel look as if daring him to protest. He held his tongue, his terrified eyes darting over to me. I was just as surprised as he was, as I watched Nikki lean back up and begin tugging at her panties. “I’m doing you a favor, honestly. These things are beyond filthy.” And she wasn’t lying.

For the first time, slaveboy’s eyes fell to her white cotton panties. They bulged out of his head as he noticed a long, dark stain over the crotch. I saw it too. It was crusty and yellow! He gasped as his face turned squeamish. She looked slightly timid for a second, but then I saw her face change. Right before my eyes she went from shy girl next door to power-hungry dominatrix! She spread her legs a little and stepped closer to him, pulling the front of her panties away from her waist and folding them down. “See what I mean?” She teased, revealing the inside of her sweat-soaked, crusty cum-covered, urine-stained panties. He let out a horrified gasp as he quickly flicked his eyes back up to her face. She was grinning cutely down at him. She nodded knowingly, biting her lip as she continued to lower the soiled cotton. “I know! Nasty, huh?” She giggled.

I was holding my breath, eagerly watching the moment unfold. As she wiggled her hips and pulled her panties down, I had a front row seat for her big, bubbly ass, jiggling slightly as it fell out of its cotton prison. It looked shiny and meaty, covered in a thin spritz of sweat that caught the dim light in the tent and glistened. I had seen her ass before, but knowing how sweaty and stinky it had to be, and that it was about to be smeared right on slaveboy’s nose, made me really appreciate it. “Damn, your ass is so sexy, Nikki!” I blurted. She looked over her shoulder at me, blushing just a little as her hair fell down her back. The simple act of me saying something reminded her that she was stripping in front of my boyfriend while I watched, and it caught her off-guard.

I smiled excitedly at her, and she leaned down, turning her head to look back at slaveboy as she stuck her big ass out at me. Her panties fell to the ground, and she stepped out of them and kicked her shorts and panties to the side with one swift motion. She stood back up quickly, standing bottomless in front of his stunned face, still wearing her dirty boots. She smiled seductively, her pink cheeks dimpling as she looked down at herself. Her pubic region was trimmed short like mine, but it had more than just a small strip of tiny hairs. And they were light brown, not blonde. I got a better view as she turned around slowly, shaking her hips and jiggling her bouncy ass a little as it faced slaveboy. She took a step backwards, intentionally moving slowly, as her ominous, perky ass closed in on him.

I could just barely make out her slit in the dim light. It looked messy and wet, peeking out from a small covering of short, matted pubic hair. Just looking at it made me shudder with excitement, as I could practically see the stink on it! Her panties were filthy, she hadn’t showered in days, and we’d been camping and hiking in the height of a hot, sticky summer. And I knew she was aroused, which only made the ripe smell stronger. She looked at my naked body carefully. “You’re sure this is okay?” She asked, biting her lip. “Yes! I promise!” I replied breathlessly. “I can’t wait for you to sit your sexy, naked ass right on his face!” She blushed bright red, smiling big at me. We heard slaveboy whimper again as she took another step backwards. “Shut up!” I snapped. “Look at Princess Nikki! She is a goddess! And you will happily obey every command she gives you!” She smiled bigger as slaveboy nodded quickly. “Yes Princess Haley!”

Nikki looked over her shoulder, her blue, sparkling eyes carefully locking onto his face, as she stepped over his head and put her hands back on her hips. slaveboy looked straight up at her messy, sweaty pussy, wet and glistening, and her two meaty ass cheeks, bubbling out over her thighs like two perfect orbs. She looked down at him, his face between her boots, as he couldn’t help but stare in awe at her perfect ass and fuzzy little pussy. I smiled at her, and kept noticing her boots. As if reading my mind, she giggled. “I’m keeping my boots on so my feet stay nice and stinky for after. I want you to smell them.” She smirked wickedly down at him, enjoying his panic. I laughed, loving every minute of this, and waited in intense anticipation for her to lower her ass down onto him!

She kept standing there, enjoying watching him stare up at her naughty bits. She was enjoying it so much in fact, that a stringy line of clear pussy juice dripped down and landed right on his face! It was almost like slow motion. She let out an embarrassed giggle, quickly looking over at me. I laughed and smiled big at her. “A little excited?” I teased. Her face turned bright red as she bit her lip and tilted her chin towards the ceiling of the tent. She was too embarrassed to look down at slaveboy, who was frozen, stunned as her sticky mess glistened on his cheek. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this!” She squealed quietly, taking a deep breath. “I’m so ready for it!” I gushed excitedly. She giggled again, finally looking down at his face. Seeing her arousal smeared on his cheek made her let out a signature Nikki “HAA!”

She took another deep breath and then grinned hungrily at him. “Are you ready for it?” She taunted in a cute, girlish tone, wiggling her ass a little bit. slaveboy shook his head, whimpering quietly. She giggled again, louder this time. “Too bad. Here it comes!” She squealed as she bent her knees and slowly squatted down! I literally held my breath as I watched the shadow of her ass darken his face! She let out a satisfied squeak as she felt his chin touch her dirty pussy, a shocked look of disbelief on her face as she froze for a split second, and then finally settled her full weight onto him. I gasped as his lips mashed into her sticky mound, and his nose sank into the spongy, rank depths of her filthy asscrack. She let out another squeal, and then quickly started moaning nervously as he squirmed under her, desperately trying to escape the situation she was forcing him into.

“Ohhhh my god…” She whimpered as she arched her back and leaned her weight backwards, drilling his nose further up her soiled cavern. I could tell when his nose entered her asshole, because she let out a sharp, breathy hiss, and began lifting her ass up just a tiny bit and back down several times. Feeling someone’s nose slip into your asshole probably feels pretty weird the first time. Especially when you’re so greasy and slick with sweat and grime! “Uhhhhhhhhhhg!” She panted in a whiny little moan. I bit my lip hard and sauntered closer, my eyes glued to her trembling thighs.

She looked at me with an intense stare, as if in disbelief of the physical sensation she was feeling. I grinned a sloppy grin at her, still biting my lips. Her eyes were wide and her eyebrows arched in high little curves above her wild eyes. In all this time, slaveboy hadn’t dared take a breath or make a sound. He was completely still, in a panicked shock as Nikki explored his face with her pungent pudenda. Every time she lifted up a little, his pursed lips coiled into a grimace as he felt the sensation of Nikki’s steamy snatch slime, stringing in long, glistening strands that kept his mouth attached to her mound. My eyes were wide with wonder as she carefully and methodically humped at him, shivering and squealing each time his nose drilled deeper into her sensitive, sour shit box.

It must have been almost two minutes since she sat down, and slaveboy still hadn’t dared breathe. Nikki was noticing, and she let out a girlish whine, leaning forward to create a pocket between the suffocating clamp of her wet crack and his frozen nostrils. “I know you have to breathe!” She grunted, sounding at once frustrated and aroused. “Smell me!” She begged breathlessly. slaveboy’s face began to squirm as he desperately tried to get his nose away from the reeking meat of her crevice. But her boots kept his face locked in tight. He didn’t dare open his mouth, but even if he wanted to, Nikki’s gooey muff oozed a sticky glue around his lips, and her weight kept it pinned shut. Finally, we heard a panicked snort of air come from up inside Nikki’s bubbly, wet butt cheeks, and she cooed excitedly!

slaveboy’s entire body tensed up as the unfamiliar reek of Nikki’s naked, raw ass meat stung his senses. He tried to yelp and cough, but quickly gagged as her tangy pussy puke infiltrated his mouth. He winced and howled into his closed lips as he took another involuntary sniff straight from the depths of her soggy ass. Nikki squealed, shifting herself on top of him and arching her back. “Woah his breath feels so cool on my asshole!” She exclaimed like a little kid. slaveboy thrashed awkwardly under her, choking on the unbearable stench of his new captor’s unwashed ass meat. I could tell he felt extremely awkward, let alone nauseated, by this fresh hell being inflicted upon him!

I quickly sat down on his stomach, using my weight to clamp down on top of him and hold him still. Nikki looked into my eyes and smiled bashfully. Sitting so close, I caught a whiff of what was coming off of her naked lower body. It was an unbelievably vulgar smell of ripe, sour pussy and body odor! A swirling mixture of sexual hormones, rancid cheesy smegma, potent but somehow still stale piss, and salty, fishy, yeasty musk! My eyes watered and my nose instantly started running! I itched it and giggled into my hands. “Oh my god, you’re so ripe!!” I cackled out. Her eyes went wide as a look of shame came over her face. “Is it too much?” She asked quietly, leaning forward to mash her pussy into slaveboy’s mouth and hide herself a little from me. “Fuck no! It’s amazing!!” I squealed, giggling uncontrollably at her. She smiled as her trepidation melted away, and she giggled with me as slaveboy let out another horrified squeal, choking violently on her reek.

At first I only smelled what was coming from Nikki’s front. And it was strong. Tangy pussy cheese, salty cum, a hint of yeasty fish, and an overwhelming woof of harsh, acrid piss and BO! But then a new smell invaded my nose. An earthy musk of raw, fermented girl ass! It was so thick and potent that I coughed because my throat wanted to close off! It definitely smelled different than mine! I wouldn’t even say worse. In fact, I would still say my ass stink is stronger than hers. Mine smells more like sharp cheddar, raunchy butt musk, and bitter shit. Like I didn’t wipe and just let it sit in there. Which is true, I don’t wipe very well, and even when I do, after I shit, my asshole gets brown and smeary throughout the day anyway, so I just let it fester and torture slaveboy with it later. YUCK!

But christ, hers was just DIFFERENT! It smelled wet. Like what dankness smells like. Moist and thick, almost like moldy cheese, rotten onions, and strong strong STRONG BO. There was also a pungent piss flavor too, like she had wet herself repeatedly and it dripped into her asshole and just sat there, getting sweatier and smellier. I should’ve known. I mean if her feet smell as bad as they do… well, you can imagine.

Okay, now I’ve described the smell from my point of view. Imagine slaveboy. Buried in it. Literally mashed against his nose. An unfamiliar reek of some of the strongest odors that could come from a pussy and an asshole. And it was my unwashed, unshowered, mangy best friend, sitting naked on his face. Who had just been dumped, which created a lot of stress hormones and extremely smelly sweat. And girls are gross. We already covered that. Nikki admitted that she’d worn the same clothes for like a week while she moped around before this trip. And here we were camping, hiking. In AUGUST. In 90+ degree weather.

The pure shock and embarrassment of Nikki’s nakedness alone was enough to torture him. And add to that the un-fucking-believable rot coming off her lower body. I literally shuddered. And because I’m so fucking sick and twisted, my pussy just started oozing as I thought of him being tortured like this. He probably didn’t think it could get any worse than eating my mountains of shit and drinking my rivers of piss. And yeah, this probably wasn’t worse than that. But one thing made it perfect. Brutal. Extra awful. No matter how much nasty stuff we forced him to do, there was always something new. Something terrible, unimaginable, and disgusting. And he could never get used to any one thing. Because between the two of us, Nikki and I could keep changing it up on him. And the poor boy just had to suffer through it. Mmmmmmmm. SO. FUCKING. HOT!!! UGHHHH!!

Nikki was carefully watching his chest heave and spasm as he endured her noxious stink. Her own smell was even getting to her, as she was now covering her face and breathing through her mouth. “Wow. He’s really smelling me! And it smells soooooo awful!!” She squealed excitedly. I bit my lip hard and nodded at her breathlessly. She wiggled her hips, continuing to explore her newfound power. When she leaned forward, he had to sniff her ass. When she leaned backward, her gooey muff meat sizzled its concentrated stink right into his nostrils. It was so slimy in both her asscrack and muff that either way, he was snorting just to breathe. As a double-dose of miasma spewed from Nikki’s filthy front and back holes, she became more and more excited, watching him literally almost puke simply from sniffing her.

It was so fucking hot, I had forgotten why she wanted to sit on his face in the first place. But I was quickly reminded, as her tummy made a loud grumbling sound. She bit her lip and leaned forward again, snuggly smothering his nose right against her putrid, puckering fart launcher. I held my breathe, silently groaning as I realized she was about to make the smell even worse for him! slaveboy felt her twitching anus milking and suckling at his nostrils as Nikki loaded up a sickening face melter. She placed her hands on her tummy and rubbed it gently, tilting her chin up to stare at the sky, and grunted loudly in her cute, girlish whine.

A burbling, sizzling fart steamed his brain as we heard it pump straight into his trapped nostrils. It sounded hollow as it squealed out of her steamy asshole. She squealed with it, continuing to exhale sharply out of her nostrils and push. The fart continued, trailing off and starting again, as she sighed in relief. slaveboy legit screamed, his sticky mouth slurping open against her creamy cunt! Nikki’s eyes shot open as hit mouth mashed into her spongy muff, and she arched her back and pressed herself into him even harder as he began to thrash. He sounded desperate as howls of panic and pain echoed up into her crotch, and she began moaning loudly as his lips mooshed into her oozing slit! The stimulation of his panicked squirms and screams instantly sent a raging river of gooey twat snot into his open mouth, and he began choking on this new hellish excretion forced upon him from Nikki’s unfamiliar sex pit.

He was fighting so hard to get free that he almost knocked me over, and I had to squeeze my thighs around his waist and dig my knees into his ribs with such force that I was afraid I would bruise him! He didn’t even seem to care. All he could think about was my hot, naked friend grinding his face and pumping cum and farts into his mouth and nose! And her farts were fucking lethal. They smelled like rotten eggs and onions, and literally burned my nostrils by the time the thick vapor reached me. Imagining the boiling hot wind pumping deep into his nasal passages from point blank range made my whole body shudder as I choked on the pungent stink emanating from Nikki’s entire lower half. She was bucking and humping his face, starting to lose control as her moans became louder and quicker. She was sitting so heavy that slaveboy could barely breathe, and when he could, he didn’t fucking want to!

He wanted to puke so badly, I could tell. His body was writhing in disgust and torment as she kept sitting heavy on his face. Every time he lurched or swallowed another wave of nausea, she giggled, staring intensely at his heaving chest. “I can’t believe how good this feels…” She panted breathlessly. As she kept farting, she experimented with smothering him deeper under her drenched mess, musing about how much easier it was to suffocate him while being naked. She’d cut off his air for long periods of time and then cackle excitedly as she farted, right as she lifted up to allow him to sniff her. His screams and snorts sounded like they were underwater, as she kept drowning him in a never-ending shower of sweat, wet farts, and pussy juice! She hadn’t even had an orgasm, yet her pussy kept leaking rivers of viscous, salty, fishy, pissy fluid into his yelping mouth!

His panicked begging only became wetter as she kept farting. For awhile, I couldn’t tell if her asshole was just really sweaty, or if her farts were becoming runny. But then the eggy, sulfur smell became stronger, more bitter, and shittier, and I knew she was giving him more than air out of her throbbing, pulsing butthole. She squirmed and squealed in disgust as his nose swam around in her murky ass cavern! She enjoyed figuring out how to more effectively smother him and control his breath, taking him to the limits of passing out several times.

She sprayed another gooey fart into his nostrils as her pussy continued spitting into his mouth. I sat and watched her, wide-eyed and breathless, as she unloaded her disgusting secretions into his tortured face holes. I wanted to finger myself so fucking bad, but I resisted. I didn’t want to do anything to pull Nikki out of the moment, as this was already a very new experience for her. She would smile at me as she humped his face, moaning and panting, then sitting still, calming down, and becoming more bossy and bratty as she taunted and teased slaveboy. “How do I taste? Do my farts smell good? Am I super sweaty? Keep sniffing!” On and on it went as she ruthlessly tortured him! I was fucking losing my mind. It was so fucking sexy!!! UGH!

My pussy was aching for stimulation as I desperately humped slaveboy’s thighs, making sure to keep myself tightly clamped around him as he continued to thrash for freedom. Finally, after what felt like an hour, Nikki sat very still on his face and sadly proclaimed that she was out of farts. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks open for the first time, moaning as she applied pressure against his nose. He shrieked as her messy brown hole, now being spread wide, descended onto his poor nose. She wiggled her hips and swirled her asshole around, shivering as his nose penetrated her gooey shit spewer. “Ohhh fuck, that feels sooo good!” She humped him roughly, as she appeared to be itching her burning asshole with his nose. I giggled because I do that all the time, and it does feel fucking amazing. As she kept her ass cheeks spread wide, dragging his nose in and out of her swampy hole, I giggled wickedly. Nikki heard me and looked into my eyes inquisitively. “What?” She asked, biting her lip seductively as she smirked at me.

I smiled big and looked right into her eyes. “Have you ever had your asshole licked?” I asked bluntly. She squealed, sounding shocked and playfully disgusted. “Eww NO WAY!” She cackled. I raised my eyebrows at her, giving her a bratty little smirk. “Nikki. Really? Eww? Look what you’re doing RIGHT NOW!” I laughed. She froze, looking down at slaveboy’s chin between her thighs. She was still gripping her sweaty asscheeks, using his nose to scratch her oily, shit-smeared asshole. She looked back up at me, her cheeks turning bright red. She let go of her asscheeks and sat back, engulfing poor slaveboy’s entire face in her stinky, soupy swamp ass. She giggled nervously. “I uhh, I guess I got carried away…” She panted, shivering a little as our poor slave tried desperately to squirm his face out of her disgusting crack. She giggled again, louder and arched her back, absentmindedly grinding his face harder as she blinked slowly, a look of pure ecstasy on her face.

“Make him lick your asshole, Nikki. Do it. I promise.” My words were rushed and hushed. She looked at me with wild eyes and gasped. “Are you serious? My farts have been kind of… wet…” She squealed, covering her face a little. I laughed and wrinkled my nose at her. “I know. I can smell it.” I teased. She squealed louder into her fingers. “I’m sorry!” She whined. slaveboy tried again to thrash free, groaning and heaving under her. I watched the subtle movement she made as she shifted more weight down onto him, rolling her eyes a little as if to say, “Oh shut up and quit squirming.” She was enjoying this wayyyy too much! Oh I LOVED it!

“Do it! Come on make him do it!” I whimpered, practically begging her. She dragged her fingers down her face slowly, pulling her lip down and flashing me a white, toothy grin. She looked so sexy! Ugh my pussy was SCREAMING to FUCK!!! Nikki nodded at me excitedly, but bit her lip and didn’t say anything. She wiggled her butt on his face one last time, moaning softly as his nose penetrated her asshole, and lifted herself up on shaky knees. slaveboy gasped, his face bright purple and covered in sweat, cum and shit spray. He whimpered pathetically as he coughed and gagged, shaking his head furiously. His cheeks bounced between her thighs, back and fourth, as her sweaty, firm leg meat jiggled slightly. We both laughed at the silliness of his pathetic attempt at escape. But no amount of shaking would get Nikki’s stink off. That nasty shit was embedded in his skin! His face was scrunched in a nauseated grimace as he retched and spat, his mouth still stuffed with her pussy spit.

She looked over her shoulder down at him, and giggled as his face grimaced up at her, almost hidden from view behind her bubbly butt cheeks. His lips were coated in stinky pussy squirt, and his nose was freckled from her wet farts. She took a deep breath, watching him stare up in horror at her ass. She was so short that even up on her knees, the bottom of her big cheeks was still practically touching his face! He still didn’t know that she had agreed to make him lick her ass, and he pleaded up at her with his eyes. She gave him a bratty little smirk, lifting her eyebrows and staring right at him as she reached back and gripped each one of her meaty ass cheeks in her hands.

She slowly began pulling them apart, as he tried to shake his head. She giggled as she squeezed her thighs tighter against his cheeks, completing immobilizing his face. “No, no no no! NO! Please Princess Nikki! PLEASE NOOOO!!!” He was completely panicked, fully begging. She laughed at him, wrinkling her nose as she enjoyed his adorable protests. She spread her asshole wider, and he flinched as a wave of her reeking butt stink wafted down into his face. She stuck her tongue out at him adorably and jiggled her ass meat in his face. “Ready to lick?” She bit the tip of her tongue gently. “Ohhh god, no no please! PLEASE!!” He tried one last desperate plea, and she turned her face away from him and lifted her chin up with an arrogant little huff. “Shut up and lick my ass!” She commanded harshly. I smiled big at her as she giggled, waiting.

He groaned loudly, realizing that his begging was futile. Nikki spread her shitty fart spray buffet tray wider and pouted loudly. “I’m WAITING!” Ohh her voice was soooo bratty and cold, it made me so wet! She kept biting the tip of her pink tongue and held her breath, finally letting out a huge squeal as he reluctantly lifted his head a little and pressed his tongue into her rancid, gooey crack! Her eyes went wide as she silently mouthed the words, “OH MY GOD”. She looked around the tent in absolute amazement as his tongue lapped at her dirtiest spot. She had an incredibly naughty smirk on her face as she tried to fully process what was happening. And she fucking loved it!

I don’t know if you’ve ever licked a girl’s asshole. Especially a dirty one. I certainly haven’t. But slaveboy has described it to me in disgusting detail. First, he says, you have to get past the initial taste. If you’re lucky, it’s just a little earthy and musky. If you’re not, it’s much, much worse. With Nikki, the flavor was intensely vile. First, the incredibly toxic taste of her watery, bitter shit spray flooded his mouth. As he was just starting to take that in, the next unwelcome surprise overwhelmed him. Her ass itself, behind the shit, was covered in a greasy, buttery film of putrid sweat and rotten cheese. The foul flavor of powerful BO was musky, thick, and punishing. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, beyond the grimy film wrapping her funky butt crack from taint to tip, was the pure, stomach-churning taste of just raw, fresh, unwashed, acrid girl ass. He forced himself through each layer of Nikki’s unbearable butt taste, and it only got worse from there.

She cooed and squealed as he lapped at her disgusting crevice. The sheer idea of his tongue licking her asshole was so kinky and vulgar that she couldn’t even believe it was happening. As she became more comfortable with the idea, and began to enjoy the sensation, she giggled out salacious demands and became more forceful with him. “Ohhh fuck it feels so good, slaveboy! Keep licking my dirty butt! Get further up in the crack!” She wiggled her ass in his face, enjoying how ostentatious it felt to have her filthy, unwashed asshole worshipped. She was becoming more breathless and aroused by the second, panting little moans of ecstasy as she arched her back and dragged her ass along his tongue, helping ensure that it went right where she wanted it to. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, barely blinking as she became more devious and unhinged.

After licking the actual crack and exterior of the asshole, the next torturous hurdle is inserting your tongue directly into the foul tunnel. And, unlike me, Nikki hadn’t just taken a massive shit in his mouth. Yep, you can see where this is going. After forcing him to lick her crack and hole over and over and over again, I prompted Nikki to make him fuck her asshole with his tongue. Nice and deep. She was already squealing with ecstasy, and the thought of his tongue probing inside her filthy, sensitive pucker made her go crazy. “Tongue fuck my asshole, Slave!” She moaned out, with zero hesitation. I cackled as he sobbed loudly under her, her butt cheeks still spread wide and hovering directly above his face.

Now, when you tongue fuck a girl’s asshole, you would think that a sweaty, greasy hole means your tongue can slide right in with ease. Not true. slaveboy has also explained to me that the grease around my asshole acts like a kind of adhesive. It makes sticking your tongue inside much harder, and much more disgusting. Because it also makes the process slower, as you work it further and further inside, the flavor intensifies in your mouth, as every inch of your tongue from tip to the far back, gets coated in the shitty, sweaty ass grease.

This was the case for poor slaveboy tonight. Nikki’s rancid ass was so caked with sticky shit and buttery butt grease, that he had a lot of trouble getting his tongue up inside her. As he craned his neck and desperately tried to push it deeper, I giggled loudly and offered a suggestion. “Nikki just sit on his tongue!” She gasped loudly, already moaning emphatically as his tongue began to penetrate her, and as she slowly lowered her weight onto his wiggling taster, an explosion of wet, shitty ass filth activated all of his taste buds at once! Her eyes shot open as he screamed in a muffled panic, her swollen sphincter swallowing his sticky tongue. She arched her back, leaning all her weight into him, forcing it deep inside her un-emptied colon.

This night was already turning out horribly for poor slaveboy. But it kept getting worse. As he explains it, on top of the shit spray and sweaty grease, and the struggle of inserting your tongue into a filthy asshole, the last thing that can go horribly wrong is to have that asshole be full of shit. And you guessed it! Nikki’s was. Full. Of. Shit! Now, slaveboy has a big tongue. My asshole is very tight, and when I assfuck his tongue it is quite a stretch. Literally. I knew Nikki’s asshole had to be even tighter. I mean, she’s more petite than I am, and my ass is quite a bit bigger than hers. Plus she had probably never ever had anything go inside it. So the earth-quaking, ear-piercing screams she moaned out as his tongue was stuffed deep inside her unstretched little anus were to be expected. I laughed out loud and literally covered my ears as she woke up every sleeping critter within a five mile radius! She lost her mind as his tongue slithered into her, splitting her open and grinding g-spots she didn’t even know she had!

Even though she was clearly enjoying it, she sounded like it was hurting her. I giggled and reached out to put my hand on her shoulder. “Nikki! Slow! Go slow!” She moaned and nodded drunkenly, lifting herself up again and impaling her rancid asshole on his tongue again, lowering herself down excruciatingly slowly this time. Her whole body shook as she bit her lip and tried to stifle another scream. Ohh this was sooo fucking hot!! My eyes danced like wildfire as I stared excitedly at her.

Now, getting back to the worst part of tongue-fucking a girl’s filthy, shit-packed asshole. If the tight, tiny asshole is already full of shit, and a big tongue enters the picture, only one thing can happen. The tongue will displace the shit, and it will have nowhere to go but out. And it will ooze slowly, ensuring that the vile taste penetrates every single one of your 10,000 taste buds as it drips relentlessly, eventually falling into your open mouth!

Poor, unfortunate slaveboy. Nikki’s ass gave him the trifecta of torture tonight. And she didn’t even know it, or care. All she knew was this was the first time she had ever had her asshole eaten and tongue fucked, and it felt fucking AMAZINGGGG! His tongue poked into her shit, and it began to pour down his tongue and into his mouth! slaveboy had been squirming and begging and crying so hard all night, that when and he began flailing even worse, she didn’t even blink. But I had the inside information. He had already told me all about of this. And I knew what was probably going on between her big, sweaty, stinky butt cheeks, as she lifted herself up and down slowly on his tongue.

He almost vomited. He did vomit. He gulped it down. He begged and pleaded. She ignored him. He sobbed and wailed. She moaned louder and louder, drowning him out with her siren song of ass-fucking lust. Of course he tried to get away. But whenever he recoiled his tongue, Nikki whined like a petulant child, and I took it upon myself to smack his red, sunburned stomach. Which was exceptionally painful for him, not only because of the sunburn, but because I made sure to smack right where I had left claw marks before, and his stomach was so queasy from the horribly disgusting night he was having, that each slap made his upset stomach almost hurl violently. It only took one or two smacks for him to act right and shove his tongue back into her filthy, shit-packed hole!

Here’s the other thing about being fucked in the ass. It takes a long time to do it right. I kept warning Nikki to take it slow, and stop when it hurts. Every time she pulled back, she squealed in frustration and pressed herself back down onto his tortured tongue. I knew what she was going through. Once you start, it’s impossible to stop. Every repeated thrust, every millimeter deeper, feels better and better. It just builds and builds, overwhelming you in blind ecstasy! Her hair was flying around her face and shoulders as she flailed around, grunting and groaning and squealing and moaning as she worked his tongue deeper into her poop oozer! It was amazing to watch! And poor slaveboy, he was being truly tortured and abused by Nikki’s relentless ass as she used him to fully experiment and experience that indescribable pleasure of having your asshole penetrated!

I leaned back a little, watching in amazement as her pussy pulsed and creamed. White globs of gooey cunt yogurt slowly oozed out of her as she continued panting and screaming breathless moans! I watched as little flashes of her slit appeared, and giggled as her pussy kept spitting down her thighs and crotch. I knew it was finding its way into his mouth, because his helpless cries for her to stop turned into gargled gibberish. Again, he almost puked, and I heard Nikki whine in frustration as she humped his face harder. “Stick your tongue back out!” She squealed at the top of her lungs. I sighed in annoyance and again smacked slaveboy’s stomach, harder than I had before. He yelped, gurgling her mess in his mouth and made a loud, horrified gulping noise as he drank her shitty pussy nectar down. Nikki’s eyes flew open wide and she screamed into her closed lips, and I smiled as I knew he had stuck it back out. She began lowering herself onto his face again, and I continued smacking his bright red stomach, knowing it would make him swirl his tongue and try desperately to stuff it in deeper, hopelessly trying to satisfy his new unruly tormentor.

It worked. “Ohhhh myyy FFFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKKKKIIIINNNNNNNG GODDDDDDDDDD!!!!” She screamed so loud I heard every word repeated as it echoed through the trees in the campsite! “UNNNGGGGHHH!!! AHHHHH!!!! OHHHHHHHH!!!! OOOOOHHH!!! FFFFFFFUCKKKKK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!” She chanted through breathless squeals, now humping his face harder than ever.

slaveboy took panicked sniffs from her cheesy asscrack, his nose stuffed into the tip of it as his tongue repeatedly penetrated deep into her turd tube. She was milking and squeezing it with her tight anus as all 3+ inches of his long, wide tongue was swallowed deep into the vile, viscous trap of her oily shit chute. Her thighs were trembling so hard that she could barely lift herself up anymore, and she just stayed sunken down, using her hips to hump his tongue around and around in her nasty pleasure hole. I could smell the air around her turning shittier and shittier and I knew for sure now, she was leaking it into his throat. I had no idea how much, but all three of us began coughing as the stink increased! slaveboy worst of all. He was twisting and convulsing under our combined weight as Nikki stopped lifting herself back off his face, now just keeping his tongue stuffed deep inside as her pussy kept puking all over his chin and lips. It sounded like she was having one, long intense orgasm for that last few minutes.

She was grunting and pushing and moaning so hard! Her eyes darted frantically around the tent as she would look at me and then look away, repeatedly. She threw her head back and howled at the moon in one last ear-piercing roar, and then, suddenly, she went silent. The lack of sound was deafening. Even the crickets outside had shut up. And then it happened.

“Unnnngggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuaaahhhhhhhh!!!” She let out one last squeal, so high pitched I almost couldn’t even hear it, and then the loudest, wettest, most insane splatter erupted from under her!! slaveboy lurched so violently that we both lost our balance and she tumbled forward into me as I fell to the side. His slithering, thrashing body bulged under us, and his muscles were bright red and veiny as he desperately fought the cuffs restraining his hands behind his back. Nikki quickly sat back up, swallowing his screaming face in a suffocating muffle of wet stink, and the air around us became thick with the awful smell of rancid diarrhea!!

She was huffing and panting heavily, her eyes wider than I’ve ever seen, as she sat perfectly still aside from her chest heaving under her heavy breath. Her mouth was wide open in a permanent O face, and the color drained from her bright red cheeks. I cackled as I clawed my way back to an upright position on slaveboy’s thrashing body. “Nikki did you cum???” I practically screamed. She shook her head just a little, in two quick jerks, and her head froze again. I looked at her curiously. “Really? It sounded like you did!!” “Nnnnnnnn…. ahhhhh…. uhhhhh….” She huffed and puffed, trying to catch her breath as she kept slaveboy’s face trapped in her suffocating asscrack. “Ohhhh FFFFUUUUUCK!!” She finally moaned out. I giggled harder. Her thighs were trembling like crazy and she pressed her palms flat into slaveboy’s chest, holding herself steady. “Noooo I didn’t cummmmm… mmmmmm FUCK I almost did!!!” She whimpered out breathlessly.

I pouted at her a little bit. “Oh well. It can take awhile to cum from being fucked in the ass.” My crass words tumbled out of my lips between giggles. “You’ll just have to go longer next time.” Her eyes shot open wide and she shook her head again, over and over and over again. She looked at me in disbelief. “I…. that felt…. holy fucking shit fucking shit fucking shit…” She panted. I giggled harder, smiling big at her. “So you liked it?” I teased. She threw her head back and nodded enthusiastically. “Ohhh fuck yes, it was literally the most insane thing I’ve ever felt!!!!” She squealed, trying desperately to catch her breath. “But I…” She squealed, still panting heavily. “I think I…” She wiggled her ass a little on his face as he began squirming. Her perky ass still kept him from breathing. He was oddly still all of a sudden, and didn’t seem to be in any hurry for her to let him.

“Haley I think I had an accident!!” She finally squealed out, her eyes full of panic, forehead wrinkled, face still pointed upward. I giggled happily. “Yeah I heard! It’s okay, that can happen.” She slowly lowered her chin and looked at me with wild eyes. She looked mortified! “Aww, Nikki it’s okay!” I giggled out. She huffed out through her nose and kept staring at me, her nostrils flaring out with each wild breath. “It just happened!” She squeaked. Now, slaveboy was finally starting to squirm again. The poor boy needed to breathe. And this was going to suck horribly for him!

“Nikki, calm down. It’s totally fine! But he needs to breathe sweetie, you gotta let up a little.” Her thighs were still trembling as she clamped herself heavily on his face. She let out a squeamish groan as she slowly lifted herself off of him in a deafening SCHLUCK! He sputtered under her, taking his first breath of her messy diarrhea accident, and he immediately started puking. Nikki heard his reaction and slammed her ass back down on his face hard in a wet, horrifying splatter! “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” She shrieked. “He’s gonna puke on me I just know it!!!” We listened carefully as slaveboy heaved again and made loud, painful gulping noises. “No he’s not! If he can eat my shit he can certainly eat yours!” I cackled out. A tiny smirk began forming at the end of her pouting lips as slaveboy gulped again. She pressed her palms harder into his chest and gently rubbed her hands up and down his pecks a little bit, finally lifting her ass up a little again.

slaveboy instantly began gurgling, as he was once again allowed to breathe, but only from underneath Nikki’s soiled ass. He gulped loudly two more times, and finally got himself under control. I smiled big at Nikki. “See? He’s fine.” She smiled a little, finally calming herself down as well. We both sat still, breathing heavily as slaveboy retched under us. He was trying desperately not to puke, or freak out again under Nikki’s mess. She had a drunk look of immense pleasure on her face, as she smiled at me, shaking her head. “I can’t believe how good that feels…” I giggled at her happily. “Mmmm! Just wait until you cum from it!” She blushed bright red, squirming around on his face. He shrieked in disgust as her messy spout mashed into his lips while she adjusted herself.

“So, you made a mess, huh?” I finally giggled out, breaking the silence with my teasing voice. Nikki blushed again, nodding slowly. “Well you know what that means!” I grinned viciously. She looked at me curiously. “slaveboy has some cleaning to do!” I giggled out. She smiled big, blushing more. He squirmed under us and tried to beg for mercy. But Nikki was already excitedly aiming her asshole over his mouth. She bit her lip and pressed the mushy mess into his pleading lips as he yelped, trying to close his mouth. “Clean Nikki’s dirty asshole, baby! You made her make a big, nasty mess!” I called out sweetly. She giggled excitedly.

And the whole process repeated itself. Well, except the last part with the deep ass fucking. Nikki spread her cheeks wide and mmmed loudly as he unwillingly licked her asshole up and down, again almost puking as he forced himself to swallow the vile, reeking, yellow aftermath of what his tongue had worked loose from inside her asshole. She shivered and moaned quietly, thoroughly enjoying having her asshole pampered with his tongue. A sly little smirk spread over her lips as she sat down heavy on his lips and giggled out, “Kiss me!” I laughed happily as slaveboy groaned and kissed her directly on the pooched out anus. Nikki shivered on top of him, squealing happily and squirming as his mouth and tongue tickled her pulsing sphincter.

Finally, she was clean. Well, cleanish anyway! And we were all tired. Nikki fell of his face and rolled over, and for the first time in I don’t know how long, slaveboy’s face was left free. But the damage was done. Our potent stink had been smeared and embedded all over him, and he continued to smell it, long after we’d gotten off his face!

I kept asking Nikki how she liked having her asshole eaten. She was still amazed that it had actually happened. And she absolutely fucking loved it! I couldn’t wait until the next time she made him do it. Mmmmm! I kept going on and on about how amazing it was to watch her, and how sexy she was. “I can’t wait to see you cum from it next time!” She blushed bright red as we giggled, and slaveboy groaned, still bound and helpless on the sleeping bag.

Nikki smiled at him and finally kicked off her boots. She had been wearing them for hours now, and immediately the stink of her feet flooded the tent. I groaned and covered my face, laughing. “I bet you missed my feet after all of that!” Nikki teased, feeling extra bratty. His wide eyes watered instantly as the smell hit his nostrils. They flared out and he whimpered sadly. He almost started to protest, but he just went quiet, laying still as Nikki bit her lip and stuffed her sweltering, meaty soles into his mouth, flexing her toes and squeezing at his nose. She squealed excitedly as his first sniff shot through her cheesy, sour digits. “Mmmmmmm!!!” She happily mocked him.

“God I love the way his breath feels when he sniffs my toes!” She giggled, wrinkling her nose. I smiled at her. We sat there for awhile, talking about how happy we were and how amazing slaveboy had been tonight. Nikki kept going on and on about how she couldn’t believe she had sat on his face without any bottoms on, and how crazy it felt to have him lick her asshole. Of course, she kept his nose tucked into her rancid toes the entire time, spreading them apart often to give him a good view of the cheesy, stringy bits of foot gunk packed between all of her filthy toes. So nasty!! But I’m sure they didn’t smell so bad compared to our sweaty asses, and all the farts and shit we had made him endure!

After awhile, Nikki whimpered a little. “I still have to shit.” She said bluntly. slaveboy’s eyes flew open, and I think he was petrified she would do it in his mouth! So cute haha. But instead she said she wanted to go to the bathroom at edge of the campground. But it was dark out and she didn’t want to go alone. “slaveboy can take you.” I offered, smiling tiredly. I didn’t feel like going for a walk after all of this. She looked down into his eyes, and he nodded eagerly. He was desperate to be uncuffed, and released from his non-stop stink prison.

Nikki smiled big at him, wriggling her toes against his nose. She leaned her head back and let out a big yawn. Then she bit her lip and giggled softly. “First, I want you to take ten more big sniffs of my stinky feet.” She explained in a tired, silly voice. He groaned quietly. She waited patiently for him to prepare himself, and then she began happily counting as he began sniffing, his eyes watering from her potent stench.

She laughed happily as he got to 10, and she finally pulled her feet off his face. slaveboy turned his head and choked a few times, wincing. Even after she removed her feet, the stinky oil of her nasty soles still buttered his face, and every breath he took was tainted with her foul stink. And everything else we’d been rubbing on his face all night! She found her shorts and pulled them on without any panties, her cheeks slightly red as she remembered she was still naked from the waist down. slaveboy looked away, being the gentleman he was, and didn’t ogle her uncomfortably.

As she pulled her stinky boots back on, I crawled over to him and smiled big down at him. “You’re so wonderful. I love you so much, baby! You know that, right?” He smiled warmly up at me. “Of course I know. I love you too, baby.” I squealed happily as I carefully helped him sit up. I found the dirty panties laying on the sleeping bag and gently wiped away the remnants of Nikki’s accident off his nose and lips. He gagged a few times, trying to hold his breath. I smiled cutely at him and then uncuffed his hands. “You did SOOO good tonight! I can’t even believe it!” I smothered his chest with kisses. He sighed loudly as he stretched his sore shoulders and rubbed his red wrists. “Fuck me!” He blurted casually as his sore limbs were finally freed. Nikki and I both looked at him, trying not to giggle. But I couldn’t help myself. “Later, I promise!” I giggled out. He rolled his eyes at me and gave me a goofy look. Nikki bit her lip as she watched him slowly stand up, unsteady on his feet.

I laughed. “Nikki, you might have to walk HIM, after the night he’s had.” She giggled and slithered up to him without hesitation, pressing her body into his and taking hold of his arm. “I can do that.” She agreed quietly. slaveboy kicked his feet into his flip flops and they walked out of the tent slowly. I quickly jumped up, unzipped all of the flaps in the tent, got dressed, and ran out after them. It was so fucking stinky in there, I had to air it out!

The cool night air felt amazing. It was a little crisp, but still fairly warm. A soft breeze ruffled slaveboy’s messy blonde hair. I sat on the picnic bench and handed them a flashlight, and slaveboy also rifled through a pack on the table for his toothbrush and face wash. I giggled at him. “Yeah you need to clean up, baby. You stink!” He glared at me playfully, and we all laughed.

I watched them disappear into the dark forest, until I couldn’t hear their footsteps or see their flashlight anymore. I sighed happily, grabbing myself a Mike’s. It was so peaceful and beautiful out here. I listened to the crickets and the trees swaying, feeling like the luckiest girl alive. This trip was seriously amazing, and I was so happy to have such an incredible boyfriend and amazing best friend in my life! I had never been happier! I stayed back at camp, obviously, but Nikki told me about their walk later, so I could include it in the story. I also had him help me fill in some blanks, so that I could be as detailed as possible!

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The bathroom was about a ten minute walk. At first, it was quiet and a little awkward, the ground crunching loudly under their feet, as Nikki held his hand tightly. Finally, she broke the silence. “I’m sorry we’re being so mean to you.” She sounded genuine, a hint of concern in her voice. slaveboy seemed surprised, and didn’t really know what to say. Nikki continued. “I mean, you’re an amazing guy. Like unbelievable, actually. I’ve never seen Haley so happy. And I totally get it. You’re perfect.” She paused for a second, and quickly added, “For her.” It was dark, and she couldn’t see his face, but she knew he was smiling just from his voice.

“Yeah, I really love her. She’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” Nikki thought hard for a moment, and blurted out her next question. “Do you enjoy it? I mean, like, the things she makes you do?” slaveboy sighed deeply and let out a nervous laugh. “You know… she told me about her fetish early on. At first I didn’t know what to think. But I, uh…” He trailed off, sounding a little embarrassed. “What?” Nikki prodded him. “Well, I’ve always liked being, uhh… dominated. You know, controlled? In the bedroom I mean.” He stumbled clumsily over his words. Nikki laughed a little. “Yeah?” She coaxed him to continue. “Well yeah. It’s just always been a turn on for me. I don’t know why. And I’ve never dated someone as dominant and sexy as Haley. I mean, she is…” “Batshit crazy pants?” Nikki finished his sentence, laughing.

slaveboy chuckled. “Yeah, she’s definitely fucking crazy. And if I’m being honest, all of the farting and especially the, uhh… toilet stuff? I mean that’s not my thing. Like at all. It’s awful, really.” Nikki giggled curiously. “Then like why do you do it?” slaveboy laughed again. “I, uhh… I don’t know, really. It’s just in the moment, you know? I see how much Haley enjoys it. And I really like making her happy. Plus, when she’s being super dominant like that? It’s just really fucking hot. I don’t WANT to do that stuff, but there’s just this weird part of my brain that really likes that. I mean, domination is strange. If I was just willing to do that stuff and did it on my own, it’s not really domination, you know? It’s kind of how she forces me to do it that makes it so…” He trailed off, suddenly feeling very embarrassed about opening up to his girlfriend’s best friend like this. “I don’t know.” He said quietly.

“No I get it. Plus with Haley, like I can see why it works so well. I mean she’s really, really good at being controlling.” She stopped suddenly and gasped. “I don’t mean that like she’s a bitch or anything!” slaveboy laughed. “I know what you mean.” “She just has that personality. Like she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to take it. And if you’re into being dominated, not a lot of girls are, like… good at being like that.”

“Definitely. She does it so well. And I have such a weakness for that kind of thing. So in the moment… she could basically make me do anything.” He explained quietly, still feeling a bit uncomfortable. They were quiet for another minute or so. Then, she admitted quietly, “You know, I’ve never really done the whole… domination thing.” She paused for a moment, taking another breath, then continued. “Like, with the guys I’ve dated, they’ve always wanted to be in control.” “Yeah, most guys are like that.” slaveboy replied, nodding. “It’s weird. It never really like bothered me, at least not that I noticed. But…” She went quiet. “Oh no, has Haley corrupted you?” slaveboy laughed out. She giggled. “Well… like, having tried it now, I kind of… really fucking like it!” She blurted timidly. slaveboy laughed harder. “Yeah, I can tell. And you’re very, very good at it, by the way. Definitely a natural.” She blushed bright red, but in the dark forest slaveboy couldn’t see her face. “Yeah, I’m sorry about that…” She whispered, suddenly feeling very self-conscious.

slaveboy laughed again. “You don’t have to apologize, Princess Nikki. You deserve to be treated however you wish to be treated.” She giggled happily, still taken aback every time he called her that. slaveboy took a deep breath and his voice became very soft, deep and serious. “And I’m really sorry about Josh. That guy is a complete asshole. I didn’t want to say anything to you, but you can even ask Haley. I’ve hated how that guy treated you ever since I met him. You deserve so much better.” Nikki squeezed his hand gently and laughed sadly. “I know. Haley’s told me the same thing like a hundred times.” “It’s true.” slaveboy’s voice was so soft and genuine. It melted her heart. Literally, she told me later that when he said that she almost melted into the ground right there.

The dim light of the bathroom was just up ahead. As they approached, Nikki looked up and got her first glimpse of slaveboy since they had left the campsite. She felt so safe and comfortable with him, and didn’t even think twice about reaching up to press her palm into his chest. He was still shirtless. “Aren’t you cold?” She asked, rubbing her hand on him lovingly. He smiled. “Nah, I’m almost never cold. I stand in the snow in my boxers all the time.” He shrugged and gave her his charming grin. Nikki shook her head a little, giggling as she kept touching his chest. She bit her lip and quickly pulled her hand away, still looking at him.

After thinking for a minute, she spoke again. "So, with Haley it's like you don't enjoy the things she does when she's like... doing that stuff, but you enjoy her like controlling you?" He shifted a little. "Yeah, exactly. It's just a weird thing in my brain." Nikki thought more. "And she like's the fact that you don't like it?" He laughed. "Yeah, I guess she just likes how it's really hard for me to handle. Like she's truly forcing me to do it?" Nikki nodded. "So you guys are like perfect for each other then!" She giggled as he smiled down at her. "I think we are!" He agreed happily. "And the fact that she's like completely gorgeous, does that make it even weirder when she's like.... doing stuff that's really gross and dirty?" He laughed again, sounding a little embarrassed. "Yeah, I mean honestly if I wasn't attracted to her, I couldn't do that stuff. Like if anyone else wanted me to-" He froze, cutting himself off, as he realized what he was saying. His eyes went wide!

Nikki smirked a little, also realizing what he was about to say! She giggled and looked right up into his eyes. "What about me?" slaveboy gulped. He was afraid she would ask that. He took a deep breath and let it out. "Well... I mean... okay, let's be real. Truly, you are a very beautiful girl, Nikki. And of course I've noticed it." She smiled, looking down a little as he continued. "But I'm just not wired to really think about that sort of thing when I'm with someone, you know? Honestly, this is all very strange to me..." He trailed off, sounding more uncomfortable. Nikki looked back up at him. "I know. I could always tell that you were like, totally loyal and you've always just been fully into Haley. It's really amazing, actually. You're such a good guy!" He smiled at her. "This is weird for me, too..." She finally said, taking a deep breath.

They were standing in front of the bathroom door now, on the girl’s side. The entire conversation had been a little awkward, especially now. She sighed loudly and closed her eyes. “Can I just say…” She paused, and now in the light, slaveboy could see her face turning red again. “You are soooooo fucking pretty!!” She blurted, sounding almost annoyed. “I mean seriously! Jesus christ, LOOK AT YOU!” She whined louder, opening her eyes. slaveboy towered over her, smiling down at her. Now he was blushing. “Thank you, Princess Nikki.” He whispered shyly. She whined again and stomped her foot. “UGH! Haley is so lucky!” She took a deep breath and turned towards the bathroom door, opening it.

slaveboy chuckled bashfully. “I’ll be on the other side, I’m just gonna brush my teeth.” Nikki kept ahold of his hand. “No just come in here! There’s no one around. And it’s kind of creepy in here, I don’t want to be alone.” slaveboy laughed as he let Nikki pull him into the bathroom. The lights inside weren’t very bright, but coming from the pitch black woods, it felt blinding. He blinked a few times, shut off the flashlight, stumbled to the sink and turned on the water. He started washing his face as Nikki went into a stall, closing the door. She laughed to herself as she heard him scrubbing and groaning quietly. It made her very happy to know that his face still smelled like her pussy, ass, and feet!

“I’m just gonna apologize now for the sounds and smells that might come out of this stall. Just please ignore me.” She cautioned, now laughing out loud. “Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ve heard worse. Did you know Haley once handcuffed me around our toilet and made me keep my face between her legs while she went?” Nikki started laughing uncontrollably. “Are you fucking serious?” He groaned, still scrubbing his face. “Dead serious. It was disgusting!” Nikki kept giggling like crazy, and her first fart echoed out into the toilet bowl. “Well at least that’s better than her making you eat it, right?” She teased. He groaned louder. “Yeah, you definitely have a point there.”

This was really the day when they truly became comfortable around each other. A lot had happened. It was the first day that Nikki had kissed him, sat naked on his face, made him eat her asshole, and now she was taking a shit while talking to him, and they were both laughing and opening up about private, intimate things. I mean some couples who have been dating for months don't even do all of that!

Nikki told me later that this day was the day she truly felt like slaveboy was her boyfriend, too. And from this point on, slaveboy would treat her like his girlfriend, protecting her, worshipping her, and doing everything for her that he did for me. He legit became our shared slaveboy! And I still don't know why, but for some reason I was just totally okay with it. I couldn't even imagine sharing him with anyone other than Nikki. But she was just my absolute best friend. And I fucking hated seeing her hurt, or sad. I just wanted her to be as happy as I was.

He finished washing his face and brushing his teeth while Nikki unloaded into the toilet, groaning and commenting about how gross it was. He went into the other stall and peed as well, teasing her and coughing, trying to be quick and run back out of the stall. Once she finished, she stood up and squealed. “Hey, do you want to come in here and see this?? It’s impressive!” slaveboy shook his head emphatically. “No, no thanks, I’m good!” She laughed hysterically, flushed the toilet and sauntered up to the sink. “You should be EXTREMELY grateful that we didn’t make you eat that one!” She teased up at him, her blue eyes sparkling deviously.

slaveboy grimaced, and quickly nodded. “Thank you, Princess Nikki!” She giggled happily at him and kissed his chest, mmming loudly. She washed her hands, and they began the walk back to camp. Standing outside the bathroom, in the dim exterior light, Nikki looked up at him. “Can I kiss you?” She asked bluntly. At least this time it wasn’t an order, like usual. And I thought it was hilarious how she waited until AFTER he washed his face and brushed his teeth to do it! slaveboy smiled down at her. “Of course, Princess Nikki.” He leaned down and she giggled excitedly as she pressed her lips into his, and they stood there for a moment, making out.

Once again, slaveboy let her kiss him for as long as she wanted. His deep moans vibrated her mouth, as she sucked on his tongue. She melted into him and he wrapped his arms around her tightly, keeping her from falling. Finally, she slowly pulled back, breathing deeply. “So fucking lucky…” She whispered. slaveboy gave her a silly look, as he gently sucked on his lip. “Mmm?” Nikki giggled up at him. “Haley! She’s like the luckiest girl ever. You’re just… amazing.” She sighed. slaveboy shook his head. “I’m the lucky one, Princess.” Nikki wrapped her arm around his stomach and snuggled her whole body into him as they began walking into the dark forest, slaveboy sweeping the flashlight out in front of them.

The walk back was mostly silent, but Nikki’s mind was racing. She wanted to tell him about her crush on him, and ask him how he felt about her, and what he thought of this whole arrangement with sharing him, and so much more. But it had been a long day, and she was already emotionally and physically exhausted. She just enjoyed holding onto him, feeling happy and safe as they walked through the dark, quiet woods. It occurred to her that this walk, taken alone, would have terrified her. But something about slaveboy made her feel like nothing bad could ever happen, ever. And this was a feeling she had never really had with anyone else before.

I heard them approaching, as I took another sip of my hard lemonade. The night was so quiet, that the crunching of their feet was noticeable long before I saw the flashlight flickering through the trees. I was feeling extremely relaxed, and a little buzzed. What a fucking day! I giggled happily as I saw them appear, like one large shadow. As they got closer, I saw Nikki holding onto him, slaveboy’s arm around her shoulders, and I giggled. “Heyyyy lovebirds!” I called out. Nikki huffed timidly. “Oh, shut up!” She called back. “Hi baby. I missed you!” slaveboy replied in his sexy voice. I smiled and ran up to them, throwing my arms around both of them in a big group hug. We all laughed happily.

I handed Nikki my drink, and she finished it off. “Can we go to bed? I’m soo tired.” My whine turning into a yawn almost mid-sentence. Nikki nodded. “Yeah, me too.” We spent a minute buttoning up camp and all went into the tent. Nikki watched me curiously as I quickly began taking off my shirt and shorts, again standing naked in front of her. Meanwhile, slaveboy was sitting down onto the sleeping bag, unfolding the flap. I saw Nikki looking at me and I giggled, shaking my sexy ass at her as I stepped towards the sleeping bag, my perky tits bouncing as I clumsily sat on down onto the sleeping bag next to slaveboy. “You can get naked if you want.” I offered. She smirked a little, and looked towards slaveboy, sitting in his shorts. “I will if he does.” She retorted in a flirtatious tone, a seductive little grin on her face.

slaveboy blushed a little and looked at me. I quickly noticed the change in Nikki’s demeanor. “Oooh! So you guys had an interesting walk, huh?” I teased, giggling at him. He shrugged a little. “We just talked. It was nice.” I smirked at him. Nikki began pulling her top over her head, and then reached back to undo her bra. She looked right at slaveboy and bit her lip as she watched him confidently. Nikki knew she was sexy, and slaveboy blinked a couple of times as she dropped her bra to the ground. She put her hands back on her hips and stood still, looking at him as he turned his face away from her. “Well?” She finally said. He looked back at her bashfully. “You look… good?” He stammered in a confused and completely awkward tone. She giggled loudly. “No, silly! I meant, take your shorts off!” His face turned bright red as we both laughed at him.

He looked at me, as if requesting permission. So cute! I smiled at him, and he used his muscular arms to lift himself up a little. Nikki’s eyes opened wide as she sauntered closer, her naked boobs jiggling slightly with each step. Now it was her turn to stare, as her cute little face became slightly dumbfounded. While slaveboy held himself up, flexing his tight body, I happily tugged his shorts down, and then his boxers. He sat there, fully exposed, looking extremely uncomfortable as Nikki and I both stared at him, blatantly obvious. I mean, we might as well have been drooling! “Okay, okay!” He finally said, using his hands to cover his lap a little. We snapped out of our trance, Nikki still blushing a little as this was really her first good look at his entire body naked. Me, being goofy and horrible like I am, I jumped up and stuck out my arms, palms up, like a game show host.

“Well, what do you think? Isn’t it beautiful? All this can be yours!” I giggled out, as Nikki’s eyebrows lifted. “HALEY!” He squealed in shame, covering his face. Nikki cracked up, unblinking as she kept staring at him. “Wait wait wait!” I giggled out, feeling extra devious. I reached down and grabbed slaveboy’s hand, yanking on him until he stood up. “Come here, get a really good look!” I teased, as Nikki’s face turned redder than his.

He tried to cover himself with his hands again, but I smacked the top of his hand. “Arms down, slaveboy. We want to look at you.” He sighed deeply, his hard body shimmering in the tent, as he dropped his hands to his sides. “Isn’t he sexy?” I asked, flagrantly showing off his perfect body off to Nikki in shameless excitement. Her mouth fell open just a little, as I watched her eyes move up and down his body slowly. I happily pointed out all of his adorable freckles and muscles, even turning him around to smack his ass, and then turning him back to let her get a good look at his sexy dick. It was like I was a dog-show judge, and I was really milking it. Nikki kept cracking up as slaveboy groaned, embarrassed, but letting us have our fun.

“Can I lay down now?” He finally asked, squirming uncomfortably as we raped him with our eyes. “Fine!” I huffed, giggling. He lunged for the sleeping bag and quickly hid his body under the covers. Nikki was still stunned, moving slowly as she finally began pulling her shorts off. “He’s so totally perfect, right?” I giggled. “YES! He’s gorgeous!” Nikki huffed, still giggling awkwardly at my ridiculous behavior. As her shorts fell of her body, I jumped over to her, my boobs jiggling with my exaggerated movement. We stood next to each other, both completely naked, as slaveboy looked up at us.

“Let’s give him a show. He’s earned it.” I whispered to Nikki. She smirked and nodded her head slightly. Then we both put our hands on our hips and posed, sticking our asses out to the side in perfect unison. I have to say, we looked fucking amazing. Our bodies were slightly tanned and very firm and toned from all of the hiking. Our perky tits stuck out, hanging above our sexy tummies, and we both gave him a very seductive little smirk. Nikki bit her lip and I licked my lips as he stared up at us, breathlessly. It must have been quite a sight!

I began bouncing on my tip toes, giggling as my sexy tits jiggled a little, up and down. Firm but supple. Nikki giggled shyly as she followed my lead, letting her tits bounce a little too. Our curvy thighs each had little gaps just under our trimmed, pink pussies. Then we both turned around, grinning at each other as we bent forward and stuck our perky, bubbly asses out towards him. We both started twerking a little, reaching for our toes and giggling louder. Our asses were so firm and perky, that even though our butt cheeks were super big and bubbly, they had almost no jiggle. They just bounced up and down like one solid piece of perfect ass meat, perky and juicy! Nikki leaned back up before me and gently smacked my ass, gripping my cheek and squeezing it. I squealed softly and shook my ass left to right as she held on, leaving little finger imprints on my smooth, creamy skin. Then I leaned up and did the same to her ass, and we looked back over our shoulders sexily as we kept ahold of each other’s taut ass cheeks.

slaveboy’s eyes were wide open, and he looked completely floored. We both giggled louder and I flicked my hair back over my shoulder. Nikki took her free hand and ran it through her hair slowly, all four of our eyes still looking at his face. Then I bent over, almost touching my toes, exposing my pink little pussy slit to him from behind, and shook my ass towards Nikki. She smiled and spanked me so hard it echoed through the tent. “OH!” I squeaked. She laughed, and stared at my butt has it kept rippling slightly from her hard spank. “I wish I had your ass!” She blurted. I smiled and leaned up, turning back around. “I wish I had your tits!” I replied. She turned to face slaveboy as well, shimmying her shoulders so her sexy breasts jiggled and swayed. “No way! Yours are so much sexier!” Nikki laughed out, as I made the same movement. “Nuh uh!” I replied.

slaveboy was dumbstruck, watching us show off our perfect bodies for him and complimenting each other’s sexy parts. I giggled and grabbed my perky breasts, squeezing them, and then I grabbed Nikki's breasts and squeezed them, as if comparing them. We took turns running our hands all over each other’s bodies, making sexy “Mmming” noises as we explored each other with our fingertips. I squeezed Nikki’s big breasts again and she played with my erect nipples. She ran her fingers over my cute little stomach, playing with my belly button piercing, and I slipped my hands behind her to run them up her taut butt cheeks and the sexy dimpled curve of her lower back. Finally, I returned my hands to my own body, and Nikki watched me as my fingers pressed into my crotch.

“I love your thighs.” She giggled. “Mine are all jiggly.” She shook her legs a little. “Nooo they’re perfect!” I replied. “And your pussy is soo cute!” She shouted, which kind of took us all by surprise. I pressed my fingers into my little lipless slit, letting my tiny blonde peach fuzz tickle my fingertips. “It’s cute?” I asked in a confused giggle. Nikki pushed her fingers into her own pussy, spreading her legs a little as she slid them between her tiny lips. “Yeah! You have like no lips! I have these big flappy stupid things!” She squealed, spreading her pussy open. I giggled, biting my lip as I played with myself more, feeling the gooey sap of my wet cunt drip down my thigh and down to my butt cheek. “Well I like it. Your pussy is really pretty! And I like your little lips. Mine looks weird and so tiny. Like it’s not even there.” She blushed a little, and we both giggled.

Imagine this scene unfolding before you. Even though we playfully complained about our bodies, we knew we were both absolute fucking perfection. And here we were, completely naked, playing with our tight, wet pussies, describing each other’s cunts in detail. slaveboy couldn’t fucking believe what he was seeing. Our sexy, tan, toned bodies on full display as we stood shoulder to shoulder in front of him. Our perfect, perky asses so plump and juicy, he could see them between our legs and sticking out from behind our bodies. Out tight little twats being spread open as we fingered around them. Our juicy, round tits with tiny, pink areolas and pokey, aroused nipples pointing high on our chests, staring right at him.

We looked practically like twins, except Nikki was a little bit shorter, had a slightly smaller ass, slightly bigger tits and areolas, and hers were just a little more brown than mine. Her thighs were a little less toned than mine, and her pussy had just a little more hair, just a little darker, and she had tiny little pussy lips around her slit. Mine was lighter, pinker, and almost no lips, just a slit, sitting under the tiniest amount of light blonde pubic fuzz. I was maybe a little more toned than Nikki, but equally curvy, and both of our bodies were covered with perfect, tight, soft, milky skin, not a blemish to be seen. Only our height, hair color and faces really gave us away as not being sisters. Even still, our eyes were both bright blue, our hair was similar length, style, and thickness. Hers was just brown and mine was blonde. We had identical little smirks, adorable dimples in our cheeks, cute little noses, and the same sexy, teasing look in our eyes. Very similar sexy, girlish voices. And we were both having way too much fun toying with slaveboy.

“Jesus fucking christ you guys!” He finally blurted, shaking his head. We grinned bigger, both feigning coy innocence. “What?” We asked together in the same exact tone, drawing out the word to sound completely innocent and confused. “You’re both perfect! Seriously. Stupidly perfect! I’ve never seen two girls with hotter bodies or more beautiful faces. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of you. Not one thing!” He blurted out, sounding overwhelmed. I’m sure he was! Haha!

We smiled big at him and giggled happily, sauntering over to the sleeping bag. “Oh baby. Thank you!” I chirped happily. “That’s so sweet of you, handsome!” Nikki sang. He looked up at us, wide-eyed, as he realized our two naked bodies were coming to occupy the same sleeping bag he was in. And, thanks to our little show, and our sexy goddess bodies being paraded about in front of him, his cock was ROCK HARD! His cheeks turned pink, as he charmingly announced his erection. “Umm, just to warn you, I, uhh… I have a little situation going on here…” I giggled at his adorableness. It hadn’t quite clicked for Nikki yet, though I don’t know how she could expect to do what we just did in front of any man and not make him completely hard.

She looked at me, a naive, puzzled look on her face. I raised my eyebrows at her, giving her a silly little nod, and she finally got it. “OHHHHHHH!!!” We both laughed as she bit her lip and blushed, realizing her naked body had helped to arouse our sexy slaveboy. “I’m… sorry?” She giggled out, watching slaveboy squirm under the sleeping bag as we kept inching closer to him. He let out a frustrated little sigh. “Yeah well, I get it if you want to give me a minute…” He sputtered. I shook my head quickly. “No way, baby! We want to see it! It’s only fair, I mean we showed you everything…” I arched my eyebrows at him as Nikki giggled quietly, nodding in agreement. He groaned uncomfortably. “Babe…” I bit my lip and mmmed loudly. “Come on. You know you have nothing to be embarrassed about. Your cock is perfect.” I purred the words out salaciously, enjoying how much he was squirming. It was so cute!

I looked over at Nikki and gave her a little nod, and she looked back at me, knowing exactly what I was trying to tell her. And then, like wild animals, we pounced! I clawed at the sleeping bag, ripping it open as Nikki fell on top of me, and we giggled like crazy as we scurried into the sleeping bag. I climbed over slaveboy’s hard body, feeling his rigid cock against me as I rolled over him, and within seconds, Nikki and I were snuggled up on either side of him. “Show us!” I panted excitedly. Nikki squealed, her knees flapping back and forth against his body as she trembled with delight. He took a deep breath and then held it, as he pulled the sleeping bag off of our bodies, revealing his perfect body and his big, sexy dick, standing at full attention. He squeezed his eyes shut as we both gasped, hungrily staring at it!

Nikki’s hands were immediately on his stomach, as she couldn’t resist touching him all over. I giggled as he trembled from her touch, and he let out a deep, explosive moan as my hand wrapped around his pulsing cock! Nikki bit her lip so hard it started turning white, her eyes glued to his sexy dick. It looked massive in my tiny hand, and the head of it pulsed with his heartbeat as I squeezed it hard. “Holy shit…” She breathlessly exclaimed. And let me just tell you. I know you’re not reading this story for a description of his cock. But it was glorious. About 7 inches of girthy perfection. Circumcised. Pink. Hardly any veins showing. Just soft, smooth skin wrapped around a deliciously proportioned specimen of male perfection. It was big, but not too big. Perfectly straight. The rim around the head was gorgeous, and as I squeezed it, Nikki’s eyes bugged out of her head as clear, slippery precum oozed out of it, as it literally cried to be sucked and fucked!

Holding it and watching it, I felt my pussy begin to gush between my thighs. I giggled, squeezing my tight cunt as I flexed my thighs. Nikki’s hands kept wandering all over his upper body, each time she explored him, coming dangerously close to his waist. slaveboy looked back and forth between us. Once again, we both had a blatant, drooling look of completely dumbfounded attraction on our silly faces. I slithered my dripping pussy into his thighs, wrapping my legs around one of his, and began gently grinding him, letting him feel how wet I was. He moaned again, quietly, as I began stroking his rock hard, smooth cock. “Ohhhh, ffffuckkk…” He whispered out in a deep, breathy voice, his head falling back into the pillow.

I felt Nikki’s thigh with my knee, and I knew she was doing what I was doing, pressing her entire body into him to feel his hard muscles against her undoubtedly dripping twat. As we sandwiched him together tightly between our two tight, dripping pussies, I felt his cock start throbbing harder in my hand. I sat up a little, excitedly milking his cock a little faster. “Nikki!” I whispered harshly. She looked up at me with a deer-in-the-headlights expression on her face, as if she'd done someting wrong. I giggled. “Do you want to play with it?” Her face turned bright red as she unwound her body from his and slowly sat up. “Really?” She asked breathlessly.

I bit my lip and nodded at her, grinning. “Yeah! Let’s make him cum!” I blurted out the words so bluntly that Nikki almost fell back in shock. slaveboy squirmed as well. “You really don’t have to do that!” He whimpered up at us, biting his lip and trying not to moan as I used my thumb to rub his slick, sticky precum all around the head of his dripping cock.

I giggled at Nikki, and abruptly let go of him. He groaned a quiet, sexually frustrated groan as I let his dick stand there, twitching. Nikki was still biting and sucking at her wet lips as she stared at it. “Grab it! Look at it, he wants you to grab it. It’s begging for it!” My voice was whiny and breathy as I pleaded with Nikki. I knew she wanted to touch it. And I knew how good it would feel in her hands. I really wanted her to play with it!!

She whimpered with him as he arched his back just a little and flexed his hard stomach in front of us. Her hands began sliding down his abs, and as she crossed his waistline, she let out a breathless, muffled moan into her closed lips. slaveboy gasped loudly, almost startling Nikki, as she ran her fingertips up his bulging dick. She stared hungrily at it, her mouth slightly open as her tongue ran back and forth across her plump bottom lip. She continued exploring it with her fingertips for a few seconds, and then gently wrapped her whole hand around it, feeling its thick girth in her tiny palm. She squeezed it and held still, shivering as it pulsed against her grip with his racing heartbeat. “Oh, wow…” She whispered.

“Doesn’t it feel good?” I smiled excitedly at her. She nodded quickly. “It’s the prettiest cock I’ve ever seen!” I giggled out. She blushed a little as she nodded in agreement, moaning softly as it throbbed in her hand. I jumped up and giggled excitedly, looking down at slaveboy’s stunned face. “Baby, we want to make you cum! Is that okay?” He nodded slowly, and didn’t even object when I happily threw myself on top of his face and nestled his nose inside my sweaty butt crack. Nikki watched in complete shock, letting out little gasps, as I started grinding his face with my ass, and leaned forward to stuff the head of his cock into my mouth as she kept a tight hold on the base!

slaveboy let out a sexy moan into my pussy as I hungrily sucked on his cock. “Nikki, milk him into my mouth! PLEASE! Help him cum so I can taste him!” She nodded quickly, still in shock at what was happening, but very eager to participate. She sat up more and carefully wrapped her second hand around his shaft, using both hands to milk him. “Here, hold on.” I panted, gently prying her hands off his cock. She didn’t seem to want to let go! It was so sexy as she let out a little whine, still squeezing her empty hands in the air. I took slaveboy’s entire length into my mouth, moaning loudly into him as I sucked him up and down several times. Nikki’s eyes went wide as I gagged myself loudly on it, and then finally slid it out of my mouth and spit on twice. Now it was covered in my spit, glistening as it twitched.

I looked at her expectantly. “Go on, stroke it. It’s okay.” She immediately wrapped her hands back around his slippery dick and giggled happily as it slid much easier through her hands now. “Good! That’s good, just like that. Go nice and slow. You’ll feel when he’s getting close.” I panted breathlessly, and quickly leaned back down to take his head into my mouth. Nikki giggled as she teased his cock with her tiny little hands, squeezing and releasing. I mmmed loudly every time she milked more of his sweet, sticky precum into my mouth. “God you taste so fucking good, baby!” I squealed out through a mouthful of cock. He squirmed under me as I smothered him in my ass.

“Baby, I want you to cum so bad! Nikki’s going to milk you into my mouth, baby! I want you to just stay still. Here, take a deep breath from my sexy ass.” I reached back and spread my asshole wide, letting him sniff my raunchy musk. I felt him choke under me and my pussy instantly gushed into his mouth. “Ohhh baby you make me so fucking wet. I’m so fucking wet!!” I moaned louder into his cock. “Sniff me again, breathe my ass. After this, you don’t get to breathe until you cum in my mouth, okay baby??” I whined out. He was moaning so loud now, his hips thrusting and squirming as Nikki kept milking his throbbing cock. “Okay baby! One last breath! Are you ready??” I hissed wildly. He started taking a deep sniff from my ass, and just then, I grunted and squirted out a sizzling fart right up his nostrils! “Ohhh it burns! Smell it deep baby, this is your last breath! Come on baby!!” I was losing my mind as Nikki giggled, still drooling at his cock and milking it as he snorted down my steaming fart fumes.

“OKAY BABY! NO MORE AIR!” I howled, slamming my asshole down onto his nose, using my feet on the back of his head to drill him deeper into my asscrack. He was completely suffocated under me, as my sticky slit smeared my gooey sap all over his open mouth. I felt my whole mound dip into his big mouth, sealing it shut as I began to fill it with my tangy squirt. He squirmed under me, completely trapped now. My burning fart forced to sit heavy and thick in his lungs. No escape!

“Nikki make him cum! You gotta make him cum fast so he can breathe or he’ll pass out! Come on baby, stroke is cock!” I was so lustdrunk that my vision was blurry. She moaned loudly and nodded her head, squeezing him harder and stroking him faster. I stuffed his dripping head deeper in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it over and over again as Nikki pumped both hands in opposite directions up and down his shaft. Both of us were moaning so loud, and slaveboy was thrashing under me, now having gone without air for about thirty seconds. I’m sure my nasty fart didn’t help things, either.

“Baaaaby! Cum for me! Cum from my sexy ass and farts! Nikki’s stroking you so good! She wants to see it baby! I want to taste you! Come on come on come on!” I moaned and whined, staring at his cock head turning purple as Nikki worked him a little faster. “Woah I can feel it pulsing harder now!” She squealed happily, mmming louder. “Ohh baby, he’s about to cum, keep stroking it!” I moaned at her, and took his head back in my mouth. I was so fucking wild that I was even calling Nikki "baby", and she seemed to love it, giggling and mmming every time the word slipped out of my mouth, addressed to her.

“Mmmhmmm! Mmmmhmmmm!!” I moaned loudly as he began pumping a huge load of hot cock juice into my mouth! Nikki’s eyes shot open wide as she felt it pumping through his long shaft, and she squeezed harder and began milking slower, all the way up, all the way down. Just then I lifted off slaveboy’s face a little and forced another burning fart into his nose as he desperately took a snort of the oxygen he so desperately needed. He screamed into my oozing cunt, choking on the fart as he kept pumping his sweet, creamy, delicious cum into my mouth! I kept it all on my tongue, not swallowing yet. I wanted to show Nikki what she’d made him do in my mouth. And I wanted to use it to keep torturing the head of his cock.

Finally, I let his dick slip out of my mouth. Nikki held it firmly as she looked at me, a proud little grin on her face. “Did he cum??” She squealed excitedly. I giggled through my closed mouth and carefully opened it a little, showing her all the bright white cream on my tongue. “Mmmmm, yep!!” I moaned clumsily, looking like a dork as I tried not to spill any. Her eyes went wide as she watched me play with the sticky, oozing fluid with my tongue. “Oh, wow!!” She squealed. I giggled, grunting again, and farting again in slaveboy’s face. “Sniff!!” I called out, careful not to spill any of his cum. Then I looked at Nikki and motioned with my hands for her to keep stroking him, and just as he tried to protest from her eager return to milking him, I smashed my ass hard on his face, suffocating him again!

Nikki giggled as she felt him throbbing like crazy in her hands, and I sucked the head of his cock all around my mouth, swirling his cum into it and absolutely torturing the sensitive head of his prick so good that he began screaming like crazy under me. Nikki was amazed as he stayed rock hard in her hands, and she loved milking him, knowing how crazy it was making him!

Finally I pulled his cock out of my mouth again and swallowed twice, in two big, loud gulps. “MMMMMMMM!!!” I moaned out, licking my lips and showing Nikki my empty mouth. She smiled huge at me as I stuck my tongue out and began licking the tip of his cock in long, sexy laps with the flat part of it. Nikki kept stroking as I licked the palm of my hand several times. She looked at me with a puzzle expression, and then grinned wickedly when she saw me begin rubbing the extremely sensitive head of his prick against my palm while she continued to stroke. “Oh fuck!” She gasped, watching him flail harder under me.

I finally lifted off his face a little, letting him get some much needed air. After he choked several inhales down, he started screaming, “PLEASE! NO NO NO NO MORE! PLEASE STOPPPP!!!” He sounded so pitiful. I nodded to Nikki and she stopped milking, but kept all ten fingers wrapped around his shaft. I pulled my palm away, giving him some relief. He panted and gasped, trying to catch his breath. I smiled huge at Nikki, still licking my lips.

“Okay baby, we’ll give you a break. I’m sorry!” I called out breathlessly. “Your cock is just so fucking sexy I can’t help teasing and torturing it! Oh you came so much in my mouth baby, thank you! It tasted sooo good! Nikki did such a good job milking you!!” She blushed, still clutching onto his cock. She bit her lip and squeezed it gently. “I can’t believe he’s still hard!” She whispered. I giggled. “Right? Isn’t that awesome? He stays so hard even after he cums. And he can cum again if you want.” “NO! NO NO! I’M GOOD!!” slaveboy begged. We both laughed as Nikki kept staring at his cock in amazement. “It’s okay baby. You’ve earned a break. You’re so good!” I sang down to him.

I lifted myself off his face and rolled over next to him. He lifted himself up onto his elbows and bit his lip as he saw Nikki, still sitting there quietly, refusing to let go of his dick. She looked over at him and smiled cutely, slowly starting to milk it up and down again. He clenched his eyes shut tight and moaned loudly, “Ohhh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” She giggled excitedly, enjoying how sensitive he was and how much power she had over him.

Nikki kept giggling, and suddenly started giggling like crazy, really enjoying how he reacted to the simple act of her stroking his cock. I smiled at her as she giggled harder. “What’s so funny?” I asked, smirking at her. “Oh, it’s not funny, really. I was just thinking, I haven’t given a guy a handjob in years. Usually guys just want to fuck for two minutes and then it’s over.” She kept staring at his dick, milking it slowly as she spoke. “I never thought of a handjob as sexy. But holy shit, making him cum like that was like the sexiest thing ever!!” I laughed as she kept playing with him in her hands. He was really squirming now, and moaning loudly. “I can’t believe how sensitive he is. I’ve never made a guy squirm just from this.” She giggled happily, experimenting with different stroking patterns and squeezes as he gasped and moaned with his sexy, delicious voice.

“I know what you mean. I’ve never enjoyed playing with a dick as much as I do with him. He’s so insanely sensitive and sexy!” She bit her lip and nodded, watching carefully as she milked another little squirt of precum out of him. “God. It’s so perfect!” She moaned quietly. She looked at me and huffed out through her nostrils a little. “Could he really cum again?” She asked quietly. I nodded, nibbling on my lip. “Oh yeah. I’ve made him cum over and over again before. And you think he’s sensitive now, try making him explode for like the fifth time in one hour!” Nikki gasped loudly. “No freakin way!” I nodded excitedly. “Yes freakin way. Totally serious!” She looked in disbelief over at slaveboy’s face as he shivered, and continued to milk him absentmindedly. “Can you really do that?” She whispered. He moaned loudly and nodded, closing his eyes again. “Mmmmmm fffuck. Yes I can. But not right now, please!” He whimpered, sounding soooo fucking sexy. He fell back into the sleeping bag and put both his hands over his face, practically screaming into his palms, as his entire body flexed tightly. We both stared at him, completely in awe of how gorgeous he was.

She giggled excitedly and finally slowed her stroking. “I know, I wouldn’t.” He sighed loudly. His precum was dripping all over her fingers now. She froze and looked at it, and I could tell she was thinking something. Then she leaned down and quickly gave her finger a little lick, very discreetly. She giggled as she started stroking him again. She tried to be sly, but I caught her. “It tastes good huh?” I teased. She blushed bright red. “Yeah....” She whispered, biting her lip again and stroking him a little faster. He moaned desperately, squirming between us as his head lifted up and then fell back into the pillow. “Jesus fuck!” He moaned, and then whimpered deliciously. Nikki smiled huge and kept stroking him, absolutely loving how she could make him squirm.

I giggled and asked her very casually, “Do you swallow?” She gave me a look of surprise. “Like when you blow a guy, do you swallow it?” She giggled quietly. “I have before, but I don’t really like doing it.” I laughed. “I didn’t either until I swallowed him. I don’t know why but his cum just tastes so fucking good.” Nikki looked at me curiously. “Really?” I laughed again. “Well you saw me guzzle him down!” She shrugged a little, giggling quietly. “I just thought you were used to it.” “No not really. It’s usually really salty and bitter and sticky. But his is super sweet and creamy. I don’t know. I’m just addicted to it.”

Nikki giggled at me as I bit my lip. “Yeah it looked like you really enjoyed it!” She teased. I blushed a little and stuck my tongue out at her, wrinkling my nose a little. I snuggled up to slaveboy and stretched out, yawning. “I’m going to bed now. Tired.” I announced to no one in particular. Nikki let out a deep breath and yawned too. She was still stroking slaveboy’s cock, but she finally let it slip out of her hands as she laid down next to him. He let out a loud moan and sighed deeply as Nikki giggled, snuggling up into him with her naked body.

We both pressed ourselves into him, mmming in stereo into both of his ears as we nuzzled into his neck happily. “Goodnight, baby!” I chirped sweetly at him. “Sweet dreams!” Nikki sang softly. He smiled, finally calming down. “Goodnight, beautiful princesses.” We both “awwed” lovingly and nuzzled him again.

I fell asleep pretty quickly, but apparently Nikki stayed awake for awhile. slaveboy told me that she kept grabbing his dick and playing with it, and staring at him. He said it was kind of awkward haha, but it felt good, and he eventually did fall asleep with Nikki’s hands still wrapped around his cock. He didn’t know how long she stayed up after that.

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