😴 Human Fart Mattress

Drifting to sleep, I let out a soft sigh. My butt wiggles as I snuggle into my mattress and let out a hot, stinky fart. And then, my mattress whimpers and chokes! 😈


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Written by Haley 💕 Winter 2023


After a long, exhausting, sweaty day, I was finally ready for bed. My poor slave was already zonked out, totally unsuspecting… he had no idea I planned to use him as my mattress… 😈

I carefully crawled on top of him, put my pillow on his dick, slid my hand underneath and wrapped it around his cock, and then nestled my stinky asshole in my dirty panties right against his nostrils…

I giggled as he took a couple of sniffs, and then whimpered through a gag. He tried to push me off, but I planned for that and had his arms pinned under my legs! I asked excitedly, "Mmm! Stinky?" Before he could even answer, I grunted and sent a thick, burning fart straight into my soiled panties! He choked as the disgusting stink cloud swirled around his nostrils, lingering in my damp, sweaty panties!

He wailed miserably and tried to wiggle free but I squeezed his dick hard and dug my nails into his balls a little. He froze as I hissed, "Don't fucking move, slave!" I wiggled my ass on his face until his nose slipped further up my greasy crack, and exhaled sharply through my nostrils, grunting again. Another huge butthole bomb exploded right against his nostrils! I cackled excitedly and barked a bossy order, "Sniff that stinky fart, bitch! My tummy is messed up and these are going to get worse and worse all night, so you better snort them all up or else!!" He whined and kept trying to fight me off for a few seconds, but then he gave up, knowing he was truly fucked and pinned down! It's such a rush when he loses the will to fight!

I swirled my asshole around on his face a bit, until I felt another huge fart! I tucked my feet under his head and wedged his face deep up my asscrack and pushed hard. Oh shit!! A wet shart splatted out of me and straight into my panties! The wet spray instantly seeped into his suckling nostrils, and he couldn't take it...

He started screaming, begging, choking, crying… ugh! I groaned and sat up, arching my back to smother him in the wet mess from my panties. "Ugh! SHUT UP! How am I supposed to sleep with you being so fucking loud?!" I bounced on his face angrily while squeezing his cock in a vice grip as he yelped in pain and gagged on the disgusting smell surrounding his poor nose. I huffed, "Fine, you won't shut up?"

I jumped up, wriggled out of my disgusting panties, pulled them inside out and butt dropped right on my slave's chest. Before he even knew what was happening, I shoved the disgusting cotton into his gasping mouth and stuffed it deep with my fingertips. I wrinkled my nose at him and giggled, before coldly ordering, "Suck those clean and shut the fuck up, slave."

I slid my naked asshole back onto his nose and felt his terrified, twitching nostril press into my ooey gooey crack. It made me shiver as he dry heaved and made puking sounds into his gagged mouth! "Mmm! Clean those nasty panties and sniff up all my sleep farts, baby! Stinky dreams!!!"

I giggled as I nestled back down, squeezing his cock gently in my hand underneath my pillow, and slowly drifted off to sleep. I counted at least five more farts before I passed out, moaning as I milked his nostrils into my greasy, fart spit coated stinkhole, keeping it buried in my endlessly reeking crack. Over and over again. Squeeze. Milk. Fart. Spray. Pulse. Suck. Milk. Spray. For hours and hours. Brutal!! 😍

This morning when I woke up, he was still in his place. Such a good boy!! His nose was so brown though, and his eyes were all bloodshot... Apparently I farted literally all night long! Oopsies!! 🤭Awww... so sorry, baby! NOT!!!! 😈😈😈😈


God, I’ve been so busy with everything I haven’t had time for a session in like two days!! 😡 So last night I decided to use my slave as a body pillow. I needed to feel him pressed against me all night! Even if he squirmed and whined ALL night long! 😍

So I made him get under the covers. It’s been so cold here, we just put thick flannel sheets and a down comforter on! It’s too bad I chose now to squeeze his face between my thighs all night! Oh well! 😈

I got comfy and made sure his nose was right up against my stinky little farthole. I haven’t had time to even shower in days, so I knew how rank it was. I could even smell myself through the covers!! ☺️

I bundled all up and started to drift off, moaning happily as his whimpers and sobs lulled me to sleep, vibrating my stinky little pockets! 🤤

Suddenly I felt my tummy gurgle and shift, and I giggled sleepily as I pushed out. His poor little nose flattened against my extruding shit cannon, and he was no match as my spongy, rancid wrinkles enveloped his sniffer holes. I also made sure he was wedged tight, so his mouth would be pinned shut against my oozing pussy.

“Sniff sniff, slave! I want deep sniffs all night long. Don’t you dare move your nose away from my butthole alll night or you’ll be super fucking sorry!”

He yelped as a steaming hot fart torpedo sizzled out of my swampy ass and straight up his nose! I felt his whole body flinch under me as he took in the overpowering reek and began instantly choking.

“Shut up! I’m trying to sleep, loser!” I barked in a whiny, sleepy voice. I reached down and grabbed a handful of his hair, yanking him ferociously into my unforgiving stink pit and squashing his face tighter with my beefy thighs. He immediately went limp and let out a horrified squeal, as I kept squeezing him.

I moaned out happily, “Mmmm… big sniffs baby… your nose stays glued to my asshole all night…” I interrupted myself with another long, burbly fart that fluttered and spat straight into his tortured sinus ways. I giggled quietly as he choked it down, sniffing in agony. “Good boy. Keep it up… or else…”

I drifted to sleep, farting many more times, and then the next thing I knew, it was morning. And I was aching. And my slave was gone…


Now I can be cranky in the morning before my coffee. And this was one of those mornings. I rolled around in the bed until I kicked him in the face. I guess accidentally, but he definitely deserved it!

I groaned and rubbed my eyes, croaking out, “Slave! Where the fuck are you?!” He stirred, and quickly realized his fuck up.

“Baby I’m so sorry! I only moved for a minute and I guess I fell asleep!!” He explained desperately. He tried to continue but I cut him off harshly, “And why did you even move in the first place?!”

He gulped loudly in the dark room. “I’m sorry… you were farting… they were sooo awful… I thought I was going to puke and I couldn’t even breathe under the covers!”

I groaned angrily and huffed, “It’s not my job to care, bitch. You broke the rules. Now get on your fucking back.” My words were calm and cold. He whimpered and hesitated. I commanded loudly, “NOW!!!” And snapped my fingers before pointing to the head of the bed.

He quickly crawled into place and I wasted no time handcuffing his wrists and ankles. I explained in a frustrated tone, “Apparently you can’t be trusted, so this will ensure there is no escape for you.” I tightened the straps and watched him try to writhe against his restrains.

I bit my lip and smiled at his helplessness. “Get ready for hell, bitch!” I warned as I pounced hard on his face and slammed my ass down. He winced and let out a gasp, and then immediately balked on the reeking stink oozing from my crack!

I cackled as I hovered above him, reached back and spread my sticky ass cheeks, and slammed myself down at max weight directly on his nose. Fuck! I felt it flatten and slide into my itchy fart hole. Sooo good!! I let out a loud moan and started scraping his nostrils back and forth to itch my swollen hole. I guess he was right about those farts, because I could already tell why they were sooo nasty… 😏

Before he could fully recover, I grunted hard and let loose a horrendous, splattering shart that surprised us both! He literally puked into his mouth as I noticed his stomach heaving and sat heavy on his face again. “Don’t you dare, fuck face. Just take it and keep it down! This is your job!”

I wiggled around and cringed as I felt how much wet fart soup was being smeared all over his flaring nostrils. I giggled out in a disgusted, bratty tone, “Eww that sounded really nasty! And wet! Sorrrrry baaaaabbbby!!!” I sang out my taunt in a cruel, mocking song as he fought wave after wave of puke.

The smell was insane. Burning hot shit, spoiled milk, and rotten vegetables, all amplified by ten and made worse by the unbelievable stinky of my raw asscrack, even before my sharts!!

He wailed miserably as he thrashed against his straps. Nope! Locked down, dumbass! This will teach you not to disobey the princess!!

I lifted up again and laughed out loud at the disgusting sludgy sound of his snorting nostrils, desperately trying to force the toxic goo through so he could breathe again. I didn’t let up on his mouth AT ALL as I savored his agony and imagined it working down inch by inch, driving him insane!

“Snort it and suffer!! Your punishment hasn’t even begun, baby. You better pace yourself. All this thrashing… you’ll end up hurting yourself!” I teased out viciously as my words sank in.

“Now, first things first. I have to pee. Bad. And you know how my morning pees are. So I hope you’re very, very thirsty! It doesn’t matter either way though. Now open up!”

I wiggled around on his mouth until his lips forced open and my mound dropped in. I sat back heavier and made sure I was aiming for the back of his throat! And poor boy, this just made my drill his nose even deeper into my shart-frosted shithole! 😇

He was absolutely panicked at this point. He managed to turn his head just enough to desperately scream out, “HALEY PLEASE!! YOU’RE LITERALLY SHITTING AND I CAN’T BREATHE AND IT SMELL SOOO BAD!!! I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO-“

I rolled my eyes and huffed loudly as I reached down and grabbed his chin, gripping it firmly and yanking his head back upright. I slammed myself down on his panting face, cutting him off. “I don’t fucking care! You’re the slave. You obey the princess. You fucked up. And now you get punished.” I explained wickedly. He doesn’t get an ounce of mercy from me!!

I felt his body sink as he gave up, and began trembling as I again lined myself up. Mouth over my pussy, nose against my asshole, and I sat as heavy as I could, also using my feet to pin his head completely still.

What happened next was fucking magical! I peed straight into his mouth for what had to be 2 and a half minutes straight!!! I could smell how strong it was just from him breathing out through his nose behind me! Omg barf!!! 🤢🤢

As I was filling his mouth repeatedly with my hot, sour, unbearable piss, I sharted again. A loud quick splat that spat all over his nostrils! And then I felt another one. This one was long and brutal! Airy and thick at first, it went on for like six seconds, and then it changed suddenly into a splattery wet butt bomb that detonated and painted his nose with so much force that he literally shook the huge king mattress like six inches off the frame!!

The sounds he made were straight out of a scene from Saw. And of course it just made me sooo fucking wet, and now rivers of thick cum and pussy sweat were oozing into his mouth along with my piss, forcing him to consume more of my Goddess Sauce!

And I kept farting. Another shart. Then rotten eggs. Then bubbly blorps that just reeked of pure shit. The smell was making me literally dizzy and my throat was closing off as I choked and fanned the air in front of my face. Another fart. Quick. More piss. He snorted and choked, gargling and screaming at the top of his fart-filled lungs!

Another fart. This one was lonnnng. Maybe 8 seconds? It came out slow and deep, screaming against his tormented nostrils as it seeped into his unwilling nasal passage. But with a mouthful of piss, he had to breathe somehow… 😈

After I finally stopped peeing, I collapsed forward on him, moaning happily as he lifted me up and down rapidly with his heaving, pleading breaths.

“Oh my FUCKKKKING god Haley let me up… let me up let me up please I’m going to puke!!! Please I can’t!!!” He begged desperately.

I moaned again happily, getting sleepier by the second. “Shut up slave. You’re going to be my mattress now since you suck as a body pillow. Night night…”

“No no no no no no no no please no!!!!” He wailed. I smirked and wiggled myself backwards, muffling him with my disgusting crotch and asshole, and quickly started milking his nose with my ass.

“Be sure and sniff my farts real deep loser! If the smell wakes me up, you’ll be punished again!!” I sang out devilishly.

I spent the next 30 minutes gently, lightly stroking his leaking cock, making him rock hard, and keeping him on edge as I farted and sharted up his nose over and over again.

And just when he was literally screaming for release (both for his cock and from his literal bondage prison), I let his cock slip out of my hand and drifted off, leaving him helpless, trapped, pent up, and buried my sweaty, swampy, unshowered, shart-buttered asshole until I woke up several hours later to continue his punishment… and I actually woke up rubbing and sucking his cock! So who knows how long I was edging him in my sleep too!! 🤣 🤣 But I do that a lot so… oops! 🤷‍♀️

Mmmm. What a great morning!!! 💁‍♀️

I already know I’m having Taco Bell for dinner tonight! And I know that I’m going to be restraining him and using him as my mattress again! And it’s so great knowing I can just pee into his mouth when nature calls in the middle of the night! What I don’t know is how much sleep he will be getting, or how many times he throws up in his mouth in the middle of the night! 🤔

I mean I don’t really care, but I am curious! 😇😍

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