😱 My First Time Farting on slaveboy

How I told my boyfriend about my fetishes and turned him into my fart slave 🤤


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Written by Haley 💕


Before I can tell you the story of the first time, I need to fill in some context.

The very first day I hung out with him at his place, he asked if he could go down on me. I was floored because no one had ever done that to me or even offered.

I got really excited, because I’d been walking around town all day in tight jeans and it was August, so I was really squishy and ripe down there!! So I decided to test the waters.

“Are you sure you really want to? It’s been like… really hot today, and I’m not exactly… clean…”

I held my breath and could literally like hear my heartbeat in my face lol and he fucking said, “I don’t care, please let me taste your pussy?” I melted right there, OMG!!!! 😍😍

He went down on me and didn’t miss a beat. I even looked him in the eyes as I spread my pussy lips open right in front of his nose and kind of thrust my hips up to grind my taint into his nose a bit. He just kept eating me!!!!! And it was… life changing? Let’s call it that.

I’d never had a proper orgasm with a partner before him, so after he made me cum a couple times, I was so insanely horny for his cock that I literally ripped his shorts off and pounced on top of him in a 69 position.

I paused again as I hovered my juicy ass over his face and moaned out desperately, “Umm… my butt is probably gonna…… stink… Is that okay?” I played it so innocent and sexy at the same time 😈

He didn’t respond verbally. I remember this so well. He just grabbed my hips and yanked me down hard onto his face and I felt his nose impale my itchy, greasy buttcrack and I fucking lost my mind!!!!! I was hypersexual and he was basically a virgin, yet he sent me to so many worlds, and it was SO beyond intense! 😵‍💫💫

We 69d for like an hour and the whole time I kept smothering him longer and longer and like spreading my ass cheeks to “readjust” and following his face and nose with my ass if he’d try to get fresh air. The whole time his dick was in my mouth so his mind was gone and he didn’t even notice 😇

The was the FIRST hangout 🤣 Over the next few weeks I basically moved into his place lol I casually and seductively played into my bratty stink fetish. First by not putting deodorant on after a shower. Then not showering for a couple extra days. Leaving my 3 day old filthy panties on his pillow “accidentally”.

We were also fooling around constantly, so I was just ripe and sweaty in general like all the time 🥵 Within a few months it was just our normal routine. I’d tackle him and make him sniff my feet or pussy or armpits. I’d stand in front of the 1 fan we had and air myself out naked right in front of him. Spread my legs and raise my arms and just sledgehammer him with my ripe stink after the gym, bike ride, or whatever.

He’d gag and complain but he liked how much I liked it, and I started realizing he had a really huge sub kink. His erections were also KIND OF a sign he didn’t totally hate it me doing it 😂

The one thing I hadn’t done yet was fart on him. So here’s the story of that first time. But you needed the above context first, it helps put you in the moment. So here we go! 😆


Late one night, we were playing video games and hanging out. The topic of kinks came up, and we started digging into it a bit. He told me he really liked me sitting on his face and smothering him. He also thought he’d really enjoy being restrained, heavy bondage, being degraded, and humiliated.

My jaw hit the floor when he told me. I think I actually dropped the controller. He was really shy about it too, it was the sexiest most adorable thing I’d ever seen!!! I wanted to just rape him right then and there 🤣

I told him about my femdom kink, being on top, sitting on his face. I’d used his face as a gaming chair a few times by this point but not for too long because I’d have to fart and I was too scared to do it on him yet 🤭

Also apparently I was super into being a brat. I guess he brought that out of me? Or I never knew I had it in me. I had to play into the brat side to sort of go along with the stink/grossdom aspects.

After we talked for awhile, we were both super juiced up, so I panted out, “Baby I really want to try something new, but I’m too nervous to say what it is. Can I please just try it?”

I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and bit my lip, and he was putty. He agreed, so I handcuffed his hands behind his back, pushed him onto the bed, and put a blindfold on him. He heard me giggle as I crawled onto his face.

This wasn’t too unusual yet. But I had a twist. I wanted to put my dirty panties in his mouth for him to suck clean and muffle the screams! Win win! I had them in my hand already. I lifted off his face a little and ordered down at him, “Open your mouth.”

I was calm but forceful and I don’t think he expected it. “Why?” He asked nervously. “You’ll see! Well… not exactly, but you know what I mean!”

We both laughed and then he opened his mouth slowly. I felt myself explode with adoration and sadistic lust as I immediately stuffed my stinky panties into his mouth!

He let out a surprised yelp as the taste hit his tongue and he flinched and tried to recoil. I squeezed his face hard between my thighs and whimpered out, “Baby… you said you’d let me try what I wanted!!” I was smirking wickedly and licking my teeth as I watched his face. He couldn’t see me though. His mouth twitched from the taste and he winced in pain as I squeezed my thighs tighter. Finally, he wrinkled his entire nose as he relaxed and opened up again.

He was a little nervous but was also super excited. I was absolutely gushing, he even commented about how wet my thighs were from the drips 🫠

After I finally got them all in his mouth, I lost it laughing at his groans and whimpers. As I stopped laughing and caught my breath, I quickly slammed my swampy ass on his face!

“What do they taste like?” I asked as I felt his face scrunch up even more! His sad whimpers begged up at me as I spread my juice covered pussy lips open, and aimed my dripping hole over his lips, so my cum would soak the panties and drip down his throat. I wrinkled my nose and bit my tongue down at him. He tried to answer again but it was all muffled!

I giggled so hard! “Awwwww, hehe baby I can’t understand you!! But judging from your reaction… they taste… not good…” I interrupted myself with a maniacal cackle as I ignored his scared struggles and muffled begging gibberish. His screams intensified as I smothered full weight on his face again. Finally finding the best placement for his face holes: nose crammed flat against my stinking asshole, and gagged mouth pinned shut against my flood-gushing sweaty girl cum factory. Mmmmmm!!!!

We did normal 69 for a few minutes, except he couldn’t eat me. All he could do was smell and taste. I think he was a little confused when I sucked his dick because he probably wanted to eat me out. But I just wanted him to sniff and suffer. I don’t think he’d figured that out yet.

As I sucked his hard cock and rode his face, I smothered him and forced his big inhales to come from my cheesy taint, my ripe funky cunt, and my swampy greasy farthole. I heard him gag hard and he tried to turn away. I went a bit feral…

“Don’t fucking move your head! Stay still!” I grabbed his hair and yanked him into my ass harder, bouncing on his face and locking his head upright with my feet. He started to panic even more but his cock got ROCK hard and he was moaning a little. Fuck, this was actually happening!!!!

I finally sat back and got still, holding him captive tight inside my deep buttcrack. I watched him start to freak out. He needed to breathe so bad. I giggled but kept him down. He was screaming now… I sat up just a little, and I remember actually freaking out because basically a morning piss worth of squirt just came flooding out of my crotch and buried him!

“Oh SHIT! What the fuck!!!!” I squealed out as he thrashed under me, and then I giggled and reached my hand down to wipe his nose free of my pungent girl slime. “Sorry baby! Here, you can breathe now!” I sang out sweetly. He let out a tormented yelp and began to gasp in through his nose.

I bit my lip and let out an explosive moan as my asshole erupted into a beefy, bubbly barrage of 4 thick farts! Taco Bell was my main go to (some things never change lol) and I’d pigged out a few hours earlier on our date.

I grunted an absolutely CRINGE moan-scream as he began choking on the smell. FUCK it was HAPPENING!!!! I watched his legs kick, his neck bulge, and his stomach heave. I heard him shriek in disgust. I felt him try to push me off. He began begging and pleading but I couldn’t understand him from the gag.

After he took several panicked, involuntary sniffs of my farts, I sat back again and smothered him. I was giggling and moaning SO hard as he screamed and thrashed under me! I rode his face hard and just lost myself in the pleasure. I think I came 2 or 3 times while I smothered my farts in his lungs.

I noticed his neck turning a bit purple so I squealed out as I lifted up a little. Another gusher of squirt oozed out of my and pooled over his lips and even under his nose. His first sniff just sucked all of the slime in and he began snorting in terror.

Oh my fucking god, I lost it so hard! It was so cute, so hot, so hilarious, so sadistic, so cruel… I just blurted out, “Snort down all that yummy pussy snot, baby! Hurry or you’ll pass out!” He went into panic overdrive and spasmed hard as he drank my thick sour pissy cumwad down the back of his throat through his nasal passages.

I actually shivered as his shrieks almost made me stop. But I just fucking couldn’t!! Once I heard him free his nostrils enough to sniff, I hissed out, “NONONONONONO here, I’ve got special air for you, sweetie!” I moaned out as I grunted hard and pressure washed his whole face with a 9 second squeaking spoiled milk fart, and then followed it up by sinking down on him, swallowing his cock, and milking out slow, thick, lingering SBDs into his nose over and over again.

He was still panicked but he was so insanely hard. I thought again about letting him go. But then I lost control again. As he puke-sniffed my auditorium-clearing volcano burrito farts from point blank blasting range, I announced breathlessly that he had to cum before I’d let him out.

I kept sucking and farting for about 10 more minutes until he finally exploded in my mouth! I deep throated him and let the flood of his delicious cum ooze down my throat as I returned the favor and flooded his nose with more eggy rotten blasts. He sniffed in so hard from his orgasm and began hyperventilating as my asshole kept blowing him stinky kisses, and then I finally collapsed on him, caught my breath, rolled off of him, and ripped the cuffs off, while he hilariously tried to spit out my cum and piss soaked panties. Which were absolutely RUINED!

We laid there panting for several minutes before we could really speak, and I giggled shyly as I saw the amount of my squirt EVERYWHERE. I bit my lip and pulled his blindfold off as he was STILL gagging.

“Fuck… I’m so sorry, babe… I think I kind of blacked out…” I whimpered, horrified. I buried my face in my hands and waited for his response.


I died a little inside as he groaned and gagged his words out, paused, and coughed violently. And then, I fell in love all over again.

He looked up at me and blinked in the blinding light, panting, and he finally replied, “WE GOTTA DO THAT AGAIN!!” 🫠🫠🫠🫠

I can’t explain the level of joy I felt that night. It really was the the first night of the rest of my life! 😍 A lifelong dream… fantasy… fulfilled. And it beat all my expectations, not even CLOSE.

So that’s the story! He did tell me he was screaming for me to get up and let him have fresh air basically the whole time, but I couldn’t hear him and the fact that I didn’t let up drove him INSANE 👸🏼

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