🫣 Neck Brace Nightmare: Cruel Fart Torment!

I've been wondering what would happen if I put one of those beefy inflatable neck braces on slaveboy for a session. Luckily, a loyal superfan bought me one! 😈


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Written by Haley 💕 Fall 2023


Okay so I tried something new thanks to suggestions on one of my last tweets!! :DD

First, I went to the hardware store and got a thick strap, and then I got a giant neck brace from the drugstore! My poor slave had no idea what was coming… 😈

So I got home and set everything up, and then convinced him to come lay down and cuddle with me. I carefully lined him up, and then quickly pounced on top of him!! Before he knew what was going on, I was on his chest and had his cheeks between my knees! I dug in hard and told him to stay still. He winced and let out a whimper as he went limp under me. I giggled and petted as I cooed down at him, “Goooood boy!”

I quickly leaned over and cuffed his left arm, and then his right arm, and then slid down his body. I smirked at him and paused, grinding his dick, and I grunted. A hot, loud, burbly fart gurgled out of my asshole and vibrated right against his cock. He instantly lurched and tried to squirm a little. I looked at him silently, raising my eyebrow and tilting my head a little, daring him to keep fighting me. But he knew better!

I cackled maniacally as I twerked my stinky fart all over his lap, pausing briefly only to launch another thick, eggy cock bomber. The smell wafted up and made my nose itch. I gagged a little, choking on the putrid rotten air! I squealed as I quickly lunged for his ankle cuffs, shrieking, “Oh my GOD that’s sooo bad!!!”

He watched me anxiously as I ensnared him securely in my trap. He knew it was futile to argue with me, and he was very used to being restrained to the bed. But what he wasn’t used to, was me jumping up and giggling sadistically as I pulled the extra thick head strap out from under the mattress. His eyes went wide and he tilted his jaw a little on terrified confusion. His voice trembled, “Huu… Haley… what is that…?!”

I grinned wickedly at him, sucking my lips into my mouth and wrinkling my nose as my cheeks dimpled bigger and bigger. I bragged excitedly, “THIS is your new head restraint, slaaaave!!”

His eyes went even wider as his whole body tensed up against his restraints! I moaned softly as I watched it dawn on him. This wasn’t just any other session. This was going to be a whole new kind of hell for him!

I absolutely could not contain myself any longer! I squealed in excitement as I pounced on his face, pulling the pre-tightened strap up over his forehead. He tried to turn his face, so I dug my nails into his neck and squeezed, hissing demonically, “This is exactly why I have to restrain your stupid head, bitch!” He yelped quietly, his eyes still bulged and filled with fear, as I watched him gulp as he gripped the bedsheets in his fists and held his breath. Completely still. Such a good boy!

My demeanor instantly softened. I giggled happily, wiggling my nose at him cutely. As I secured the strap and pulled it tight, I explained sweetly, “See! If you could always behave this well, I wouldn’t have to do this to you, dumb dumb!” Then I booped his nose!

He watched me with terrified eyes. I felt his pulse racing in his forehead. His nostrils flared with every breath. Fuck it was sooooo adorable and hott!!! Ugh! But he still had another surprise coming. As he tested his lack of mobility with the new strap, I could see a tiny flicker of relief in his eyes as he could still turn his head a couple inches each way. I almost felt bad for him as I pulled the neck brace out from under the bed…

The whole mattress shook as he saw it and began thrashing! “HALEY NOO! This stupid strap thing is enough! I’ll be good I promise, you don’t have to use that!!” My lips spread into a wide, sinister smirk and I waggled my eyebrows at him playfully. “Oh, you’re going to be good all right. And this will absolutely make SURE of that! You're still able to move... and that just won't do baby!”

He kept whining and begging as I wedged the thick neck brace behind his head and around his neck. It was super hard with the head strap… I probably should have done that after the brace, but I couldn’t give him any chance to escape when he saw it! And boy was I right. He was absolutely PANICKING!! 😈 😈 Ufff ssssooooo great!!!

As I velcroed the brace snug around his neck and jaw, suddenly he went very still, and very quiet. His breathing was still rapid, but otherwise he was silent. I smiled huge at him as I reached down, grabbed his chin, and tried to wiggle his head. I squealed excitedly, “Ohhhh my god!! You can’t move... like... AT ALLLLLL!!!” He whimpered as I yanked harder on his anchored face!


I jumped up and down clapping, and then leapt onto the bed and dropped my ass down on his face HARD! It felt so different without any give or movement! He instantly yelped from my slamming weight and the suffocating stink of my nasty, unwashed asshole oozing through my soft baby blue yoga shorts. I continued clapping and bouncing on his face, laughing triumphantly!

“Okay, so just to warn you baby… I don’t know what’s going on with me today, but every single fart has absolutely REEKED of rotten eggs today. Like not my usual rotten egg farts. These things could clear rooms! It even makes ME cough!”

He was gagging as I warned him, and I teased, “You can probably still smell my farts stuck in these shorts, huh fart face?!” I arched my back and viciously drilled my ass harder into his immobilized face! He squealed some sort of affirmative reply, but I barely noticed, because just then, my tummy grumbled again and I felt something MASSIVE shifting around inside me…

“Oh fuck, baby… this might ACTUALLY kill you…” I groaned, rubbing my stomach as it cramped up painfully. He yelped a confused, horrified protest, and I leaned back, pressing harder into him. His nose dug deep into my sweaty, stinky shorts, right up my butt crack, against my throbbing asshole. His muffled shrieks vibrated against my inner thighs and up into my pussy, making my body shiver. I bit my lip and moaned softly.

“Here it comes! But if it’s too stinky, just turn your head away!” I paused, snickering silently to myself as he tried to argue with me. Just a muffled scream of desperation. Such a silly sound! I giggled out playfully, “Ohhh... wait, you can’t!” Then I wiggled my ass on his face hard as he wailed miserably!

I exhaled sharply through my nostrils and grunted, my eyes rolling a bit to the side of my head. And then my stinky little hole absolutely erupted a tidal wave of thick, reeking gas that clung to my sweaty shorts! It patiently waited for my poor slave’s unwilling nostrils to vacuum up all of the nauseating mist!

The heat felt like it singed my stinky little wrinkles! I pooched my butthole out and tried milking another steamy mind melter out… it began oozing silently at first, and then hissed, and finally blorted out into a five-second bassy bugle of stinky screaming sonic shart! My ass was so sweaty I couldn’t tell if it really was wet, but it definitely sounded like it!

He totally lost it! Gagging, choking, thrashing…well an attempt was made... omg so cute! It’s fucking adorable how worked up he gets from just little stinky me!! You would think he would be used to it after 14 years!! 💁‍♀️

I moaned and sighed in relief from those two huge farts, and then I started bouncing, grinding and twerking. I giggled and shook my ass hard on his howling face, cackling sadistically. But then, something stopped me.

Woah, this was different! As I wiggled my bubbly ass cheeks on his face, it hardly budged! At all! I gasped excitedly and leapt up. “Holy shit! You’re sooo fucking stuck, aren’t you?!” I teased down at him. He glared up at me. I giggled loudly, “Go on… just try to move!” He stayed frozen, still glaring at me, and pleaded, “Haley you know I can’t move! Please just take this off! I swear I’ll be good and stay still!” He whined.

I scoffed at him. “Oh please! We both know you’ll be squirming and fighting me like crazy after like three farts!” And it turns out, it was a VERY good thing I didn’t let him out. Because what happened later was absolutely vile. And his complete lack of mobility really came in handy! Well, for me anyway. Not so much him hahaha 😈

I whined down at him, “Can you move your head though, like for real? Just try! Pleaaaaaseeee…” I pouted at him. His glare softened and he looked up at me sadly. He can’t stand to see me pout! It’s a weakness I absolutely LOVE exploiting 🤣

He shook his head gently at first, and then harder. I saw his neck and chest muscles flex, and he let out a grunt as he fought his restraints. Nope! He couldn’t budge at all! He was slightly able to slide his entire head left or right about half an inch before the strap cut him off. But I knew with my weight on him, that wouldn’t be possible either!

“Yayyyyy!!!” I jumped up and down and clapped my hands before leaping back onto the bed and absolutely smashing my big beefy butt down right on his locked face! He screamed helplessly as I came crashing down and sank his trapped nose deep in the crack of my rancid, sweaty gym shorts.

After a minute I sat still and heavy, just waiting to see what happened when I smothered him for too long… he yelped and twitched and tried to squirm free. But it was no use! He was COMPLETELY TRAPPED!!

His hands flailed as he gripped the bedsheets with white knuckles. His wrists were red and purple from pulling at his tight cuffs. He screamed for dear life right against my suffocating pussy, and the vibrations sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t help myself… I sat a little longer until he was rattling the entire bed frame and headboard!

“Oh, whoops! I’m sorry baby! Do you need some air?” I twirled my fingers innocently in my hair and cocked my head to the side, scrunching my nose a little. He thrashed like a fish out of water, again smashing the bed against the wall. I giggled wickedly. “Okay, but you’re not gonna like it!” I teased out.

I lifted up just a little and grunted hard. He yelped into my sweaty shorts just as a massive butt burp blorted out of my rotten rectum, filling my shorts with a thick, maddeningly nauseating stench that just hung there forever!

I felt him seize up under me, lurching as he took his first torturous sniff! I choked violently as my eyes watered on the wafting stench, and cried, "Hollllly shit babe!! That smells like literal rotten eggs covered in shit!!" I sat back and bounced on his face, squeezing and pumping all of the stink out of my sweaty gym shorts and up his nose.

He was absolutely hating life! I heard him fight back puking several times, and he couldn't stop trying to thrash! It kept jiggling my sexy butt cheeks as I bounced on his perfectly trapped face! It felt sooo cool! He was completely locked and stabilized!

As I kept bouncing I oozed out at least four more long, slooooow burners, whimpering as each one singed my teeny little butthole hairs. "Fffuck these are lethal... holy fuck so lethal..." I groaned, squirming uncomfortably on his nose.

This went on for about 10 more minutes, at least 15 more farts... finally the room was so thick with my gas, I felt dizzy! I jumped up and ran out of the room, grabbed a mask from the front room and ran back, pulling it around my ears as I entered the biohazard cloud again.

"Fuck how are you still alive, baby?" I giggled out teasingly as his red, watery eyes pleaded up at me. I smiled so big he could see it behind my mask, as I locked his gaze and slowly slid out of my stinky shorts.

He panted desperately, "Haley... jesus fucking... christ.... please..... stop.... I can't.... gonna puke.... I swear... I'm begging you..." His words were broken up by deep gags and chokes... Mmmmm fucking music to my ears!!

I giggled happily as I sang out, completely ignoring him, "My farts are just way too awful tonight... we have to improve your fart filter seal, loser. Hold on..." I groaned and grunted as I peeled my sweaty shorts down around my meaty cheeks, and quickly pounced on his face as I kicked them off my ankles!

I curved my back and tilted my neck backwards, reaching behind me to grip my plump ass cheeks in my fingers. I drilled his nose back and forth along my sweaty, rotten egg fart tainted asscrack and carefully stopped as his nose bent back, flattened, and his traumatized little nostrils locked into the reek oozing opening of my shit shooter.

"Mmmmmm fuck... there it is..." I wiggled around and drilled him deeper into my rancid, soggy hole. I moaned loudly, "God... that feels fucking ammmmazzzing...." As I used his nose to itch and sooth my shart-acid coated wrinkles.

My pussy instantly creamed as I smashed it into his mouth, pinning it closed and gluing it shut with my sticky Goddess sauce! He lost his mind at the fresh, unfiltered ass reek coming from my soiled meaty hole, now mashed hard against his only available breathing holes. Sooo fucking hot! Godddd!!!

I let out a huge moan as I clenched my tummy tight and squeezed, milking a huge, thick, nasty butt bomb straight into his nostrils with a perfect seal!

I literally felt the thick, steaming gas expand his nostrils against my crack! He instantly yelped and I saw his entire body convulse as the burning weapon wormed through his sinus and up into his brain! As he continued screaming and went limp, I leaned forward just enough for his nostrils to devour my disgusting fart vapor! His mouth was still pinned shut against my sticky, creaming cunt, so he involuntarily vacuumed up every molecule of that disgusting rotten egg shit fart just to stay alive!

I shivered as the nauseating smell wafted up to me. Even after he'd filtered most of it, the thick reek made me choke in the back of my throat! God! My eyes stung, and I wrinkled my nose as I rolled my eyes and tilted my chin upwards and to the left, trying to escape the murderous stink!

I whined out, "OH MYYY GOD! Fuck that stinks sooo bad!!" Slaveboy was still choking, desperately snorting in just to gag and immediately cough back out! The vibrations on my clit were insane, and it just made me ooze more sticky white cream all over his screaming mouth!

I sat back upright and buried his nose in the soggy, greasy pit of my buttcrack. I swear, the stink still smelled just as bad as it did when I farted a minute ago... "GOD that reeks!!" I choked out again, giggling at how disgusting I was as I let go of my asscheeks around his face and fanned the air in front of my nose.

"Let's try this again, but this time, I'm keeping your nostrils sealed to my asshole until this next one totally dissipates in your lungs! You're useless as a filter, now you have to be receptacle, bitch!!" I wriggled around carefully positioning his flattened, wide open nostrils perfectly against my stinking fart vent, and then I drilled down and put all my weight directly on his nose holes!!

He began spasming again, rattling the headboard against the wall and jiggling my plump ass cheeks against his face. I giggled out, "Save your strength, stupid! You're never getting free, and this next one will probably kill you!" My voice was bratty, taunting and cruel, and it got the message across. He yelped one more time and I felt his neck desperately bulging against my thighs, but this new restraining method was extremely effective!!

Finally he went still and shut up. I let out a soft groan as I gently caressed my bloated tummy. I whined out, "Ooof. God I'm so crampy... what the hell is going on?" I felt Slaveboy twitch and let out a whimper under me, and my lips curled into a sinister little snarl. Something inside me was shifting. My fart cannon was locked and loaded. It was time to test me new seal!

"Here we go fart face, I hope you're ready to dieeee!!" I pushed. Hard. Nothing. Then a little squeak. Oh my god it burned. It kept squeaking out. I felt him twitch. More hot, silent fart fumes. I couldn't even hear it. If it weren't for the searing heat on my asshole, I wouldn't have even been sure I was farting! Except he screamed. Oh my GOD did he scream!

It must've been literal torture. I actually felt bad for him and almost lifted off. But then I sniffed the air, still thick and reeking with my minutes-old fart, and my eyes crossed. Nope. Fuck that. This gets pumped directly into him, and it STAYS in him! This loser hasn't filled his quota for the day, and he gets NO MERCY until he does!

It had been about 5 seconds of constant, hissing fart reek, thick and nauseating, slithering slowly through his nasal passage. My asshole felt like it was being bathed in acid, so I can't imagine what he was going through!!!

Suddenly, I felt like my gas was kind of being blocked. Were his lungs actually totally full?! No way!! I shifted just a little and wiggled my hips around, flexing my tummy and grunting quietly. Then I tilted my chin up again and pushed hard... and the block cleared. BIG TIME!!

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to go into detail about what happened next here, but lets just say it's a very good thing his head was immobilized. His nostrils quickly became... unusable... and then something similar happened to his mouth...

There's an excellent reason my farts were sooo disgusting. It was just a warning! Because shit got sooo much worse for him!!

UGH but now I need another neck brace! Oh well… 🤷🏼‍♀️

UPDATE! Some addicted lil loser bought me a legit massive inflatable neck brace!!! So now I have THAT to use! Gotta love an upgrade, right? 😈

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