🥵 Sweaty, Stinky, Tickle Torment Fart Hyperventilation!

Me and my roommate Makayla have some kinky fun with my slaveboy! 😈


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Written by Haley 💕


[TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic, detailed depictions of forced, non-consensual sexual abuse. DO NOT READ if this offends you!]

Ohh my god, it has been super hot here the last week, and my roommate/best friend Makayla and I have been doing yoga and pilates every day out in the backyard. We get so hot and sweaty! So we decided to use it to our advantage.

For four days, we didn’t shower, worked out super hard every day, and didn’t change our panties. The fifth day was yesterday, and we had a devious plan!

First, we woke up and had breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs, dried apricots, a huge protein coffee shake, and granola with almonds. All of those things make us fart like crazy!

Then, we got our nails done super pretty and long. Then we did a full pilates and yoga routine in the backyard. It was about 94 degrees out! And all day we’d been eating these amazing sugar free lollipops that are delicious but say on the bag, “Warning. Excessive consumption can cause laxative effect.” Oopsies!! Hahaha

We chugged another protein shake, and had our paprika-three-bean, cabbage salads for lunch, and then began our plan. Still DRIPPING with sweat, we skipped into slaveboy’s office, giggling.

“Baby! We need your for something!” I squealed excitedly.

He looked over at us, with our glistening skin and matted hair, rocking back and fourth on our heels and swaying mischievously.

“What’s up?” He asked cautiously.

I ran over to him and yanked in his arm, pulling him up from his desk.

“Come onnnn!! You’ll see!!” I whined.

He sighed deeply and let me tug him towards the door and down the hall to the bedroom. He seemed a little relieved. He’s been spending most of his time in my smotherbox in the living room ever since I got that a few months ago. It’s amazing!!! And I’m kind of obsessed... lol but we had a different plan for him today.

As we shoved him into the bedroom and tackled him onto the bed, I could smell how ripe we were. Slaveboy choked, too.

“Ugh, Mak we STINK!” I groaned, wrinkling my nose.

Makayla cackled and scrunched her face, agreeing proudly, “I know!”

Before he knew what was fully happening, I ripped off slaveboy’s shirt and stripped him down to his boxers. Then I shoved him straight back, leapt up and straddled his chest, pinning him down. Mak quickly began pulling his arm out and handcuffed his wrist to the top corner of the bed.

He started to protest, squirming a little. He could have easily gotten free at this point, but he knew if he did we’d punish him ten times worse than what we already had in store. Before he could finish a sentence I rolled my eyes at him, scrunched my face up and shot him a mean, bratty look, and slid forward, muffling him in my unbearably ripe, sweaty, unshowered crotch. My shorts were SOAKED through already, and as the wet fabric clung to his face and he took his first breath, he hacked out a loud cough instantly.

“Pewy, it’s stinky down there huh baby??” I giggled out innocently, as I started grinding my soaking mound harder into his face.

He flailed and yelped up into me, but Mak was quick. She already had both his arms and his left leg shackled to the bed, and was just now grabbing his right ankle. He tried to snake it free but she huffed and jumped on it, using her full weight to capture his helpless leg, strap his ankle down, and pull the strap right so he had no slack.

She jumped up and clapped happily. “He’s ready!” I giggled wickedly, scooting back off his face. “Oh good! You’re ready!” His eyes were open so wide and he looked legit terrified.

“Please noooo, I know you guys were working out earlier and it’s so hot outside! You’re soaking with sweat!” He pleaded, begging for mercy. Mmmm! How cute!

We both giggled maniacally, looking at each other with smug little smirks.

“Oh, baby. You have NO idea. Trust me...”

His eyes opened wider as we both started wriggling our wet, saran wrap tight shorts down our pink, sweaty thighs. You could literally hear them peeling off of our skin.

He gulped loudly as we kicked them off our ankles and both put our hands on our hips, standing in front of him in our thongs. I turned around and wiggled my ass at him.

“Mak, tell him.” I said, biting my lip excitedly as I pulled the thong wedgie out of my swampy crack.

“So we’ve been preparing for this. We haven’t showered in like, 4 or 5 days, right Hales?”

I nodded, letting go of my thong to make a loud snapping sound. “5 days.”

“Yeah 5 days! And we’ve been wearing these same thongs the whole time!” She announced excitedly as she ran her fingers through the waistband of her thong.

Slaveboy groaned loudly, but before he could fully process everything, I pounced on his face. He begged helplessly as I lined my sweaty, sticky ass right over his face and plopped it down. I felt his nose dig into my crack, and shivered as it drove the thong deep up my asshole again.

“Big sniffs!” I called out. He stayed silent. “NOW!!” I barked. Slaveboy took a big sniff in and started choking.

“I know, it’s really bad isn’t it?” I whimpered, pretending to sound sympathetic. “Sniff again!” Just as he did, I grunted and shot a steaming gurgle of fart wind right up his nostrils.

“Oops! Sorry, baby!!” I cackled, trying to stifle my evil laughter. “It just slipped. I’ve been super gassy all day.” I shrugged innocently.

As he choked on my fart, my tone changed completely. “Deep sniffs now slave! SMELL IT!!” I demanded.

He took several sniffs but kept choking and trying to breathe through his mouth.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Naughty boy. You’re not doing it right. And naughty boys get punished.” I calmly but coldly explained.

I jumped off his face and stared at him hungrily as I peeled my soaking wet thong over my big, perky butt cheeks and down my sticky legs.

“Oof, wow...” I whimpered out as the stink of my lower body oozed out and up at me. My nostrils stung as I scrunched up my nose and screwed my eyes.

“I’m really sorry babe. This is gonna suck for you. Like I almost feel bad. Now. Open wide!!”

I balled up my disgusting panties, asshole and pussy side out, and started pushing them into his lips. He shook his head and screamed with his mouth shut.

“SLAVE! Open your fucking mouth right now or I’ll put something WAY worse in it!!” I hissed violently.

He whimpered and reluctantly opened his mouth. Squealing happily, I quickly shoved the rancid fabric in my fingers deep into his mouth. He instantly started heaving, which made me super happy!

Makayla was already pouncing on his face with duck tape. She really was so quick! Slaveboy shrieked as she sealed my disgusting, sweat soaked, piss soiled, fart juice stained panties in his mouth. The instant she finished I wasted no time and leapt back onto his face.

“Woahhhh!! Ahhh hahahahaha!!” I squealed as I slipped around on his face. “God my butt is so sweaty and slippery!!” I giggled out, using my palms on his chest to stabilize myself. Finally, I sank down and curled my stinky feet around the top of his head to lock his wiggling face still. I moaned loudly and lined up his nose with my puckering, greasy asshole and sank down. Hard.

“Oh my godddd yesssss!!” I moaned out. “Your nose is sooo deep in my stinky little butthole! Ugh it itches!!!” I whined, arching my back and wiggling my hips to drill his nose deeper into my reeking, spongy fart hole. I crossed my eyes in pleasure and started making funny noises as I used his poor nose to literally itch my filthy asshole. Makayla laughed at me, her eyes sparkling. I knew she couldn’t wait for her turn.

The smell wafting up from between my legs was unreal. I mean it was beyond pungent butthole. Cheesy, rotten, sweaty, shitty, girl ass BO. Mixed with ripe pussy, sweaty girl cum, stale pee (I hadn’t been wiping very well the past few days... my front OR my back hahaha). Yuck! So gross. The smell was making me dizzy and I was several feet away from the source. I couldn’t imagine how vile it had to be for poor slaveboy... mmmmm but thinking about it was making me super wet...

As the tag team assault of my sour, disgusting panties and my unwashed, greasy asshole destroyed his nose and tastebuds, my tummy gurgled. I sat still and grunted softly, moaning at the feeling of pooching my butthole out against his nostrils over and over again. He felt me loading my fart gun and tried to thrash. Makayla giggled and jumped on his waist, clamping her thighs down around him as I dug in deeper into his face.

“You’re not going anywhere, slave. Just sniff my ass...” I commanded, trailing off into a loud grunt. As my asshole reached out and hugged his nose, a flirty little fart squeaked out slowly. I sighed as the slow, steamy shit wind burned a path up his nostrils. After three or four seconds, it was still going. Slaveboy yelped as the painful, stinky steam sizzled his sinus. He tried to thrash free but he was absolutely trapped.

Then, my fart erupted into a loud, burbling trumpet! It sounded so wet and gruesome! The whole thing lasted about seven seconds. I was giggling so hard. “Ohhh yeah, sniff that one up, baby!” My words tumbled out through giggles and I was fully laughing by the end of the sentence.

“Haley oh my god that sounded wretched!” Mak squealed, covering her face with her hands. I raised my eyebrows proudly. “Oh, it was! I can’t tell if it was wet, or just like sounded wet because of my super major swamp ass!” Makayla groaned into her hands as I bounced up and down on his face and cackled victoriously.

Poor slaveboy was gagging up a storm under me. He was having serious trouble inhaling, and was going to need some help. Good thing we were prepared.

“Was that one bad?” I asked innocently, arching my back slightly and looking down at him over my shoulder. I could just barely see his eyes peeking out from my big, shiny butt cheeks. He yelped a muffled, pitiful response. “Yay!!” I clapped my hands and bounced harder on his face.

“Now I know our farts are going to be hard to sniff tonight. So we have another surprise for you!” Makayla and I looked at each other excitedly, our eyes shimmering. Slaveboy went silent, absolutely horrified at what we might do next.

“So Mak and I got our nails done today. You didn’t even say anything. Did you notice? See?” I used my nails to gently scrape along his stomach. He screamed and immediately started involuntarily snorting at my wet asshole. “Mmmm!!!” I moaned, smiling huge.

See, slaveboy is super super ticklish and sensitive. And nothing makes him go crazier than when I run my nails all over his body. He can’t help it, it makes him twitch and breathe super hard. Unfortunately, with his mouth gagged and taped, and his nose stuffed inside my raunchy asshole, he knew what this meant. And he started screaming and rattling the bed. I bit my lip and laughed super hard at him.

“That’s right, baby! It’s time for your favorite game. Tickle Torment Fart Hyperventilation!!”

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Mak and I both squealed as we pounced on him!! He was screaming and thrashing desperately, but of course with our combined weight and the cuffs and straps restraining his arms and legs, he had no hope of escape. I reached back and spread my asshole wide open, prominently displaying just how red and brown my greasy, swampy asshole was to poor slaveboy. While I swirled my throbbing butthole around and around his nostrils, flattening his nose and super glueing it directly to my fart vent, Mak was giggling sadistically and running her fingernails lightly all over his stomach and sides. Instantly he began hyperventilating and balking, as his nose sucked and sniffed the eye-watering stink off of every wrinkle of my filthy butthole. The sensation of his cool sucks and hot, desperate exhales soothed my sweltering hole and I moaned softly, giggling with every gag, choke and sound of suffering coming from slaveboy's face, trapped underneath my rotten rump.

He started going even crazier as Mak leaned down and started gently kissing and brushing her lips over his abdomen, while simultaneously dancing her fingertips all over his ribs and up to his armpits, just under my knees. "Awww, baby, you sound absolutely miserable! Just keep sniffing, you'll be okay!!" He absolutely screamed into my pussy, sending a shockwave of tingles into my oozing slit, and I crossed my eyes again and moaned loudly, flexing my tummy and grunting as another vile fart dripped out of my wet, spread asshole. It was so hard to keep my big, juicy butt cheeks gripped, they kept slipping through my fingers. Finally I let go, and my butt cheeks slammed shut around his nose, sealing him in my pit of stink as another fart began quacking out of my noxious asshole. My butt cheeks rippled and bounced around before finally coming to rest around his face, and I sat back, grinding my horrible swamp ass farts deep into his brain!

With my free hands I took over for Mak, tickling his armpits and sides.

"You should turn around and tickle his legs, ankles and feet! He'll lose his fucking mind!" I suggested, and Mak quickly obeyed. She swirled around on his lap and slammed her big butt right on his dick, arching her back. She froze suddenly and made a strange little noise. I guess moving around had stirred something up in her. She looked back at me, raised her eyebrows and let out a huge fart right on his dick! Slaveboy, totally shocked by this, let out a loud moan, half pleasure, half agony, as Mak giggled and started grinding her butt gently against his crotch. Her fart was rank! It quickly reached my nostrils.

"Oh god, Mak, ewwww!!" I scrunched up my face and choked. She shot me a smug smirk, stuck her tongue out at me, and then turned back around and started tickling slaveboy's thighs. I coughed again and turned my head, trying to escape Mak's fart. Unfortunately for poor slaveboy, there was no escape. As I looked down at him over my shoulder, all three of us heard my tummy gurgle. I narrowed my eyes at him and watched happily as he screamed and squirmed under me. Mak was kissing his thigh and running her nails all the way down to his calves and back up, painfully slowly, giggling softly to herself. I positioned my fingers right on his ribs, pressed in gently, and began overloading his senses with even more tickles as I exhaled several soft grunts through my nostrils, working up my next huge fart.

He felt my asshole puckering and sucking at his nose, and the cool, soothing wash of his rapid inhales and exhales through his nostrils, still glued perfectly to my stink-oozing hole, sent tingles up my spine. I felt his body tense up under me as he began to choke. Even before I farted, the air he was forced to pump through his nostrils turned shitty. And then without warning, a splattery, spitty, stinky, sloshy fart schlorped out of my butthole and showered his nose holes with caustic fart acid! I peppered his entire face with wet sprinkles of magical fart dust, and I could literally hear the liquid ooze gurgle and blub like a thick soup in his nostrils. He started screaming as Mak and I both increased our tickle torture simultaneously, knowing that the fart I just launched was going to smell heinous, and we wanted to force him to snort it down as fast as possible!

Mak and I groaned and giggled at the same time, squealing with disgust at how squishy and sick my fart sounded! Slaveboy sounded like he was about to throw up. Which would be a bad idea for him, considering his mouth was taped. And if he puked on my panties, I would be furious! And you don't want to see me furious. Trust me, it's a nightmare!

Mak began sliding down his body and attacking his foot with both hands, while kissing all over his ultra sensitive ankle. He lost his mind, snorting and sniffling so hard through his screams that I thought for sure he'd puke and pass out.

"You better clear out your nostrils, slave! Here comes another one!" I cackled out menacingly, but still sounding giddy and sweet. The chilling combination of my cruelty and pure innocent enjoyment of his suffering made him sink heavier into the mattress under us, and he stopped thrashing so much.

"Mmm. Good boy! Save your strength. You're not going anywhere anytime soon, and you're going to need it. I promise!" He sank even harder as I whispered out to Mak to stop tickling him for a second. She and I both froze as I sat heavy on his face, suffocating him in my wet stink cave. Mak flicked her hair to the side and watched me, over her shoulder, as I hummed quietly to myself and rocked my head back and forth, pursing my lips together and wiggling my toes, happily killing time. After about a minute, Slaveboy started yelping under me. Mak's eyes went wide as she watched his neck turn purple between my thighs, and the whole bed started rattling as he tried to thrash free.

"Haley?" She mouthed silently at me. "Let him breathe?" I bit my lip and held up my index finger, smirking as I signaled to her to wait just a little longer. My eyes rolled up and to the side as I waited, and waited, and waited, as his shrieks and flails got even more desperate.

Finally, I whispered to Mak, "As soon as I fart, tickle the fuck out of his feet!" She nodded quickly, still looking worried about the situation. I positioned my fingers over his stomach, arched my back, and leaned forward just enough to create a pocket of stinky butthole air for him to start sucking at. Before he finished his first desperate sniff, I farted a huge, duck quack fart straight into his nostrils, and squealed, "Now! Go go go!" Mak and I executed our perfectly timed tag team assault as he began snorting violently against my farting asshole! She even farted on his dick right after I farted up his nose! Awesome! I grunted again and sent another eye-watering methane megabomb straight up his nose! He yelped, fighting back an awful urge to puke, as I watched his poor stomach heave and lurch under my fingertips. I swirled them around and around, driving him crazy with my touch, while continuing to launch fart after brain melting fart straight into his nasal passage!

"Ohhhh, baby... that HAS to suck!!" I called out, honestly sounding sympathetic, but completely unable to stop laughing, even as I said the words sweetly. "God, I'm so glad I'm not you right now!" My farts were like death. Rotten egg, spoiled vegetable, protein farts! And all the apricots and sugar free suckers I'd had made them super wet and shitty smelling, on top of everything else! YUCK!!

Incredibly, even though I could smell them a little, and I knew they were thick and awful, his forced hyperventilating really did work extremely well as a fart filter. By now the whole room would have stunk horribly with farts. It still did, especially with Mak farting on his dick, but it was nowhere near how nasty it should have been. My farts could kill today, I knew because they were stinking us out before we even started torturing slaveboy.

"Mmmm. Good boy! You're doing so good, slave! What a good fart filter! But keep going, I have lots more and I have a feeling they're just going to get worse and worse..." I groaned, as Slaveboy shuddered and gagged violently under me.

"Hey Mak, let's only tickle him when we're farting. I don't want to desensitize him to it too much." I sat back, smothering Slaveboy in my raunchy ass again. He screamed bloody murder as my wet, shit-speckled asshole enveloped his nose, but he was so muffled it just sounded cute to us!

"Yeah, good idea!" She sat up and reached over towards the nightstand, grabbing two more lollipops. "Want one?" She asked, holding one out to me. "Mmmm! Thanks!" I squealed, grabbing it and ripping it open.

We giggled as we loudly sucked at our lollipops, mmming and swaying happily on top of slaveboy.

"It's a really good thing we have him. These things are so good I could eat like fifty a day, but they give me the most awful farts!" Mak sang happily as she sucked her lollipop.

"Oh I know, they're so dangerous!" We giggled even more as slaveboy wailed under us, desperately needing to breathe, but dreading his next breath of "fresh air."

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Almost a minute passed, and he was being unusually quiet. Mak pulled her lollipop down against her tongue.

"Should we let him breathe?" She asked in a goofy, bratty voice with the lollipop still hanging off her tongue.

I giggled and played with the lollipop in my mouth, grinning. "Almost. I'm working up a really big fart!" Her eyes danced wickedly as she smiled back at me and nodded excitedly. Slaveboy started thrashing now, his lungs burning for air. I squealed as he bucked us around a little, and I arched my back and pressed my beefy butt harder into him.

"Not yet!" I sang out, smirking as his panic increased. Finally, I pulled out my sucker and stuck my tongue out, biting the tip gently. "Ready to tickle?" Mak nodded quickly, her cheeks dimpling into a wide grin.

As I leaned forward she leaned down and let her hair brush along the sensitive skin of his thigh, cackling as he started trembling under her. Just as she began running her fingernails down over his knee, I reached down and began tickling his ribs. He was screaming bloody murder now, still muffled in my meaty ass. Painfully slowly, I kept lifting and leaning just enough until I heard him start sniffing in loud, choking gasps, and I pushed from my tummy super hard.

A huge, deep, bassy fart rumbled out of my butthole, vibrating his face and sending a tidal wave of fart fumes flowing furiously down his nostrils! It bubbled and burned, sounding like a motorcycle at full throttle. I groaned as the steamy gas literally singed my tiny blonde butthole hairs! After about five seconds it started squealing like a balloon leaking air, and turned silent but violent. It hissed and sizzled, and then within a few more seconds exploded in a wet, sputtering eruption of fart lava that completely coated my entire swollen hole.

"Oh god, it burrrrrrrnssss!!" I whined, as the fart just kept going and going. It hurt so much that I had to stop tickling him and reach back to spread my cheeks apart and air it out! As soon as I did, it changed from a rumbly bassy burble to a deafening quack and slapped out of my ass with so much force that I could feel it rattle my butt cheeks in my hands!

"Holy shit!" I gasped, sighing in relief as it finally tailed off after what had to be more than ten seconds straight of agonizing fart CPR administered directly into my slave's poor, hyperventilating nostrils!

Makayla squealed in disgust as she unrelentingly ran her fingertips so slowly and lightly up and down, and up and down his leg. He shrieked bloody murder as his body uncontrollably betrayed him, forcing his nasal passage to vacuum up every molecule of my nauseating ass vapor!

"Sniff harder! That one is gonna stink soooo badddd!!" She demanded petulantly, clicking her lollipop against her teeth loudly.

I giggled a muffled giggle around my sucker as I finally let my ass cheeks slam shut around his face and slammed myself backwards, locking him in the airtight seal of my weapon of ass destruction and trapping my excruciating gas deep in his lungs. He twitched violently as I settled in for another long smother.

"I hope you got a good breath, baby! That stinky fart needs to completely dissipate in your lungs, I do NOT wanna smell that one!!" I cackled, pulling my lollipop out of my mouth and smacking my lips loudly.

Makayla sat up and dug herself into his heaving stomach, groaning again.

"How in the hell is he still even alive after that? That fart was seriously demonic!" We laughed and laughed as he made awful puking sounds deep from his stomach.

"Aww, are you going to be sick?" I called out sweetly. He tried to respond, and even though he was muffled in my massive ass, he obviously was agreeing. I cackled like a wicked witch. "Good!!"

Makayla cracked up at my brazen cruelty and shook her head. "God you're so mean!"

I snickered as I started sucking on my lollipop again. "Oh shut up. You love it!"

She turned her torso towards me and wrinkled her nose at me cutely. "I do, I love it so much!" Slaveboy sank under us. The fact that we were enjoying this so much absolutely drove him mad. Or maybe that was my disgusting fart still burning through his sinus and lungs!

Mak watched me carefully as she pulled out her sucker and started licking it. "How long can he hold is breath?" She asked casually.

"Normally? Maybe like two minutes. But I have no idea if he was breathing in or out when I smashed my ass back onto his face. And with that fart in his lungs, it's gotta make it a lot harder!"

We giggled quietly, ignoring him as he continued twitching and spasming under us. His toes were curled disturbingly downward, and he was desperately trying to turn his head against my feet, which had him clamped firmly in place.

I bounced a little up and down on his face, driving his head down into the mattress, but never letting him actually breathe. Finally, once his knuckles turned pure white from gripping the sheets, I decided to let him breathe. I nodded to Mak, signaling her, and she turned back around, slid down and immediately started tickling his foot.

As I lifted off his face and gave him his pocket of swampy, stinky ass air, his wooshing breath gushed against my swollen asshole and I unexpectedly blasted him with another fart! It squeaked out of me and then slowly turned into a wet, silent ooze of fart lava that bubbled and dripped out of my steaming shit shooter!

"Ohh, god! Squishy!" I shrieked, grinding back down to press my itchy, dripping hole hard into his flared nostrils. "Sorry, baby... I honestly wasn't planning to fart this time!" I giggled out as he let out a horrible, burbled scream into my filthy panties. I giggled harder at his adorable anguish as I swirled my soupy shit sludge smeared asshole around and around against his suckling nostrils. "I think you sucked it out of me!"

Mak laughed hard as she kept tickling his feet and running her fingernails in-between his toes. I leaned up again, just enough to hear him sniffle and snort a noseful of actual liquid fart! Yuck it sounded so gross! Mak froze and I watched her back shudder.

"EWWWWW! THAT DOES SOUND SQUISHY!!" She whined, scooting further down his leg to escape the smell leaking out of my asshole. I laughed so hard I snorted on my lollipop and choked a little, wrinkling my nose as the tainted air swirled around me!

"Fuck that is so rrrraaaaannnnkkk!!" I squealed, laughing harder as the insane reek of my rectal rot literally burned my nostrils. "Quick! Snort it all down slave! That STINKS!" I whined childishly as I immediately started tickling his armpits! He heaved so hard it almost knocked Mak over, and then he made sounds that I'm sure were literal puking. I watched his throat bulge out like a frog and than swallow so hard I felt it in my thighs! Then the skin-crawling sound him actually drinking my shit soup through his nostrils...

"Oh... oh god, that just sounds..." I shuddered violently as slaveboy performed the vile, demented task of consuming my thick, wet fart through his nasal passage. Honestly I don't know how he did it. He's such a trooper!

Once I heard a loud sniff come from his nostrils, I knew he had cleared it out. I listened carefully and let him take two more giant sniffs, mere millimeters away from my oozing asshole. And then I sank back, drilling his poor nose deep into my lubed up shit spitter.

"Hollllly fuuuuuckkkk..." I moaned, biting down so hard my lollipop broke in half! His nose slid sooo deep into my burning asshole! That last fart felt like acid on my wrinkles, and feeling him penetrate me and scrape some of it off was magical...

Mak shot around and looked at me with wide eyes. Her face was white as a ghost! I smirked sheepishly and opened my mouth, showing her my sucker, broken in two pieces on my tongue. I reached up and brushed my hair out of my eyes, gently tucking it behind my ear.

"Oh fuck! Jesus christ Haley I thought you broke his nose or something!!" She exhaled loudly and shook her head, as the color slowly returned to her face.

"No... sorry... I'm just fucking my shit-caked asshole with his nose and it feels soooo good that I accidentally bit my lollipop in half. Mmmmm!" I announced shamelessly.

She watched me rocking back and forth, knowing that I was forcing his nose deeper and deeper into my greasy, filthy butthole. Her face wrinkled in disgust, as more color came into her blushing cheeks.

"God you're so gross!" She squealed, turning back around and flicking her hair down her back. Then I heard her murmur something.

"What was that?" I asked, arching my eyebrows towards the ceiling. She turned her head around a little and smirked at me.

"I have to try that, too..." She repeatedly softly. I giggled and dimpled my cheeks into a huge grin, still biting down on my sucker stick.

"Oh you have to, it's fucking magical!" I exclaimed, exaggeratedly arching my back and drilling his nose even deeper inside my asshole.

Mak rolled her eyes at me and turned around again quickly. Her cheeks were even redder now.

Meanwhile, poor slaveboy was in pure hell. My sticky, greasy asshole kept dripping into his nostrils, he couldn't breathe at all as the sludge slowly oozed into the back of his throat, his face was raw and bruised from my huge ass roughly humping his face, and all he could taste and smell was my disgusting panties and the most vile farts I could have hoped to pump out!

I couldn't even imagine what he was going through. My back shivered and I let out a full body shudder as I kept fucking his nose up my ass over and over again, deeper and deeper. I was actually panting, repeatedly whimpering out obscenities, and I could feel my pussy creaming out into his vibrating, screaming tape gag. Mmmmm, fuck!

Makayla quickly turned around again and pointed out that he probably needed to breath. "Ugh. Yeah yeah, stupid slave. Fine, I'll give you your precious fresh air..." I hissed, pressing my palms into his chest and using all of my strength to unplug his nose from my asshole. The sound it made was like a cork popping out of a bottle! Hollow, wet, and loud, it splooped out and instantly, as if unstopping a stuck pipe, my asshole began belching another torrent of bassy, bubbly farts! Luckily for slaveboy they were mostly dry this time, but they smelled even worse than before! They must have come from deeper inside me, and I wasn't even pushing them out. They just flowed out of me, uncontrollably, as my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I moaned out loudly.

"Ohhhh my goddddd that feels sooo good...." I purred. The feeling of relief was insane. Orgasmic! Makayla laughed cruelly as the unstoppable leak from my butthole drowned out the sound of slaveboy's panicked sniffs and whimpers. I felt him flinch and convulse under me as my burning fart liquified his brain and lungs. It send shivers up my spine.

"That has to be fucking horrible..." I mused, still grunting and moaning as the last little bit of thick, squeaky air sizzled out of my stinkhole. "Mmmm, it's delicious, right slave?" I cackled, wiggling my asshole around on his nose and swirling his sniffing, soothing nostrils against my spongy fart spewer.

He choked violently, gurgling a tormented scream for help from deep in the back of his throat, as he fought down another riptide vomit response from my noxious ass blast. I arched my back and slid backwards a little, once again suffocating him completely deep inside my deep buttcrack.

I bit the rest of my lollipop off the stick and casually tossed the stick towards the trash can in the corner next to the bed, flicked my hair behind my back and looked down over my shoulder at him. Once again I could just barely see his bloodshot eyes peeking out.

"Hiiiiii!!" I cooed down cutely. "Still alive?" I taunted. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly and tried to shake his head against my stinky feet vice and tried to yelp out a response. I rolled my eyes at him and shot him a sinister smirk.

"Oh shut up. You're fine." I interrupted coldly, turning my head back around to ignore him again.

Mak had sat back up and was now holding her tummy, groaning softly. Suddenly, a huge fart exploded through her thong, straight into his cock as she wiggled around uncomfortably on top of him.

"Ugh. Haley? I don't think I can hold these in much longer... Can we please switch soon?" She whined, arching her back and clenching her butt cheeks together.

"Yeah okay, sorry! Just let me do one more thing!" I saw the back of her head nod in agreement, and I quickly reached behind me to pull my sticky cheeks apart and lean all my weight backwards, flattening his nose and spreading his nostrils wide open. I scraped it around on my burning asshole and with all of my weight still pressing into him, I launched another fart straight into his trapped nose.

He yelped so loud it made us both jump a little, as the hollow, deep rumble of my fart fountain shot straight into his nose holes with a perfect air-tight seal.

"Ohhh yeah, feel the burn!" I giggled out in a silly voice. I sat still and let my stinky fart slither around in his trapped nasal passage for a few seconds, and finally leaned forward enough for him to start exhaling desperately. Just as he started his first inhale, I squeezed another thick torpedo of toots deep into his sucking sniffer and cackled wickedly.

"Fresh air, just for you, sweetie!!" I taunted, hovering my spitting asshole just above his flaring nostrils.

"SNIFF IT!! NOW! DO IT!!" I bellowed.

He sniffed as hard and as deep as he could, fighting through another violent choking fit, and finally I hopped off his face. As my butt cheeks clamped shut again, I could feel how sludgy and soupy my crack was, and it felt super gross!

Mak swiveled around on his lap and let out another fart into his dick as she maneuvered herself. It smelled different than mine and made my eyes water. Less shitty and eggy, but more like sour milk.

"Jesus Mak, that's foul!" I teased, plugging my nose.

She groaned again and put her hands back on her tummy. "I knowwww... I'm really crampy!" She whined.

"Okay okay I'll be quick I promise!" She watched me with nervous eyes as I leaned down over slaveboy and began peeling the tape back from the corner of his mouth. Once I had a good grip, I peeled it back with no regard for him, giggling as his lips yanked outward and he winced, a muffled whimper turning into a louder scream.

"Okay baby, I'm gonna take that nasty gag out of your mouth now, but you need to be a good boy and suck my butthole clean. It's super grody and feels so gross!"

His eyes shot open wide as I giggled smugly down at his terrified reaction. I quickly pulled out my soggy, spitty thong from his mouth and tossed it to the side, shaking my hand and wrinkling my nose.

"Babe, please I can't... it's too much... I'm seriously... gonna puke..." He panted out through gags and coughs.

I narrowed my eyes and pursed out my lips angrily at him before quickly leaping onto his face and resuming my position, feet clamping his head, asshole squishing down into his gasping lips.

"Shut the fuck up. Just do what you’re told and be quick, Mak really needs to use you!"

He wailed miserably underneath me as I reached down and squeezed his chin in my fist.

"Open your mouth NOW! It's time to suck my butt!" I demanded in a huff.

I felt his timid, terrified tongue start to lap at my soiled wrinkles, and purred happily, closing my eyes and sinking deeper into him.

"Mmmmm, fuck... that's a good boy... suck it..."

His lips wrapped around my greasy hole and began sucking me into him. I pressed hard and, pooching my asshole into his mouth. As I felt him begin to vacuum me inward, my eyes shot open.

"Uh oh..." I whispered, just as a huge, hollow blast of pure shit steam wooshed into his sucking mouth like a dam breaking! He instantly yelped up into me.

"SUCK MY FARTS!" I squealed, arching my back and drilling harder into him, flexing my tummy and ironing out even more disgusting fart belches straight down his throat! The feeling was magical... the relief, the licking and sucking, feeling his cheeks pooch out into my butt, hearing him shriek in agony, and instantly my pussy started gushing thick, sticky cum all over his chin.

He kept sucking, and I kept farting. Blort after bloop, the hollow eruption of my gas exploding in his mouth hole sounded epic as fuck!! His nostrils flared as he sniffed the burning hot methane in and out of his nostrils over and over again while I kept his mouth pinned shut around my throbbing asshole. He choked again and again, but kept licking and sucking me, desperate for this disgusting chore to be over with.

Finally after a couple more minutes, I lifted off and broke the vacuum seal of my asshole in his mouth. He gasped loudly and started hacking violently. I jumped up and spun around, standing over his chest, and reached back to grab my ass and pull it apart.

"Mak, am I clean?" I cackled disgustingly. She groaned and fell backward away from me a little.

"Eww, Haley!" She complained.

I bounced up and down, my big cheeks jiggling in my fists. "Come onnn! I need to know!"

She grimaced and leaned in a little for a closer look.

"Yeah actually it looks pretty clean, except for the top of your crack..."

I frowned, trying to look over my shoulders and down at my butt, but I couldn't get a good look.

"Okay okay just ten more seconds!" I squealed, spinning around again and dropping a full weight bonsai butt bomb on slaveboy's gasping face.

"Clean me bitch!" I triumphantly called out, sliding the top of my buttcrack over his lips. I heard him balk loudly, but then I felt his tongue slithering all over my sticky, shit-smeared crevice, and I moaned happily.

Mak had already jumped off the bed and started peeling off her damp thong. She was desperate to take my place and relieve her bloated belly of all the gas she'd been saving up.

Finally I cackled and fell forward, rolling onto the bed next to slaveboy. Within a second, Mak was on the bed.

"Okay! Shift change!" I sang out gleefully, as slaveboy's crossed eyes slowly focused on Makayla, crawling towards him on the bed on her knees. She had her disgusting thong balled up in one hand as she eyed his red, petrified face.

He tried to say something but Mak just huffed and interrupted him loudly.

"Open up!"

I fished around for the roll of duck tape, ready to pounce and seal him up the second his mouth was stuffed.

"Makayla, please I'm begging youooooffmmmff!!!!" She rolled her eyes impatiently and started stuffing her rancid thong into his mouth, mid-sentence.

"I don't wanna hear it. Haley had her fun, now it's my turn, slave. Just do what I say!" She huffed childishly, her irritation and discomfort obviously detectable in her tone.

Slaveboy's watery eyes blinked several tears down his cheeks as she pushed her fingers into his mouth until she heard him gag, and then pushed a little more for good measure.

"Start sucking. I want these clean by the time we're done!" She demanded. As slaveboy stared up into her cold, blue-grey eyes, my bright blue eyes came into view, sparkling with an evil gleam as I pulled the tape loudly and held it over his face, smirking at him proudly.

"How cute, he's crying!" I sang out as I slammed the tape down over his mouth roughly and slapped it onto his cheeks, ripping off a second, longer piece to ensure that his mouth stayed shut!

Mak watched his throat bulge out as he gulped loudly and shuddered from head to toe, gagging on the vile taste of the thong she'd been sweating and farting in for the last five days.

"If he's already crying, then he's seriously in for a rude awakening in about 30 seconds!" She squealed excitedly as she spun around and stepped over his shoulders, hovering her butt right over his face. As she began to lower it, I jumped onto his lap, facing Mak, and instantly starting tickling him like crazy!

I watched Mak's eyes shoot open and her lips curl into a satisfied little smirk as slaveboy's cool sniffing began vacuuming the rancid air off her buttcrack.

"Spread em and relax, Mak!" I called out victoriously, as slaveboy's toes curled again at the realization of what was about to happen.

She giggled and reached back to grab her butt cheeks and pull them wide, slowly leaning back, tormenting him with a short delay before she viciously slammed her ass hard down onto his face! He tried to squirm his head free but she let go of one cheek and grabbed his hair in her fist, violently yanking him straight and up into her suffocating stink cave.

"Stay put!" She whined, wiggling around on his squirming face.

"Lock him in with your feet!" I reminded her.

Oof, anyone who's read other stories of me and Mak knows that Makayla has the stinkiest feet in the world. Just having them near his face was torturous, and now even if he did sneak a breath from the side, it would be tainted with Mak's sour, dizzying foot funk.

Slaveboy knew this, and started screaming into her ass like crazy as he felt her slimy, grimy soles and toes dig into his cheeks.

"You could have just stayed still, dummy!" Mak sneered, settling in and finding her balance on his face.

As I kept tickling, the sickening cocktail of Mak's feet, crotch and ass wafted up towards me, and I literally woofed on it. It was definitely different than mine, still just as stinky, but in a more thick and musky way. Mine was more cheesy, hers was more earthy I guess?

Poor slaveboy had a fresh new hell to deal with now. Just when he was getting used to my gut-wrenching stink, Makayla offered a wholly new and equally nauseating stench for his poor senses.

I shivered again as the idea of it was so brutal and wicked it made me deliriously excited! Poor slaveboy wasn't having nearly as much fun though, as he violently choked on the new aroma swirling around his nostrils. Mak kept rocking back and forth, letting him take panicked little sniffs right off her swampy little farthole, until finally she sat back, hard and heavy, and stayed still. I took my cue and stopped tickling him for a moment, waiting for Mak's next move.

She stared at me happily, swaying just a little as she wriggled her hips and bucked his face.

"God his nose feels so good in my butt, it's so grimy and itchy!" She purred, dancing her shoulders up and down proudly.

"Mmmhmmm I knowwww!" I replied happily, watching slaveboy twitch a little under her thighs.

She sat very still for a few more seconds, and then started to frown.

"Figures. As soon as I sit on his face I can't fart..." She whimpered.

"That's okay! We have all day! Just relax and let it come, let it come..." I coaxed happily.

She smiled a little, sighed, and flexed her tummy, sucking it in and out. Slaveboy was really trying to thrash now, and I saw Mak's face grimace slightly as he tried to buck her off.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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SMACK!! I slammed my hand down hard on his stomach, which made all three of us flinch.

"Stop squirming! Save your breath, stupid. You don't breath until Mak has to fart!" I announced smugly.

Slaveboy went still, whimpering pitifully from deep inside Makayla's buttcrack. His knuckles went white as he gripped the sheets with all his strength, trying to fight his instincts to thrash. His oxygen reserves were rapidly depleting. I watched Mak carefully as she let out a frustrated huff.

"I hope I didn't hold them in for too long..." She whined softly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"OH OH OH!" She cut me off excitedly, raising her eyebrows to the ceiling and lifting up just a little. Slaveboy, desperate for air, began snorting hungrily at the disgusting air emanating from her rancid, sweaty crack. It was so wet we heard him gargling her ass sweat in his nostrils!

Instantly I lunged for his ribs and started gently dancing my fingertips all over his hypersensitive flesh, forcing him to sniff faster and harder, just as Makayla grunted and began trumpeting a beefy, burbly butt belch straight down his nose holes!

"Ohhhhh ffffuck..." She moaned as her fart kept going...

"YES!!!" I sang out joyfully as he heaved horribly underneath us. After a few short seconds it stopped, and she shifted uncomfortably on his face, leaning forward until her face was almost touching me. I giggled and scooted back just a little, giving her more room as she grunted again and sent a second sizzling steamer sailing down his sinus.

I almost didn't hear it it was so quiet, but she sighed loudly, and then slaveboy went ballistic, trying to thrash and squirm under us, so I knew it was silent but extremely violent!

The disgusting smell of sour milk and rancid ass belch quickly reached my nostrils, and I literally went crosseyed as the stench punched me in the face! I covered my face and shrieked.

"Oh. GOD. MAKAYLA!!!" I whined loudly.

She sat up quickly, slurping his face back into her soaking asscrack and blushed slightly.

"I know, I'm sorrrry!!" She squealed, fanning the air in front of her face rapidly and wrinkling her nose.

I scrunched my face up and clasped my hands tighter over my face as Mak’s disgusting fart lingered in the air. I couldn’t tell if hers were worse than mine or not. I mean the smell of your own farts isn’t as bad as someone else’s ,so I was a little biased. I’d have to ask slaveboy whose were worse when Mak was finished.

Eventually I started dancing my fingertips around his stomach again, giggling softly to myself as he started spasming from my touch. Just as he started flailing around and screaming for air, Mak smirked and waggled her eyebrows at me proudly before lifting up just a little and grunting loudly.

Another vile, hissing fart squirted out of her dirty, puckering asshole. It was louder than the last one but still mostly silent. It sounded thick and scorching hot! She grunted louder and clenched her tummy tight as the sickening vapors slithered deep into slaveboy's sniffling sinus.

“Oh shit that one just SOUNDS brutal! Sniff sniff snifffff!!” I sang out, attacking slaveboy’s ribs with my fingers, forcing him to take rapid, agonizing snorts of Makayla’s disgusting SBD fart.

Horrible, mangled noises came from underneath her ass. Slaveboy was laughing, crying, screaming and gagging all at once. All while sniffing at hyperspeed, like a terrified little rabbit!

“Aww! Poor fart slave!” I taunted, giggling so hard I snorted! Mak sighed loudly and perched perfectly on top of his nose, grinding her hips a little to drill his nose harder into her fart cannon. As her steaming fart kept venting out, it abruptly turned into a very high pitched squeak, and eeked its way further into his brain. She reached back and smacked her palms into her butt cheeks, pressing them together to clamp hard around his face, and as she did, she exhaled rapidly, snorting through her flared nostrils as she worked out another brain blaster.

Slaveboy was thrashing hopelessly, absolutely drowning in the neverending mist of scalding hot, thick, lingering, nauseating silent fart spray spouting out of Mak’s unwashed butthole! I shivered violently as the air around me became tainted with her rancid, spoiled milk farts.

“Jesus christ Mak, it smells like something died inside your ass!” I squealed, raking my fingernails down to slaveboy’s waist and thighs, a malicious smile spreading over my lips.

She grunted one more time and exploded a poppy, deep, machine gun fart straight down his nostrils! With her ass clamped shut it bubbled and rattled around inside her crack and shot ferociously into his nasal passage, vibrating his head.

“HAAAA!!!” She blurted her signature single excited brat laugh, and beamed happily at me, obviously very pleased with herself. I had to admit, it did sound awesome!

“Epic fartality!!” I announced in a goofy voice. She squealed happily and quickly sank backwards, sealing his nose shut tight between her firm cheeks.

“How are you doing down there, sweetie?” She sang out in a cute-but-smug tone. He retched violently and made Donald Duck sounds with his nose, trying unsuccessfully to cough out her lethal fumes.

“Ha ha! Choke on it!! I bet your brain is melting!” I shouted. Mak and I both wrinkled our noses and nodded rhythmically at each other as slaveboy almost died underneath us. This was awesome!

“Shit it fucking stinks in here! I don’t think the tickling is working as good as it was. I’m gonna try something else...” I smirked as Mak looked at me with curious, shimmering eyes. I licked my lips and bit down on the tip of my tongue as my dimpled cheeks framed my wide, wild smile.

I brushed my hair out of my face and tucked a strand behind my ear, as I scooted down his legs. Then I began tugging his boxers down. Mak’s eyes widened as I wriggled them below his dick, but with his legs spread eagle I couldn’t get them any farther. I frowned, and quickly scurried down his leg, sitting on his calf and tickling his foot with both hands. He squealed and screamed up into Mak’s ass, sending a tidal wave of vibrations into her pussy and ass that made her instantly moan out.

I continued tickling his foot for a minute, and taking advantage of the situation, Mak spread her cheeks apart and wiped her asshole back and forth on his hyperventilating nostrils. At least he could breathe, but god I think he would’ve rather died than recycle Mak’s disgusting farts all through his lungs and sinus, on top of having to suck the five day stink off of her asshole wrinkles! Of course, he had no choice in the matter. Haha, suffer bitch!!

She cooed and purred as his hot then cool breath bathed her swampy asshole over and over again, and his muffled screams tantalized her twat.

“Mmm I love it when he screams into me...” She whimpered, her cheeks filling with a pale pink blush. I grinned a super cheesy smile at her as I finally yanked off his ankle cuff and knee-walked his leg over to his other still-shackled foot. I was careful to keep all of my weight on him because his leg immediately started struggling for freedom.

“Nope nope nope! You’re not getting out. STOP IT!” I squealed.

Just as I started working his boxers down his legs again, Makayla milked another river of silent fart lava out of her butt, paralyzing slaveboy with her painful acidic skunk attack. I barely heard it but holy fuck did I smell it! I cackled as she danced her butt around on his face, flaring my nostrils a little as the foul odor swirled around us. It had to be hell for slaveboy, trapped in ground zero of the fart zone. Yuck!

After finally getting his boxers off his free leg, I squealed in disgust and scrambled across the bed, tugging on his lifeless leg to quickly reshackle it while he was still immobilized.

Makayla sighed loudly and grunted again, but her fart vent had stopped oozing for the moment. Her lips furled into a little pout as she grunted one last time, but still nothing came out.

“Holy crap that felt so good...” She mused, sinking her full weight back down onto him and slumping over a bit. Her nose twitched as the smell of her own filthy fumes made her eyes cross.

I jumped off the bed and backed away slowly, plugging my nose and narrowing my eyes.

“Mak, what the fuck is wrong with you? You never outfart me!!” I groaned in a nasally whine with my nose still plugged.

She grinned triumphantly. “It’s the suckers I think! And plus YOU made me hold them in for so long while you took your sweet time with him!” She stuck her tongue out at me as I blinked my big blue eyes at her in disbelief.

slaveboy still hadn’t moved...

“Christ, did you knock him out??” I gasped, lifting onto my tippy toes for a better view, still afraid to venture any closer to the toxic fart cloud that I swear almost seemed VISIBLE over the bed!

Mak’s eyes went wide as she sat up quickly, her bubbly butt cheeks bouncing from her jerky movement. We both held our breath as she looked down over her shoulder.

“Unnnggg... mmmmffffff....” We heard him barely whimpering, and then his toes curled slightly, and finally he coughed.

“Whew!!” We both sighed loudly. Mak caught his gaze just for a split second as his eyes focused up at her. She scrunched her face at him and gave her eyebrows a bratty little wiggle before quickly crashing her ass back down onto his wheezing face.

We both cackled maniacally and finally, I sauntered cautiously up to the bed, still pinching my nose.

A wicked idea slithered into my sadistic mind. I whispered something to Mak and her face lit up.

“Oh that’s so mean!” She squealed.

I pursed my lips and opened my eyes wide, signaling her to shut up, and she gasped silently and clamped a hand over her lips.

“It’s okay I don’t think he’s really paying attention down there...” I whispered, snickering silently. I put a hand on her shoulder and nodded, tugging at her a little so she’d lift off his face again.

“Baby? Are you alive?” I called down sweetly. “Sweetheart, I have a deal for you...” I looked down at his face, half-hidden from Mak's hovering ass, and waved at the air in front of my face as my nose twitched from the lingering stink of her awful farts. His eyes fluttered open, his gaze meeting mine, and he again started coughing through his flared, shit-freckled nostrils. I "mmm'd" and giggled sweetly at him, drinking up his anguish like a delicious cocktail.

“I’ll stop tickling you, but we’re going to play a new game. And if you win, we’ll let you go!” I chirped teasingly.

He blinked a few times, and suddenly became very interested in what I was saying. His eyes were absolutely begging me for mercy. Mmmm... so adorable!! Just as I was about to speak again, Mak squealed quietly and grunted a little. Suddenly another silent mist of devastating butt burp sprayed straight down into his unsuspecting face.

It was another steaming hiss of a fart, thick and misty, and I could tell it was going to be rank as hell. These didn't even smell like sulfur, they were just pure rotten milk and spoiled vegetables!

I groaned in disgust and quickly covered my face again, stumbling backwards.

"Damnit Mak! I'm like right here!!"

She giggled innocently, unable to hid her mischievous grin as she shook her ass above his thrashing face. Feeling him squirming desperately, she arched her back and reached behind her to grab his hair and hold him still, then yanked him upwards into her buttcrack.

"Hurry up and smell it allllll upppp!" She ordered, popping her lips wetly together on her last word.

We sat silently for a few seconds until loud, tortured sniffing noises echoed around inside her buttcrack. As he sniffed, choked, sniffed and choked again, we smiled victoriously at each other.

“Okay so. AS I WAS SAYING!!" I announced, narrowing my eyes and glaring at Makayla. She gave me her best puppy dog eyes and shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm sorry, it just slipped out!" She explained. I shook my head at her, wrinkling my nose again and holding it like that in an exaggerated look of disgust. Mak finally let go of his hair and lifted herself up a little. I took a step forward, just enough to see his face again.

"Okay! So! Baby?" I’m going to suck your dick..." I paused, letting the words sink in. And then continued, trying to stifle a cruel laugh. "And if you can cum to Mak’s farts, we’ll let you go!” I bit my lip, grinning into my teeth, and waited for his response...

Finally, he whimpered loudly, blinking up at me in disbelief. Then he whimpered again, interrupting himself with a deep, throaty gag as another sniff of Mak's toxic fart burned his nose hairs. He started to protest through his gag, but I loudly cut him off.

“But here are the rules! I’ll only suck while you’re sniffing. You stop sniffing, I stop sucking. And if Mak smothers you, I stop sucking. So if you want to cum and be freed, you better sniff hard, fast and deep, and hope that she lets you smell her ass!” I announced happily.

A giddy, mischievous look came over Makayla’s face as I explained the game. Slaveboy glared up at me, his nostrils flaring angrily.

"NO!!!" He replied. Or at least, it sounded like "No." He was gagged and I couldn't care less what he had to say anyway. I raised my eyebrows at him with a bratty, mean glare, daring him to defy me. He froze and went silent.

"You have no choice. It's your only hope of escape." I explained coldly. "Or, you can be a naughty boy and spend the next few hours being our total complete fart slave. Who knows, we might even fall asleep with our butts sandwiching your face all night." I shrugged.

Mak looked at me excitedly, giggling at my nonchalant cruelty. I watched her shift a little as he physically sank further into the mattress, resigning himself to his disgusting fate. And then he nodded slowly, mumbling in muffled agreement.

"Good boy!" I chirped, lunging onto the bed and taking my perch between his spread and bound legs. Unfortunately for poor slaveboy, he probably had no idea that I had no intention of letting him go after he came. Not only that, but once he did cum, I was going to keep sucking, and sucking, and sucking his sensitive, aching cock until well after the sensation became maddening for him. And of course, this would force him to sniff deeply and rapidly, breathing through the pain with nothing but Mak's poisonous gas pumping through his lungs! YAY!!

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