๐Ÿ’ฅ 4th of July Part 1

The story that started it all! Poor Bradley is having a bad night. His sister and her bratty friends have blackmailed him into a horribly disgusting predicament ๐Ÿ˜ˆ


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Written by Haley ๐Ÿ’•


[TRIGGER WARNING: Graphic, detailed depictions of forced, non-consensual sexual abuse. DO NOT READ if this offends you!]

I was staring up at a bright light, surrounding by giggling. I'd just been tackled to the ground, and the next thing I knew, my arms were being handcuffed with foam velcro handcuffs and I was secured to a very hefty piece of furniture. "Make sure you get both his hands tight under there!" I heard Erika squeal. "I don't want him getting free and crying to mommy." I saw Kailey grin devilishly down at me, straddling my chest as she made sure my arms were wrapped around the leg of the giant metal case in the middle of the room. I couldn't help but notice her workout shorts riding up her thighs, flashing a touch of pink cotton from her panties. Even though I was nervous, I felt a little aroused. Unfortunately, that would quickly pass as I realized the tortures these girls had in store for me...

"Come on guys, please let me go... PLEASE! I know that... look, I know I messed up, but seriously, what are you doing?" I struggled wildly at the bindings that effortlessly held my upper body in place. I heard scraping across the carpet, and craned my neck upwards to see what was going on. I got a quick glimpse of Kelly sliding the futon towards my feet as Kailey slid forward a little bit, pressing her white cotton gym shorts into my face. I immediately noticed how potent she smelled. "Ooooh Bradly!" Kailey moaned in a sarcastically sexy tone, grinding down on me playfully. Then she giggled. "God, I bet I smell totally ripe!!" Kelly laughed. "Oh I KNOW I do! It was sooo hot out today." She said, trying to stifle her girlish giggle.

I felt something at my feet and realized Erika was attaching the same kind of cuffs around my ankles and threading them through the futon frame. In a panic I started to shout but I was completely muffled by Kailey's sweaty crotch. I started to gasp for air and thrash as hard as I could. Erika laughed, "Mm, I don't think you're going anywhere. Besides! You know what happens if I tell mom what we found. Face it, there's no escape..."

Maybe I should back up. This whole damn thing started because of my stupid friend Mark. It was the 4th of July and I decided to go hang out with him in the park and play some guitar, you know just chill. Well next thing I know, we're at some dude's house and they're passing around a joint. So I thought, "What the hell" and smoked some. And man, it was good shit. So I bought a $10 sack to enjoy later. It was getting pretty late, plus I was stoned and the people at this house party were getting kinda crazy, so I decided to grab my guitar and bike home.

My sister Erika had begged my parents to let her go to a party at her friend's house, so the last thing I expected as I headed down the stairs to the basement that we shared was her and her 2 volleyball barbie friends sitting on my futon playing my XBox.

"Oh hell no! Move your butts out of here now. Come on. Go." I pointed towards my sister's half of the basement and sternly looked at Kelly and Kailey. Kelly was 5'4" and had long light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and pale white skin. She had a super hot body, big C cup perky tits, and I'd definitely noticed her before, if you know what I mean. She was closer to my age, and maybe that's why I always paid more attention to her. Kailey was almost as hot, but there was something about her that was just so cute. She was also blonde and always seemed kind of bratty to me. 5'2", slightly bigger ass than Kelly, nice perky tits, a little smaller than Kelly's, and tan skin.

Erika was 5'6" and had strawberry blonde hair. All the guys thought she was gorgeous, but you know, I thought she was kinda ewgh. Well what do you expect, she's my sister!

Kailey immediately jumped up and ran over to me, throwing her arms around me. "Hiii Brad!!! Happy 4th!" She giggled a little, and then I noticed her do something weird. She put her face against my chest and I heard her sniffing. "BRAD!! You smell like MARIJUANA!! Kailey oh my god, I think he's stoned!!" She jumped back and stared up into my eyes, an evil grin spreading over her face. Instantly, Erika sprung up and darted over to the door by the stairs and went rifling through my guitar bag. Sure enough, she found my $10 sack.

"GOD DAMNIT MARK!" I thought to myself as I started to panic. "Okay, okay. It's okay. Just... I'll make her bed and do her laundry, she won't tell..." I continued rationalizing with myself. "Holy shit Brad! When mom finds out about this she's gonna KILL you!" Erika taunted. "NO! Okay, look. This is fucked up. It's a one time thing, I just wanted to try it and it was all my friend's idea! Please don't tell mom... Come on! I'll do your chores and whatever else you want." I pleaded with her.

She looked at me for a minute, and an evil smirk came over her face. "Uh oh..." I thought. She tilted her head a little and tapped her chin. "Anything...?" The way she asked gave me chills. "Uhh, ye.. yeah. Yes. Anything." I gulped silently as she casually strolled across the basement to my futon, sitting down in between Kelly and Kailey. She leaned into Kelly and whispered something to her. A look of pure shock came over her face and she shot a glance over at me, then stared at my sister. "Are you serious??" Then she kind of giggled, but through a look of slight concern. Kailey looked at Kelly, confusion on her face. Then Erika whispered something to her and she just started grinning ear to ear. "Oh HECK yes! I'm so down. Come on come on..." Then, like in some twisted horror movie, they all slowly turned their gaze to me and just stared, as if sizing me up.

"Okay. You're going to let us play your XBox." "Fine, play it!" I said, interrupting her. "Oh, we will. BUT, you also have to let us tie you down and make fun of you while we play." Her eyes glistened as she said it, and she narrowed her eyes a little at me, as if daring me to disagree. Honestly, it was kind of weird, but mom would seriously pitch a fit if she found this shit on me, so I agreed. Actually, I was expecting something much worse. I planned to just try and pass out once I was laying down anyway. I sighed, and looked at my sister. "Fine..."

Kailey and Erika squealed and jumped up, while Kelly stayed back at the futon. Kailey immediately started pulling on my arm and positioned me in the center of the basement, pushed both her hands down and against my chest, and I sat back on the floor. And that's pretty much where I think we came in. Now that you have the background story, let's continue on to what was the worst 4th of July of my entire life...

I know I had agreed to this, and they had some serious dirt on me, but as Kailey laughed and shook her hips back and forth, bouncing my face between her thighs, I was starting to wish I'd made a different choice. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad, in fact it was kind of hot, except that this teenage girl smelled so potent, I almost got light headed just from the smell, let alone the lack of oxygen as she smothered me absentmindedly in her damp white cotton gym shorts.

Finally after what felt like forever, she slid back and sat heavily on my chest, looking down at me. She placed her grey and pink sneakers on either side of my head and rested her chin on her knees. "Aww, he looks so cute down there!"

Kelly came into view, standing over my head. She looked down at me, shaking her head a little. "Are we seriously going to do this?" "Oh come ON Kel, don't back out on us now!" Erika said in a condescending tone. "I'm not, I just... it seems kind of cruel, I mean we played two volleyball games today and it was like 100 degrees out, and we biked all over town and marched in the parade and just... also I haven't had a chance to shower in the last couple of days..." Kailey busted out laughing. "REALLY? Me either... I was thinking about that too, but doesn't that just make it even better??" Her eyes lit up as she viciously slid forward again and rubbed her crotch on my nose without warning.

"MMMM, smell smell smell! Yummy yum yum!" She squealed in a girlish giggle, then settled down on my face for a few seconds. I don't know if she felt it, or planned it, or what, but my nose was literally pressed into her pussy lips and the smell was out of this world. I started to whimper and whine into her shorts and I heard her moan a little. "Ohh Bradley, it feels so good when you scream against my wet panties..."

"Kailey!!" Erika laughed, but sounded shocked at the same time. "Come on, that's my brother... ew?" All three girls laughed and Kailey slid back off my face, sitting on my lower chest again. I started gasping for breath and saw my opportunity. I looked up at Kailey pitifully, still gaping. "Please.... please, no more, you just said you were gonna tie me up and play my XBox... I can't take this anymore. I'm sorry I don't mean to be mean, but.... christ, you STINK!" Kailey looked down at me, and I saw some pity come across her face. A ray of hope maybe...?

"Brad. Bradley Bradley Bradley. You can't take any more? Silly boy. We haven't even BEGUN yet!" Then Kelly kneeled down next to my head. "You guys, he looks so pitiful tied up here, maybe we should just..." Then she wrinkled her nose. "PEE YEW girl, you REEK!" She looked up at Kailey and immediately jumped up to her feet. "Oh shut up bratface, I bet you smell just as bad as me." Kelly looked down at me, and the mercy she was showing for me slowly changed into a smirk, then a grin, and finally she giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. "Yeah, you guys are right... this is gonna be too fun..."

My heart sank. My one hope. I'd always suspected Kelly had a crush on me, and I thought maybe she would save me from this god-awful predicament. I was wrong. Oh was I wrong. All this time I thought Kailey was a bitch, and it was Kelly who turned out to be the little brat from hell...

"Oh, by the way, Erika didn't tell you one key part of your agreement to be tied up and let us play your XBox. While we play, we all get to take turns sitting on your face." She broke into a little giggle as she said the last words of the sentence. My eyes darted open wide and I started thrashing harder than ever before. "NOO! HELLLP! PLEASE NO, LET ME OUT!! HELLLLLLPPP!!!" Erika lunged forward and covered my mouth with her hands while Kailey grabbed the remote and cranked the volume on the TV up.

"No one's going to help you little brother." Erika said through clenched teeth. "You're our little bitch. We're in the basement, the TVs on super loud, and mom is out at the Lyle's 4th of July BBQ. Remember last year? She got drunk and passed out there. I'm sure she won't be home anytime soon, and if she is, she's going straight to bed. Now quit screaming or I'll give you something to scream about." Then I felt a pressure on my balls and I realized she was squeezing them. I groaned in pain and looked up at her sadly, nodding my head to show that I understood.

"Oooh, I wanna touch his balls..." Kailey said. Erika shot Kailey a dirty look and Kailey just giggled. Kelly looked down at me with eager, hungry-looking eyes. This was not going to be good...

Erika slowly removed her hands from my mouth, making a soft cooing "shhhh" sound. "Hey, shouldn't we gag him? You know, to make sure he doesn't yell again, and... you know, to make sure he smells us... down there...?" I couldn't believe my ears. Sweet Kelly was turning on me! "Great idea Kel!" Kailey chirped. What should we use?"

Kelly immediately shouted "dirty socks!" Erika giggled. "No no, I've got a bunch of dirty panties in my hamper." "No, it's gotta be fresh." Kailey said. "Either socks or panties, but they have to be off of one of us right now." The girls all hmmed and looked at each other curiously. "Well, I'm not wearing socks." Erika said. And I don't think my g-string is going to make a good gag." They all laughed as Erika kicked off her white tennis shoes and stretched her legs out, extending the bottoms of her grimy feet towards my face. Even a few feet away, they stunk something fierce, potent girl feet.

"Ewww!! Jeez sweetie, your feet are STANK!" Kailey said, laughing as she saw my face twist up in reaction to the smell. I craned my head to the side and opened my mouth, trying to escape the smell. Kelly came trotting up with a chair and Erika sat down, scooting it up to place her feet right on my nose. "Quick, someone gag him already, his mouth is open!"

"I can't take my panties off, I'm wearing a skirt!" Kelly said, frowning a little. Kailey laughed and looked down at me. "This doesn't look good for you. These are my gym panties, I've warn them six practice days in a row. I wore them home from the gym tonight after our last game so I could wash them for next week. I almost feel bad..." Kelly laughed, "Well it's either that or my socks, which were clean this morn... oh wait, no I have warn these for a couple of days... yuck, they're probably pretty disgusting by now." All three of them looked at each other for a minute.

Then Kelly and Erika both said "Panties!!" at the same time. Kailey giggled and jumped up, running to the bathroom. "YAAY!" she came out a few seconds later holding her pink boy shorts. The crotch was all dark with wet stains and there were light brown blobs going from the lower crotch up to the ass. She held them out and showed them to me in detail, describing each sweat and brown stain carefully. Erika couldn't stop laughing, and she pinched my nose with her slick greasy toes. I started thrashing and Kelly came over, crouching down to hold my head still.

After a few seconds, I opened my mouth to breathe and Kailey crammed her sick undies in, ass part first. My mouth was immediately filled with the stale, foul taste of unwashed girl sweat, cheap light perfume, potent crotch, and raunchy ass. I screamed into the rancid cotton, but before I even had two seconds to recover from the assault on my taste buds, Erika set her filthy feet back on my face, rubbing the ball of her foot and the curves of her stinky little toes back and forth under my nostrils. "smellllly feet, smelly feeet..." she sang cutely. I coughed and gagged into Kailey's pink putrid panties while all three girls grinned down and looked at me. Kelly disappeared and came back with her art bag, putting a few strips of duct tape over my mouth. "Don't spit it out, be a good boy and swallow your food." she cooed down at me, brushing my cheek with her soft fingertips. Her smile was so sweet that for a second I almost forgot that she was about to torture me mercilessly.

"OKAY! Kelly, get the controllers. Who goes first?" Kailey leapt up before the sentence was finished. "ME, DUH!" My eyes locked on hers as she slowly stepped over me. She stood, facing my head and looked down at me. "I hope you're ready for this, Brad. As you can tell from my crusty undies," she giggled as she said those words, "I'm all cheesed up from volleyball and being out ALL DAY in the BAKING heat" she emphasized the words with a girlish whine, pouting down at me. "And I got all sweaty..." she frowned down at me, trying to hide a giggle, and finally she turned around and lowered her white, cotton ass towards my face. Knowing what her pussy smelled like, my heart started pounding out of my chest, and I screamed bloody murder into my crusty gag, but it didn't make any difference. Then it went black...


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Two soft, fuzzy, full-sized ass cheeks settled down on my trapped face. I heard grunting and then I felt the rough pressure of her weight as she scraped her ass back and forth on my face, trying to get comfortable... "no.... mmm, nope, a little... ooh, RIGHT there..." she stopped right as the tip of my nose sank into the center of her shorts and right up her buttcrack. She giggled. "His nose is actually UP my ass! Oh my god this is so awesome..." Kelly and Erika cheered as I sucked air in through my nose right out of my captor's sweaty, stinky little girl hole. It smelled indescribable. Tart and tainted, it twinged my nose hairs. Musty and so incredibly potent.

The next thing I heard was Halo 3 unpausing. And suddenly it was as if I disappeared. The girls were squealing and talking to each other at hyper speed. Every few seconds Kailey would bounce up and down on my nose. She'd grind back and forth, smearing her butt smell all over my face. "I wanna take my shorts off..." Kailey whined. Erika thought for a minute, and then said "better keep them on, at least for now. In case someone walks down, plus that's kinda weird. He's my brother..."

"But he's hot, and his nose is up my ass... I wanna feel him against my skin..." I could feel her start to shudder a little on top of me, and she slid back a little, leaning lower and pressing more of her pussy into my nose. Unbelievably, it smelled even stronger than it did 15 minutes ago. I could tell she was getting turned on by doing this to me.

"I'm not comfortable with that Kailey, sorry. " I was so relieved to hear my sister say that. I didn't think I could take her bare ass on my nose. "Sniff my butt, loser!" She waited for a second. Then she pressed down hard into me and started grinding me so hard I thought my nose was going to rub off inside her ass crack. "I wanna hear BIG SNIFFS!!!" She started to sound angry and I knew she was serious. I wretched my stomach and clenched my eyes tight, forcing myself to take a deep, deep inhale through my nose. Just as I did, she leaned up just a tiny bit, allowing me full access to the air coming from her sweaty, funky ass and shorts.

"That's a good boy. Smell my dirty ass, Bradley. Doesn't it smell soooo good?" She giggled, completely mocking me with her tone. "In and out, breathe in and out, mmm, smell it all up! Yeah, there you go..."

I started to lose consciousness. Kailey would forget about me from time to time, and just sit full weight on my face. Every minute or two, she'd wriggle around and say "smell my stinky butt, Brad... smell smell smell, sniff it all up..." Finally I heard Kelly's soft little voice from somewhere above me, and the light slowly came back into my vision. Kailey lifted up onto her knees, hovering her big white ass a few inches from my face. "Mmm, that wasn't so bad, was it slave?" She asked in a sinister voice.

Kelly sat backwards on my chest as Kailey moved off of me. She turned to look over her shoulder and smiled down at me. I stared straight up at her, making soft whimpering sounds into the soggy rancid panties in my mouth. "Aww, poor baby. I know, I know. Shhh... it'll be okay... I have a surprise for you..."

Kelly was wearing a pink and white mini-skirt and matching pink and white bikini bottoms. She inched backwards, letting the flaps of her skirt fall over my face. Her butthole was pressing into my chin as she kept sliding up my face, settling down as my nose pressed deep into the soft, damp cotton of her panty-covered ass. "CHRIST! Don't these girls ever shower or change their underwear?" I thought. My nose was assaulted again by the foul, wet stench of pure girl ass. Kelly's ass was even ranker than Kailey's. It didn't really smell much different, just stronger. Quite a bit stronger.

"God I can feel his nose in my soggy panties... maybe I should get up..." I felt the weight lift a little off my face and gasped in some air, coughing instantly on the thick stench of her strong girlish aroma. "NO NO! Sit down!" Erika shouted. "And watch out for this PLASMA GRENADE!" I heard an explosion on the TV and Kelly immediately sat full weight back down, squealing at my sister as I heard furious button mashing. After awhile, Kelly handed the controller off to Kailey. While they were kept occupied by the game, Kelly started showing me her evil side...

The first thing she did was reach down under her skirt and pull her panties to the side, spreading her ass cheeks a little. I felt her giggle as she sat back down, mmming loudly as my nose slid deep into her slimy, naked ass crack! I immediately started thrashing and screaming as loud as I could. Kelly sat down harder and cooed at me, "shhhh, shhhh," as she expertly rode me, preventing me from bucking her off of my face.

"What the hell, why is he struggling so much all of a sudden?" Erika asked, only half interested as she kept playing the game. I tried to scream, "HEYY HELP WAIT SHE TOOK OFF HER PANTIES!!!" but it came out "MMMPH mmmMMM MFFFFFRRR ANNMMMEEEEMMMS!!" Kelly reached forward and squeezed my balls.

"SHUT UP BITCH BOY" she hissed, and she snapped back to look over her shoulder, pulling her skirt from my eyes to shoot me the most evil stare I've ever seen in my life. It was as if she said "don't say a fucking word or you're going to be so very sorry" all with her eyes. Then, she giggled a little and flipped the skirt back down over my face.

Kailey was squealing about something on the game and Erika was cackling, while Kelly gently rocked back and forth on my nose, pressing it further and further up her sweaty sphincter. Then, she leaned forward a little, spread her ass cheeks a little wider, and let out a long, silent, hot fart right up my nose! I heard her mmming faintly, and she started giggling like crazy. "What's so funny?" Kailey asked. "Oh, nothing, his nose just tickles my buttcrack" she said, wrinkling her nose a little. Her hand flexed over my balls again, warning me that she would clamp down if I made any noise.

The hot sulphur from her noxious gas made my eyes roll into the back of my head. I swear I felt my nose hairs burn a little bit. She wriggled back and forth and started singing "smell my stinky butt hole, smell my stinky buttttt hole, smell it smell it sniff sniff sniff, smell my stinky butttttt hole!"

Then, I started feeling her little fingertips stroking my balls and my dick through my surf shorts. Despite the disgusting smell, I started to get a little hard. Her fingers felt really good on my dick, and she knew. As I got bigger in her hands, she started grinding me more. Then, she gripped around my half-hard dick tightly and slowly stroked all the way down, and then back all the way up. As I wondered if this was the first time she'd ever touched a dick, another hot fffffffffffffffffffft stream came squirting out of her pink puckered buttcrack. The tiny little blonde hairs tickled my nose as her hole puckered and relaxed. She sighed a little, laughing hard again and grinding the smell all up my nose.

Erika and Kailey were completely battling it out on the video game, completely unaware that Kelly was sitting bare-assed on my face, farting over and over again up my nose and stroking my dick. As good as her hands felt, I quickly shriveled down as she farted a third time, and stroked harder and faster. "Oh no you don't..." I heard her say. "Huh?" Kailey asked. Kelly didn't reply, and Kailey didn't seem to notice.

The next thing I knew, Kelly leaned forward and rested her cheek on my thigh in a 69 position. Her thighs came down over the sides of my head and her asshole spread open even wider. She inched down until she felt the tip of my nose bend up into her tight little ass. "Mmm... sniff my dirty little hole... SMELL IT!" she demanded. Kailey giggled. "Having fun Kel?" Kelly looked up sweetly at Kailey. "Mhmm!"

She rested her cheek on my thigh, and I could feel her warm breath coming out in little puffs against my dick through the material. Then, I felt her lips kiss the head of my dick and her mouth opened to nibble on me a little bit. Instantly I began growing hard again, and I felt her giggle against my dick through my shorts. Then, I felt her clench up and heard her grunt a little, and she farted again, but this time loudly...

"KELLY!!!" Erika paused the came and looked down at us. Kelly sat up fast, swallowing my nose in her sweaty gassy ass trap. "What...?" She asked innocently. Kailey cut in. "Did you just FART??"

"Oh thank GOD! They finally realized what she was doing to me. Now they'll pull her off, and maybe even let me go..." I thought to myself. I tried to hold my breath until it was all over. "Uhmmm... maybe..?" Kelly replied, cautiously. "Oh my god, I wanna do that!!!!" Kailey squealed. "ME FIRST!" Erika shouted. I heard scurrying and the next thing I knew, Kelly slid forward and my nose slipped out of her gooey little pucker hole, making a schlurp sound. She quickly reached back and repositioned her panties, unnoticed, glaring down at me with a satisfied little smirk. "Hey I've got an idea..." she said, staring me straight in the eyes. "Let's have a farting contest..."

Erika smiled big down at me. "Well well, little bro. I've been waiting for this for a long time. You are in for such a treat." She turned around and pulled down her volleyball shorts just a little, exposing her blue thong straps and the top of her ass crack. Then she bent over and slowly lowered her ass down, taking care to make sure my nose pressed into the bare skin of her upper ass crack, inching up and down, smearing her grubby ass sweat all over my nostrils. Then, she slid down and pushed my nose into the thin material of her shorts. The smell made me light-headed. It wasn't as bad as Kelly's bare ass, but it was very different. I wasn't used to it, and it was super potent. Then, she started grinding back and forth a little until she felt my nose slip deep into her dirty buttcrack. "Ooh, there we go. Mm that feels good... ready position!" Kelly giggled, looking down at me as I stared up at Erika's strawberry blonde hair flowing down her curved back. "Fire in the hole!" My eyes went wide and I yelped as she farted.... blappppttfffrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffff!!

I started twitching as Erika grunted and giggled. As I thrashed she reached back and grabbed my hair. "NOO! Keep your nose up my ass and sniff my nasty fart you little bitch!" Kelly again grabbed my balls and squeezed gently, but enough to make me know she meant business. Kailey covered her nose. "I give it a 7, but only because of the stink. Mine will be way bigger!" Erika strained again. "Just wait..." I held my breath in anticipation. I think Erika figured it out. She made fake grunting sounds and said, "almost, almost... almost.... oooh, oh god, I feel so sorry for you brother, I wouldn't even make my CHAIR endure this one..."

As I held my breathe, I started to see stars and my lungs ached. Just as I couldn't take it anymore, a long hot burst of steamy rancid air came firing out of Erika's cute little butthole and she lifted off my face just a tiny bit, allowing me to gasp in and out and in and out over and over again, sputtering and coughing into my gagged mouth. "Holy CHRIST, that was SO RANK, oh my god... what if he pukes all over my panties??" Kailey said laughing. Kelly just giggled softly, covering her nose. "He definitely will after I'm done with him..."

The smell was ungodly. So overpowering. Like sour milk and rancid laundry and rotten eggs, but worse. Mixed with the strong smell of my sister's volleyball shorts. Waves of nausea started washing over me and I think I started having spasms underneath Erika's disgusting ass. Tears welled up in my burning eyes, and I started shuddering a little. Erika lifted herself off me just a little bit. "Oh my gosh, Erika... he's crying..." Kelly said, looking down at my teary eyes, and she stuck out her bottom lip, pouting down at me. "Poor wittle Brad.... I can't stand to see a grown man cry..."

For a second I again thought Kelly would save me. She reached down towards my face, and I pleaded up at her with my eyes. Then her hands rested on Erika's waist and she guided her big soft ass back down on my face, positioning her crack right over my nose, and then pushed her down hard into me. "That's better!" I heard Kelly's all-too-familiar evil little giggle again, and my sister started wriggling back and forth on my face, laughing.

Then I felt her lean forward, and she grunted and groaned a little bit. A soft little poooft came out of her ass, and I tried to hold my breath again. "Oh no you don't!!" Kailey noticed my chest wasn't moving and she pressed down hard on my stomach, forcing all the air out of my lungs and making me breathe in as the thick haze of Erika's tepid asshole gas collected in her gym shorts. I immediately gasped in and started twitching again, screaming and whimpering loudly into Kailey's dirty panties. I fought back the strong urge I had to vomit, and I knew if I did I'd just have to swallow it, and that thought almost made me actually vomit yet again. Just when I was about to lose it, suddenly Erika tumbled off my face. Kailey had pushed her off. "Okay. My turn!!!"

Erika laughed and agreed, grumbling playfully. Kailey's menacing face came into view as she crawled over to me on her hands and knees, biting her lower lip a little bit. She giggled in a sexy tone and pressed her lips to my ears, whispering angrily, "If I catch you trying to avoid my delicious fart gas, you're going to be very, very sorry..." My eyes went wide and I nodded a little, whimpering softly. Then she popped up with a big grin on her face. "Sooo, Bradley. Were Erika's farts pretty bad?" I immediately started shaking my head "yes" violently, trying again to beg these twisted girls to let me go but to no avail. Erika just giggled and rubbed her stomach. "What can I say. I'm a lil bit gassy!"

"Well if you thought hers were bad, you just wait! I hope you're ready for this. My farts are famous for clearing out entire...." She stopped in mid-sentence and all of a sudden quickly climbed onto my chest, swirling around to face my feet. "Oh gosh, it's starting!" I watched as Kelly and Erika plugged their noses, laughing, just as the full round ass cheeks and the indent of her terrifying ass crack in her white shorts came over me, blacking out everything. She pressed her hands down into my chest and I felt her lift up just a little bit, as my nose sunk into the center of her crack. She rubbed her hands a little up and down over my chest, bucking my face and grunting a little.

Bffffffrrrrrappppppttttt fffffffooo sffffft ffffffffffrrrrrrrrppptttapppapppp sssssssss. Right in the middle of her insanely huge fart, all three girls started giggling hysterically. As my vision went white, my stomach lurched and I screamed as loud as I could up into her sweaty, meaty ass. I threw up just a little in my mouth and forced it down, thrashing hopelessly. The smell was so foul I would have rather died. Kailey started coughing and gagging. "Oh my gosh.... Bradly.... oh wow, I'm so sorry about that...." She could barely get her words out she was laughing so hard.

I could tell by her tone that she was plugging her nose, too. Then, she viciously shook her ass right on my face. "Mmm, that's right, get your nose right up my dirty, stinky little hole... SNIFF IT ALLLLLL UPP fartface!!" She hissed wickedly. Then without warning, she farted again! This one lasted almost 8 seconds and was very quiet, just a soft hiss. I didn't think it was possible, but this one was easily twice as bad as her first one. I gagged and yacked up again into my gag a little, shuddering down my spine as I swallowed the vomit and was reminded of Kailey's nasty sweaty panties in my mouth again. frrrrrappt, brrrappt. ffffffft, phhhhrrrrrrraaap, rrrrrrrrrrrrrtt, ffffffffffff....

They just didn't stop. Wave after wave of rancid, cheesy butt air forced its way up my nostrils. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my arms started flailing weakly, and suddenly my breathing became labored. I don't know how long I was under there, but I was brought to the brink of blacking out again and again, before Kailey finally slid up and dropped her soft bouncy ass right on my chest. "Ooomph, uhhh... mmmmm, nooo more... mmmmphhh... ahhhhrrrmmmmm!!!" I pleaded and begged into my gag. My eyes burned and my face was bright red from the constant rubbing and sweat.

Kelly looked down at me with a hungry look, biting her lip a little bit and mming softly. "Kailey's definitely winning so far!" I heard Erika announce. "YESSS!" Kailey squealed and started doing a little victory dance, still sitting on my chest. Then all of a sudden she shoved her ass back up to my face, and I felt my nose slip into the crevice between her ass and pussy. She leaned forward, grinding my nose right into her pussy, and I could feel how dripping wet she was. She rubbed it back and forth on my nose a few times and then farted one more time, laughing. "Mmm mmm MMMMM, doesn't that smell so yummy!!" She mocked me.

Then she hopped up quickly and skipped over to the futon. I could see her pulling her shorts out of her ass crack, frowning. "Ugh. His nose gave me a wedgie!" Kelly sat down on my stomach and leaned down, stopping with her face just an inch from mine. She reached her hand down under her skirt and lifted herself up just a little bit for a second. Then she brought her hand out and stuck two fingers under my nose. She wrinkled her nose and looked wickedly straight into my eyes. "Ewwwy, my butt is all slimy! Here, smell it..." I realized that she'd rubbed her fingers in her ass crack and was now making me smell it.

Erika cracked up. "Kellllly, ewww that's nasty!!" Kailey giggled. "Yeah. Good thing we're keeping our panties on, huh Brad??" Kelly glared down at me, grinning and hissed, "Yeah, good thing, HUH Brad?" Her eyes twinkled viciously down at me. I tried to scream "NOOO, KELLY PULLS HER UNDERWEAR TO THE SIDE, DON'T LET HER SIT ON ME AGAIN!!!" But it just came out as one long muffle.

Kelly's eyes narrowed a little as she leaned down and growled into my ear, "They can't understand you. Now, I hope you're ready for me to wipe my sticky, slimy, stinky bare butthole all over your cute little nose..." She tapped me on the nose affectionately as she said the word "nose" and smiled sweetly down at me. Her look of innocence was almost believable, even by me. "I don't know guys, my ass is really grimy and I had that Indian food for lunch..." She looked down at me again, slyly smirking, as if to say "You're fucking dead, loser..." But still trying to act sweet. They were totally buying it, too. My heart sank even more.

"Come on Kel Kel, smother that little bitch and make him smell your farts. You started this!" Erika said. Kelly laughed a little. "I know, but..." "NO butts. Except yours. On his face. Now!" Kailey said. They all started giggling. My eyes went wide as Kelly slid up, her crotch pushing into my chin. Her skirt flipped down over my forehead and she settled down as my nose pressed hard into the rancid, moist crotch of her panties. Then she slid around slowly, as my nose spun around, staying up inside her wet and incredibly smelly twat. As she faced my feet, she slid down a little and my nose slipped into the crack between her ass and her pussy. I squirmed a little and whimpered up into her as the smell just got worse, and I knew soon my nose would be up her ass crack.


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"Ooh, you weren't kidding Kailey! I've got a serious wedgie!" Kelly's hand came up under her skirt, and she lifted up a little, wriggling. Then, she pulled her panties completely to the side and slowly started lowering her naked ass onto my face... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MMMPH, MMMMM AHHHHHKKKRRRMMMM!!!" I wildly thrashed and screamed. Immediately, Erika sat down on my legs and grabbed my balls. Kailey started laughing. "Damn Kel, why does he thrash so much whenever you sit on him?"

Kelly giggled. "I don't know, I'm just super rank I guess!" She said sweetly as she slid back and forth, working my nose into her greasy, slimy asshole. The smell was absolutely nauseating, and the feeling was so disgusting. "Is that it, Brad? Is my stinky little butt too much for you? Aww... well too bad... SNIFF IT!" Kelly commanded, giggling cutely. I was so disgusted by the thought of my nose up her sweaty, gooey ass that I forgot they were having a farting contest. However, I was quickly reminded. I was already nearing the point of puking when all of a sudden, I heard Kelly start grunting. I never knew a cute sound could be so terrifying.

She grunted and grunted, and I could feel her asshole puckering and releasing as it pulled and squeezed at my nose. A tiny little bit of wetness spurted out of her ass and sprayed into my nostrils. I could only hope it was sweat and not shit, but the smell suddenly got about ten times worse. It wasn't just musty ass and sweat anymore. It was potent unwashed teen girl ass mixed with the smell of pure shit. I shuddered and squirmed hard again, screaming, but Erika quickly squeezed my balls. "GOD if only they knew what Kelly was DOING to me..." I thought. "Maybe if I could push her off of me, she'd fall over and they'd see her undies pushed to the side..." I only had one chance, so I laid still for a minute, trying to regain all of my strength.

Kelly took this opportunity to grind down on my face harder and push again, this time letting out a huge, loud FRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAABBBBBTT!!! fart right in my face. She let out an evil cackle and wiggled her butt from side to side, laughing and singing "my neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack!!" over and over again and the girls joined in, giggling along. I threw up a little in my mouth, and forced it back down, tears welling up in my eyes against Kelly's bare ass cheeks. As the smell very slowly dissipated, I saw my chance...

I thrashed up, craning my neck and pushing up against Kelly with all my force. She started to fall off to the side a little bit, but suddenly I felt enormous pressure on my balls and I went limp just in time for Kelly to right herself up. "WHAT THE HECK?!?" she spun around on my face again, pulling her panties to the side, and scooted up as my nose completely slid into her sopping wet, naked pussy. Her juice filled my nostrils and I immediately started thrashing again, as I inhaled her sweaty pussy juice, snorting it through my nose and down into my throat. I could actually taste her sharp, cheesy pussy. It was like fishy, vinegary body order and bittersweet girl cum.

I started to panic as she kept my nose centered deep inside her spongy, wet little pussy. Then the fabric of her skirt was pulled back a little and I saw her sparkling blue eyes glaring down at me. She pressed harder and tightened her legs around me, scowling down at me. "If you ever try that again, I'm going to kill you, you little shit..." the tone of her voice was so dark that I didn't even care about breathing for a second, I was just so terrified that I didn't move a muscle. Finally, she slid back just a little bit, her pussy resting on my taped mouth. I took this time to gasp in some fresh air, as my nose still bubbled her sweaty cum a little bit as I breathed out. Even now I was still snorting in her pussy juice. It was positively wretched.

"Hey, I have an idea...." I heard Erika say with a mischievous grin. She disappeared over to my side of the basement and returned with my $10 sack and the sneak-a-toke pipe I had in my bag. My eyes went wide, and I thought she was going to tell mom about it. After all this torment and torture! That BITCH! But, then I realized she wasn't going to turn me in. She was going to smoke it! She ripped open the bag and loaded the bowl. "Who wants to smoke some weed?!" "Me!!" I heard Kailey exclaim. Kelly looked up at Erika nervously. "I've... never tried it." Kailey and Erika both gasped at the same time. "WHAT THE HECK? Seriously?!!" She shoved the pipe down towards Kelly. "You're gonna have so much fun!"

"Oh. My. God. If these girls all get stoned, I could be here for hours... what if they forget about me, what if they smother me, what if mom finds me tied up and they're all stoned and they say the weed was mine?!" I started freaking out all over again, but there was nothing I could do in my current position. Kelly stared eagerly at the pipe, then looked down at me. "You are SO BAD, Brad!! Don't you ever try and push me off again."

She banged on my balls with the pipe a few times and I winced in pain, yelping into my gag. Then, she spun around again so her back was facing me. As my vision was overtaken once again by darkness, Kelly reached down and slid her panties to the side once again. Her asshole swallowed my nose again, and I swear it was even slimier and sweatier than it was last time. "Hey, since Brad freaks out so much whenever Kelly's sitting on his face and he almost just knocked her off, it seems only fair that she gets to sit on him longer." Erika said. My blood ran cold...

Kelly giggled and wriggled her butt on my face. "You hear that Brad? You get all night to get acquainted with my SMELLY ASS! Yayyyy!!" She viciously rocked back and forth, working my nose deeper and deeper up her greasy girl hole. Then I heard Kailey and Erika explain to Kelly how to hit the pipe, and she nervously went over it a few times.

I started to drift a little bit, as the lack of oxygen and unbearable smell was getting to me. Suddenly I heard a lighter flick, snapping me back into the moment, and the next thing I knew, Kelly started coughing and coughing and coughing, and as she did a couple of little farts spurted out right onto my nose, waking me up from my comatose state. They all started laughing, but Kelly just started having a hysterical fit, laughing and coughing so hard. "Oh my god... hahahahahahaha... I think... hahahaha.. oh god I think I farted while I was coughi- ffffffrrrtttabbbabbtabbt!" She farted again as she laughed harder and harder, and all three girls totally lost it, falling over themselves and on top of me.

Kelly slumped over a little bit, lifting the weight off my nose but keeping it tucked up snugly in her sweaty crack. The rank, fresh smell of her foul gas was still permeating her naked crack, and the smell seemed to linger forever, trapped underneath her skirt with my tortured face. Finally they all calmed down, and Kelly asked "I'm not sure if I feel anything. What am I supposed to feel?" Kailey giggled. "You're already feeling it, Kel. Take another hit." And she did.

I don't know how long it went on, but the pipe was passed over and over as Kelly sat bare-assed on my buttslime-covered face. The smell seemed to intensify more and more, as the farts built up under her skirt and her dirty little asshole got sweatier and sweatier. I puked I don't know how many times, swallowing it and blacking out for a minute, only to wake up to the sound of three evil little girls laughing their stoned asses off and Kelly's sexy little ass farting again and again straight up my trapped nose. I gave up twitching, and I moaned now and again softly but I'm pretty sure they didn't even hear me.

Finally I heard Kailey say "There's no more weed, man!" "Awwww! Damnit..." Kelly whimpered a little, nuzzling down into my face with her full ass cheeks, and she slumped over again, resting her head on my lap. Her warm breath again caressed my dick, and as she laid there, her ass was lifted enough that I could breath unsmothered, but I still had to smell her stale farts and dripping wet sweaty ass. As I inhaled greedily at the air, a few beads of sweat collected in her crack and dripped down, falling on the tip of my nose and even in my left nostril, dripping down my face. I shuddered a little at the thought, as her blonde little asshole hairs tickled my nose. I still couldn't see anything, but I felt her asshole pucker and release a few times, and I knew she was trying to fart again. "Please, just let this stop.... please, god, get me out of here..." I began pleading to no one in my mind.

Kelly's hand non-chalantly fell over my dick softly, and she started squeezing and rubbing it a little. I grew a little harder, but then fuuuurrrrrrrrrrppppttt, she blew a hot, slow ass burner down all over my nose. I clenched my watering eyes shut and tried not to breathe for as long as I could, but with the tent-like skirt holding it captive, the smell had nowhere to go but into my lungs.

"HEY! What are you doing??" I heard Kailey shout. Kelly immediately sat up and SLUUURP, my nose went right up inside her sticky stinky crack again. I started whimpering softly, as my breathing became labored and the feeling and smell started to send me into waves of nausea yet again. "I... what? Nothing... what do you mean?" Kelly asked, startled. I was willing to bet she was stroking my dick absentmindedly because she was stoned, and I could hear the worried tone in her voice.

"You were... touching his penis!!" Erika exclaimed. "I was...?" Kelly asked blankly. Kailey just started giggling. "Haha... penis... hey, wait, I wanna touch his penis..." Then I felt two hands grab at my shorts and tug a little. "STOP IT!" Erika shouted. "That's gross! He's my BROTHER!" "You don't have to touch it, I just want to see it.... pleeeaaaaase??" Kailey pleaded with my sister. "Guys, wait, can I interrupt for a second?" It was Kelly. Erika and Kailey grew silent, waiting.

FFFRRRRRRABBBBBTTTTTTTTUHHHHHSSSSSSSSSS!!!! "Ahhhhh. Mmm, okay, all better!" Kelly giggled and rubbed her stomach, doing the cha cha with her naked ass on my face. "Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm, MMM! Cha cha cha cha cha, CHA! Smell it up you lo-SER, sniff my stinky ass-HOLE, yummy yummy yumm-EE!" She enunciated the words with hard flicks of her waist, working my nose deeper and deeper into her tight shitter.

"HAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!" All three girls died laughing, and Kelly again slumped over on me, lifting up a little. I don't know if she realized it, but when she did that, it was almost worse than when she was sitting full-weight on me. Her asshole was spread but not pushing down on me, only surrounding my nose, plus all the farts under her skirt were still unbelievably potent. Unfortunately, I was short of air so I gasped breath after breath through my sore nose.

"Kel, don't you wanna play with Brad's penis?" Kelly shifted uncomfortably on top of me a little bit. I started moaning "nooooo, please let me go..." up into her ass. "Well...." "GOD. Okay, FINE. You can see it, but only for a second!" Erika said. Kailey eagerly tugged my shorts down and as soon as my boxers were showing, I felt two more hands slide into them. They must have been Kelly's, because she leaned down and shifted up a little more. Then, the phone rang. I think all four of us were startled.

"Oh please god please god let it be the police.. or mom... something, anything to get me OUT OF HERE!" I thought. Erika jumped up and ran across the room to answer it. "Oh HIII Greg!" She said in a flirtatious tone and giggled. "Happy 4th of July to you too baby!" I heard Kailey whisper "Okay we won't!" and I assume Erika signaled something to her. Then, I heard footsteps going up the stairs. Oh god. My sister had left me alone down here with these two savage, stoned dominatrixes...

The next thing I knew, Kelly farted again, only barely giggling this time. It had become such a normal thing now that she almost didn't even notice. Then, my boxers started sliding down. I felt 10 little fingertips on my naked balls, and then another hand wrapped around my half-hard dick. "It's so sexy..." I heard Kailey say quietly. Kelly shifted again on my face a little. "I kind of want to... you know...." Kailey giggled a little bit. "What?" "I dunno, I just... I want to suck on it for a minute..." Kailey laughed quietly. "Yeah, me too... let's try it..." Then I felt hot breath near the head of my dick... I couldn't help it, I started to get a little more hard... and then two wet lips pressed themselves into me and I shuddered from the intensely good feeling. Despite my predicament, I almost forgot where I was and started to enjoy it. But then....

"KELLY!!!! OH MY FREAKIN GODDDDDD!!!" At first I thought my sister had come back down. But it was Kailey. She was standing behind Kelly, and while Kelly was putting her mouth around my dick, her ass had lifted up a little more and Kailey noticed her panties pushed to the side... "You little bitch!" She squealed through an evil giggle. "EWWW holy shit, his nose is all brown!! Have you been like this the whole time??" Kelly giggled, her lips still around my dick. "Mhmmm..."

Then without warning Kelly went tumbling over to the side and I heard giggling as the two girls wrestled around for a minute. Finally I looked up to see Kelly crawling towards me with a sexy, hungry look on her face. She bit her lip and licked it a little as she crawled up over my legs and dangled her long, brown hair over my naked thighs and balls. Then, I saw Kailey come into my view, towering over me. She wriggled out of her white cotton shorts and stood directly over my face. "I hope my butt isn't too grimy for you!!" And she slowly lowered her ass down to my face. As she got lower, her asshole spread wider, and the tip of my nose brushed over her cheek as she centered herself on my face. Just as I started to smell her potent girl ass, I felt the intensely explosive sensation of a hot, wet mouth sliding down around my cock.

I got a little harder in Kelly's mouth as Kailey started rocking her sweaty slime hole up and down my nose. Kelly took her mouth off of my dick and said "He's starting to get hard, but everytime I farted it got softer, so like don't fart or anything for a sec, I wanna see how hard I can make him with my mouth..." Just then, Kailey giggled and ffffffffffftttttttppptptpt. "Ooops. Sorry!" My dick shrunk down a little as Kelly whined. "NOOO!! Come on, please..." Kailey said, "You better start sucking girl. Let's see if my farts are better than your mouth!" They both giggled and immediately I felt Kelly go down on me again, sucking and swirling her tongue around my dick. Her fingers danced around the bottom of my shaft and balls as she slowly took more and more of me down her throat, making me grow and grow, slowly...

She mmmed and giggled against my dick, sending pleasure waves down my spine. She had no idea what she was doing to me. I'm pretty sure this was her first blowjob, and since I couldn't say anything, all I could do was lay there and let her experiment. I screamed and squealed, moaned, and tried to tell her when it was too hard or I felt teeth, but all I could do was lay there while Kailey tormented me.

"Does it feel good to have your dick sucked Brad? I bet it does. Too bad you won't be enjoying it tonight." As if on cue, right then she let out a huge SBD fart that stunk up the entire room, and I started coughing and spurting, grimacing and gagging up into her panties. She reached back and spread her cheeks open wider, moving her hips to grind her entire asshole up and down my nose, stopping in the center to push it in as deep as it would go. "Sniff my sexy ass, fartslave. Mmmmm... yeah.... that's a good boy..." she farted again, and again. "Sniff... snifffff... mmmm, SMELL IT!!!" she hissed in a quiet but stern tone. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I started twitching from lack of oxygen and the sulfur in my brain. Then all of a sudden, my eyes shot open and I screamed as Kelly was scraping her teeth over the head of my dick.

"I don't think he likes this..." she said, giggling as she did it again and again. "WAKE UP BRAD!!" I thrashed a little but with Kailey on my face and Kelly on my legs, I barely even moved. "But he does like this..." Then she slowly took the entire length of my erect dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue slowly in circles, and moved her mouth up and down, getting a little faster every time, pausing to suck hard on the head of my dick every once in awhile. "Mmmm god he tastes so good...."

They stayed like this for about 30 minutes. Kelly would make me as hard as she could while Kailey rocked back and forth on my face, barraging me with wave after wave of naked ass gas. They giggled and competed with each other to make me harder and softer. It was the most insanely cruel torture imaginable. Finally, after what felt like days, I blacked out. I think they figured it out when I went limp (figuratively, and literally, if you know what I mean). I awoke to a light slap on the face. Kelly was straddling me, and I noticed my shorts were back on.

Christ my dick was throbbing and sore, I'm sure it was bright red from Kelly's intense sucking. She beamed down at me, smiling brightly. "Hi there Braaaad!" She giggled and brushed the back of her hand on my cheek sweetly. "I missed you..." she made a pouty face and then she grinned a little. "Hey Kaileybannana, I've got a wicked idea." I saw Kailey's face hover over me, and she was wearing a content smirk. She was squirming back into her shorts. "Really? Tell me..." Her eyes gleamed down at me, and I quickly wished I was back in that dark place I'd escaped to earlier...

Kelly sat back on my stomach and leaned forward, untying her laces and slipping off her old, stained grey running shoes. As she did, she placed her feet near my head and looked inside her shoe, wrinkling her nose and frowning. "These shoes are so disgusting..." she giggled and held the open end over my nose. I turned my head a little and she just giggled more and tossed the shoe to the side. "So, when Erika gets down here, I'm gonna tell her that I want to put my crusty socks in Brad's mouth." I made a slight groaning sound, and Kelly just shot me a smirk and immediately placed her yellow crunchy socks over my face and laughed. "Brad, shut the heck up!" She pressed down hard and the smell attacked me with a quickness. Sharp, vinegary, stale cheese popcorn, and a hint of something totally different and all-together pungent. This girl's feet were RANK.

I thrashed my head a little and I felt a hand reach down and grip my balls. "BRAD. For FUCKS sake, do we have to go through this EVERY TIME? Now lie still and sniff my cheesy feet!" Kailey giggled. "Okay, so what's your idea?? Is that it, making him suck your socks? I love it." I saw her grinning down at me for half a second from underneath Kelly's grimy socked feet. The smell was so fresh and potent that my mouth started watering and my nose itched.

"Oh nooo, that's just the beginning!" Kelly chimed. She started rubbing her sweaty feet slowly up and down my face, pausing at the balls of her feet and up under her toes because she saw that I lurched the most there. "So, I'll take the tape off his mouth, but then I'll say I wanna sit on his face without the tape on his mouth, and when I do..." she giggled a little and spread her feet apart, exposing me face, and wiggled her butt a little on my stomach. "I'm gonna pull my panties to the side and Bradley here is gonna stick his tongue up my filthy lil butthole and lick, lick, lick..." My eyes shot open wide and Kailey gasped and then was silent for a minute. I shook my head "NO NO NO!!!" and whimpered a little. Then Kailey laughed cautiously. "Kel, that's.... I mean your ass is so..." "Oh I know, I'm all stank and gooey down there. But... I've always wanted someone to lick me there, and... well, maybe you're right-" A worried look came over Kelly's face and I thought to myself "OH thank god..."

But then Kailey quickly interrupted her. "No, NO come on, you have to do it... it's so... evil! And you gotta tell me how it feels..." Kailey said, trying to hold back a half-disgusted laugh. Kelly started to say something but then the girls turned to look at me as we all heard footsteps come racing down the stares. Kelly smirked at me a little and leaned down pressing her lips to my ear and growled, "And if I don't feel your tongue wiggling deep inside my sweaty butt the ENTIRE time, I'm gonna tape my nasty socks in your mouth, grind your nose into my dirty little crack and fart over and over again until you wish you were fucking dead." The way she said it turned my blood cold, and all I could do was look sadly up at her and nod a little. She hopped up and smiled sweetly at Kailey. "Showtime!"

"Sorry guys, I had to talk to my baby for awhile. So how's it going down here, did you guys get your stupid penis fetish all-" Erika came into view and stopped, giggling a little. "You girls are up to something..." Kailey laughed. "Shut up..." I heard Erika sniff the air. "Eww, Kelly did you take your shoes off?" She cracked up and looked down bashfully. "Yes...." Kailey chimed in. "So Kelly had a great idea!" My eyes darted from girl to girl. Erika was the first one to look down at me. I whimpered a little and stared her deep in the eyes, shaking my head a little, as if to say "your friends are the devil, please please please let me up, I'm your brother and you should love me more than this, please..."

She broke our stare quickly. "Mm, I like ideas..." I closed my eyes and started to cry again softly. Kelly then looked down as I opened my eyes, and she glared down at me. "STOP IT" she mouthed, and then quickly covered my face with her smelly feet again and started talking. "I wanted to... uhhmm, maybe make him suck on my crusty gym socks?" Erika grinned big. "Sounds good!" Oh god, it was starting... Kelly immediately swooped down on me and peeled the tape slowly from my mouth. She again leaned to my ear and hissed, "And if you say one god damn word when I remove this tape, I'll put it right back and Kailey and I will deny everything and the three of us will take turns practicing our soccer kicks on your balls. And I'm not even close to kidding. Trust me. YOU DON'T WANT THAT." She growled the last four words, and I knew she was serious.

The tape was ripped off, and I almost said "oww" as I spit out Kailey's soaked underwear, but Kelly saw my mouth move and I quickly just made a light "mmm" sound. Kailey busted up laughing. "Oh my gosh, LOOK!" She picked up her undies and held them out. "They're like, clean!!" And it was true. The sweat stains and skid marks were all gone. I shuddered at the thought of knowing I had swallowed all of that... Erika cracked up. "Wow bro, you make a good washing machine. I'll have to try that sometime."

Kelly giggled and then spun around. "HEY! So, can I sit on his face with his mouth untaped? I think I'll enjoy it more. With his mouth taped I keep worrying about smothering him and I feel bad knowing how bad I must smell, at least this way he can kind of breathe." She cracked up as she finished her sentence. God she was good. Her performance was almost believable. Erika flopped down on the futon and unpaused the game. "Whatever floats your boat. Just tape him up when you're done so I can make him smell my sweaty butt and fart all over his face." She said with a giggle, staring at the TV. Kelly glared viciously down at me, stepping over me and eyeballing me like a Lioness staring at her prey...

"Come on Kailey, let's kill some alien scum!" Erika said. Kailey walked over to the futon, but kept her eye on me and Kelly. She wanted to watch, since she knew what was about to happen. Kelly sat down on my chest and looked over her shoulder down at me. She noticed Kailey watching, and she got up on her knees, inching backwards towards my face. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties to the side, and my eyes went wide as I could literally see her ass cheeks sticking together inside her crack from the sweat and girl goo coating her pale pink asshole and crack. "Oh please god, please no no no don't let this happen" I whispered to myself. It was just nice to be able to say something out loud, even if no one else could hear.

Then, SNAP! She let go of her panties and they again hugged her plump ass cheeks together. Kailey heard the sound and giggled, but I guess Erika was completely engrossed in the game and didn't say anything. Then, without warning, Kelly made a squealing sound, yanked her panties to the side again and plopped straight down on my face. "Bonsai!!" she giggled, and Erika just chuckled, still staring at the TV. Kailey made a disgusted grimace for half a second as she watched Kelly's ass engulf my face and imagined what it must be like to have your nose sink deep into the spongy, rancid asshole of a sweaty, unwashed girl.

For a second I just laid there. I couldn't bring myself to do what I knew I had to do... then, my heart started pounding as I felt Kelly grind her slimy crack down towards my lips. I could already taste her salty skin and the faint taste of her ass, which I knew all too well from smelling it all this time. "Okay Brad, are you read for this..." Kelly giggled and stopped with the top of her crack at my lips. After a few seconds had passed and I wasn't licking her ass, I felt the most intense pain of my entire life as she grabbed my balls and squeezed - HARD! I yelped and the tip of my tongue shot out of my mouth. I clenched my eyes shut and held my breath as I forced it out a little more, splitting her ass cheeks and working its way inside her rank, sweat-drenched crack. I heard her make a long low "Mmmmmmm" sound as I entered her.

Erika laughed. "I told you this was fun, huh Kel?" Just then, Kelly's hands reached down, spreading her ass cheeks open, and she lurched forward, and before I knew it, my tongue sunk deep into the center of her salty, slimy brown hole... "Mmmmmm god.." Kailey's eyes shot open as she looked over at Kelly, mouthing the word "CAREFUL!" and putting her finger to her lips. Kelly giggled. "Yeah... it's so much fun..." Erika laughed and went back to her game, while Kailey mouthed "is he doing it??" Kelly's eyes rolled into the back of her head a little bit and she bit her lip, trying to hold back moans as my tongue probed deeper into her stinky asshole. "Mhmm" she replied to Kailey, biting her lip. Kailey's eyes sparkled as she thought about what it would feel like to have a tongue up her ass, especially while it was so filthy...

Kelly showed no mercy. She grinded my tongue up and down her crack, moving painfully slowly, and if I wasn't constantly swirling it around, she pinched or squeezed my balls. The taste was unbearable. A couple of times I had to hold back my vomit, and my entire body would lurch. She would notice this and lift up just a little bit. "Mmm, good boy, you're a good boy... how are you enjoying my yummy ass?" Kailey gigged. "He better be enjoying it REALLY GOOD..." Kelly laughed and rubbed my stomach a little bit. "I know I'm pretty rank down there..." and with that she sat down again and waited for my tongue to enter her. But I couldn't do it...

I clenched my lips shut and tried to choke down the taste of her overpowering girl ass. When I didn't start licking, she again squeezed my balls. I shot my tongue deep inside her ass, but she didn't stop squeezing! The pain was excruciating. I started screaming into her ass cheeks and tried as hard as I could to work my tongue in deeper. I actually could feel the tip of something inside her asshole, and it might have been a turd, but I was in too much pain to care. When I probed her as deep as I could go, she released the pressure a little bit but she kept a tight grip, and I felt her shift a little bit on top of me. "Wiggle, Brad..." Kelly said. I knew what she meant. I swallowed hard and forced myself to wiggle the tip of my tongue against the turd inside her butthole. As I did, fffffffffffrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaappppttptptptptptpbb bbrrrrrappafffffffsssssssss!

A long, hot, steamy fart slipped out of her asshole and into my nose and mouth. As I felt her asshole expand to release the gas, it clenched up again as she finished it actually swallowed my tongue, sucking it deeper into her hole. She immediately let out a loud mmming moan... "mmmm, eat my fart, Brad...." Kailey and Erika both cracked up hard, pausing the game and covering their noses. "Jeez Kel, did that fart feel good or what?" Kelly blushed and sat back a little, mming and rocking back and forth on my tongue slowly as she reached up to straighten her hair. "Eww you guys, that was a wet one..." Kailey and Erika both made disgusted "Awww, ewwwww" sounds and then had a giggle fit. I started coughing and sputtering as my tongue was showered with a thick bitter liquid, and I tried to pull it out of her ass.

Immediately, she tightened her grip on my balls. "I said, WIGGLE, BRAD..." Kailey chimed in, "Yeah Brad, wiggle and choke on Kelly's ass gas!!" I yelped and shoved my tongue back inside her sticky, squirting asshole. She sighed happily and grunted, shooting another wet fart that washed over my tongue and went straight up into my nose, gagging me and coating my tongue in a thick shit spray that I was forced to swallow. "Ohh god, that one sounded juicy... poor Brad..." Kailey giggled. Kelly grunted and farted again, thankfully this one was dry, but it burned and still tasted like pure shit. This one had a more potent smell, not just like shit like the last two, but a strong sulfur and egg smell. It was wretched. I started gagging and couldn't help it, my tongue went into my mouth. I expected Kelly to squeeze my balls again and I clenched my eyes in anticipation of the pain as I choked down her fart spit.

But she kept her hand lightly cupped around my balls. "Oh god, what's she doing..." I thought, as I heard her again start grunting. "Oh no..." she squealed. "What?" Erika and Kailey asked in unison. "This one's gonna be wet..." and just as she finished her sentence, BRAAAAAP!! A high pitched squeaker exploded in my face, covering my nose and mouth with brown liquid. Erika groaned as Kelly giggled. "Aww Bradley, sad for you..." Erika laughed. "At least you're not naked! EWWWW could you just imagine?" Kailey snuck a smirk at Kelly and Kelly laughed, wriggling her slimy butthole all over my face, absolutely covering me in her shit spray. "Oh yes! Good thing, HUH Brad?" Kelly said as she grinded her naked sweaty shitty asshole all over my face.

Then, she resumed her position over my mouth. "My stinky butthole is all slimy. Wiggle around up inside my crack..." She clamped down on my balls again and I whimpered, sliding my tongue slowly between her shitty ass cheeks, sobbing softly. Erika laughed. "Damn Kel, you're really getting into this." Kailey giggled. "You have no idea..." as my tongue worked its way inside Kelly's ass, she moaned again softly and rocked side to side, swallowing my tongue deeper into her rancid spongy anus. "Deep breaths Brad..." she squeezed me again. "DEEPER..." she growled. I knew she meant my tongue, not my breathing. I forced it up inside her more and she twitched a little on my face, mmming. Kailey giggled. "Yeah Brad, come on you can do it deeper than that..." Kelly sat back, arching her back, forcing every single inch of my tongue as far as it would go. Kailey giggled as my deep rimming made her friend moan louder.

The taste invaded my very being. Shit, sweat, thick gooey cheese-like gunk, I couldn't tell what it all was, but one thing was for sure. It tasted like pure funky girl ass and every time I thought I was starting to get her ass clean, I found more goo and cheese and sweat. If I tried to take a break or not taste her, she squeezed my balls and sat down hard on my face, not letting me breathe or releasing my balls until she felt my tongue start lashing around inside her tight anal cavity. She tightened her grip on my balls when I was as deep as I could get up her ass, and she said "Don't move..." Then she cut a hot, crispy fart right on my tongue. Then another one. Then a long hot silent one filtered up my nose. Finally, she squeaked out another wet sprayer. The combination of rotten eggs, fresh shit, rotten vegetables, sweat and pussy made my stomach lurch and I couldn't hold it anymore. I started gagging and heaving.

"Oh my god, Kelly, I think he's gonna puke..." Kelly's panties snapped back and she hopped up as she shouted "Kailey GIVE ME YOUR PANTIES!!!" the panties flew at me and Kelly grabbed them. She smirked and quickly wiped the shit off my face before my sister saw, and then shoved them into my throat. I tried to scream "NO NO PLEASE LET ME.. GAHH UGH ULP GUUUHH... I HAVE TO THROW UP FIRST NOO WAIIT PLEAAMMMPPHHMMMMOOOONOOOOOOOO!!!!" She crammed them down my throat and put both hands hard over my mouth, staring straight down into my eyes.

"Shhhhh, Brad. Just calm down." Right then I lurched and the puke came rushing up into my mouth. It hit Kailey's underwear and filled my mouth as Kelly tightened her grip on my mouth. "SWALLOW. DO IT NOW. You're not puking up my butt cheese." She glared down at me, piercing me with her devilish blue eyes. A satisfied smirk came over her lips as she saw me swallow hard, my eyes clenching shut and my body wretching under her. "Swallow it ALL..." She cooed down at me. I swallowed again and again, swallow after painful swallow, and slowly sucked the puke out of Kailey's panties.

Erika was laughing so hard as she paused the game. "Okay. Enough being nice to the little brat. Let's tape his mouth up again, I have to fart!" All three of them giggled and Kelly took her hands off my mouth. I tried to spit out the soggy chunky undies. "EWWW" All three girls squealed. Kailey jumped up and grabbed one of Kelly's stiff crusty gym socks, flipped it inside out and balled it up, shoving the crusty toe end into my mouth. Kelly hopped up and ripped off a long pice of duct tape and slapped it over my mouth.

I was so warn out and shocked from the act of swallowing my own puke I didn't have time to react or say a word, and before I knew it, I was staring up again at my sister's ass. She stopped halfway as she was crouching down. "Oooh god I have to fart..." She cackled and quickly threw down her shorts and dropped down onto my face, giggling as Kailey and Kelly both let out a loud gasp. Just as Erika got low enough that her asshole spread open and her thong went up her crack, she guided my nose right into her hole and grunted hard. frraaappapppbrappttttfffffsssssssssaaappaaapapapap ptt!!

A long, hot, excruciating fart shot up my nostrils. I forgot how hard it was when your mouth was taped shut. Even though my tongue had been up Kelly's ass, her farts weren't nearly this bad, plus I could breathe through my mouth sometimes. Erika's farts could kill, I was sure of it. And Kailey and Kelly agreed. "Oh. my. goddddddddd. ERIKA! That is sooo RANK! And you're wearing a THONG!" Kelly exclaimed, giggling at Kailey.

Erika responded by grunting again and farting twice as long, then grinding down hard to wipe her asshole up and down my nose. I was forced again to inhale the rotten egg/vegetable/sweaty girl cheese farts and pure unwashed hot-summer's-day ass of my sister, as she wriggled back and forth. She started singing "fart, fart, baby!" to the tune of that stupid vanilla ice song "ice ice, baby". All the girls chimed in and they all giggled and sang "fart, fart, baby, ding ding da da ding ding!" right after that Erika would grunt and strain and fart all over my face, over and over and over and over again.

I didn't think anything could be worse than this. Waves of nausea washed over me and I blacked out I don't know how many times. Eventually I was woken up to light slaps on my face. I thought it might be over... but little did I know, the worst was yet to come...

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