⛺️ Haley and Nikki Go Camping with slaveboy DAY 1

A new boyfriend, an old best friend, and a big secret. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


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Written by Haley 💕



My name is Haley, and I have a secret. Well, an obsession, really. It's something I've fantasized about forever. And up until now, no one else knew except my boyfriend.

I'm 19 years old, 5'6", about 135 pounds with a medium frame, and I have bright, light blue eyes. My hair is long, down to my mid-lower back, and golden blonde. Not to brag, but I think I'm fucking hot. I have nice, perky tits - not big, but not small - long legs, and a big, bubbly, round ass. I have a gym body - lots of squats and regular workouts keep me really fit and toned. My thighs are thick, but solid. I have a little gap between them, and my stomach is mostly flat with just a tiny touch of baby fat. Oh and I have a cute lil belly button piercing. My face is super cute, too! I have big dimples when I smile. My nose is a little small, and turns up just a tiny bit at the end. Which is also totally cute if you ask me.

My best friend Nikki has been basically like my shadow since middle school. She was always there for me, and we told each other pretty much everything, including sex stories with our various boyfriends as we got older. I had hinted around that I was into some weird stuff, but I never told her the extent of it. She would always ask and pry, trying to get more information out of me. But I never gave in. I was terrified that she would think I was weird, or gross, and it would ultimately end our friendship. I couldn't imagine my life without her, so I kept it a secret. Even though I was aching to tell her.

Now before we go any further, I think I need to tell you what my fetish is, exactly. I have this obsession with making my unwilling slave (who is always handcuffed or otherwise restrained) worship my body. My entire body. And the sweatier and stinkier I am, the better. Seriously. I know, it's weird! But making him lick and smell my nastiest parts, after getting really sweaty and skipping showers... it's like the hottest thing on the fucking planet to me. Mmm, it makes me wet just thinking about it! And so one of the things I've always loved to do is sit on my slave's face with my dirty butt and make him smell my asshole. And I fart. A lot. Really, I don't know why, but I've always had lots and lots of gas. So early on when my fetish was developing, farting became a natural part of my fantasies.

Yep. I have a major fart fetish. And I fucking love it! But I really wished I could tell my best friend. I've always felt like I could tell her anything, but this weird obsession just seemed so gross and made me feel so ashamed. In fact, when I finally got up the nerve to tell one of my ex boyfriend's about it, he was not into it at all, and was extremely weirded out by it. Needless to say, we didn't go out for very long, and it really hurt me.

Luckily, my new boyfriend DOES know about my devious fantasies! We've been going out for a little over a year. One important thing to know about me is that half of the turn on is the forced aspect. He does NOT have this particular fetish. Luckily, he does have a fetish for being dominated though, and because of my twisted desires, I can dominate him like he's never dreamed of before. So it works out perfectly! I get to be a twisted, bratty, gross princess and cary out all of my wildest fantasies on him. And he truly doesn't like the specific acts I make him do, which makes it even hotter to me. But he loves being dominated and humiliated. So, win win! Obviously I was happier with him than I'd ever been with anyone, and I've only fallen more in love with him as time went on.

Nikki, by the way, is also gorgeous. She's 20 and a little shorter than me, about 5’4”. She has a more petite frame, I'm definitely curvier. Our asses are almost the same shape though. Plump, round, firm, juicy, jiggly, perky, and disproportionately massive compared to our bodies. Mine is just bigger! She also has blue eyes, but darker. Her hair is brown, and about as long as mine. She wears it in a ponytail a lot. Her face is a tiny bit rounder than mine. She has dimples too, but a little smaller than mine when she smiles. People always mistook us for sisters, and we definitely could pull it off! Plus she's very perky and bubbly, and has kind of an immature girlish quality about her. Which means we get along well haha

I'm so in love with my boyfriend it's crazy! Not only am I able to finally indulge in my lifelong fantasies, but he is just so beautiful and smart and kind and funny. Being around him is like being on cloud 9! He is 6’2” and also has a gym body, because we workout together and go hiking all the time. I just have to say it - he's fucking SEXY as hell! He has short, blonde hair, green eyes, and a neatly trimmed beard that makes him look like a GQ model. He has a large frame, broad shoulders, big muscly arms and a big chest. He's very calm and has a comforting demeanor. He's just like super handsome, charming and likable, and he has this big smile that can make anyone feel safe. When the three of us are together, we're a very good looking group, I have to admit!

It was August, about 7:30am, and it was already hot and sticky outside. My boyfriend and I had planned to go on a camping trip, so we were packing and getting things ready. It was originally supposed to just be the two of us, but through a series of uninteresting events (including being recently dumped by her asshole boyfriend), I ended up inviting Nikki along. Once the car was loaded, the three of us took off for the wildest adventure of my life!!


So, fast forward to the day of the camping trip. On the drive down, I was hinting to my boyfriend about how I was going to miss making him "service" my butt. But I was being discrete about it. Nikki was laughing, and acting all curious. He got super awkward and tried to play it off like, "Oh well, you'll have to wait until we get back home." Nikki kept asking about it and eventually, I caved. I figured now was a good time, with a long drive ahead of us. And plus, I had finally recently told her about sitting on guy's faces and having my ass eaten, which is basically half of it anyway. And she was really into it and didn't judge me at all.

So I took a deep breath, bit my lip, and turned to Nikki in the backseat. "Do you REALLY want to know?" Her eyes shot open wide and she nodded her head frantically. "YESSS!" She squealed. I undid my seatbelt and turned around fully in the passenger seat, sitting reverse up on my knees, and leaned over the headrest. Slaveboy turned his head slightly and coughed a little. "HALEY! Don't!" He whimpered, his face turning beet red.

Nikki was losing her mind now, the curiosity was eating her alive. Her eyes flickered like fire and an ear-to-ear grin was spread over her face. "OKAY, I'll tell you. But you have to PROMISE you won't judge me! It's seriously... it's pretty messed up." I buried my face in my crossed arms over the headrest and whimpered. Nikki reached out and put her hand on my head. "FINALLLLLLYYYYYY!!!! I PROMISE! Haley I love you, nothing you say will change that! Unless you've like, killed someone or something!" She laughed with a hint of nervousness to her voice. I stayed frozen for a moment. "TELL MEEEE!!" She squeaked, shaking my arm.

I peeked up from my elbows, my face turning red. "So... you know how I like to sit on guy's faces and... stuff...?" My voice was very soft and trembled a little as I trailed off. Nikki raised an eyebrow and smiled wider. "Yeah...?" She prodded. "Well... I kind of have this thing to where... I like to make him... smell my butt, too..." I whispered, biting my lip nervously. Nikki's eyes went wider. "Ewww! Your butt?!" I buried my face again, mortified. But then I heard Nikki start giggling like crazy. "Really?? That's kind of funny!" She giggled out. I clenched my eyes shut and kept my face buried as I said the next part.

"Yeah and... I like it when it's really stinky and sweaty like after a workout or if I haven't showered in a few days!!" I blurted out in a rushed mumble. I didn't dare look up, holding my breath. "HA!!! Oh jesus Haley that IS pretty fucked up!" Nikki said, laughing harder. I whimpered into my arms. She slowly stopped laughing and then I felt her tugging on my arms. "Oh come on, it's not that bad!" She said sweetly. I slowly lifted my red face to look at her. She was smirking at me with a goofy expression of shock and amusement. "That's not all..." I clenched my eyes shut tight again in pure shame. "YOU HAVE TO TELL ME NOW!" She squealed, hopping up and down in her seat a little.

I finally told her how I also like to fart on his face. At first, she thought I was joking. But I told her I was dead serious. Her jaw dropped in shock as she processed everything. And then she gasped loudly and practically screamed, "SO WAIT! YOU'VE FARTED IN HIS FACE??" She shot her stare to Slaveboy who was silent and rigid, looking straight ahead and driving like a robot. His face was almost purple. I scrunched my face up and squeezed my eyes shut even tighter, my red cheeks pooching out, and I nodded my head slowly.

Nikki cackled and squealed in disgust, but then quickly started asking me question after question. How many times had I done it, why did I like it, did he like it, how did he react, when did I last do it. And the more we talked about it, the more normal it became. Within a couple minutes, my shame was gone, and Nikki seemed more and more intrigued by the whole idea.

I turned back around as Nikki and I kept talking, and buckled my seatbelt. I was so relieved! She finally knew! And she was cool with it! Holy shit, I can't explain the weight that was lifted. This was a nagging secret I had kept from her for YEARS. And I hated it. Now she knew!

My boyfriend was really embarrassed though, and mad that I told her. "Don't be upset! It's my fault, I made her tell me!" Nikki insisted, stifling more giggles. "It's not a big deal. I won't tell anyone. Seriously don't be embarrassed about it." After another minute or two, he had calmed down a bit and seemed okay. I explained that he didn't really like it, and it was kind of a domination thing. He liked being submissive, but definitely did not enjoy sniffing my farts. He quickly and adamantly agreed. "They're disgusting!" He almost laughed, feeling more at ease. The fact that he didn't enjoy it only seemed to interest Nikki more.

Then I felt her tapping my shoulder from the back seat. She giggled quietly, leaning forward towards my seat. "You should totally do that to him on this trip! Don't let me stop you!" She was quiet, but my boyfriend heard, because he shook his head sternly. "Oh no. No no no. There will be none of that!" He was half laughing nervously but sounded pretty serious. I think he just still felt super awkward having Nikki know about it all. I giggled, a wicked smirk on my face as I thought about whether to say what I wanted to say. Then I just went for it. Loudly! "Well Slaveboy, you don't really have a say in the matter, do you?" I said in my best bratty princess voice. He turned his head and shot a glare at me, turning red again. Nikki squealed with laughter. "NO you certainly DON'T! SLAVEBOYYYY!!!" She taunted, kicking her feet a little as she cracked up hard.

My boyfriend's head dropped into the steering wheel for a second and he groaned loudly. "Haley... come on!!" He whined, again looking at the road. Nikki and I just giggled like little school girls! Oh my god I was on such a fucking high right not! Not only would I get to torture my Slaveboy on this trip, while CAMPING by the way, which means no showers for a week!!! But now Nikki knew, and not only was she cool with it, she was helping me taunt him about it! I beamed like a fucking lighthouse and almost floated out of the car!

Finally I cleared my throat, calming down from my euphoric giggle fit. "Uhmmmmm, yes! I'm sorry Slaveboy. But you're NOT getting out of it. The princess has spoken!" I commanded in an even snottier tone of voice, almost like a valley girl. I casually glanced at Nikki's face through the rear view mirror and she had her hands over her face. She was snickering like crazy and her eyes were so wide. She was loving this!!

Slaveboy groaned, whimpering. "Haley are you serious? Come onnnn, not with Nikki around!" He whined. But it was no use. I had decided right then and there, this was happening!! I wasn't shy around Nikki anyway, we had seen each other naked before. It was no big deal. And the thought of it was already making me wetter by the second. I mmmed silently to myself, daydreaming about plastering my sweaty, cheesy feet all over his face after a full day in my hiking boots, and spreading my sweaty ass over his face and smothering him in it! FUCK!! Are we there yet??

I just giggled in response to his whining, and then quickly changed the subject. We chatted for a few minutes about random stuff, enjoying the scenery as we drove deeper into the woods. But Nikki kept bringing it back up again, asking more questions. Slaveboy literally squirmed in his seat every time she mentioned it again. So cute!

At one point, in the midst of her asking if I was really serious about all of this, I had a wicked idea. I decided to prove to Nikki that I was serious, since she just kept asking over and over. So I turned to her and whispered, "Watch this!" Slaveboy hadn't noticed, he was too busy driving. I discretely undid my seatbelt, leaned over in my seat a bit, put my hand under my butt and cupped it around my asshole, and then grunted. A huge, steaming fart exploded out of my ass! Nikki squealed in the backseat. "EWWWW HALEY!!!! THAT'S SO GROSS!!" I giggled and then quickly lunged up, clamping my hand over Slaveboy's face, shoving my trapped fart right into his nose! "SMELL MY FART BABY!!" I yelled, holding his face captive in my fart grasp!

Nikki was laughing her ass off, covering her face in disbelief, watching as Slaveboy choked and swerved the car a little. "HALEY!" He screamed in a muffled voice, choking again and yelping on the horrid stench. "Deep breaths, baby!" I teased, giggling as his eyes started to water. After a minute I took my hand off his face and he coughed violently. "Oh god Haley, that fucking STINKS!" Nikki whined, still covering her face.

"Oooh ooh ooooh!!" I squealed, still up on my knees, sideways in the seat. I took both hands behind my back and made a big bowl over my ass with them, and launched another thunderous fart into my palms! I gave it a second to fill my hands and then in an instant I viciously clamped both hands over his face again. "SNIFF!!!" I barked in a bratty tone. He yelped, gagging on the burning smell, and the car swerved again.

Nikki squealed into her hands and giggled like a maniac, her eyes glued to Slaveboy's tearing eyes in the rearview mirror. I giggled and shook my butt towards the window as Slaveboy pleaded with me to stop. Finally I took my hands off his face. Then I smirked back at Nikki and reached behind me one more time. I dug my fingers into my shorts and groaned as I scratched my fingers into my swampy, greasy asscrack. "Ewww my ass is SO SWEATY!" I huffed, scratching it more. I pulled it out and looked at my fingers. Grey-brown butt cheese grime was caked under my fingernails, and the smell wafting off of my fingers punched me in the face from a foot away! I dry heaved and then quickly stuffed my fingers into Slaveboy's nose. "Does my butt stink, baby??" I giggled out.

Slaveboy turned his head and retched! Nikki's eyes were so wide I thought they'd pop out of her head! She groaned again in disgust as she excitedly watched the action unfold. "SLAVE! SNIFF THE BUTT CHEESE OFF MY FINGERS NOW!!" I barked. Nikki fell over laughing and quickly sat back up, eyebrows still high enough to almost touch the roof of the car. He took a sniff from my fingers and choked violently. "Haley that smells sooo fucking bad!!" He whined. I giggled happily. "Mmmm GOOD! Now don't fucking move a muscle. Just drive." I smirked one more time at Nikki and then used my thumbnails to pick out the huge chunks of rancid butt gunk from my other fingernails, collecting it in a big pile. Then I giggled wickedly as I stuffed the cheesy, putrid goo right up his nostrils, and smeared it all over his lips!!

Slaveboy screamed in disgust and begged me to stop. "KEEP DRIVING! Don't crash, slave!" I taunted, ignoring his pleas for mercy as I continued to rub my nauseating butt grime all over his nose. "Open your mouth." I commanded calmly. He whimpered loudly, "PLEASE NOOOO!!" "DO IT!" I screamed. He opened his mouth and I inserted my fingers, one at a time, and made him suck them clean. He sounded like he was going to puke! Nikki had undid her seatbelt too and was up leaning into the front of the car between our seats. She bit her lip and scrunched her face up as she watched him suck the filth from my fingers, heaving and gagging on it. I heard her breathing heavily, giggling quietly just behind my ear.

Finally I giggled and sat back down, bouncing in my seat happily as I put my seatbelt back on. "Believe me now?" I giggled to Nikki. She fell back into her seat, stunned. Slaveboy's face was so red he looked like a tomato. He kept spitting and coughing, trying to rub the stink off his face with one hand. But I embedded it in there good, and only washing with soap and water would get rid of my stink! "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!!" Nikki panted from the backseat, gasping and laughing in complete amazement as she clicked her seatbelt back on. "I told you!" I shouted, turning to look at her and shrugging my shoulders. "So he just does whatever you say??" She asked breathlessly, still giggling. "Not always. But he knows if he doesn't, he gets punished later." Nikki raised her eyebrows and bit her upper lip, making a face. "Punished? How...?" I giggled. "I'll have to show you later. But trust me - it's BAD!"

Nikki pouted, huffing a little. She clearly wanted to know. And she would find out later. But rather than just tell her, I wanted to demonstrate!

She was still in shock at what she had just seen, and kept bringing it up! So, I casually mentioned that if she had to fart, she could totally try it on his face. I turned my head around excitedly, curious to how she would react. Her eyes lit up and her mouth dropped open, as she stared at me in amazement. "Are you for real??" She asked breathlessly. "Totally!" I chirped, grinning as I saw her lips curl into a little smirk, her mouth still open. "HALEY!!" Slaveboy had overheard and abruptly interrupted, his voice cracking a little. I turned my head to look at him innocently. "Hmmm?" I sang, trying not to giggle. He raised his eyebrows at me, pursed his lips together and moved his head toward me a little, as if to say, "STOP IT!" I finally giggled. "Oh I was mostly kidding anyways. I doubt Nikki would do that." I said, mostly to coax a response out of her.

I heard her start giggling a little, and looked back at her with a smirk. Holy shit, she was actually thinking about it! I considered my next move, and decided to go for it. "Plus, you know with camping and everything we won't be able to shower for several days. So uh..." I paused, almost surprised by the words coming out of my own mouth. Nikki tilted her head a little, staring at me curiously. "He could totally help keep us clean. You know. Down there..." I stuck my tongue out at Nikki and wrinkled my nose. Her mouth fell open even more, and her face immediately turned bright red. She was absolutely floored by this!

Slaveboy looked at me like I was crazy. "NO WAY!" He croaked. I smirked at him and raised my eyebrows in defiance, looking at him with a smug expression. "Hey! It's her choice, not yours! SLAVE!" I cackled as he face turned purple and he gripped the steering wheel with white knuckles, shaking his head. Oh this was just priceless!!

I expected Nikki to brush it off, but instead she asked in a careful, slow, quiet voice. "What do you mean... help keep us clean...?" Her curiosity was piqued. "You know! Like with his tongue!" I blurted casually. I heard her audibly gasp behind us, and then she giggled a little.

"Haley that's weird. He's your boyfriend! Isn't that like... cheating?" She whispered, leaning closer to my seat so I could hear her. I thought for a minute. It guess it was cheating. Kind of. But was it cheating if I knew about it and was okay with it? And WAS I okay with it? I felt conflicted. Part of me knew it was wrong. But part of me thought it would be insanely hot. Slaveboy interrupted my thoughts. "Yes! It is totally cheating! I would never do that, Haley!"

Nikki was my best friend. At this point in time I loved her more than anything, except maybe my boyfriend. But it was close. I knew she'd never ever do anything to hurt me. And neither would he. If I was okay with this, then it wasn't wrong. Was it? I snuck a glance at Nikki through the mirror. She almost looked a little disappointed. I took a deep breath, questioning myself as I prepared to answer. Fuck it! This was just too perfect.

"It's only cheating if I don't know about it, or if I'm not comfortable with it. But I do know about it. And I think I'm cool with it..." I mused aloud, almost in disbelief at my own words. Slaveboy's eyes bugged out of his head in astonishment. He looked extremely upset and worried. It was kind of adorable, actually. I heard Nikki gasp again behind me, and I suddenly worried that maybe I was making her uncomfortable too. I quickly turned my torso around and put my hand on her knee. "Seriously though it's totally up to you! Sorry if I'm making you feel weird. It's totally cool either way!" I sighed nervously, analyzing her reaction.

She actually kind of smiled right then, but caught herself. "Haley I don't think so. I could never let anything come between us. That just seems too... weird..." She declared, her eyes darting a little nervously. "Totally, I understand. But I love you and nothing would ever come between us!" I smiled brightly at her. "So if you want to, I'm offering! But it's completely your call!" Nikki looked down at her lap, and then nervously out the window, her head bobbing a little with the car jostling on the road.

"ANYWAY!!!" Slaveboy called out. Nikki and I both jumped. "We're almost there. Do we need to stop for anything at the little store up ahead?" Nikki and I were both kind of quiet. My mind was racing, paranoid thoughts. Did I just make things weird between me and her? Or me and him? Was all of this a mistake? I shouldn't have told her. I shouldn't have said that. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!

"Uhm, yeah, I wanna get something to drink." Nikki said quietly. "Me too." I agreed. "Sounds good." He replied, and then turned off onto a dirt road a minute later. We rode in horrible, awkward silence for the next few minutes, until he pulled off into the gravel parking lot of the general store. "You two go in, I'm just going to stretch my legs for a minute." He said, opening his door.

As soon as his door closed, he started taking a lap around the car. I threw off my seatbelt and jumped into the backseat of the car next to Nikki. "Nikki I'm really really sorry. I shouldn't have said all that. Please just forget it!" I pleaded desperately, terrified that I'd just lost my best friend. She leaned forward and hugged me tightly, which caught me a little by surprise. I squeezed her back.

"Oh jesus don't even worry about it! I'm just so glad you finally told me your big secret!" She gushed, squeezing me tighter. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. "You promise you don't think I'm weird??" I asked, my face smooshed into her shoulder. She laughed and pulled back, staring into my eyes. "Haley, you ARE weird. That's why I love you!" She smiled big at me and I blushed a little, giggling happily as I hugged her one more time. I felt so much better. We both hopped out of the car on her side, and walked towards the store.

Slaveboy was a few yards away, stretching his arms over his head. "Do you want anything, baby?" I called over to him. "Nah I'm good, I brought what I need." He called back. I blew him a kiss and smiled big at him, as he grinned his handsome grin and made kissy faces back to me. Nikki laughed. "You guys are adorable!"

We skipped into the store and looked around, grabbing a few snacks and drinks. As I perused the candy aisle, I looked back and noticed Nikki standing very still, looking at me strangely. I frowned and turned to her. My heart sank. She WAS upset, I knew it. "What's wrong?" She fidgeted nervously with the items in her hands and looked down. "Haley were you serious about... what you said in the car?" She peeked up at me but didn't lift her head.

I grinned a little, still half frowning. I thought I knew what she was talking about, but wasn't sure. "About what?" Nikki lifted her chin and looked at me. "You know... about me.... using him..." She squirmed uncomfortably as she whispered the words. I smiled big and nodded happily, feeling relieved again. "Oh, totally! Yeah I swear Nikki, I'm totally serious!" She smiled a little and bit her lip nervously. "And you wouldn't... it wouldn't be too weird...?" She asked, a little louder now. "Nope! Not at all! Honestly..." I started blushing a little. "It's kind of hot, thinking about it..." I squealed a little in shame. Nikki's eyebrows lifted. "Really??" She chirped excitedly. I opened my eyes wide and lifted my head a little, half nodding along to enunciate my words. "SO HOT!" Nikki's red cheeks dimpled into a big smile as she shook her head slightly, and then she giggled a little. "I kind of want to try it..." She whispered.

I squealed with excitement and lunged at her, wrapping my arms around her and hugging her. She squeaked as I made her drop the bag of chips she had in her hand, but then she giggled and we kind of jumped up and down for a second. We stopped and noticed the guy behind the counter staring at us. Awkward! We laughed and I picked up Nikki's chips, and then we went to the counter and checked out. "You girls have fun!" The guy said as we walked out. Creepy... hahahaha

We were giggling as we walked up to the car. Slaveboy was leaning against it, waiting for us. I ran up to him and got on my tippy toes to kiss him on the chin. "Hi baby!!" I beamed at him. He smiled and leaned down a little to kiss my lips. "Got everything you need?" Nikki and I smirked at each other discretely. "YEP!" I chirped happily and ran around to the other side of the car.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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We got to the camp site, and it was awesome! We had this giant tent we were all in, and Nikki brought a big 4 person sleeping bag that we all were going to share. That would come in handy later, as you'll see... hahahaha

We helped Slaveboy setup the tent, and then decided to go for a hike and explore the area. We hadn't seen any other taken campsites or cars, it was pretty remote. We spent a couple of hours just wandering around. We found a creek and a waterfall, and a bunch of trails with huge pine trees all over. It was beautiful! And best of all, I could feel my butt getting super slimy and swampy from all the hiking in the hot summer weather. YAY!

We kept exploring in the baking sun, and finally we found a nice spot to stop and chill. It was right on the edge of another creek. The water was crystal blue, and aside from some birds chirping and the faint trickle of water, it was dead silent. "Hey I'm gonna jump in for a quick swim, cool off. You wanna come?" Slaveboy asked me, standing up to pull off his shirt. I grinned, eyeing his sexy body and licked my lips. "No thanks baby, Nikki and I are just gonna sit for awhile and relax." He shrugged and threw his shirt down. "Okay babe." Then he kicked off his shoes and socks, and started pulling off his shorts. My eyes were glued to his perfect body, but Nikki turned her head as he stripped to his boxers, blushing a little. I laughed and whistled like a construction worker, cheering as he undressed. He rolled his eyes at me and then turned to jog towards the creek. Nikki was sneaking glances. "Oh it's fine, you can look!" I teased, as her face turned redder.

We watched him walk the edge of the water for a moment, and then he dove in, yelling as his body hit the cold water. "FUCK IT'S COLD!!!" He shouted, his voice echoing through the quiet wilderness. We cheered and hollered, laughing as he cursed, swimming in the water. "He's so fucking hot!" I giggled, smiling big. Nikki nodded shyly, watching him splash in the clear, blue water.

We sat and talked for awhile. Eventually the conversation turned to what we had discussed in the car. I swear ever since I told her, Nikki had a one-track mind. I giggled excitedly. "Oh yeah, as soon as we get back I'm making him sniff my sweaty butt and farts!" I squealed as Nikki wrinkled her face, half disgusted, half amused.

Her eyes danced as she watched him splashing in the water. "So... how do you punish him when he's bad...?" She asked in an excited whisper. I giggled. "Well I could tell you. But I want to show you later. So remind me okay?" She bit her lip a little and nodded anxiously.

I wriggled my toes in my hiking boots, shivering at how wet they were. "Phew, I am sooo sweaty!" I squealed. Nikki scrunched her face up a little. "Me too!" She whined. "I can't wait to make him give me a tongue bath when we get back to camp." Another look of surprise and interest shot across Nikki's face. "So like... you make him lick your butt when you're all sweaty?" I giggled. "Yep! And not just my butt. Like all over. My feet, my armpits, my butt, my..." I stopped myself, suddenly becoming slightly bashful. "...your pussy...?" Nikki whispered, finishing my sentence, and punctuating it with a questioning voice-lift at end. "Mmmm yeah, my pussy!" I giggled, turning a little redder. Nikki fell silent for a moment, I guess thinking about it.

As the warm breeze blew across us, I ran my hand through my hair, noticing Nikki stretching out her legs and staring at her shoes. She kind of knocked her feet together a few times, and then looked up at me curiously. "Do you think I should... have him smell my feet?" She asked, a hint of concern in her voice. I knew where this was going. Nikki had told me several times that she always had smelly feet, ever since she was a kid. It was something she was really embarrassed about. I had forgotten about it honestly, but I grinned, remembering how rancid her feet were every time she'd take her shoes off when we hung out. Which wasn't very often. I think she kept them on purposely because of her shame. But when she did, holy fuck they could fill a room in seconds with the most sour, potent, cheesy vinegar reek I'd ever smelled in my life!

"Oh yeah because of the thing with your feet smelling a lot?" I asked casually, smiling at her. She bit her lip and nodded shyly. "Yeah, they get like REALLY bad..." She explained shamefully. I smiled bigger. "Well, I think it would be PERFECT to make him smell them! But it's up to you!" I shrugged, trying not to make a big deal out of it or make her feel more uncomfortable. She frowned and looked back at her dirty shoes, flexing her sweaty toes inside. "Well... maybe? I mean, it would be kind of... fun... to see his reaction... they stink sooooo bad!" She whined the last few words, looking up from her feet to gaze across the field at Slaveboy swimming in the water.

"Mmmm ME TOO! I wanna see him choke on them!" I gushed excitedly. Nikki blushed red and smiled into her teeth, looking at me with a funny face. She was getting excited about it.

"Oh, and guess what? I totally didn't plan this, because I thought I'd have to give him a break for this trip, but guess what's for dinner tonight?" I giggled. Nikki looked at me questioningly. "Chili dogs!! Oh I'm gonna be so fucking gassy!" I squealed, giggling harder. Nikki laughed with me, shaking her head. Then she stopped, and went silent again, a distracted look on her face.

"And I can... I can fart in his face too...?" She finally asked, in a low, shy tone. "Of course! I want you to!!" I sang. She started smiling a little. "You can put your ass right on his face and just let loose! IT'S SO FUN!!" I blurted. Her face lit up and she giggled loudly, shaking her head a little. "Why is it so fun?" She asked, genuinely curious to learn more. "Well I don't know. I mean its fun for me! But I guess I'm kind of twisted. But he always gags and chokes and begs for me to stop, and it's just really... sexy..." I paused, realizing how strange it sounded when I said it out loud.

Nikki grinned from ear to ear. "That kinda does sound fun..." I giggled, feeling another wave of relief. "And I also like to smother him so he's like squirming under me and can't breathe. Sometimes he almost passes out. And then when I finally do let him breathe, I fart right when he's inhaling!" I gushed excitedly. It was so awesome talking to her about this! She smiled big, a bashful, girlish laugh escaping her lips as she looked down at her lap, surprised at herself for enjoying something so devious.

"That sounds..." She trailed off, biting her lip again. Her gaze turned to Slaveboy, still swimming around in the water. Then she took a deep breath and looked back to me. "That does sound... fun..." She admitted, smirking into her teeth, her chipmunk cheeks turning red again. I squealed happily. "OH I'M SO EXCITED! I'm so glad you finally KNOW! It's been killing me, I've wanted to tell you forever, but it's kind of like... embarrassing, you know?" I explained through an ear-to-ear grin. Nikki giggled and smiled brightly at me. "Yeah I get it. But... I like it..." She blinked nervously, shy about admitting it. "We're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!" I squealed happily, giddy with anticipation.

A short while later, Slaveboy came out of the water and trotted up to us, dripping wet. We both smiled at him, looking up at his perfect body. Nikki looked away after a few seconds, still clearly a bit bashful. "How was your swim?" I chirped up at him. "Oh it was amazing. The water is so clear! I saw some fish, and I think there's another waterfall up just ahead!" He gushed excitedly. I pouted a little. "Baby, I'm kind of tired. Can we head back to camp soon?" I smirked secretly at Nikki as he bent down to grab his shirt. "Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Let's head back and make some food and just chill." He suggested, pulling his shirt over his wet skin. "YAY!!" I jumped up and hugged him, squealing at how cold and wet he was, but throwing myself into him anyway.

Nikki laughed at the two big wet spots on my shirt where my tits are, and I stuck my tongue out at her. Slaveboy slowly finished getting dressed, trying to dry off a little in the hot sun, and we all headed back to camp. It took about an hour, and by the time we arrived, we were all pretty worn out.

Nikki and I fell onto the bench, whining about how much our feet hurt and how hot it was. Slaveboy rolled his eyes. "You guys have BEEN camping before, right?" He teased. "SHUT UP!" I barked at him, giggling a little. He unpacked some stuff in the tent and went to the car to get the cooler and some cooking gear. "So what do we want for dinner?" He asked as he dug around through the food supplies. I smirked at Nikki and she smiled, her eyes shimmering. "CHILI DOGS!" I shouted happily. Nikki and I snickered quietly as he happily found the canned chili and hot dogs, setting things up to start cooking. It hadn't clicked yet. Poor boy...

Nikki and I got up to go find firewood around the camp while he prepped for dinner. We came back a few minutes later with two armfuls of sticks and pinecones. We huffed and dropped them by the fire pit. "Fuck I'm so hungry!" Nikki said, rubbing her stomach. "It'll be ready soon." Slaveboy reassured, as he quickly started building a fire in the pit. A couple minutes later and it was roaring. He set a pot on the metal grill and opened two big cans of chili, dumping them into the pot. "OH!" I squealed, jumping up and digging around in one of the food bags. I found the smoked paprika, chili powder, red pepper flakes and hot chili sauce I packed. I looked over to Nikki, smirking. "You like it spicy, right Mak?" She laughed and nodded happily. My mind raced with wicked thoughts as I eagerly dumped a bunch of each spice into the bowl.

Slaveboy still hadn't put it together. I was honestly feeling sorry for him! He stirred the pot and started putting hot dogs onto skewers and laying them out on paper towels on the picnic table. A few minutes later, the chili was bubbling, and we started roasting our weenies. Nikki and I kept eyeballing the chili. We were practically drooling. It smelled so good! Once our dogs were blackened and bubbly, we all made up our buns with mustard, vinegar dill relish, and lots of sauerkraut. Ohh fuck, Slaveboy was going to be in HELL later! Then finally, we topped them off with heaping spoonfuls of steamy chili, shredded cheese and diced onions! Nikki and I had each made ourselves two chili cheese dogs, and went overboard on the sauerkraut and onions, too. We wolfed them down and opened the Mike's Hard Lemonade we brought as well. Once we were all finished eating, we sat by the fire as the sun started to go down.

Okay. Here's where the real fun begins.

I couldn't wait any longer. Thinking about torturing Slaveboy all day long was driving me wild. I looked at Nikki and nodded, my eyes glistening with anticipation. She looked a little like a deer in headlights, staring back at me, but she started to smile, excited to see what happened next. "Baaaaby?" I called out, half innocently and half bratty. "Our feet hurt!!!" I whined, now sounding fully bratty. He looked at me curiously for a second, and as I started smirking cruelly, he shook his head a little. "Will you rub them for us??" I asked, starting to giggle. "...with your nose?" I added, giggling harder now.

Nikki started to laugh too, her hand coming up to cover her mouth. "Noooo, please...." He started to protest. "Okay. Let me rephrase that. YOU'RE GOING TO RUB OUR STINKY FEET WITH YOUR NOSE, SLAVEBOY!" I hissed. Nikki laughed harder into her hand. Slaveboy looked at me sadly. He knew better than to argue with me. But he seemed extremely uncomfortable. I think part of him hoped that all the talk in the car earlier was just playing around. It wasn't!

I jumped up and pounced on his arm, yanking it and pulling him towards the tent. "Come onnnn!" I whined, tugging on him. He reluctantly followed, purposely walking slowly and fighting against me. Of course he was like a foot taller than me and almost 100 pounds heavier, so I could barely make him budge. "Nikki! Help me!" I squealed. She looked at me nervously, and then jumped up, giggling, and grabbed his other arm. Together we pulled him to the tent and pushed him inside. He went tumbling down onto the sleeping bag. I immediately jumped on him and pinned his broad shoulders to the ground, sitting heavy on his chest.

Nikki's eyes were wide open and glued to us. She watched eagerly, her mouth falling open. She couldn't believe this was really about to happen! "Nikki! Come here, sit on him for a second!" I called out. She flinched a little, and nervously walked over to us. I scooted forward, setting my crotch right on his face and continuing to hold his shoulders down. "Sit on his chest!" I cackled. Nikki froze. "Uhhmm..." "HURRY UP!" I squeaked, struggling as he squirmed under me. She laughed nervously and stepped over him, straddling his chest, and gently sat down. She started giggling as he squirming body sent her bucking a little, and she clamped down harder on him, digging her knees into his ribs. I jumped up and ran to the zipper door on the tent. "Hold him down, I'll be right back!" I squealed, and disappeared out the tent.

"HALEY!" I heard Nikki yell nervously. "What are you DOING?" She squeaked. I ran to the car and opened the glovebox. BINGO! I grabbed a roll of duct tape that I'd put in there months ago. I always like to have it handy for an occasion such as this! I quickly ran back to the tent, where Nikki was staring down at Slaveboy, wide-eyed and nerve-wracked as she sat on his squirming body. His hands were up and he clearly wanted to push Nikki off, but felt uncomfortable, not knowing where to touch her to do it. "GRAB HIS HANDS!" I yelled to Nikki, and she quickly did. "Here, help me!" I ran over to the sleeping bag, stood over Slaveboy's head and dropped my ass hard on his screaming face!

Nikki, still in shock at what was happening before her eyes, held his hands together and squealed as I peeled back the tape and started making circles of it around his wrists. Finally, I leaned forward and used my teeth to rip the tape off the roll and pressed it firmly into his wrists, binding him securely. I thought for a minute, looking around, as his screaming face tried to squirm free from under my ass. It had to smell horrible down there!! Nikki's eyes fell from my face down to my waist, transfixed as his bulging neck and chin thrashed under me. I expertly rode him, pressing my weight harder into him and pinning him down hard with my ass. "OH!!" I squealed. "Idea!!" I jumped off him again and he sputtered, choking and gagging. "HALEY STOP! You don't have to do this! I'll behave!!" He desperately begged. "Uh huh... suuuuuuure!" I taunted, shaking my head. I ran to the pack out by the table and grabbed the longest unused tent stake I could find, and the rubber hammer. I ran back to the tent. Luckily, I had noticed earlier that there was a zipper window right by Slaveboy's head! I giggled and unzipped it quickly, hammering the tent stake deep into the ground just outside the window.

"HALEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He screamed, struggling under our combined weight as I hit the stake over and over again. Finally it was buried deep enough to be completely secure. I giggled, ignoring him, and yanked on Slaveboy's bound hands, pulling them above his head and pinning them down, outside the window. I sat down on his face, facing forwards, pinning him again under my sweaty crotch, and leaned forward.

"Nikki the tape!" She scrambled and found the roll of tape next to her leg, handing it to me quickly. I wiggled myself further up until my knees pressed into his biceps, as Nikki slid forward a bit too, trying not to lose her balance as he squirmed under us. He was coughing and pleading, choking on my ripe, sweaty pussy and trying to beg us to stop, but he was completely muffled! I used the tape to attach his bound hands to the tent stake, going a bit overboard probably with how much I used. But he was strong, and I didn't want him to escape! When I was done, his arms were stretched over his head, and he couldn't free his wrists at all! I giggled and sat back on his chest, releasing his face from its stinky prison, and admired my handiwork. Then I grinned wickedly down at him as I zipped the window back up almost all the way, only leaving a little opening where his wrists could poke through.

"Haley PLEASE, let me up. I'll be good I swear. I really don't want to do this with Nikki here. NOT LIKE THIS!!" He was frantic! It was so cute how he begged desperately. I giggled happily as Nikki watched him pleading for mercy. Then in a flash, I ripped another long piece of tape off the roll and slapped it over his mouth, sealing it shut. "Oh, shut up slave. We don't wanna hear your pathetic crying!" I hissed wickedly, becoming more aroused by the second. I peeled off another piece of tape, double-sealing his mouth just for good measure. Nikki gasped loudly and bit her lip, smirking into her teeth. She was completely captivated by what was happening in front of her.

Finally I sat back and caught my breath a little. "Ready to have some fun?" I asked her, giggling and unable to hide my ear-to-ear grin. She looked at me in shocked disbelief, her mouth open, eyes wide. Then she blushed a little and giggled nodding. "Mmhmmm..." She replied softly. But I could clearly hear the excitement in her voice!

"MMMMMMFFFF! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFOOOOMMMOMOMOOOOOOOFFFFFFNGGG!!" Slaveboy screamed into his tape gag, desperately flailing against his bondage, trying to squirm free under us. Nikki squealed and finally fell over, giggling as she rolled around next to him.

"STOP IT!" I barked angrily, my voice extremely bossy and commanding. "Shut the fuck up and stop squirming! This is happening, so get used to it!" I hissed. Slaveboy looked up at me sadly, his eyes wide with fright. He gulped loudly and went still. Nikki sat up and eagerly scooted herself up next to Slaveboy. I looked at her and grinned. "Are you ready to make him smell your feet?" I gushed excitedly. Nikki bit her lip and smiled, her cheeks turning bright red. "I don't know..." I quickly interrupted her, huffing impatiently. "Oh come ON Nikki, you have to! It'll be sooo fun I promise!!" I rolled off of Slaveboy and stood up, reaching my hand down to help her pull herself up.

"Just sit on his stomach and do it! You'll love it!" I encouraged, prompting her to take action. She nervously stepped over his body with one leg and carefully sat down onto his stomach. "Baby!!" I squealed excitedly. "Nikki has the SMELLIEST feet ever!! You're gonna HATE this!!" Nikki blushed bright red as she carefully stretched out her legs and set her feet on either side of his head. She giggled nervously as his eyes went wide and almost bugged out of his head. He looked terrified as he glanced over, seeing her dirty shoes on either side of his face. "Haley are you SURE? They're gonna stink really really bad!" Nikki looked up at me, her cheeks still bright red.

I nodded my head excitedly. "Do it!" She took a deep breath and leaned forward, starting to unlace her first shoe. Already, Slaveboy was choking on the reek emanating from her shoed foot. His eyes started to water. He looked up at Nikki desperately and tried one last time to plead with her. "Mmmmmfffffooo mmmeeeeeefff!" She cocked her head a little to the side, honestly trying to understand him. "What?" She asked, unable to contain a girlish giggle. "MFFFFFOOO MEEEEEEEFFFF!!" He cried again, blinking as a tear fell down his cheek. She looked up at me with concern. "What's he saying?" I huffed impatiently, flicking my hair. "Oh who knows! Just do it!" Watching him helpless, gagged and begging, with tears already in his eyes before anything had even started, was making me super wet. The anticipation was killing me!

Nikki smirked at me, then turned her gaze back to Slaveboy, and continued unlacing her left shoe. As the tight grip of the old, rancid canvas loosened around her soaking foot, the smell hit me. I choked loudly, quickly covering my face with my hand. Nikki shot a nervous look over at me. "Haley I MEAN IT! They're going to stink SUPER FUCKING BAD! The whole tent is gonna reek!" Nikki whined, halting her unlacing process. I choked again as the stale waft of rotten cheese and concentrated vinegar danced around my face. Slaveboy was screaming again, already heaving on the stench.

My wicked mind raced with deviant thoughts. My breath quickened as I imagined him choking, his nose swimming and buried under her naked toes. Then I had an idea. "Hold on!" I sang, and ran to the other side of the tent. I dug through a duffle bag and pulled out a couple of shirts, one mine and one Nikki's. I rifled deeper into the bag and found some citrus melon body spray. I covered both shirts with a few squirts and then ran back, holding one shirt over my face like a mask. I held the other one out to Nikki, and she smiled as she took it from my hand, following my lead and masking her face.

She sighed deeply, and returned to unlacing her shoe. Finally it was loose enough, and she began to pry it from the stinky pocket. It made a squeaky sound as the wet canvas scraped against her drenched foot. My eyes went wide as I saw her foot start to slip out. "Nikki NO WONDER! You're not wearing any socks!" I squealed into my shirt mask. She looked back at me and laughed. "Yeah? I never wear socks. You know that!" I groaned loudly and shook my head, and we both laughed. She pulled her foot completely from her shoe, and I stared in horror as I saw how filthy her foot was! Her bright pink sole was coated in a film of black grimy grease. It glistened in the dark tent, seemingly creating its own light! Her heel was blackened, as was the ball of her foot, and her grubby little toes were absolutely CAKED with toe cheese! Big chunks of grey slime stuck out from between all of her toes, and the bright red nail polish on her toes was almost completely chipped off.

A second later, Slaveboy lurched violently under her! Nikki squealed and almost lost her balance again, as his flared nostrils caught their first whiff of her reeking, unsheathed foot. He screamed bloody murder, his eyes bugging out as he saw the crime scene that was Nikki's filthy foot, and he had a much closer view than I did. Any hesitation Nikki had felt moments ago seemed gone now, as she smirked wickedly, drinking in his panicked reaction. She wriggled her toes, scrunching her face up as a punishing tidal wave of feet reek oozed from her slimy, disgusting toes. Even behind my perfumed mask, the smell hit me a second later. "Oooof..." I groaned, gagging deep in my throat. It even made my eyes water, and I was halfway across the giant tent. "Nikki that's fucking NASTY!!" I squealed, giggling sadistically into the shirt covering my face. She shot a nervous glare at me, bit her lip and then whimpered a little. "I warned you! You can go out of the tent if you want!" She offered shyly.

"Oh, no fucking way am I missing this!" I hissed, choking a little and forcing myself to get closer for a better view. Nikki giggled wickedly and again turned back to Slaveboy, watching the horror spread over his face as she lifted her foot, dropped it on his chest, and flexed her toes, just inches from his nose! He yelped pitifully and tried again to beg and plead into his tape gag, his eyes streaming tears. He was near constantly gagging now, and kept making awful puking dry heave sounds. Nikki lifted her chin, raised her eyebrows, and watched carefully as she stretched out her leg, until the slimy, putrid flesh of her sour sole was touching the tip of his nose. She squealed in disgust, adjusting herself carefully to scoot herself further up his stomach.

I choked again, the horrifying smell invading my nostrils through the shirt. It was intense! How could it smell sooo strong? I blinked a few tears out of my eyes and moaned softly as Nikki's grubby little toes flexed again, their cloying stench pummeling Slaveboy's nostrils like a brutal freight train of unending stink. He shrieked and tried to shake his head as Nikki smooshed his nose completely into her naked toes. She had dropped the shirt a little, intensely focusing on gripping his panicked nose right in the center of her nauseating cheese and vinegar toes. Slaveboy took a deep sniff and lurched, forcing himself not to puke right then and there!

Nikki shivered, squealing as he took his first deep, sickening breath from right between her spongy, poisonous toes. "Ohhh it feels really good when he sniffs! It's like... cold!" She giggled, tilting her chin up more and her head slightly sideways, subconsciously mimicking the movements he made with his own head as he tried to escape the rotten funk of her lethal foot miasma. She carefully followed his face with her foot, ensuring his nose never slipped free of her cheesy toes. The sharp vinegar stench burned his nostrils, and the heat coming off of her foot was unbearable. Beads of sweat were already forming on his forehead, and his eyes began to swim in his head, rolling around as the reek made him dizzy.

I giggled happily and braved the reek, sauntering a bit closer. "See?? I told you!" I gushed excitedly. "Slaveboy! Nikki's feet are just AWFUL! We need you to take big, deep sniffs to get the smell out of the tent!" I whined. Nikki looked at me excitedly with shimmering eyes. He balked, whimpering from under her suffocating foot sweat bath. "And I mean DEEP! 5, 10 seconds or longer. The biggest sniffs you can do!" Nikki snickered into her shirt, dancing her toes over his nose more. "Let's start with 50 sniffs. BIG BIG BIG! GO GO GO!" I cooed in my best bossy, princess voice. Nikki squealed in disgust as Slaveboy tried his first sniff. He didn't do well.

3 seconds into it, he burst into a violent fit of gagging and choking. We heard him heave, and loud, panicked swallowing noises came from his throat. It sounded watery. Which I knew meant that saliva was filling his mouth, and he wanted to puke. I've heard it before! I scowled down at him. "Come on baby, you can do better! Show Nikki how good you are!" My voice sounded annoyed and impatient. He wailed, sobbing into Nikki's soaked foot. Already, big streaks of black, greasy foot grime were smeared all over his cheeks, nose, and the tape covering his mouth. I shuddered, considering for a moment how horrible it had to be, directly in the warzone! I mean, I was getting dizzy, my throat was scratchy, my eyes watering. And I was several feet away, with a mask over my face! Having my nose actually STUCK to her foot like that... ohh god, it had to be hell! My spine tingled as the horrible thought if his unbearable torment made my pussy start to gush. Fuck!

Nikki was starting to get into this now, really enjoying his terrified reaction to her putrid foot funk. "Go on... sniff them..." She taunted, in a sweet but stern tone. Just as he started to inhale, she flexed her greasy toes again and stuffed his nose right in between her two middle toes, laying a film of jammy toe gunk right on front of his suckling nostrils. Slaveboy clenched his eyes shut and whined a high-pitched cry of agony as he continued sniffing with everything he had, desperate to get through this disgusting act as quickly as possible.

Nikki's eyes went wide and she shivered again, mmming loudly into her shirt, as the cool, soothing sensation of Slaveboy's deep inhales rushed through her boiling, tender toes. "Ohhhhh my goddddd, that feels... magical!" She panted excitedly. No sooner had Slaveboy stopped sucking, and started frantically coughing, had she adjusted her tangy toes to reposition his nose between the next set, and she squealed like a little kid, "AGAIN! AGAIN!!"

Slaveboy's watery eyes shot open as he pleaded with me to make her stop. I bit my lip and shivered, my twat tingling at the sight of him being so ruthlessly tormented. "Again, slave!" I called down to him, calmly commanding him to obey Nikki's orders. Nikki looked up at me happily, her eyes dancing like the fire outside. "Haley this is sooo amazing! You were so right!!" She gushed breathlessly. I smiled at her happily as she quickly turned her head back to Slaveboy and watched intently as he began his next sniff. This time she leaned forward and used her fingers to spread her cheesy toes wider as he snorted, and then she wrinkled her nose in disgust as he started choking on flakes of toe jam, being vacuumed into his sucking nostrils! "Ohhh, gross!!" She whined.

I giggled, forcing down a gag of my own. "Mmm, snort her yummy toe cheese, baby! Isn't that sooo delish??" I cackled. "HA!!" Nikki blurted out in a single syllable laugh, and then she sucked on her bottom lip as she carefully tried to stick one of her grubby toes right into his nostril! Her toenail scraped the inside of his burning, tender nasal passage, and he winced in pain, shrieking as he tried desperately not to vomit. Nikki frowned a little and pulled her toe out, inspecting it. Then she scrunched her face up in concentration, and again drilled it up into his nostril. She looked at me innocently. "It always smells REALLY bad under my toenails." She explained casually. "Like when I trim them, I can especially smell it." I giggled happily and cleared my throat.

"Slaveboy?" I chirped. "Mmmmmffff..." He responded weakly. "Sniff under Nikki's toxic toenails. NOW!" I bossed. Nikki let out a girlish laugh, mixed with a groan of disgust as Slaveboy forced himself to sniff hard, right from under Nikki's rancid toenails. She had carefully aimed a second toe into his second nostril. He balked in abject nausea, the wretched reek of her soggy, cheesy foot funk washing itself up his flared nostrils and wrenching his stomach.

"Wait, what did we say, 50 big sniffs?" I suddenly asked, trying to remember. Nikki bit her lip, still enjoying the soothing rush of his cool breath against her steaming toes. "Mhmm!" She chirped, giggling. I paused for a second. "Uhh... have you been counting?" I asked, my question turning into a laugh. "Ummm... nope?" She replied nervously. "Was I supposed to??" She pulled her foot back just a little and looked at me with concern. I giggled harder. "Eh no it's fine. We'll just start now." Then I tapped my chin, a mischievous grin spreading over my face as Slaveboy protested. "SHUT UP, slave!" I growled. "Okay, starting now!" I paused, grinning wider. "ONE HUNDRED SNIFFS!!"

Nikki's mouth fell open and she began snickering. Slaveboy panicked, thrashing under her again and yanking on his bound wrists. "STOP! You're not going anywhere! This is just Nikki's first foot! She has another one, you know! And then we have stinky armpits, buttholes, and pussies, too!" I huffed. "And don't forget. You have to LICK everything, too!" Slaveboy screamed as Nikki crammed her sour sole back into his face, mashing his nose into the buttery, grimy center of her pink and black foot.

She looked up at me nervously, but excitement filled her eyes. "The sooner you start sniffing, the sooner you get through this!" I sang down to him sweetly, smiling big at Nikki. Her cheeks dimpled into a big grin as she heard him take his first painful sniff. "ONE!" She called out happily, still looking at me. "Oh. And don't forget. We had chili dogs for dinner, baby. My tummy is already feeling kind of messed up..." I groaned, rubbing my stomach. "HA!!!" Nikki let out another single syllable laugh. "Oh fuck. Haley this is so much funnnn!!" She squealed. "Why is this so fun???"

I giggled at her and shrugged. "No idea! BUT IT IS!!" We cackled as Slaveboy took two or three more deep sniffs. "OH YEAH! TWO!!" Nikki finally called out. He whimpered, sobbing and gagging as she dragged her greasy foot over his face, back and forth, counting off sniffs.

I was so happy seeing Nikki enjoying herself. She'd been pretty down since her boyfriend dumped her. What a jackass. And for no reason. Over a fucking text. She was completely sidelined by it, and had been sulking ever since. When other plans she had fell through, I invited her on this trip to cheer her up. But I never imagined in my wildest dreams that it would turn out like this. Seeing her giggle and smile made me so happy! I love that girl so much! And I still couldn't believe I finally was able to tell her about this. It felt like I was on cloud nine. What an amazing trip! And it was just beginning. YAY!!!

By now, Slaveboy was in a complete panic. I'm pretty sure I'd heard him throw up at least once. I had sat down next to him on the sleeping bag. Nikki was relentless. I kept giving her little tips, about how to keep his nose in places where he got the most squeamish, but she really needed very little instruction from me. She was a natural! His cheeks were drenched in tears and foot sweat. The whole tent reeked of Nikki's pungent, putrid foot stink. But we kept the shirts over our faces and it was tolerable. I have no idea how long it took, but Slaveboy finally managed to get to 100 sniffs. His crying had calmed down a bit, and I think the stink of her foot was wearing off, just a little. Either that or he was getting used to it.

Nikki looked over at me eagerly. "Should I do the other foot??" I giggled and nodded. "Duh!" Slaveboy groaned loudly, his stomach still heaving under Nikki's big butt. She squealed happily and started unlacing her other shoe. She froze and looked over to me. "You might wanna back off for a minute..." She warned. I laughed and jumped up, running to the other side of the tent. She picked her foot up and plopped it down right on his chest, waving it around just under his nose. She stuck her tongue out at him as she loosened the moist, rotten canvas shoe, and the stink began pouring out. Unfortunately for poor Slaveboy, it easily found its way right into his sucking nostrils. He tried to hold his breath, but it was no use. Nikki raised an eyebrow and froze, bouncing a little on his stomach until he had to breathe. Then she loosened the shoe more, and kept repeating this torment until she could pry her foot out of her stinking shoe.

I balked again, completely shocked as her foot slid out. Just like the other one, it was shiny, greasy, oily, and caked in cheesy foot filth! This sole seemed even pinker than her other one, and black jets of juicy toe jam were everywhere. She literally had toe jam everywhere! Not just her toes! She sighed happily, wiggling her soggy, spongy, toxic little toes as the cool air hit them. The heat coming off of it made Slaveboy's eyes burn. Nikki looked back at me for a second, and I nodded, giving her the go ahead. She cackled as she extended her leg and plastered her oily, slippery foot right against his petrified nostrils! Slaveboy's eyes shot open wide, and he began screaming over and over again. The reek hit me and my eyes burned, as I held the shirt tighter to my face and backed away more.

"Mmmm big sniffs!!" Nikki squealed, becoming more and more sure of herself as the night wore on. "DO IT!" She barked, her eyes widening a little in surprise at her own brattiness. She cooed happily and wiggled her sticky toes, noticing Slaveboy's horror as strings of thick, pungent toe cheese clung between her toes, stretching out like a slice of pizza being pulled from a full pie. "Ohhh grosssss!!" She snickered. "Look how much gunk is in there, slave!" She leaned forward and spread her toes apart more, releasing a lethal blast of concentrated, sour vinegar feet reek like a pressure washer right up his burning nostrils. His eyes burned and watered, and he violently heaved on the wretched stench of her unbelievable foot stink. Nikki mmmed happily, really enjoying this now. She snickered as she pulled apart more of her toes, flexing her ankle forward to mash the stringy, sticky cheese goo right up his nostrils.

She moaned again, ooohing happily at the combined sensation of his cooling, soothing breath, along with his tormented, horrified reaction. Watching him suffer like this was somehow SO sexy! She was probably channeling a bit of her man hating rage at this point, too, considering her dick of an ex and what he had just done to her. I watched her lift her chin and throw her hair back, her eyes glued to his, drinking in his anguish like a delicious beverage. "Snort it!" She bossed, giggling at his hopeless objection. "Stinky huh??" She taunted, squirming happily on top of him as he wretched helplessly under her. She grinned viciously, pulling her shirt mask down to taunt him, scrunching her face up and sticking her tongue out. "I know, it smells AWFUL, doesn't it??" She giggled out. Then she plastered her other foot over her freshly unsheathed one, burying him in twice the putrid, rancid stink of her fucked up foot funk!

I slowly walked back towards them, again braving the powerful, potent reek of her sweaty feet. I couldn't help but notice again how filthy they were. They glistened, glowing in the dark corner of the tent. Even in our dimly lit shelter I could make out chunks of toe cheese, dark streaks of old dried foot grime, and tiny bits of rancid, worn off shoe canvas. It freckled her feet like stripes and polkadots. As I stood next to her, the overbearing sting of her foot stink made me dizzy again. I squealed quietly and choked into the shirt, holding it tighter to my nose and turning my head away for a second to take a deep breath and hold it, before sitting down. Nikki's hair fell over her shoulder as she turned her head to look at me. Even behind the shirt, I could tell she was grinning ear to ear, her dark eyes sparkling with delight. I was so happy that she got so into it.

"Having fun?" I teased, giggling as she looked at me joyously. She nodded her head quickly. "Mhmm!" She chirped, still milking at his nose with her grubby toes while she looked at me. Another deafening choke, followed by muffled whimpering and deep, agonizing gags came from Slaveboy's buried face. Slaveboy took a deep sniff, froze, yelped on the sour, stinging reek, and took another sniff. He whimpered expectantly, starting to squirm a little. I giggled. "Shouldn't you be counting?" I asked Nikki in a teasing tone. She gasped and turned her head quickly to Slaveboy, his wide, watery eyes pleading up at her. "Oh yeah! I forgot!" She giggled sheepishly. She cocked her head again and locked onto his eyes, waiting. Slaveboy held his breath, trying to hold back his vomit from the previous two big inhales. After a few more seconds, Nikki huffed, squeezing her toes around his nose and flexing them wildly, wiggling them all around. Slaveboy's eyes clenched shut as the stinging heat burned his face.

"Sniff her filthy feet, slave!" I ordered. He yelped again and his stomach flexed. As he forced himself to take another deep inhale, Nikki cooed happily and spread all ten of her toes wide, presenting her gooey, stringy toe cheese to his nostrils in full force. Halfway through his sniff, Nikki shouted happily, "One!" As she said it, Slaveboy lurched and began choking, interrupting his painful sniff. He gagged two or three times. I shook my head in annoyance. "Nope. Doesn't count. You need to sniff deeper! And no choking!" Slaveboy whimpered loudly, flailing his bound hands helplessly. Nikki let out another single syllable laugh. "HA!" Then she frowned a little, and scrunched her toes back up to milk and stroke his sticky, oily nose. "Haley that's mean... I don't think anyone could smell my feet and not choke!" She cautioned, a hint of concern in her voice.

"Oh, he can. And he will. Trust me. He's endured far worse from me." I hissed quietly, staring coldly into his tormented eyes. Nikki scooted up on him a little and bent her knees, leaning her upper body down onto them to apply more force from her feet right into his squeamish face. She giggled as she pulled her toes back and forth, smacking his nose with them gently. "Really? Worse than this??" She asked. Any concern had left her, and now she sounded intrigued. I raised my eyebrows and smirked a bratty little grin. Oh Nikki. Silly, naive girl. I giggled to myself. "Oh yeah. WAY worse." She stared at me in wonder, her mind racing as she pondered what could be worse than being forced to smell her filthy, unreasonably raunchy feet, straight out of her boots.

Nikki spread her toes again and mashed the balls of her feet into his nostrils, flattening them and depositing her ultra cheesy, sour toenails right under his trapped, wide open nostrils. "SNIFFFFFF!!" She whined.

I could go on for awhile about what happened next, but this story is already getting too long, and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet! Let's just say, it took another hour, and several hundred sniffs, before we gave him credit for inhaling Nikki's sharp, acidic, brutally stinky feet 100 times! By the end of it, she was absolutely hooked. I could tell. Nothing could wipe the smile from her face. And she quickly became extremely adept at zeroing in on the things he hated most, and repeating them mercilessly. I knew I loved this girl for a reason!!

"So... I'm guessing you've never had your toes sucked, then?" I asked abruptly, catching her off guard. She went still for a second and then squealed. "Uhh, NO! DUH! They're disgusting! I don't even like taking my shoes off around people!" She whined, waving her feet back and forth in his face. She looked at him and giggled. Her shirt was down now. I guess she was somewhat used to her own foot reek. I wasn't. I groaned and held my shirt mask tighter against me. She made a bratty little face, mocking Slaveboy as she stared down at him, like a cheerleader addressing the school nerd. "Would YOU want to suck these toes??" She asked, giggling as she finished her sentence. She spread her toes again, pulling the stringy cheese apart again, stretching like a white, gooey elastic between her jam-peppered toes. Slaveboy started to whimper and protest, but I quickly interrupted. "Doesn't matter. You're GOING to!" I chirped. Nikki gasped again, scrunching up her entire face in true disgust. A few seconds later she squealed as she extended her legs and smashed her feet roughly into his screaming face. He panicked, begging and pleading at the top of his lungs.

She lifted her chin again, slowly flicked her hair back and turned her head to look over at me, her eyes dancing with curiosity. "What does it... feel like?" I took one more look at her disgusting feet, shivered in anticipation, and squealed as I jumped up on my knees and hovered over Slaveboy. "You're about to find out!"

Nikki pulled her feet back and sat, open-mouthed and breathless, as I tried to pick a corner of the tape loose. I squealed in disgust as the slimy, buttery foot hummus rubbed off on my fingers, making my job much harder. The pungent stink of sour vinegar burned my nose, and my eyes watered as the rotten cheese smell burned my whole face! "Ooooof! Nikki, fucking hell! You really messed him up good!" She blushed bright red and squealed in shame. "Hey! I warned you!" Her voice was a mixture of offended, embarrassed, and slightly annoyed, and her forehead was wrinkled. "I know I know! I'm just teasing!" I sang happily. "You did SO AWESOME!!" I giggled happily. Her red cheeks dimpled into another smile as I continued fumbling with the greasy tape. "God damn it! Here you try!" I barked, falling back to get some fresher air. Nikki laughed, sitting up on her knees as she straddled his chest. She looked down into his green, leaking eyes. He was absolutely terrified. She couldn't help but feel a little bad. For a second. But then she imagined his tongue running around her tender, boiling toes, and she shivered. "Aww, don't be sad..." She said tenderly. "Haley says she's done worse to you, right?" Her face turned into a slight frown, as some empathy for his situation came back over her.

Slaveboy looked to me nervously, and I glared viciously at him, warning him with my cold, icy stare. He slowly nodded, a sad look of defeat coming over him. Nikki giggled slightly. "It won't be so bad. I promise." Then she paused for a moment, woofing on her own foot stench wafting off his face. "Okay... that's a lie. It's gonna be HORRIBLE..." She squealed, letting the excitement consume her again.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Slaveboy groaned loudly as she eagerly started fumbling at the tape. But I felt something brewing in my stomach, and it gurgled loudly. "NIK! WAIT!!" I squealed. She recoiled her hand instantly and shot a look of complete terror at me, as if she'd done something wrong. I put both hands on my stomach and whimpered a little. "Before you take the tape off, hold on... scoot back!" Nikki quickly slid back, resting her big ass right on his lap, unknowingly grinding him a little. "MMMMMFF?" Slaveboy looked up at me with desperate eyes, maybe hoping I was going to call this torture off. But he was in for a terrible surprise!

I scrambled over his head and quickly and abruptly dropped my ass right onto his face, the spongy damp fabric of my black yoga shorts enveloping his yelping face. "Ohh god... fucking chili dogs!" I whined. "I've been holding this in for awhile." As I started to grunt and exhale through my nostrils, Nikki's mouth fell open, and she leaned back a little more, arching her back and opening her eyes so wide it looked like they would roll right out of her head. My stomach gurgled one more time.

Slaveboy heard me grunting and started screaming loudly under me, bucking under our combined weight. Nikki squealed a little and caught her balance, using her hands to dig into his lower ribs and steady herself. She sat harder on his crotch without even realizing it. I think this made Slaveboy uncomfortable because he protested louder than he has in a long time. He probably also didn't want Nikki to see what was about to happen! I pushed one more time, and all hell broke loose!

A thunderous, burbling, screaming duck of a fart erupted out of my sweaty asshole, launching a fetid torrent of rotten vegetable gas right into his trapped nose! As the sound surrounded him, he screamed along with it and started thrashing more. "Hold him still!" I squeaked, clamping my feet down around his head and using my palms against his chest for leverage. Nikki, still in absolute shock, tightened her thighs around his hips and gripped his ribs harder, hunkering down with all her strength.

Violent coughing and gagging exploded from under me, and within another second, I detonated another murderous methane monster out of my fiery asshole, this one more bubbly. It sounded like a motorcycle off in the distance, blub blub blubbing, and then started popping like a firecracker. As I groaned, sighing in relief, the fart turned into a deadly hiss, a steaming silent vapor of reek, bathing Slaveboy's screaming face in my toxic fumes. As the rotting stench of my intestines oozed from my puckering shit hole, it filtered up his panicked nostrils, getting caught in my shorts and hanging there, viciously waiting to sting his nostrils with every sniff he took!

As soon as the oozing hiss of my silent gas ceased, another round of louder, squeaking farts leaked from my filthy butt. Within a few seconds, I had flooded my panties and shorts with a thick cloud of gut rot that had nowhere to go but up his trapped, burning nose. I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed more, squeaking out more poppers as my cramping stomach relieved itself of the abundance of built up gas I had been holding in.

I opened my eyes again and saw Nikki, absolutely frozen. Her mouth hung open in sheer disbelief, her nose wrinkled in an involuntary reflex of complete disgust, and her eyes darted from left to right, over and over again. I saw her eyebrows lift a little more as Slaveboy began another round of violent, choking spasms under us, and he sounded like he was going to be sick.

I giggled, sighing happily as I rubbed my stomach, and wiggled my ass on his face a little. "Tell him to sniff it!" I shouted, snapping Nikki out of her trance. "Haley!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" She squealed in disgust. "That was fucking NASTY!!!" She groaned loudly and covered her face with her hands, her eyes glued to Slaveboy's chin, peaking out from my crotch. I blushed a little and wiggled my ass harder. I could feel his nose sinking into the sweaty fabric right inside my ass cheeks, and I shivered a little as his sucking breath sent a cool bath of air right into my puckering asshole.

He was in hell! We heard him repeatedly fight back the urge to vomit, and he kept screaming and coughing into my suffocating stink trap. As the smell wafted up to my nostrils, my eyes instantly burned. My face wrinkled in disgust and I instinctively smacked his chest, hard. Nikki jumped a little, gasping loudly. "SMELL IT! I DON'T WANT TO SNIFF THAT SHIT!!" I screamed in a bossy whine.

Nikki looked like she had seen a ghost. A terrified expression of disbelief and horror was written all over her face. I worried for a minute that she was going to change her mind about everything, think I really was weird and fucked up, and just run out of the tent. But then, that crazy girl surprised me again.

She started to giggle. Soft at first. Then louder. Then she was fully laughing. Then, she joined in on the taunting. "Smell her fart slave!" She blurted, still sounding a little unsure of herself. I smiled big at her and raised my eyebrows, giving her an "I told you so" look. "Believe me now?"

Within seconds, she was squealing and bouncing up and down on his lap, having an absolute giggle fit. "That was so..." She trailed off. Again I worried what her reaction would be. But after she finished another round of giggling, she clapped her hands and squealed, "That was sooo awesome!!" I smiled bigger than I maybe ever have in my entire life. Except possibly for the night I first got to act out my fantasies on Slaveboy. But this was incredible!

"Do you have another one??" Nikki asked breathlessly, calming down a little from her uncontrollable giggling. I bit my lip and smirked at her, still in disbelief at what was happening. "Oh, fuck yeah. I can go all night. I've seriously been holding this in since you started making him smell your feet!" I gushed excitedly. Nikki gasped again. "NO WAY!! DO IT AGAIN! FART ON HIM AGAIN!!"

Slaveboy was in a full panic at this point. I'm sure my shorts still reeked of stale fart. That smell wasn't going away. Even if I hadn't farted, I knew my ass was disgusting. I hadn't showered in a few days already. I was wearing dirty panties. We'd had a long car ride, and then a long hike. It had to stink to high heaven under there! He had already almost puked from my farts. Several times. Nikki was literally bouncing on his dick and she didn't even know it. And now she was egging me on, which trust me - was NOT needed! I have a tendency to go overboard all on my own. So now with an audience cheering me on, this was going to get ugly. Fast.

I started pushing again, panting little exhales out through my nostrils. I grunted and groaned, shifting a little on his face. Nikki went still, her eyes glued again to my thighs, where she could see his chin barely sticking out from under my ass. I felt his nose press deep into the center of my spongy, rank crack, and started pulsing my asshole through the wet fabric of my panties and shorts, pressing its reeking wrinkles right against his snorting nostrils. And then I cut another horrible, burning fart. I squealed in disgust and pain as the steaming air singed my hole. It oozed out slowly at first, and then just as Slaveboy took a choking sniff, it picked up speed and became loud and bassy. The vibrating butt thunder crashed against my shorts repeatedly, echoing through the tent. Mid fart, Slaveboy began to violently heave again. He squirmed desperately, trying to turn his head away from my deadly fart vent pressing hard into his nostrils, but my cupped feet held him securely. He lurched under us and Nikki squealed nervously. "HALEY IS HE GONNA PUKE??" She screamed. I laughed, pressing on my stomach to iron out more poisonous fart vapors.

"Oh no, don't worry. I've trained him well for this!" I giggled out. The putrid stink of my fart wafted up and hit us both. Nikki shrieked in horror as she heaved into her mouth. I joined her in gagging as the overwhelming stink of pure rotten eggs invaded my nostrils. In an instant we had both grabbed our shirts off the sleeping bag and covered our faces. The smell was almost indescribable. A miasma of rotten eggs, burning, sour sulfur, thick, heavy methane, metallic and earthy, with an after burn of bitter, fresh shit. He screamed over and over again, thrashing under us, pleading for fresh air, but I stayed perched right on his face, riding out the storm as I drilled my heavy, stinky weight into him.

"FUCK! HOW CAN HE DO THAT????" Nikki screamed, gagging harder into her shirt. The air in the tent was absolutely toxic. Not only was the rancid smell of Nikki's rotten cheese and fermented vinegar feet still filling the area, now my rancid vegetable, eggy, spicy chili farts were mixing with it. It was dizzying, punishing, unrelenting, nauseating. And Slaveboy was getting the full brunt of it, right up his nose!

My pussy was dripping by now, and I started grinding his face harder, really drilling the stink into him. I knew my shorts still contained a lot of my farts, and every sniff he took was a struggle to survive. I cooed, moaning happily. "Don't puke, baby. Don't pass out. Just smell it. Like a good boy." I encouraged him, my voice cold and snotty.

Nikki was giggling again, and resumed bouncing up and down happily. Slaveboy yelped, trying not to choke out on the stench, and awkwardly screaming at Nikki to stop bouncing on his dick. After a minute, I noticed it too. "Uhh... Nikki?" She looked at me curiously. "Mmm?" "You might want to be careful where you're bouncing..." I cautioned, smirking into my shirt mask and blatantly moving my eyes down to his crotch. She completely froze, mid-bounce. She looked down at her thighs. Then what was under them. And she gasped in horror, leaping up to her feet. "OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY HALEY I DIDN'T EVEN MEAN TO JESUS I DIDN'T KNOW!!!" The words poured out of her mouth, stream of consciousness style. She looked terrified! I felt so bad! I laughed happily. "Nikki! Sweetie, calm down. It's totally cool! I was just kidding!" She took a huge breath and sighed loudly, looking down again at his lap. Her face was beet red. Slaveboy's legs curled around themselves as his lower body squirmed, trying to do anything to free himself from the hideous stink of my lower body rot.

Nikki whimpered in shame, still feeling extremely embarrassed. I figured I'd lighten the mood a little. I grunted silently and unleashed another stream of fetid fart fumes, louder than ever. They popped and burbled out of my ass like a firework, and then went on a long, bassy run of diesel engine explosions. I made a face of shock and disgust at her, and then waved a hand in front of my face. "Phewy! SMELL IT UP, NOW!!!" A little smile crept over Nikki's face, and then she began giggling. Slaveboy started thrashing like crazy. "Hey! Quick! Sit back down!!!" Nikki looked at me nervously as I squealed, bucking and humping at his face. He was like a bull trying to dismount its rider. "HURRY!!!" I squealed. Nikki snapped out of it and leapt back onto him, pouncing on his thighs. She was careful to set her ass just below his lap this time, still nervously glancing at his crotch every few seconds.

As she clamped down on him, he went still again. I giggled happily. "You might want to grab your shirt mask again..." I warned, as I felt another wave of eggy shit spray swirling around in my lower abdomen. Nikki squealed and grabbed her shirt, covering her face. Slaveboy started yelping, begging, pleading for me to give him a break. But he was going to smell this. He had NO CHOICE!!!

I tilted my chin back and clasped my shirt tighter over my face as I grunted a girly little groan, and open my punishing fart sprayer again. Nikki groaned loudly in disgusted delight the second she heard it start. A screaming duck of a fart, sizzling at light speed from my burning anus! It tunneled out my ass, ripped through my panties and shorts, and pummeled its way into Slaveboy's dilated nostrils, burning his lungs and stinging his sinuses. He actually howled in physical pain as the lava dripped and oozed into his nasal passage, burning a path of boiling methane straight to his brain. I sighed happily, giggling as he choked down more vomit.

I farted again. A long, six or seven second steamer. It fizzled off. He gagged horribly. I sighed happily and pushed again, feeling my asshole pucker and pooch out. "Mmmm sniff it!" I called down, as I launched another fart. He yelped miserably into my dirty butt. I grinned viciously and wiggled my butt on his face. My lips curled into a bigger smile as I felt more fartbombs brewing in my tummy. I arched my back and looked over my shoulder down at Slaveboy's eyes, clenched tight and watering. "How are you doing down there, baby?" I called out innocently. He sobbed and choked, trying to thrash his head. "Mmmm nope, you're not going anywhere!" I hissed, using my feet to trap his head still and force his nose deeper into my crack. "I've got a lot more, so keep sniffing!" I announced proudly, and then began grunting. Another long, steamy fart shot out of my butt. Slow and hissy at first, and then louder and deeper. It rumbled against his nose and tickled my cheeks as I kept pushing, feeling the hot air rush into his panicked nostrils. This fart was at least ten seconds long, and had to be the twentieth fart in just a few minutes. Poor Slaveboy was thrashing so hard now, he could barely stand it! I snickered proudly as Nikki stared at me in awe.

"Jesus christ Haley how are you farting this much??" Nikki squealed, absolutely floored by witnessing firsthand what we had been talking about literally all day. I shrugged, choking a little into my fart mask. "I don't know, I just fart a lot!" I chirped happily. I choked again, my nose wrinkling under the shirt. I arched my back again, cupped my feet more and wedged him further up my ass. I looked over my shoulder and down into his watery eyes, peeking out from my bubbly asscheeks. They were open now as he stared up at me, begging me for an ounce of mercy. "Sniff harder, loser! It fucking stinks!!" Slaveboy moaned in misery and we heard his panicked little snorts, desperately trying to vacuum the smell out of my shorts. He sounded sick again, and Nikki's eyes widened as she watched his stomach heave, visible even under his loose shirt.

"He's really suffering..." She whispered, biting her lip a little and slowly moving her gaze from his stomach, up to his chin, smooshed between my creamy upper thighs. My shorts were very short, and my strong legs bulged out of them just below where they met my pelvis, and they clung tightly to my skin, ensuring no smell would leak out. I flexed my thighs as Nikki watched me chew on his jaw with them. She was completely entranced.

She blinked her eyes a few times slowly, choking into her shirt mask. "Oh god I can smell it. Haley that's so gross!!" She whined, coughing into her hand. She groaned and rubbed the shirt around on her face, trying to prevent more fart fumes from sneaking in. I blushed a little, feeling slightly embarrassed that she could smell it. And then I got angry, because that meant that my fart vacuum wasn't doing his job properly.

"Slave! Nikki should NEVER smell any of my farts! You need to sniff HARDER, LOSER!" I barked, my voice filled with bratty annoyance. Nikki snickered, shaking her head a little. She was clearly enjoying this, and I was thrilled!

"Ugh, just a few more minutes and then you can make him lick your feet. I just have to get these farts out. They hurt!!" I groaned. Nikki nodded excitedly. "Of course! He's your slave!" She giggled at the words as she spoke them. "Well, for now, he's OUR slave!" Nikki's eyes lit up, as she hungrily stared at his chest, watching as he took deep, agonizing sniffs from my rancid shorts.

I sat heavy on him and farted for a few more minutes, cutting at least one every 30 seconds, often many more. Nikki was beside herself. She couldn't believe how much I was farting, and how bad they stunk. She'd giggle like crazy every time. "God! WHY is it so funny??" She asked shamefully. "Because farts are hilarious!" I laughed. "And making him smell them is fucking HOT!" I continued. Nikki giggled louder, biting her top lip and making a face at me.

Finally, I felt like I was out of fuel, at least for a little while. "Ready to feel his mouth on your feet?" I asked excitedly. Nikki squealed and bounced on his thighs. Then she slowly came to a stop and looked at me seriously. "I'm kind of nervous..." She whispered. I lifted off Slaveboy, and he gasped in a deafening sputter, mmmmfing and wailing into his tape gag as his sticky nostrils snorted hungrily at the "fresh" air of stale fart and stinky feet in the tent.

Nikki frowned at me as I stood up, shrugging. "I dunno... what if, like, it feels weird? Or gross? Or what if it's too much for him?" She worried aloud. I smiled at her. "Oh, trust me. It doesn't feel weird. You're gonna LOVE it! And seriously, don't worry about it being too much for him. I haven't even told you how I punish him yet." I smirked tauntingly at her. She leapt up. "OH YEAH! TELL ME!!!" I shook my head, giggling. "Later! I will I promise! But now you gotta get that greasy tape off his mouth, since you covered it in your buttery foot slime!" I cackled. Her cheeks flushed bright red for a second, and she looked down bashfully at his face.

She stood over him and leaned down, her big ass sticking straight out. She struggled to grab the slimy corners of the tape, grunting as she bent forward. "Just sit on his chest." I suggested casually as I walked towards the tent flap. "I need something to drink." I waved my hand in front of my face as I lowered the shirt. "And some fresh air. Jesus christ!" We both laughed and I skipped out of the tent.

Oh god, cool, fresh air! It was like heaven! The sun had long since set, and it actually felt chilly out here. I shivered a little and ran over to the cooler, grabbing two more Mike's Hard Lemonades and popping them open the with bottle opener. I took a long chug and cleared my throat, quenching my thirst and hungrily sniffing at the clean, fresh, mountain air. God it was nice out here. I went to take another sip when suddenly I heard Slaveboy screaming from the tent. I ran back into it to see what all the fuss was. I paused, noticing the darkening sky, and grabbed a flashlight lantern out of the back before I rushed towards the tent.

As I ran in, I flicked the lantern on and hung it on a hook from the ceiling, and surveyed the situation. Nikki was sitting high up on his chest, using her thighs to smoosh his face and hold it still. She had worked the tape loose and was pulling it slowly, peeling and pulling his lips up as she did. She heard me come in and looked over, a sad and scared look on her face. Slaveboy was still howling as she held the tape out and slowly tugged on it again. "Haley!!" She whined, not knowing what to do.

I giggled and took another sip of my drink. "Like a bandaid, Nikki! Just RIP!" Slaveboy's eyes shot open as he glared at me. I stuck my tongue out at him and nodded happily. "Are you su-“ "RIP IT!" I interrupted her. She took a deep breath, held it, and bit down on her bottom lip.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! FUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!!!" Slaveboy screamed and sputtered, gasping through his finally freed mouth. Nikki squealed nervously and tried to throw the tape to the side, struggling to unstick it from her fingers. "OWWWWWW!!!!" He yelped again. I shrugged at him and giggled harder. "Would you rather she did it slowly?" He grumbled, still choking on the reek wafting around his face. Nikki looked up at me sadly, again as if she'd done something wrong. "Good job!" I chirped at her, and held out the second drink. "Thirsty?" She smiled and stood up as I walked over. "PHEW it stinks in here!!" I laughed, choking a little. Nikki scowled at me playfully. "Yeah like your FARTS!!" I shrugged again. "Hey don't blame me. He didn't sniff them enough! You gotta be more demanding with him!" I explained, encouraging her. She giggled, blushing a little as she took a sip of her drink.

We stood there for a moment while Slaveboy panted and sputtered, enjoying the cold, refreshing beverage. He croaked, breathlessly. "Can I have something to drink?" I turned my head to him and smirked wickedly. "Of course baby! Nikki, he wants something to drink." She looked at me curiously and then looked to the tent flap. She was about to ask him what he wanted, but I interrupted. "I'm sure Nikki's feet are sweaty enough for you to DRINK!" I snickered an evil, bratty little simper. Nikki gasped quietly, her eyes widening as she watched me take another drink, a smug little smirk on my face. "Ahhh!" I taunted, finishing my gulp.

"NO! Please, seriously. Haley, I'm not kidding. I'm gonna be sick." Then he lowered his voice, almost as if to tell me a secret. "Her feet are so disgusting..." Nikki obviously heard. I worried that she'd be ashamed again, and was about to scold Slaveboy, but she beat me to it. "Oh you haven't seen disgusting yet. Imagine how they TASTE!" She squealed excitedly, giggling as she channelled her inner bratty dominatrix. I smiled huge and fell into her, giggling. "Oh god, Nikki I love you so much!" She mmmed happily and whispered eagerly into my ear, "Can I do it now?" I squeezed her body in a quick hug and then pushed her back gently. "YES!" She quickly skipped over to Slaveboy, staring up at her in terror. She wrinkled her nose at him. "Oh yeah. Definitely enough sweat for you to drink." She sang in a giddy voice, as she shuffled from foot to foot, groaning at the squishy feeling between her toes.

She stared him right in the eye and took a slow, long drink of her Mike's, and smirked at him as he tried to beg her to not do what she was about to do. "Slaveboy, hush! We didn't take the tape off your mouth to hear your pathetic whining. We just need to use your mouth. Now shut the fuck up and do exactly what Nikki says, or you will be punished!" An amused and exceedingly curious look came over Nikki's face. I giggled, knowing I was dangling that in front of her. She wanted to know so bad! I was still slightly nervous to tell her though. See, I haven't even told you, dear reader. Let's just say it involves something.... considerably messier than mere farts!

Nikki huffed at me. "So you really won't tell me?" "No, but I will show you. Once he's earned a punishment. And trust me, he will at some point on this trip." I teased. Nikki shot a determined, frustrated look at me. I knew what I had done. I had just planted a seed in her mind, and she started obsessing about how she could help in ensuring Slaveboy earned his punishment. I smirked, pleased with myself as I took another sip.

Nikki wasted no more time. She stood over Slaveboy, looming like a lioness eyeing her prey. She spread her short legs and straddled either side of his broad chest, leering down at him hungrily. She flicked her hair back and turned her head to look questioningly at me. "Sit down. Trust me, it'll be better." I instructed. Nikki nodded happily and sat down hard on his chest. She wasn't so mindful of being gentle this time, and Slaveboy oofed. He was already tearing up from her stinky feet being so close to his head. He took a shallow breath and stared up at Nikki, as she peered down at him from between her knees. "Please. Please I'm begging you. Don't do this!" She hesitated, a slight look of concern in her eyes. Slaveboy noticed his glimmer of hope and tried once more. "PLEASE! I'll do anything!" I cleared my throat angrily and walked over, standing above Nikki.

"SLAVE! Shut the fuck up! You're not going anywhere! And you're absolutely right. You WILL do anything. Anything Nikki says. Now be good, or else!!" I looked at him coldly, the way I do when I'm preparing to really torture him. To punish him. To make him REALLY cry. And puke. And pass out. He gulped loudly and sucked his lips into his mouth, becoming silent.

Nikki looked at me one more time, and as I nodded, she giggled excitedly and lifted a leg to extend her foot out into his face. He immediately balked on the corny, sour cheese smell of her foot. He blinked frantically, darting his eyes from her to me and back again. But wherever he looked, all he saw was an evil, grinning princess, eager to torture him with her stink and be worshipped like she deserved.

She opened her mouth a little as she pressed the spongy, rancid meat of her pink, tender foot into his trembling lips. The ball smooshed into his clamped mouth, and she started milking his nostrils instantly with her toes as she felt it slip into her oily, musky grasp. Slaveboy took a panicked sniff, through his nose, terrified to open his mouth. Nikki shivered. "Mmmm. Sniff again!" She commanded. Her voice was more stern now, and she was becoming much more sure of herself. I nodded to myself happily, eyeing the situation hungrily as I sauntered closer. Slaveboy blinked, gulping hard, and took another long, painful sniff from under her cheese toes. She arched her back and tilted her chin to the sky, sighing happily. "Fuck that feels good!"

"Again!" Another aching sniff, this one followed by painful choking. Nikki's lips curled into a sinister smile as she slid her toes down, pulling his lips apart with their sticky grip. She pressed hard into his mouth, feeling her toes hit his clenched teeth. "Lick." Her voice was timid. Slaveboy whimpered, pleading to us both with his eyes. He didn't obey. "Lick!" She was whinier this time. Slaveboy shook his head a little and balked, his stomach heaving. Nikki spread her toes and reached forward, using her fingers to open them wider, again revealing a cobweb of stringy toe cheese, stretching from digit to digit to digit. Slaveboy heaved in his mouth, hard. And he didn't lick. Nikki huffed impatiently, looking up at me for guidance.

I gave Slaveboy a dirty look. "Baby. Lick Nikki's feet RIGHT THE FUCK NOW, or you will be severely punished every night for the rest of this trip. And I will be sure Nikki helps me deal it out." I hissed in a calm, deadly serious growl. Nikki, still watching me, bit her lip hungrily and raised her eyebrows as she watched me deliver my chilling warning. Then she squealed so loud it echoed through the campsite, and quickly turned her head to see Slaveboy's tongue protruding from his mouth, timidly lapping at the ball of her foot. She instantly squeezed her toes around it, depositing the vile taste of rotten cheese and stinging acid all over his tongue. The flavor was instantly overwhelming and Slaveboy lurched, screaming a high pitched shriek of terror. It sounded like someone had just hit him with a baseball bat! Nikki jumped a little, her eyes wild as she gnawed on her lip with her teeth, leaving little white marks in her skin. Slaveboy's body had forced him to recoil his tongue, retreating from the nauseating taste. "Stick your tongue out! NOWWWW!!" Nikki barked, sounding very different now. Slaveboy yelped, trying not to puke, and reluctantly forced his tongue back out of the safe shelter of his mouth. He grimaced his entire face into a squeamish scrunch as Nikki again squeezed his tongue in her putrid, oily toes. She was a natural at this!!

Rivers of rotten toe cheese scraped off onto his tongue, and big, rancid chunks of ghastly foot gunk fell into the back of his throat! Unbelievably, even after taking her shoes off hours earlier, her foot was glistening with sweat! The fresh taste of the sour, stinging bacteria mixed with the stale, rotten flavor of her leftover toe jam, and his stomach started heaving violently. Nikki didn't seem to care one bit anymore. She was squealing and squirming, sticking her own tongue out as she absentmindedly mimicked his actions, wrinkling her nose as she felt the gooey string cheese between her toes smear itself into every side if his suffocated tongue. "It ticklesss!!" She squeaked, arching her back. She squeezed harder at his tongue, preventing it from retreating again, and held it firm in the sickening, clammy grip of her sweaty toes. I sat down and scooted closer for a better look, mesmerized by what I was seeing!

"Mmmm... fuck, that's so hot..." I whimpered, moaning as my pussy leaked into my dirty panties. Nikki blushed a little as she looked over at me. "It feels sooo goodddd!!" She whined, sounding a little frustrated. "Oh just wait!" I teased, covering my nose with my free hand as the stink of her pungent foot odor reached out to me.

"Slave? I want you to lick in between each one of Nikki's sweaty toes. Clean them up. All the cheese, all the jam, all the gunk. Lick it off and swallow it. And then you need to suck each toe, and get everything out from under her stinky toenails." Nikki gasped and her breath caught in her throat. Slaveboy wailed, disgusted by my orders. "Don't argue with me! DO IT NOW!" I barked. He wiggled his tongue and whimpered as Nikki's toes held it tight. Nikki giggled, still half frozen, and spread her toes wide, releasing his tongue from her tangy toe trap. She moaned softly and pressed her spread toes hard into his lips.

Then she exploded in a moaning squeal of delight, blushing bright red at her own deafening reaction, as Slaveboy's tongue slithered reluctantly between her pinky toe and ring toe. She threw her head back and arched her back, thrusting her foot harder into his tongue as it worked its way through the sour web of rotten, stringy toe cheese in between her grubby digits. She bit her lip hard and moaned louder as it swirled around, and his choking, nauseating gags only made the sensation feel more intense. It looked like she floated off the ground! She shot a surprised, almost panicked look up at me as he kept swirling his tongue between her toes. She was half giggling, half moaning. "Ohhh it tickles! FUCK it feels good!! Jesus CHRIST!!!" She panted, gasping up at me in total shock.

I giggled loudly, staring down at her, nodding knowingly. "Yeah, you've never had your toes sucked." I confirmed, sticking my tongue out at her. She turned beet red and screamed another deafening moan, surprising herself again! "It's fuckinggg AMAAAAAAZZZZZZZINNNNG!!!! My whole body is TINGLING!!!" Slaveboy was lurching again, trying not to vomit as his mouth was flooded with the steamy, toxic taste of her reeking foot stink. His tongue recoiled again, but this time so he could mash the copious amount of cheesy feet gunk coating his tongue and mouth walls. I heard how wet it sounded, and I knew his mouth was filling with saliva, as his stomach prepared to eject the repulsive contents being washed down his throat. "SWALLOW IT! DON'T YOU DARE PUKE!! Nikki'S FEET ARE PERFECT!!" I screamed, causing Nikki to flinch a little. But then she giggled as she heard him gulping loudly, wailing at the repugnant task he was being forced to perform.

I ignored him as he gulped down another wave of nausea, leaning down to whisper into Nikki's ear. "Doesn't it feel fucking INCREDIBLE?" She squealed in breathless, panting agreement. I bit my lip and mmmed loudly. My pussy was swimming in wet, messy excitement. "I've literally gotten off from him sucking my toes before..." I moaned into Nikki's ear. She looked over at me in shock, a look of pure animal lust in her eyes. I smiled at her and cleared my throat, trying to compose myself. "Okay slave. Next toe!" He balked in agony and took one more gulp before extending his tongue back out, slipping it between her next set of cheesy, rancid toes. The sweat stung and he literally yelped at the biting flavor assaulting his taste buds. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he forced himself to continue.

Nikki moaned louder, squirming as she pressed her steamy toes harder into his tongue. "Ohhhhh FUCKKKK!!" Slaveboy yelled almost as loud as her, sobbing on the putrid punch of her rotten toe cheese and vinegar gunk. The taste was beyond vile, I could tell by his reaction. I don't know how he didn't throw up. Not only was Nikki's foot saturated in sweat, and the stink dizzying, but the physical amount of actual gritty, grimy, stringy cheese and balled-up jammy gunk was insane. It literally choked him as it caught in his throat!

Nikki sounded like she was having an orgasm as she panted and moaned, twisting her ankle to swirl his tongue around and around between her sensitive, sticky toes. She told me later that she didn't, but she was close! I think if she hadn't been so distracted by the situation (me being right there, him being my boyfriend), and having it be so new, she would have.

This went on for awhile, as Slaveboy forced himself to clean between all ten of her disgusting toes. When he was finally done, his lips, chin and nose were smeared with grey streaks of nauseating foot grime. Unbelievably, the more he licked, the sweatier her feet got! Once he had finished lapping up the greasy innards of her gruesome toes, I commanded him to suck on them. One at a time. Then two. Then her whole foot. This absolutely sent Nikki through the roof!! She was so loud I thought we'd be kicked out from some forest ranger 20 miles away who could hear her! But no such luck for Slaveboy. On and on it went. The poor boy almost puked I don't know how many times. Honestly, I'm surprised he didn't. But I felt confident in his abilities. I've made him swallow far worse, after all. But Nikki didn't know that!

The last thing I had him do was stick his tongue out all the way and hold still. Then I giggled, telling Nikki she should rub the bottom of her foot, from heel to toe, right over his tongue. Over and over again. It didn't take much to convince her. She mashed her foot into him so hard, scraping it up and down, giggling and groaning as she shivered and cooed at the feeling. Slaveboy's squeamish face was coated in her foot sweat now, and he looked positively miserable. And finally, without me even coaxing, Nikki stuffed her dirty pink heel deep into his mouth and had him suck there for awhile, too.

When he was finally done, Nikki marveled at how clean her feet were, wiggling and dancing her toes in his face as she rested her ankles on his chest. "I can't... I can't believe he DID that!!" She panted, still catching her breath. As she calmed down, the reality of what just occurred set in, and she seemed unsettled. "Did I.... was that too much...?" She whispered, turning bright red again. I giggled, flapping my thighs open and closed a few times, shivering at the sloshy mess in my panties. "Mmmm no way, that was perfect! Did you like it??" I asked eagerly. "FUCK YES!" She blurted, and then fell over giggling.

Slaveboy was practically paralyzed by now. He was heaving and wheezing, grimacing at the smells and tastes all over his tongue and face. A few strings of toe cheese still clung to his lips. I giggled at him hungrily. "It almost seems pointless now, because Nikki's feet were SO DELICIOUS... RIGHT SLAVE?" "YESSS!!" He wailed in agreement. "But now it's time for you to do my feet!" I hissed, mmming loudly as I climbed on top of him and set my dirty hiking booted feet on either side of his face.

Nikki's eyes shimmered as she watched. She was grinning, but also seemed a bit worn out. I leaned forward and quickly unlaced my first boot. Lucky for Slaveboy, I had been wearing socks. Unlucky for him, I had been wearing them for a week, and they were SOAKED. I smirked wickedly as I started prying off the boot. "Mmm, oh, baby! Are you still thirsty?" I asked, cocking my head to the side in amusement, waiting for his predictable answer. Of course he would want something to wash the taste of Nikki's flagrant feet out of his mouth!

"Yesssssss..." He groaned. "Please. I need something to drink!" His head flailed a little, as he helplessly squirmed between my boots. I grinned big. "I was hoping you'd say that!" In a flash, I yanked my boot off, peeled off my drenched sock, and held it over his nose. "Mmm! OPEN WIDE!!!" He protested, vehemently. And understandably so. My foot stink wasn't as bad as Nikki's, but it was still fucking rank. And, most importantly, it was different. Nikki's was sour and rancid, like spoiled cheese, with hints of vinegar and acid. Mine was much more corny. Extremely sour. Like a salty jar of vinegar that had been sitting in the sun. Nikki caught a whiff, and balked. "Wow! They're almost as bad as mine!!" She remarked in astonishment.

I frowned a little, wiggling my soggy toes in my soaking sock. “They should be! I’ve been wearing these socks for like a week!” Nikki groaned in disgust, giggling a little. “But I am kind of jealous of how stinky yours are.” Slaveboy was staring up in horror at my once-pink sock, now dingy, crusty and brown, hovering over his nose. “I said, OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” He let out a frightened whimper and slowly stretched his jaw. I giggled down at him and wrinkled my nose as I slowly peeled off my sticky, wet sock. Nikki watched carefully as I dipped the crunchy, soggy toe end of it in his mouth a little. He yelped, squinting his eyes shut. I pulled it back and and balled it up in my fist, squeezing it hard, holding it right over his mouth. As I did, drops of sweat wrung out of it and oozed through my fingers, dripping down the edge of my palm, and started trickling into his mouth. As soon as he felt the first drop, he gagged deep in his throat and tried to turn his head.

I sighed in frustration and used my other hand to grip his chin, squeezing his mouth open wider and holding him still. I squeezed more sweat out of my first sock and mmmmed happily as more stinging sweat dripped onto his tongue. Nikki gasped, watching from beside me. “Oh my god…” She whispered in utter disgust. After another minute or so of wringing my sock sweat into his mouth, I loosed my grip and dropped the sock right into his mouth, using my fingers to stuff it deep inside. “My socks are filthy, slave. I need you to wash them for me. He screamed into my sweaty sock and squirmed under me in misery. “Mmm! Drink up! There’s lots of sweat to quench your thirst, baby!” I sang happily. Nikki giggled quietly, shaking her head a little and wrinkling her nose.

I set my naked foot on his nose, just in time for him to take a big sniff while choking on my sock. “Mmmmmm that feels so good! More sniffs!!” I flexed my toes and squeezed at his suckling nose, taking them in my oily, stinky toe grasp. I knew my feet weren’t as bad as Nikki’s, but they were still very stinky. And to help increase the smell, I quickly started unlacing my second tight hiking boot. He choked, sobbing on the combination of my sour sock leaking acidic vinegar juice in his mouth, and the reeking tang of my filthy toes around his nose. I pried my other boot off and quickly peeled the sock off. It was wet and crusty, almost black on the bottom under the toes, and it reeked of pungent, sweaty feet. “Mmmm open!” I beamed down at him, using my toes to open his lips. He pleaded with me for a few seconds but finally gave up. I wasn’t going to show him ANY mercy!

This time I squeezed the sock right over his nose, sending more drips of sweat into his mouth and up his nostrils! He thrashed helplessly under me, pulling at his bound wrists. A few more squeezes and I stuffed the other sock into his mouth, which sent the first one further back in his throat, causing him to gag violently. He yelped as he saw my cruel grin, leering down at him from between the gaps in all ten of my toes. I squealed in disgust as I planted both of my grimy, nasty feet right over his nose, one on top of the other. The smell immediately escalated - tangy, sour, bitter, vinegary, wet, rancid, moldy, and definitely cheesy! Nikki covered her mouth as my feet, wrinkled and pruned from swimming in sweat all day, started mashing and milking at his snorting nose. His screams were muffled and choked.

I rested my chin on my knees and giggled down at him, scrunching my face in mock sympathy. “Oh baby, that must stink sooo bad!” I whined. “Now! You better start sucking those socks! They’re not coming out until they’re clean clean clean!” I spread my toes more, revealing wet, fuzzy balls of toe jam and buttery streaks of glistening sweat. My toes were painted bright blue, and mostly unchipped, but underneath my toenails, every single one of them had grey chunks of accumulated rancid toe cheese. As the smell wafted up to my nose I choked a little. “Whew, that IS bad isn’t it?”

We sat there for a moment, Nikki scooting closer for a better view. She was totally hooked, watching him suffer under my stinky feet. “Oh! Shouldn’t we make him do the 100 sniffs?” She asked, excitedly. “Mmmm totally! Big sniffs baby! Ready?” He groaned loudly, still gagging on the flavor of my sickening socks. “MFFFFF!! MOOOOOOO!!!” He screamed desperately. I giggled, wiggled my sour toes right into his nostrils, and spreading the toes on my other foot right above, layering him the reeking vapors of my steamy feet stink. He tried to hold his breath. I sighed, a little annoyed with his defiance. As I was just about to order him to obey, Nikki beat me to it. “Sniff her feet now, slave! DO IT!” Her angry, bratty face morphed into a bashful smirk as she bit her lip and looked at me, still a little unsure of herself when it came to ordering him around. But just then we heard him take a big, loud, long sniff from right inside all of my toes. He almost gagged, but caught himself and continued sniffing for at least ten seconds.

Nikki squealed happily, pleased with herself, knowing she had made him do it. “AGAIN! Big sniffs, smell her stinky feet moooooreee!!” She commanded again, her tone halfway between bossy and whiney. Slaveboy coughed as I flexed my toes backwards, depositing his nose right in the cheesy ball of my foot beneath my toes. He took another sniff. A long one. “Mmm good boy!” I cooed. “That’s one!” Nikki giggled happily, clapping her hands. “MORE! MORE! MORE!” She chanted, smiling huge at his squeamish face. This time I cupped both feet right around his nose and surrounded him with my toes, moaning softly as I massaged my tender, wet feet with his face. He whimpered into my socks and forced himself to take another painful sniff of moldy toe cheese and wet, rancid vinegar.

Now that my feet had been out of their boots for a few minutes, the humid, mildewy stink had warn off a little, and they were turning more cheesy, sour, and corny. Slaveboy’s eyes watered as he was forced to endure his unending stink torture. Nikki had ran out to the bench to get a big bag of Flamin Hot Cheetos and two more Mike’s, and we sat and laughed, happily counting Slaveboy’s agonizing sniffs and thoroughly enjoying tormenting him. It was sooo fun!!!

As we counted around Slaveboy’s 75th sniff, Nikki shifted a little, squirming as she crunched another Cheeto. I heard her stomach grumbling, and I got excited. “Nikki do you have to fart??” I squealed. She looked at me nervously. “I… I think so?” I gasped and my mouth flew open. “DO YOU WANT TO DO IT ON HIS FACE??” I blurted. A little smirk snuck across her lips. “Uhh…”

I giggled as Slaveboy started whimpering, trying to object under my feet. I took his nose right between my toes and pinched it shut, cutting off his air. His screaming became hushed as he tried to squirm free. I ignored him. “It’s cool if you don’t. But you totally can if you want!” I insisted, staring at her with wide, excited eyes.

“Yeah okay, I’ll try it.” She finally said, quietly. “EEEEEEE!!” I squeaked happily, releasing Slaveboby’s nose. He took deep, desperate sniffs as I glared down at him, keeping his nose right in my cheesy toes. “Mmmm! Nikki has to fart! Are you ready to sniff it?” He shook his head and tried to scream something, but of course I couldn’t understand him. I raised my eyebrows at him and gave him a stern, bratty look. “EXCUSE ME??” I hissed. He froze, his eyes closing. “You’re GOING to sniff her fart! Do you understand?” He nodded sadly, choking on another sniff from between my toes.

I looked over at Nikki. She was beaming ear to ear. “I really have to fart!” She announced, sounding a bit frantic. I leapt up and snapped my fingers, pointing to Slaveboy’s face. “Sit on him!” Nikki looked at me nervously, but clearly excited, and crawled over to him, climbing up his body, turning around, and planting her big sweaty butt right on his terrified face. She whimpered a little, feeling him squirm under her. “It probably stinks…” She whispered, sounding embarrassed. I giggled. “DUH! That’s the point, Nik! You think your fart WON’T stink?” She sucked her lips into her mouth and nibbled on them a little, cocking her head to the side as she processed what I’d just said, and then she started giggling a little, her cheeks turning red. “Okay so what do I do?” She asked nervously, squirming a little on top of him. “Well you just make sure his nose is in your ass, and you fart!” I explained casually, shrugging. She smiled bigger, as she wiggled around a little.

Slaveboy’s nose slipped deep into Nikki’s crack, right through her soft, dark grey yoga shorts. She gasped a little as she felt it, and I think she also felt his mouth pinned against her pussy. Her eyes went wide as she settled down, pinning him still under her. “Okay I think he’s in there…” She whispered, breathlessly. “NOW FART!” I squealed, cackling with absolute delight, so excited to watch this!

Nikki started grunting, but before she even farted, Slaveboy started choking under her. His legs flailed a little as he tried to squirm free. Nikki stopped grunting and wrinkled her forehead into a little frown, but her lips stayed curled into an evil little smirk. I quickly sat on Slaveboy’s lap, hard, causing him to oof loudly, and I dug my knees into his ribs, pinning him still. He coughed again, his stomach heaving a little under us. Nikki huffed a little. “Why is he choking? I haven’t even farted yet?” Her face wrinkled more, as she grinned bigger, quickly answering her own question.

“Oh, god! I didn’t even think about it… I don’t think I’ve showered in a few days. I’ve just been kind of moping around ever since Josh dumped me.” She smirked bigger, wiggling her ass a little on his face. “I think I’m still wearing the same panties and shorts I was wearing when he texted me, too!” I laughed, shaking my head. “Nikki that was like over a week ago!!” I squealed, and we both groaned in disgust as we realized how horrible it must have been for poor Slaveboy under there! She covered her face, turning red again, but she was definitely getting more comfortable about it by the second. Even enjoying it!

Suddenly she started groaning again, and her stomach grumbled loudly. “Uh oh…” She whimpered, and started grunting painfully. A few seconds later, a quiet fart squeaked out of her butt, right into Slaveboy’s nose! She giggled uncontrollably, arching her back to look over her shoulder, down at his face buried under her bubbly cheeks. It wasn’t a very big fart, but he certainly didn’t like it. He started choking violently, groaning into Nikki’s ass and thrashing under us. Nikki was still giggling when she farted again, another small one. Slaveboy yelped, begging for us to get off. He must have HATED that Nikki was doing this. How humiliating for him! I giggled as Nikki bounced a little on his face. “Sniff it, loser!” I taunted down at him. Nikki squealed with disgusted delight as she felt him snorting the fart stink from her dirty shorts. He gagged again, coughing harder.

“Wow he’s really choking on it!” She said, sounding almost pleased with herself. I giggled happily at her and crinkled my nose. “Yep! Can you go again?” She thought for a second, tilting her chin up a little and exhaling hard through her nostrils. She grunted a few times, but nothing came out. “I don’t think so…” She whined, sounding disappointed. I felt my stomach gurgling a little, and smirked as I felt some fresh farts brewing. “I think I’ve got some!” Nikki frowned a little, and she seemed reluctant to give up her perch on his face. But she started leaning forward to slide off. “OH! WAIT WAIT WAIT!” She squeaked, and leaned back, again engulfing his suffocated face in her meaty butt cheeks. She grunted one more time, and Slaveboy screamed as a loud burble of butt gas exploded out of Nikki’s ass, boiling his nose hairs with toxic, rotten egg sulfur! Nikki froze in shock as she sent more reeking fart fumes up his nose. It was an echoey, bassy, burbling emission that lasted at least 4 seconds!

Slaveboy was still screaming, but was then gagged, choking violently on the pungent reek of Nikki’s beefy butt bomb. “NICE!!” I shouted, my eyes wide, and I squealed as Slaveboy tried to buck me off his lap, suffering in the stench. Nikki squealed happily and let out her trademark single syllable laugh. “HAAAA!!!!!” Then she started bouncing on his face, drilling the stink deeper into his brain. “Smell THAT!!” She commanded proudly, beaming at me with rosy chipmunk cheeks. Slaveboy heaved as the foul, rancid odor burned through his sinuses. He was still gagged with my rotten socks, so he had no choice but to inhale through his nose. Nikki started to lift herself off his face, but I lunged forward and put my hands on her thighs. “NO! Don’t move yet. There’s probably still a bunch of fart trapped in your shorts. Just sit there and make him smell it for a minute.” She nodded, biting her lip a little as she smooshed her ass back down onto his snorting face. “Keep smelling Nikki’s farts, slave!” I called down to him. Nikki beamed, her eyes shining bright. She loved it!!

After a couple more minutes, Slaveboy was only gagging every few seconds or so, and had calmed down. Nikki tried farting a few more times, but she didn’t have any more fuel. But I did! So we quickly switched places. Except this time, as I hovered over Slaveboy’s face, I peeled my moist yoga shorts off and sat down quickly on his screaming face, wearing only my dirty pink panties. Nikki’s eyes shot open wide as she saw his face sink into my ass, with only a thin layer of cotton protecting his nose from my naked, greasy asshole. “Oh, jesus!” She blurted, gasping as my squishy, creamy pussy pressed into his screaming lips. She could probably see how wet I was just from looking at the crotch of my filthy panties. I looked right at her as I reached back and spread my asscheeks open. Slaveboy took a panicked sniff, which sounded wet as he snorted through the swampy fabric covering my unwashed, soaked asshole. I wiggled my hips around and drilled his nose straight up inside my hole, feeling the tip stick into the spongy, sensitive flesh of my puckering fart cannon. “Mmmmmmm!!!” I moaned loudly, still looking right at Nikki. “His nose is like IN my asshole right now!” I sang happily.

Nikki bit her bottom lip hard, her eyebrows lifting towards the sky. She wrinkled her nose, her white teeth peeking out behind her lips. As she felt him thrash under her, her cheeks pooched out into a huge smile. She looked shocked, amused, and completely spellbound. I really enjoyed watching her. It felt like I had an audience. And she clearly loved it. I don’t know why, but it made this so much hotter! Which seemed impossible, because this was already my ultimate life-long fantasy. I never imagined it could get any better. But having her sharing this with me totally made it better!

Slaveboy was panicking, forced to sniff his air straight from my rancid shit pocket. It was soo oily and squishy in there. All I could think about was ripping of my panties and impaling my swollen asshole with his trapped nose. Mmmm fuck! Soon… I didn’t want to go to fast and make Nikki uncomfortable. I snapped her out of trance a little by asking, “Do you think I should fart with his nose right in my ass?” Nikki didn’t even hesitate. She nodded her head excitedly and blurted out, “YEAH!!” Then she bit her lip again, harder, turning hit white and leaving teeth marks. Her cheeks turned red and she looked down a little. It was adorable. She was totally loving this, but still kind of embarrassed about it. I chuckled to myself. “Welcome to my world!” I said to myself. Years of feeling ashamed and embarrassed. It was horrible. But all of that was worth it, because it brought me to this moment.

I smiled big at her, shaking my head a little in disbelief. How had this happened? This was AMAZING! I moaned a little, feeling Slaveboy’s face squirm under me. His mouth was squishing the wet, dirty fabric of my soiled panties into my dripping cunt, and his nose was fighting desperately to free itself from my rank rectum. But it only worked its way deeper into me. Mmmmmmm!! I felt my pussy gush again, creaming more tang into my panties. I bit my lip as the thought of shoving these filthy things into his mouth entered my mind. I would DEFINITELY be doing that when I peeled them off and sat naked on his face! FUCK!!!

Nikki was staring at me, breathlessly waiting for my next move. She was again sitting right on his crotch, and probably didn’t realize it, because she was grinding on him ever so slightly. I felt my stomach bubbling again, and stuck my tongue out of my mouth a little, biting on the tip as I started pushing. Girlish grunts escaped my lips as I exhaled hard through my nose, and I felt the methane murder weapon locked and loaded just inside my asshole. It pulsed and squeezed as his nose through my wet undies and then pooched open wide. Slaveboy felt what was coming and let out a preemptive, horrified yelp, and just then, a slimy, steamy, face-melting fart oozed out of my asshole and clawed its way into his nasal passage. He immediately choked on the burn, and screamed into my stinky socks still filling his mouth, as the steaming sulfur shockwave kept leaking. It was a silent, hissing fart, but loud enough we could all. hear it, like a faucet on in the next room. Nikki’s mouth fell open as she leaned in a little, staring at his throat and chin, stuffed between my creamy thighs.

He gulped loudly and repeatedly, possibly trying to force down more vomit. I smiled happily as my asshole kept milking at his nose, pumping more steamy, toxic vapors into his sucking nostrils. Mmm and the thought of my filthy, crusty socks dissolving their foul, reeking stench and taste against his tongue made me even wetter. I groaned, sighing happily as I arched my back a little and pushed even harder. A sizzling squeaker trumpeted from my throbbing asshole, and slowly turned louder, popping into several mini farts. I bit my lip and pushed more, reliving the insane build up of my sauerkraut chili cheese onion dog Cheeto gas straight up his burning nose, shivering as he lurched miserably underneath us.

“Fucking hell, how do you fart that much?!” Nikki gasped in amazement. Her nose was wrinkled, as the smell was wafting up to hit us. I laughed, fanning the air in my face, and I shrugged innocently. “I just do!” I chirped happily, smirking as I kept pushing. The thick, sticky air oozing from my ass started hissing, and a few seconds later, a loud, wet SPLAT erupted from between my sweaty cheeks. My eyes darted open and I bit my lip, blushing a little at Nikki. “Oh that one was WET!” I groaned, giggling wickedly. Nikki shrieked and covered her face with both hands. “HALEY EWWWW!!!”

Slaveboy was definitely puking now. I heard his stomach gurgling and lurching, and I actually felt him gulping heavily under my thighs. He was screaming as loud as he could, wailing like a victim being physically tortured in a dungeon. It made my pussy ooze and throb, squishing in my disgusting panties. Oh fuck, this was so hot! My asshole spit another splattery fart into the wet, pink cotton covering my ass, and I shivered as I pressed the soiled fabric into his nose, ensuring he would snort my shit water straight through it with every breath.

The tent was starting to stink like fart again, and Nikki kept groaning. But she couldn’t take her eyes off of me. They sparkled and danced like wildfire, shimmering in the dark tent. I knew my stomach was brewing plenty more farts, and this was just beginning. As they kept pumping, turning wetter and shittier by the second, I bit my lip and moaned softly.

“Hey Nik, I want to take my panties off. And I have a lot more farts. This might get a little… messy. Do you wanna go out of the tent for some fresh air for just a few minutes?” I asked, breathlessly. Nikki opened her mouth to say something, but then stopped, thinking for a moment. She nibbled on her bottom lip as she hungrily watched his chest and neck, bulging and squirming under my thighs. I heard her take a sharp breath and hold it, before speaking.

“I… can I… I mean, is it okay if I stay? I want to watch…” She whispered, her voice revealing a little bit of shame. I think she was embarrassed by how much she was enjoying watching this. I giggled happily, trying to put her at ease. “Of course you can watch! I just didn’t know if it would be too much for you.” She blinked her big, wide open eyes twice, and shook her head, her hair dancing over her shoulders. I wrinkled my nose and squealed happily as I sat up on my knees and wiggled out of my squishy, soiled panties.

Nikki looked away for a second, a little bit embarrassed, but then she took note of my panties out of the corner of her eye, and turned her head back. “Oh my god Haley, they’re filthy!” She gasped, before catching herself and holding her breath. I giggled. “I know. They definitely need to be cleaned.” Her eyes widened as she first processed what I meant, and then she noticed my pussy, staring at it blatantly. The little blonde hairs of my neatly trimmed pussy were sweaty and creamy. Except for a small patch of very short hair directly above my slit, my crotch was smooth and shaven. My little red slit was oozing white cream, and the entire mound of my hairless crotch was soaked and glistening with sticky, sour squirt. Her mouth fell open as she blushed, but she couldn’t turn away. I noticed her staring, and I blushed too. “See how wet I am from all of this? I TOLD you it was hot!” I half-whined, stifling a nervous girlish giggle.

I turned around and dropped back down onto Slaveboy’s chest, this time facing his head. I used my knees to mash his cheeks together, pooching out his mouth. He was panting, looking up at me in a terrified way. Nikki had sat up and leaned into my back, resting her chin on my shoulder for a good look at his face. I felt her hot, shaky breath against my neck as she waited for my next move. I ripped his mouth open and squealed as I fished out the slimy socks from inside. I quickly threw them towards the tent flap door. He tried to spit and heave, but his mouth was too squished. I leaned forward, hovering my dripping, oozing cunt mere inches from his open mouth. I giggled as he tried to squirm and beg, but I held steady and just waited, until my cunt started dripping its pungent pussy spit right into his mouth! I heard Nikki gasp silently, though it sounded loud right next to my ear. She mmmed softly and I heard her chewing on her wet lips, smacking them in my ear.

I hovered for another minute until more cheesy twat yogurt leaked into his mouth. The sour, overpowering taste hit the back of his throat and he coughed, trying again to turn his head. I squeezed his face harder in my thighs until he winced, freezing from the pain. Then I grinned fiendishly down at him, held my panties in his face, and slowly started balling them up, making sure the pungent, snail slime trails of pussy juice and chocolate shake spatter of my wet, shitty farts were both facing outward. I held the reeking wad of rancid cotton and lower body excretions over his nose until he gagged on the smell, and then squealed wickedly as I stuffed the murder weapon straight into his screaming mouth, muffling him instantly. I used my thumbs to work it past his teeth, and then stuck my index fingers deep into his hole to really press the nauseating mess right into the back of his tongue. Nikki panted, her chin digging into my shoulder so hard it hurt a little.

Slaveboy, staring up into four piercing blue eyes, drinking in his anguish, lost his mind as the flavor of my unwashed panties filled his mouth. Urine, tangy girl cum, body odor, salty, fishy, metallic pussy sweat, rancid thigh cheese, rivers of creamy twat vomit. And then the thick, earthy, oily taste of bitter shit, swampy girl ass, cheap perfume, stale eggy farts, rotten vegetables, and moldy butt crack cheese. All of it. His eyes went wide as each passing second unleashed more flavors, swirling and expanding in his trapped mouth. Nikki was squealing in utter disgust, leaning all her weight into me to get a better look. And as soon as Slaveboy heaved, his eyes bugging out, and he sounded like he was literally puking, she started laughing. Not a little giggle. Not a nervous laugh. A full on hysterical fit of joy! Slaveboy’s thrashing bounced us up and down, and only made her laugh more. She fell backwards and repositioned herself on his flailing thighs, settling down heavy on his crotch again.

I looked over my should and stared at her curiously, my lips curling into a wide grin, and as she kept laughing, it made me laugh. “What’s so funny??” I asked, sounding a little offended. She squealed as his bucking thighs and hips sent her up again, causing her to flex her thighs and dig her hands into his ribs to steady herself. “I just… I can’t believe you just did that! Those things were DISGUSTING! And you just… PLOP! Right in his mouth!!” She was having trouble getting the words out from laughing so hard.

I blushed a little more and rolled my eyes at her, still laughing along. “Can you imagine what they taste like??” She squealed out, laughing even harder and simultaneously howling in absolute disgust.

“MMMFFFFFMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAKKKKK!!!” Slaveboy screamed as we both were ignoring him, fighting desperately to keep another wave of vomit down. I raised an eyebrow, my head bobbing as he tried to buck me off his chest. “Oh yeah. I can imagine!” I snickered. Nikki caught her breath and came out of her laughing fit. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry. It’s just so…. WICKED!” She hissed excitedly. I nodded and flicked my head, my hair flowing behind my back as I turned my head away from her and back down at Slaveboy. “Aww. Is it wicked?” I taunted down at him in my best sweet, innocent voice.

“MMMMMMMFFFF!!! SSSSSSAAAHHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFTTTTMMMM!!!” He screamed at the top of his lungs, and thrashed his head against my thighs so hard he actually nodded, turning his face purple with skin burns. I released a little pressure from my thighs as his head flailed. Then he froze, took another huge, loud gulp, and squeezed his eyes shut tight. I took this opportunity to surprise him. While his eyes were closed, I quickly slid forward, and connected my oozing cunt with his snorting nostrils! As he took his first breath, his eyes shot open just in time to see my bratty face sticking my tongue out at him before everything went dark as I buried him in my sloshy pussy! It was so wet, he screams sounded like they came from underwater! Burbling and gargling on my sticky mess, I moaned loudly, shivering as his panicked face tried to fend off my descending cunt. But it was no use, of course. He had no hope of defending himself. Within seconds, I was sitting full weight, and his nose was buried deep in a swamp of pussy puke, and the smell was so potent and horrific that he again sounded like he was hurling!

I humped his face used his nose to split my gooey slit open, fucking myself raw as his nostrils sucked up the rancid, cheesy air from inside my filthy sex pocket. It didn’t take long for me to completely forget that Nikki was sitting right behind me. As I kept fucking his face, my cunt started gushing a fetid, thick river of cum and pissy pussy squirt, almost drowning him in it! Fuck, I had to cum! I had to cum sooo bad! I had been turned on practically all day thinking of this moment, and I wasn’t going to stop now. As he squirmed under me, unknowingly thrashing my clit and vibrating my entire crotch with his pathetic screams, I pushed hard and a thunderous fart bomb exploded out of my puckering, shitty asshole. It washed over his face and made the smell much, much worse for him. He screamed louder. Fought harder. I fucked him furiously, tilting my head back to scream at the stars. “Ohhhhhhh FUCK! BABY I’M CUMMING!!! FUCKING DRINK ME!!!!” I howled, an animal lust taking over my whole body. I was trembling from head to toe, and my skin felt like it was on fire. I shot another stream of methane eggs into his face and fell forward. His nose drilled further into my milking twat, as my bittersweet cream oozed into his nostrils. He couldn’t breath at all now, and I held him hard, slowly suffocating in my reeking mess. His body started convulsing under us, and it was then that I heard Nikki.

She was gasping loudly, a long, airy wisp of shock emanating from her lips. Oh fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. Had I just done that?? I squealed breathlessly, moaning into my closed mouth as I turned beet red and slid back, letting his nose finally slip out of my stinking sex hole. He snorted desperately, his face purple, as bubbles of cum and piss popped from his nostrils. I bit my lip so hard it almost bled, feeling total shame fill my body from toes up. I was terrified to look back and see Nikki. As I sat on his chin, frozen, he was finally able to snort back enough pussy snot to take his first breath in what might have been minutes. He choked violently, and hungrily sniffed again, panting through his nostrils as he slowly brought oxygen back into his brain.

I clenched my eyes shut tight and stayed frozen, terrified of how Nikki might react. Finally, after what felt like an hour of awkward, painful silence, I felt her slither up to my back, pressing her body into mine. Her face came over my shoulder and her hot breath exploded over my ear like a punch. “Did you just cum??” Her breathy whisper made the hairs on my neck stand on end. I nodded slowly. “That was insane!” She gushed excitedly. “I’m sorry…” I whimpered, still frozen. “Don’t be sorry! That was like watching the hottest porn ever!!” I blushed even more! My cheeks felt like they were boiling off my face. “Oh, god…” I whimpered louder, leaning back into her a little and squealing in complete shame. I could have died right there!!!

It was Slaveboy, coughing so violently that he threw us both into the air a little, that finally snapped me out of my shame spiral. My eyes shot open and I finally spun around to look at Nikki. She was absolutely GLOWING! Her face was nothing but a stupid grin. Her teeth were flashing me and her chipmunk cheeks pooched out like crazy! I blinked a couple of times, hiding my face in my hands. “Nikki I’m so… I didn’t mean to… ohhhh, GOD!!” I whimpered, still completely mortified. Slaveboy was choking again. I rolled my eyes to the side and huffed in annoyance as I roughly slid back to slam my ass right on his face. “Oh shut up!” I groaned, squishing his nose right into the shitty center of my poop shooter.

Nikki started giggling like a little kid who’d heard their first dirty joke. She was giving me a smug look, as if she’d learned something she could hold over my head. I looked at her with terrified eyes, pooching my lower lip out at her and pouting. She giggled louder and bit her lip, just staring at me. “SAY SOMETHING!!” I squealed, staring at her goofy expression in desperation. “Okay. That was hot!” She giggled out the words, sounding almost casual. I turned firetruck red, blushing even more. She raised her eyebrows and nodded her head to enunciate her next two words with a girlish giggle, imitating what I had done earlier in the store. “SO hot!”

We sat there giggling for a few minutes while I finally calmed down, feeling a little less abashed. As the red slowly drained from my cheeks, I pumped out a few more firebombs into Slaveboy’s nose, still trapped inside my naked asshole. The burning vapors made him yelp as I scraped my asshole all around on his nose. I could feel the drippy shit water smearing into his nostrils as I did it, and I shivered in disgusted delight as he choked and pleaded under me. I simply ignored him, reloading my fart cannon and sending another round of rotten eggs into his trapped, flaring nostrils. I knew they had to be hell, because they burned like fucking crazy on their way out. EWWW!

Nikki giggled every time I farted, but a little less each time. It was becoming more normal to her now. “I still can’t believe I just did that in front of you…” I was still fixated on my previous outburst of sexual exhibitionism. She laughed, smiling big at me. “It’s okay! I could have left. And besides, he’s YOUR boyfriend. You’re allowed to… you know… do that…” She laughed awkwardly, watching me squirm uncomfortably on his face. “Yeah but I’ve never had an AUDIENCE!” I teased, giggling as I felt Slaveboy’s nostrils take a big gulp of air from my twitching asshole. Her smirk disappeared and now her cheeks were the red ones. “Sorry…”

I stuck my tongue out her and wrinkled my nose as I cut another juicy, rancid fart right up Slaveboy’s poor nose. He yelped, choking hard on the noxious gas filtering up his sinus. After a few more minutes, we realized how late it was, and my fart tank was just about empty. I unloaded a few more small stinkers, as Nikki and I happily chatted about random things. Slaveboy was sounding really out of it, barely reacting to my nose singing rectum rockets now. I think he had all but passed out.

I climbed off of his face, shivering as his nose slid out of my greasy shit compartment. He sobbed quietly, gagging as his desperate sniffs for fresh air were ruined by the stink Nikki and I had been smearing on his face for the last several hours. “Should we, like… untie him?” Nikki asked as I shyly shuffled around the tent for my shorts, suddenly becoming very aware that I was naked from the waist down. “Yeah, probably. Unless there’s anything else you want to do to him?” I asked casually as I pulled my tight, still damp yoga shorts over my bulging butt cheeks.

Nikki thought for a moment, tapping her chin playfully. She was still sitting on his lap, and she grinned down into his tortured eyes. “Can I try to fart again?” She asked excitedly. Slaveboy groaned, wishing this would just end already. “Sure!” I chirped. Nikki giggled a little as she slid up his body, turning herself around as she hovered over his face on her knees clumsily.

Then she unceremoniously plopped her rear end right onto his face as he whimpered into my panties. I wondered if he’d gotten them clean yet, giggling to myself at the disgusting thought. I watched as Nikki wiggled herself around, making funny little noises as she worked his nose up the crack of her cotton-clad ass. She sat fairly still for several minutes, noticing how shifting her weight made it easier or harder for him to breathe, and learning how to control him. I saw the wheels spinning in her head as she took mental notes.

Unfortunately, she was only able to fart two or three times, all pretty small. Slaveboy sure didn’t like them though, gagging hard each time as Nikki giggled and commanded him to sniff them. It must have been terribly awkward for him, simply being in the situation he was in. Let alone having to choke on the stink of her farts. She smiled to herself, silently experimenting with her newfound power as she smothered him in her stinky shorts. Every once in awhile he would thrash in such a way that his chin dug into her pussy, and I’d catch her arching her back and moaning quietly at the sensation. I giggled to myself, enjoying watching her become more comfortable and skillful.

Towards the end of her smother and fart session, I casually offered that she could take her shorts off. Her face turned red and she quickly shook her head. “No it’s cool, that seems like it would be too weird.” Her words were rushed, but I could see she was thinking about it a little. I shrugged, “No problem. Just offering!” Slaveboy seemed relieved under her, even as he was being suffocated in another fart as she grunted out a chili dog steamer up his nostrils. She giggled happily, pleased with herself. “Does it smell good?” She teased, wiggling her ass on his face. He definitely didn’t think so, judging by his choking!

Soon after that, reluctantly, she announced that she couldn’t fart anymore and we agreed to finally let him go. But first, I had to inspect the laundry! Nikki wrinkled her nose as I asked Slaveboy if my putrid panties were clean yet. I think she forgot they were still in his mouth! We squealed together in disgust as I pulled the soggy, slimy mess out of his spitting mouth. I plopped them right over his face, trapping him in a humid web of stink. He whimpered, still barely able to muster the strength to do anything with much energy. I slowly unfolded the wadded up cotton, spreading it over his face more. “What do you think?” I asked Nikki, as she peered over me to get a better look.

“WOW! They look pretty clean!” She gasped. I took a closer look. “Mmmm. Almost. There’s still one little chunky streak of pussy cheese right here.” I picked up the panties and positioned them with that section held out, towards Slaveboy’s face. He reacted in a horrified manner as he saw what I saw. A streak, maybe two or three inches long, of soggy, crusty, white and yellow pussy puke still remained. I grinned at him viciously. “Open wide!” He sobbed and shook his head. “PLEASE! NO MORE!” He begged in a dry, tormented voice. “OPEN! NOW!” I growled, digging my knees into his ribs hard. He yelped and his mouth shot open. Then I carefully inserted the panties and scraped the line of gross gook along his teeth, working it all loose as he squealed and squirmed.

Nikki gasped, and let another “HAA!!!” As she covered her mouth with one hand and watched the foul flakes dislodge from my discolored panties. They fell into his screaming mouth as I scraped them back and forth, over and over again, mmmming at him tauntingly. When I was finally satisfied, I pulled the panties out, used my two fingers against his chin to coax his mouth shut, and hissed in a sinful, lusty voice, “Swallow it!” He balked, his face locked in a squeamish grimace, as he forced himself to swallow the vile chunks. It took him several gulps, and he fought back a few dry heaves, but he got through it.

“Mmmmm! GOOD BOY!!!” I cooed, smiling adoringly down at him. Nikki nodded in agreement, a look of amazement on her face. “He really is sooo good!” She sighed wistfully. As I slid my crotch onto his panting face, I unzipped the window flap just above his head and slowly started working away at the tape which bound his hands to the tent stake in the ground. He squirmed and whimpered into my pussy as I absentmindedly suffocated him, ignoring him and trying to get the tape loose.

Nikki took a sharp breath and held it, watching his squirming face press into my stinky, cottoned crotch. Finally I got the piece off the stake and he flung his arms forward, almost hitting me in the process! “HEY! Watch it, mister!” He froze and held his hands up for me to untape them, still struggling for air under my ass and pussy.

Just before I got him free, I looked over my shoulder and giggled at Nikki, smirking.

PffffffffffffftttttssssssBRAPBRAPBRAP fffffffffftttfffffffttttttfffftttt!!!

A long, scorching butt bomb fired out of my throbbing asshole! I felt it spread in my shorts and collect against his mouth. I leaned back just a little, sneering down at him as his nose was freed just enough to filter out the fart, stuck in my shorts. His eyes shot open and he retched into my shorts as he took a big sniff. It burned his eyes and he flailed under me weakly.

“GROSSSSS!” Nikki whined, trying to stifle her girlish giggle. “God Haley, it’s crazy how much you can fart!” She continued, sounding half impressed and half disgusted. As I cut another crispy fart, this one sounding much less hissy and quite a bit more bass-heavy, she gasped loudly. Slaveboy was choking pathetically under me, desperately shaking his wrists in front of me, urging me to finish freeing him. I sat heavy, letting the thick ooze of my rancid fart envelop his whole head, as I kept working on his binding, deliberately taking my sweet time about it.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Finally, in one final loud stretch, I released his hands and he shot up, his hands gripping my ribs and lifting me up. I squealed in excitement as he threw me back and sat up, rubbing his face furiously. I tumbled over and rolled around on the sleeping bag as he tried to stand up, looking very weak in the knees. I giggled out, “Careful babe!” As he almost fell, and crawled a few feet towards the door on all fours. Nikki quickly ran over to him and leaned down to wrap her arms around his shoulders. “Here let me help.” She offered sweetly. He leaned into her a little and stood up again, this time succeeding.

“Ohhh my god, that was sooo nasty…” He croaked, still rubbing his face. “You guys are pure fucking EVIL!!” Nikki blushed so red I could clearly see her face change colors in the dark tent. I quickly jumped up and took hold of Slaveboy’s other side, as we sandwiched him together and held him up right. I giggled and leaned forward to look around his chest at Nikki’s face. “Sooo… did you have fun??” I asked eagerly. She shook her head a little and squealed quietly in obvious embarrassment. “It actually is really fun…” She whimpered. “YAY!! I TOLD YOU!” We both giggled and excitedly walked Slaveboy out of the tent.

All three of us took a deep breath and exhaled loudly, sighing in relief as the cool, fresh air hit our lungs. Slaveboy coughed a few times though, as I’m sure every breath he took still smelled like our stinky parts and nasty farts! We walked him to the bench, stumbling in the dark, and sat him down. The fire had almost gone out, and only the light of the moon illuminated our campsite.

I grabbed another lantern from the pack and turned it on, setting it on the table. Nikki’s eyes flickered excitedly as she zoned out, staring at the remaining embers in the fire. The crickets were deafening, and the wind howled through the trees. Nikki looked at me with a funny look. I could tell something was on her mind, but I didn’t pry.

Suddenly I remembered that the tent stunk to high heaven, so I stood up abruptly and ran into it, groaning as the stink hit me. I collected our shoes and boots, and unzipped all of the window flaps, stumbling back out as I coughed. Nikki looked over at me, laughing. She wrinkled her nose and sighed happily, taking a deep breath of the fresh, chilly night air. Then, abruptly, she turned to Slaveboy and asked something so blunt and out of the blue, it caught us all by surprise.

“What would you think if I did sit on your face without shorts on?” Her words were were direct and casual. Unexpected, considering how she had been pretty shy about all of this up until now. Slaveboy grimaced, shifting uncomfortably on the bench. Then he looked at me, asking me for help with his wide eyes. I was taken aback myself, and even the crickets seemed to become silent, as none of us spoke for what felt like minutes. Nikki’s unrelenting stare made him feel even more awkward, as she waited patiently, but intently, for a reply to her startling question.

Slaveboy looked at me again, terrified. I smirked, raised my eyebrows at him and stared, provoking a response. He was in a very tough spot. He obviously seemed like he was against it. But he didn’t want to offend Nikki. And he certainly didn’t want to piss me off, either. He let out an audible whimper, contorting his face a little in confusion. “I… uhhh…. I mean…” He fumbled over his words in a panic. Finally I decided to throw him a bone.

“If you decided to do that, he would of course be FINE with it. RIGHT, baby?” I bossed, breaking the silence. Nikki’s eyes lit up. “Really?!” She gasped. Slaveboy whimpered louder as I glared at him, telling him with my sinister stare that he had better speak up. “I…. yeah I… it would… I mean if Haley says it’s okay…” He was adorable, squirming in his seat, his fingers fidgeting nervously. Nikki giggled and looked at me excitedly. “You’re SURE you would be okay with it?” She prodded. I laughed as she started bouncing a little in her seat. “Yeah, it’s fine with me!” I chirped happily. Nikki quickly turned her head to stare hungrily at Slaveboy, his eyes wide with fright. “Wait. Without shorts. Do you mean in panties or…. nak…. umm, no panties on?” He asked, petrified.

Nikki thought for a moment, looking at me to judge my reaction. I just shrugged casually. “Whatever Nikki wants!” Slaveboy groaned loudly as Nikki giggled. “Hmmm. I don’t know yet…” She mused quietly. She wiggled a little in her seat, squirming at the thought. Slaveboy glared at me desperately. The fact that I was okay with this was unbelievable to him. And as I looked at him, pleading at me to save him with his eyes, I wrinkled my nose and bit my lip, watching him smugly.

“Well I’m fucking tired. I’m gonna go lay down.” He announced flatly, his voice sounding a bit irritated. I turned to him and wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders, nuzzling my face into his neck and kissing it repeatedly. Then I tilted my chin up and kissed his ear, whispering sweetly, “I love you so much, baby. You know that, right?” He sighed quietly and shivered a little as my hot breath tickled his ear. I felt him relax a little, and his tone changed. “I know baby, I love you too.” I beamed happily at him and smothered him in more kisses as he squealed. Then I reluctantly let go of him and he stood up, stretching his sore arms and rubbing his red wrists.

“Nikki and I are gonna clean up camp a little and we’ll be in to snuggle you soon, baby!” I sang out happily. He looked at Nikki as she bit her lip, blushing a little. He shook his head slightly, processing the fact that I seemed seriously willing to “share” him with my best friend, and I think he wondered how far this would go as he stumbled in the dark towards the tent. We heard him cough and groan inside the stinky tent, and giggled as his shadow showed him stripping down to his boxers before climbing into the sleeping bag.

Nikki had a distracted look on her face, as she kind of stared off at the tent, but seemed to be looking past it. I scooted closer to her, now that the empty spot between us was vacant, and put my hand on her leg. “You know I’m just teasing him, right? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, sweetie.” I reassured softly, a hint of concern in my voice. She kind of snapped out of her trance and looked over at me, smiling a little. “Oh I know. Don’t worry.” We sat in silence for a few seconds, listening to Slaveboy unzip the sleeping bag and climb in.

Nikki cleared her throat softly. I could tell she wanted to say something, but was hesitant. “What is it?” I asked, frowning my forehead a little as I looked at her distracted expression. “Haley… I have to…” She paused, taking another breath and starting over. “We both know your boyfriend is gorgeous…” She murmured nervously. I giggled happily. “I know. He’s sooo pretty…” I said, almost whining. She laughed and shook her head a little. “Yeah… well, I feel weird about, like, doing anything that might make you mad. I mean, he’s YOUR boyfriend, and I KNOW you’re completely in love with him. And it’s obvious he’s totally in love with you, too.” I sighed dreamily, interrupting her. “I know. Like seriously, how did I get so lucky?” Nikki huffed a little, sighing in a slightly annoyed manner. “I’m sorry. You were saying you didn’t want to make me mad?”

Nikki stopped again, looking like she was choosing her words very carefully. Finally, she spoke. “Look. Ever since you first introduced me to him, I’ve been a little… jealous.” She stopped abruptly, her worried eyes focusing on mine as she read my reaction. “Jealous?” “I mean… yeah! Here you found this perfect guy. He’s sweet, smart, funny… oh yeah and he’s freakin BEAUTIFUL…” She stopped again, nervously watching me. I smiled a little. She sighed quietly. “And I mean, he obviously worships you. WAY more than I thought, actually!” She laughed nervously, trying to break the tension. I laughed with her, and suddenly we were both falling into each other giggling like school girls.

“Nikki, stop.” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her. “I know all of this. I’ve noticed how you look at him. You always make little comments about this stuff. You go on and on about how lucky I am.” She whimpered in shame, burying her face in my shoulder. “Oh, god…” I squeezed her tighter. “Look, it’s fine! Honestly it makes me feel good! I love that you like him. You’re my best friend, and it means so much to me that you two get along.” I pulled back from her to look into her eyes, being as sincere as I could. “I want you to find someone like him, Nikki. You’re the most awesome person I know. I love you TO DEATH!! You deserve so much better than all these jerks you’ve been dating.” She looked at me sadly.

“You know, I invited you on this trip to cheer you up. And I know all of… this, my secret, trying to get you to try it, and everything… it’s a lot. I’m sorry. I was just so excited to finally share it with you. But we can back off a bit. Let’s just rewind.” She looked at me curiously. Now it was my turn to pause, as I considered my next words very carefully.

“Okay. Starting right now….” I paused again, asking myself if I was REALLY sure. I considered how amazing my boyfriend was. And how loyal. He had never once given me reason to worry or distrust him. He had been cheated on by girlfriends before, and he swore he would never, ever do anything to hurt me. I believed him. I mean, he is seriously gorgeous, and pretty much every time we go out, he gets attention. I had seen him naively ignore or flat out refuse girls constantly flirting with him. One of the reasons I fell in love with him is how safe he makes me feel. I know in my heart of hearts that he would NEVER, EVER hurt me. And that’s why I said what I said next.

Nikki was staring at me keenly, impatiently waiting for me to finish my thought. I smiled huge at her, and patted my hands on her knees happily. “Starting right now! This trip is about you. I want to take your mind off of everything. I want you to feel loved and adored and all the things you deserve to feel.” Her face lit up, and she giggled quietly. “I promise, promise promise! Nothing will ever come between us. And I honestly want you to know how it feels to be worshipped like a true princess. So! Until you find the right guy, I am officially declaring that my boyfriend is ours to share. For whatever you want. You can hug him, kiss him, snuggle him, curl up in his lap, make him smell your feet…” She giggled louder, her face beaming as her mouth fell open a little in shock. “Seriously. You can make him do anything. Nothing is off limits. I just want you to be happy. And I know you have a little crush on him…” I smirked at her as her eyes shot open wide and her face turned red. “HALEY! I DO NOT!” She blurted defensively. I stuck my tongue out at her a little. She huffed a little but then started laughing.

“Swear to god, scout’s honor. I will never get mad at you. I want you to have all of this!” I held my hand up like I was swearing on a Bible. “I love you Nikki! You mean the world to me and I just want you to be happy! I want him to make you feel like he makes me feel. It’s the most amazing thing in the world and you deserve it!!” She squealed quietly, her face bright red, beaming at me like a lighthouse. “Haley are you-“ I interrupted her abruptly. “If you ask me if I’m sure ONE MORE TIME, I swear to god Nikki!!” I barked, trying not to laugh as I got the sentence out. “Okay, okay!” Nikki replied, cracking up.

I hugged her again and she squeezed me so tight I couldn’t breathe. I giggled at whispered into her ear, “I’ll inform our Slaveboy about all of this tomorrow morning.” She giggled and squeezed me even tighter. “UGH! Nik…. can’t…. breathe….” I wheezed, and we both laughed our asses off as she finally let go of me.

We jumped up and picked up the camp a bit, putting all of the food back in the packs and locking things away in the car. Then we grabbed the lantern off the table and skipped happily into the tent. Slaveboy was already snoring. Poor guy was tuckered out after everything we had put him through! Nikki and I looked at each other and “Awwwed” silently at each other, both staring at him adoringly. We kicked off the flip flops we had been wearing and placed them carefully outside the tent so we could get to them easily since I had thrown our stinky boots under the picnic table, away from the tent. Yuck!

Nikki watched me as I stripped to my underwear and carefully slid into the large sleeping bag next to Slaveboy. He barely stirred. She walked up to the bag and looked at him carefully, biting her lip a little as she took her shirt off. Then she wiggled out of her shorts and sat on the other side of him, hugging her knees to her chest and sliding them carefully into the sleeping bag. As she laid down carefully, trying to keep some distance between her and him, I giggled quietly. “Nikki, snuggle him!!” I encouraged excitedly. I knew what would happen if she did.

I heard her breathing quietly as she thought for a minute, not moving. Then, she rolled over onto her side and pressed her body into his. I heard him moan happily, and he instinctively slid his arm under Nikki’s neck, hugging her tightly into him. “Mmmm hi baby…” He was still fast asleep, and his voice was deep and soothing. I heard Nikki eep a little, as she looked over his chest at me with wide eyes. I smiled happily at her and giggled as I snuggled up to Slaveboy’s other side, spooning his body and draping my arm over his chest. I started kissing his soft, sweet skin, tracing my fingers over his stomach as Nikki sank into him more. She took a deep breath, and I heard her mmming softly as she breathed him in. She nuzzled his arm as I felt her legs tangle around his.

She giggled sleepily as I whispered drunkenly, “Sweet dreams, Kaykay!” She mmmed happily. Slaveboy’s deep, soothing breaths and little snores lulled us into a fast sleep, as we were both tired from the long and exciting day.

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