⛺️ Haley and Nikki Go Camping with slaveboy DAY 2

A new boyfriend, an old best friend, and a big secret. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


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Written by Haley 💕



I opened my eyes. Sun was streaming into the tent. It took a minute to remember where I was. Memories came flooding in. Was yesterday just a dream? Was this really real? I heard birds chirping loudly, and I blinked as the bright light inside the tent temporarily blinded me. Everything felt so surreal. I immediately felt my heart start to race as I remembered more and more of yesterday in little flashes. Then I heard slaveboy and Nikki breathing deeply next to me. I carefully sat up a little, trying not to wake them, and saw Nikki half-draped over his body, her face smooshed into his chest. His arms were wrapped around her tightly and he stirred a little as I inadvertently shifted the sleeping bag against him. I smiled big as I saw the look of pure content on Nikki’s face. slaveboy’s head was turned facing me, and I happily watched him breathing deeply, lifting Nikki up and down as she slept.

Oh my god. It was real! This was all real!! Eeeeeeeee!!! I was so excited! I'd never been this happy in my life. Everything just felt perfect. I smiled bigger as I watched him carefully. And then, all of a sudden, his eyes shot open! He instinctually squeezed his arms around Nikki, before quickly realizing that it wasn’t me he was hugging. He stared up at me, looking confused, and then he squirmed a little, blinking his eyes and opening them wider as he assessed the situation. I stifled a giggle, smiling sweetly down at his adorable confusion. He carefully but quickly unwrapped his arms and lifted his head a little, verifying that the person on top of him was, in fact, not me. As he let go of Nikki, she wiggled a little on top of him and made sleepy moaning noises against his chest, nuzzling further into him. “What’s going on?” He mouthed at me in silence, frantically trying to grasp the situation.

I leaned down and kissed him on the lips, giggling quietly. “Morning baby!” I whispered, my hot morning breath washing over his face. He wrinkled his nose a little and looked at me, then Nikki, and back to me, nervously. “Don’t wake Nik, she needs to sleep. I’m going to get breakfast started.” I whispered at him, smirking as he whimpered quietly, feeling very awkward. I slipped out of the sleeping bag, noticing how sweaty my butt was. I shook my ass at him as I bent down and found my yoga shorts, pulling them on. Nikki made a loud grumble, saying something unintelligible in her sleep, and scooted even further into him, nuzzling her face up into his neck. “HALEY!” He whispered in a harsh but hushed, hissing tone. I put my fingers to my lips and smirked at him. “Shhh!” I replied, as I pulled my shirt on. He glared at me desperately as I giggled quietly, exiting the tent.

I went out to the camp and dug around for stuff to make breakfast. A few minutes later, I heard Nikki gasp. “Oh my god!” She squeaked. I giggled to myself and ran into the tent just in time to see her lifting herself up and staring down, wide-eyed, as she hovered inches from slaveboy’s face. Her messy hair dangled in his face as he looked up at her sheepishly, blushing a little. “Good morning, Nikki…” He uttered awkwardly. She fell back onto her butt and sat there, scratching her head and rubbing her face for a minute, before looking at me nervously. I smiled big at her and ran into the tent, giggling as I lunged on top of slaveboy and threw my arms around her waist. “OOOF!” He groaned under me, holding himself up on his elbows, trying to sit up and squirm his body out from under me. “HI SWEETIE!” I gushed at Nikki, and she laughed a sleepy laugh and hugged my shoulders weakly.

“Mmm I’m making breakfast. Coffee’s on, and we’ve got hard boiled eggs and I’m about to start the bacon.” I heard Nikki’s tummy grumble as I let go of her and stood up, still grinning like a fool at her. “Did you sleep well?” I asked in a teasing voice. She looked over at slaveboy, who was out of the sleeping bag and standing up, in only his boxers. Then she looked at me, bit her lip a little, and nodded, still rubbing her eyes. I giggled happily, licking my lips and mmming loudly as I stared blatantly at slaveboy’s sexy body. As he turned a certain way, we noticed the bulge in his boxers. He was too sleepy and distracted by the shock of waking up under Nikki, and didn’t realize he was showing off his morning wood to both of us.

Nikki fixated on him, zoning out as she stared, her face turning a little red. He felt us ogling him and quickly fished around for his shorts and shirt. I booed playfully as he got dressed. He shot me a dirty look, but then started laughing a little as I pooched my bottom lip out and pouted at him. “But you’re sooo sexy!!” I whined, and he smiled, shaking his head a little and rolling his eyes at me. I looked over at Nikki and giggled as she kept staring at him, her sleepy face unblinking.

She was sitting up, still in the sleeping bag, and it was held up over her chest and tucked under her arms. It wasn’t until she let it go and yawned, stretching her arms above her head, that slaveboy noticed she was in her bra. His face turned red, as it dawned on him that she had been almost naked and on top of him all night. Nikki saw him look at her, his eyes opening wide, and she giggled a little, shaking her chest and wiggling her tits as he stared. He quickly looked away and brushed his hand through his hair as he made his way towards the tent exit.

Once we were alone, Nikki pulled herself out of the hot, sweaty sleeping bag and quickly got dressed. I asked her how it was, cuddling with him. She smiled bashfully at me and let out a long, quiet “Mmmmmm.” “Isn’t he an amazing cuddler?” I asked happily. “SO amazing! I slept like a baby. It felt so safe with his arms around me… and he makes the most adorable noises when he sleeps…” She whimpered at me like a little girl staring at a puppy, an expression of pure heart-melted joy on her face. I smiled big at her. “I knew you’d love it! Well like I said he’s your snuggle toy, anytime you want from now on!” Nikki’s groggy eyes sparkled as her face lit up, remembering the conversation we’d had last night just before bed. She looked like she was about to float off the ground!

“Hey so I’m gonna go out there and fill slaveboy in on everything. Can you hang back here and just give us like five minutes?” Nikki nodded happily. “Of course.” I blew a kiss at her and giggled as I flew out of the tent. slaveboy was sitting backwards on the picnic bench, his elbows resting behind him on the table as he leaned back. GOD he looked so fucking good. His hair and beard were perfect, even though he had just woken up. Ugh, so not fair! I flicked my messy hair over my shoulder and sauntered up to him, smiling big. He looked at me with his shimmering, sleepy green eyes. “Hey, so… I didn’t know that was Nikki, I swear I thought it was you…” He stammered nervously. I giggled and sat on his lap, threading my legs around his waist and grinding into his half-hard dick a little, mmming sexily. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into me, kissing his lips hard, biting his bottom lip and moaning into his mouth. He kissed me back, shifting a little under me, and wrapped his arms around my lower back, pulling me tight. I melted into him happily.

After a couple minutes of making out, I pulled back, tugging on his bottom lip playfully with my teeth. I leaned back a little, resting my hands on his broad shoulders and tracing my fingers around his neck. He smiled his big, handsome grin at me, and I bit my lip. It took everything in my not to jump his cock right then and there. GOD he drives me wild! I took a deep breath.

“So, baby? I kind of wanted to talk to you about something.” He took a deep breath, calming himself down, and looked at me with sincere, comforting eyes. “Of course, sweetheart. What’s on your mind?” I smiled at him and rubbed his strong shoulders a little, then slid my hands down over his chest and pressed my palms into his muscular body, mmming happily. “Well… last night, Nikki and I kind of discussed something after you went to bed…” He looked at me curiously.

I proceeded to tell him about how I wanted this trip to be all about Nikki, and that she deserved something special after her recent parade of shitty boyfriends. He nodded, agreeing. “I mean, you like Nikki, right?” I asked, still grinding on his lap a little and playing with his nipples through his shirt. He squirmed, biting his lip. “Umm, I mean, yeah! She’s great!” “And, she’s hot, right? Like, you find her attractive?” I bit my lip on the V in “attractive”. He looked at me and laughed a little, nervously. “Well, yeah she’s attractive. I mean any guy would be stupid to deny that. But you’re so much hotter…” “Shhh. That’s not the point.” I whispered, unsuccessfully trying to hide a blushing smile as I pushed my fingers into his lips. He smirked at me and started nibbling on my finger.

“I know you love me, baby. I trust you completely and I know you would never hurt me.” His forehead wrinkled into a slight frown as he looked at me sweetly, but kind of worriedly. “Of course, sweetheart. I love you more than anything! You’re my whole world!” I melted into him and hugged his body, nuzzling my face into his chest. I took a deep breath and held it, as I leaned back and stared up into his eyes.

“You make me feel like no one ever has before. When I’m with you I just float. You’re the best guy I’ve ever known, and you’re gorgeous, and sexy, and handsome, and smart, and funny, and SEXY…” slaveboy smirked, blushing a little more. “You said sexy already…” I whimpered, still trying to not rape him on the table right here and now. I quickly took another breath, and continued. “Well, Nikki’s never had anyone like that. Someone that treats her like a princess, makes her feel safe, someone who actually deserves her.” slaveboy nodded sadly, his handsome face exuding a kind, caring empathy. “I know, it’s not right. She deserves so much better. She's such a sweetheart.” He agreed. I shifted nervously on his lap, and took one last deep breath.

“And so I thought… since we agree she deserves so much better… that you could show her what it’s like.” His face became puzzled as he looked at me, waiting for more context. “Like, you know, she and I could kind of… share you... and you could sort of be like… her boyfriend, too?” I paused, holding my breath while I waited for his reaction. His eyes opened a little wider, but other than that, he remained frozen. “I mean just until she finds the right boyfriend or whatever.” I blurted, looking up at his face as I laced my fingers together behind his neck. I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and pouted my wet lips at him. “Pleeeeeaaaaseeee….” I whined.

“Haley, I…. uhh…” He cleared his throat and took a deep breath. “I mean, isn’t that kind of like… cheating?” I quickly shook my head. “No no, baby! It’s nothing like cheating. Because I’m agreeing to it and I know ahead of time. I promise I’m totally okay with it!” I gushed excitedly. He frowned a little and looked carefully into my eyes. “And… Nikki agreed to this?” He asked quietly. “Yep! She’s really excited and she thought it was a great idea! That’s why she was snuggling you last night! And she said she slept better than she’s ever slept, and you made her feel SO safe and loved, baby!” The words flew out of my mouth, almost like one long run-on sentence. I smiled my adorable, dimpled smile at him and stared into his eyes with my beautiful baby blue eyes, crinkling my nose just a little.

“Haley, I don’t know…” He still had a very confused, unsure look on his face. “It just feels like I’m… betraying you. I mean she’s your best friend…” He chewed on his bottom lip nervously. I whimpered and whined more and threw myself into him, nuzzling his neck and squeezing my arms around him tighter. “NO! It’s not betraying me I promise!” I huffed. “PLEASE BABY!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE????” I begged into his neck. He was still silent. Then I smirked into his soft, yummy skin, and bit him. Hard. He yelped a little and flinched against me, laughing. “Hey!” I growled playfully and bit him again, a little softer this time. “Don’t make me ask again, ssssslaveboy…” I hissed playfully, emphasizing the last word by biting harder into his skin.

He squealed a little and squirmed free of my teeth, pulling back to look at my face. “Okay, okay. Fine, I guess I’ll do it. If you’re SURE this is what you want. And if she’s sure she’s comfortable with it.” I beamed up at him and gasped excitedly. “YAYYYYY!!” I squealed, so loud it echoed through the forest. He laughed and shook his head at me in disbelief. Then he became still again. “But Haley… where is the line?” He asked in a serious tone. “What do you mean?” I cocked my head to the side a little, inquisitively. “I mean, what are the boundaries? How far can she go?” I smiled at him playfully and bit my lip. “There’s no limits, baby! She can do whatever she wants. You’ll be like her full-service slaveboy, just like with me!” I chirped happily. His mouth fell open and he wrinkled his forehead in shock.

“Haley! Are you serious?” “Yep!” “So like, she can make me… service her, like I service you?” “DUH! Were you even listening yesterday?” I giggled, teasing him. “And she can… touch me?” “Anywhere she wants, as much as she wants!” I emphasized each word as I playfully poked him with my fingers all over his chest and face. “What about…. sex??” He asked, becoming more and more flabbergasted by the second. “I mean, yeah? If she wants?” I shrugged casually. “Haley you’ve got to be kidding me…” I smiled at him innocently. “Anything. She. Wants. GOT IT?” I kept poking him with each word. And my voice turned more stern as I finished the sentence. He let his head fall back, staring up at the blue sky, and let out an exasperated sigh. He knew when I got like this, arguing was pointless. I would get my way. I’m the boss. End of story.

“Okay, you win. I’ll do it.” He agreed in a shaky voice, still looking up to the sky. “EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!” I squealed louder than I ever have, and lunged for his neck to kiss it over and over and over again. “Oh THANK YOU BABY! You are the BEST!!!! FUCK I love you SOOOO MUCH!!!” He couldn’t help but laugh as I showered him with adulation and kisses. “You are SOOO sexy and WONDERFUL and AMAZING and PERFECT and OH MY GOD we are gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!!” He laughed louder, squirming as I licked and sucked on his neck, pressed my lips into his chin and tugged his face down roughly to smoosh my lips into his, stuffing my tongue into his mouth and moaning happily. After a minute I jumped up and beamed at him as I ran towards the tent backwards. “I have to go tell Nikki!!”

He put a hand to his forehead and smirked, still in disbelief, as I scurried into the tent. Nikki was staring at the door before I even came in, sitting cross-legged on the sleeping bag with sparkling eyes. “WELL?” She blurted breathlessly. “What was all that about??” Obviously she was referring to my loud, squealing outbursts.

“NIKKI! HE SAID YES!!” I gushed excitedly. Nikki’s eyes shot open and her mouth fell open wide, first into a big O, and then her lips curled into an ear-to-ear open-mouth grin. “REALLY??” She squeaked, bouncing around on the sleeping bag. “YEP! He’s all yours, anything you want sweetie! It’s gonna be SOOO FUN!!!!” I ran over to her and collapsed onto the sleeping bag as we rolled around together, squealing like little girls at a slumber party. As we calmed down a little, she bit her lip and raised a single eyebrow. “Wait… anything?” I nodded excitedly. “ANYTHING!” She paused, her breath catching in her throat.

“So I can like… touch him if I want?” I giggled. “Yuuuup!” “And I can, like… make him lick and sniff my feet?” I cackled. “DUH! I swear, were you guys even HERE yesterday?” She laughed. “Okay okay okay. But can I like-“ I interrupted her. “NIKKI! ANYTHING! You can make him eat your ass, smell your farts, lick your feet, eat your pussy, make you cum, drink your pee! And you can cuddle with him, kiss him, play with his dick, whatever! You can even fuck him!” I blurted the words so fast, I didn’t even realize what I was saying. Suddenly I froze and put both hands over my mouth, my eyebrows arching high on my forehead. Nikki gasped and covered her mouth, mirroring me. “WHAT?? SEX??” She squealed into her fingers. I remained frozen, my face turning red. “Uhhh… I mean, if you want?” I offered carefully, my words muffled into my fingers. “Haley I can’t have sex with him…” Then she lowered her fingers, tugging down on her lips as the most puzzling, perplexed look came over her face I had ever seen. “Wait, hold on. Did you say…. make him drink my pee…?”

I gasped, my face turning bright red, and I covered my whole face with my hands. “NO!!” I squealed in shame. She sat up on her knees and tugged my hands down eagerly, trying to pry them away from my face. “I HEARD YOU SAY IT!” I turned even brighter red as I looked at her with big eyes. “I meant like… you know, he’s eating you out, if you squirt… that’s like... peeing…” My eyes darted from left to right as the words tumbled ineloquently out of my mouth. She cocked her head a little to the side and scrunched up her face, staring at me suspiciously. Then she started giggling.

“So there’s like… no limits?” She asked, still looking at me with the same puzzled expression. I took a deep breath and held it for a moment, trying to get over my embarrassing slip-up. “No, there’s no limits. No boundaries, no line you can cross that is too far. I just want you to have fun with him. And I told him the same thing.” Nikki’s face slowly melted into a pure expression of unfettered joy. She fell into me and threw her arms around me squeezing so tight I couldn’t breathe again. “Oh my god, Haley! I don’t even know what to say!” She was absolutely giddy, and still in shock.

We sat and talked for a few minutes. She seemed a bit reticent, lost in thought, and was still processing everything. I tried to read her, but it was kind of difficult. I think she was trying to figure out in her own mind how far she would go. I reassured her that whatever she wanted was fine, and if she didn’t want to do anything, she didn’t have to. It was just an offer on the table. She smiled at me, still looking a bit distracted.

Suddenly, we could smell the bacon from outside as slaveboy finished making breakfast. We came out a minute later. When Nikki saw him, she blushed bright red and looked down at her feet. I leaned into her and whispered, “I’m sorry, I don’t want things to be awkward.” She giggled nervously and took a deep breath.

slaveboy noticed Nikki staring at her feet, and quickly put her at ease by making us both laugh our asses off. “These fucking squirrels are psychotic! Damn tree rat almost pilfered the bacon right off the bench! Then another one showed up while I was fighting him off with a spatula and I had to use my Bruce Lee skills to put the kibosh on the heist. Sons-a-bitches were orchestrating a full-blown coordinated attack!”

Nikki looked up in disbelief, watching him flailing around and acting out the ridiculous story, and burst out in laughter as she looked at me. I cracked up too. It was fucking hilarious! “Bullshit!” I cackled. “Oh YEAH?” He raised his eyebrow at us and grabbed the bacon packaging out of the paper trash bag, holding it out. We walked up to him and saw little teeth marks all along the edge of the wrapping. “Are you serious??” Nikki gasped. “YES! It was a fucking ambush!!” He squealed back in a ridiculous reply. We almost fell over laughing, as slaveboy shot us a playful look. “Oh baby I’m sorry! I’ll protect you from the big bad squirrels!” I teased, wrapping my arms around him. He grumbled and rested his chin on the top of my head. “I can handle myself…” He pouted. Nikki and I giggled at him. Instantly, she was feeling calm and comfortable again. I looked up and kissed slaveboy’s neck adoringly. He was so good at making us feel happy!

🩷 🩷 🩷

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We made our plates and ate breakfast. Nikki and I each had three hard boiled eggs with lots of paprika sprinkled on top, 4 pieces of bacon, and then we munched on a tray of raw carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and hot peppers dipped in ranch. Mmm I knew it would make us super gassy later! Plus, we had fiber bars and leftover chili later for lunch!

We finished our coffee and breakfast, and decided to go for another hike. I packed some chili and fiber bars in a pack for us to take with us, and slaveboy put a big canteen of water in his pack. Nikki and I threw on our stinky hiking boots (she didn’t wear socks, AGAIN!), and we buttoned up the camp, putting all the food in the car so it was safe from the crazy squirrels and whatever else was out here.

We were out all day. It was hot and sweaty, but a gorgeous hike. We laughed and joked, and slaveboy kept cracking us up with his ridiculous observations and impressions of everything. We were all so happy. I noticed throughout the day, Nikki would stare at slaveboy sometimes and let her gaze linger. She was also playfully being physical with him, hitting him or hugging him, and by the end of the day she could have fooled anyone into thinking they were a couple. She was so happy and having so much fun! I loved seeing her like that. And my mind kept wandering to what I was going to do to him tonight, and having Nikki help me torture him, and it was just so fucking hot! Ugh!

Throughout the day, whenever I had to fart, I would stop and make slaveboy get on his knees. Then I’d stand in front of him, stick my butt right against his face, and blow my stinky shit wind right up his nose. He hated it! Especially because Nikki was right there watching and cheering, squealing in disgust, and taunting him. She would even stand behind him and hold his head deep in my butt, making sure he didn't squirm away! I had a lot of farts. Hiking really got things moving, and last night’s dinner, plus breakfast and all that coffee, kept my stomach gurgling, and my butt launching lots of stinky gas bombs!

While we were sitting and having lunch, Nikki looked at me. “I have to fart…” She declared quietly, grinning at me. I laughed happily. “slaveboy! Nikki has to fart! Smell it!” He groaned, his face turning red. She giggled and stood up, walking over to stand in front of him. She started to stick her butt out, but I cleared my throat. “Ahem. slaveboy, lay on your back. NOW!” He whimpered. Nikki smirked over at me as he reluctantly laid back on the ground. I giggled happily. “Nikki sit on his face!!” She squealed and carefully stepped backwards over his shoulders, lining herself up, and gently squatted down until her big, sweaty butt was resting on his face. “Ready! Aim! Fire!” I yelled, cackling. She started grunting, and a loud, bubbly fart burbled out of her fart cannon! It was several seconds long and sounded really gurgly. slaveboy choked, squirming under her as she giggled uncontrollably, wiggling her ass a bit right on his face. “Sniff it!” I barked! He whimpered and took a deep, gagging breath. “Keep sniffing!” I commanded. Nikki grunted and pushed another fart out, a smaller, steamier sizzle, and slaveboy balked into her sweaty shorts. She giggled harder and bounced on his face happily. “Smell my fart!” She blurted in a cute, bossy voice.

She sat on his face for another minute or two, trying to fart more, but she couldn’t. But her shorts still stunk from her previous farts, and slaveboy was whimpering as she kept his nose right up her crack. Finally she got up, smiling big at me. Slaveboby started to get up slowly. “NOPE! You stay right there!” I cackled, jumping up and quickly lunging on top of him. I slammed my ass down roughly on his face and wiggled it around. “Mmmmm. Sniff my sweaty ass, baby!” I ordered. Nikki wrinkled her nose and watched excitedly. “Hand me my bowl?” I asked Nikki, reaching my hand out. She laughed and handed me the rubber folding bowl that had my chili in it. “Mmmmm!” I started feeding myself big mouthfuls of spicy chili, using slaveboy’s face as a chair. Nikki watched me with wide eyes, fully enjoying herself as he squirmed and choked under my big, stinky ass. We had been hiking for hours, and I was wearing the same yoga shorts from yesterday, with no panties on. I’m sure it was horrible down there!

It didn’t take long for me to start farting. Long, hissing steamers. Eggy blasts of eye watering, face melting methane. Shitty rotten vegetable wind. All of it pumped right into his nostrils as he screamed for mercy. They were long and mostly loud, but there were a few quiet, steamy ones too. They burned my asshole on the way out. "Owwww!" I whined, swallowing another mouthful of chili and groaning as the smell wafted up to me. Another fart. slaveboy yelped, whimpering in agony under my stinky ass. Another fart! Longer this time. Oh my god I could feel the hot lava wind burning my rectum as it sizzled out of my ass. For at least 15 minutes I farted every few seconds! They burned and stunk HORRIBLY. Even outside, with the wind carrying them away, and slaveboy under me filtering them into his nose, Nikki and I could smell them. Especially the longer ones. Six seconds long. Ten seconds long. Fourteen seconds long! “Oh my god I can’t believe you’re farting so much!!” Nikki squealed. She scrunched her face up and covered her nose. “They smell soo bad Haley!!!” She giggled, sounding a little grossed out, but also clearly very happy and excited.

Every time Nikki laughed or said something, he squirmed more, remembering that he had an audience enjoying his humiliation. It made things so much worse for him! “God I’m so gassy!” I whined. “Keep sniffing, slave. I wanna hear big, big sniffs. You need to inhale all of my raunchy farts. We don’t want to smell this!” He whimpered under me, his stomach heaving and retching on my unbearably thick, eggy, steamy butt belches.

I sighed happily, munching down more ass burner chili as I squirted endless toxic gut rot into his nostrils. He flailed his arms and tried to push me off a few times, but I kept screaming at him to stop squirming and sniff my delicious princess farts. This really made Nikki laugh her ass off. He was squirming so much that I told her she had to get on top of him and help me pin him down, which she happily did. We sat on him together, eating our chili in the beautiful meadow, using him as a table and chair, giggling at each other with each spoonful, each fart, each choking gag coming from under my ass. It felt like a dream! I couldn't believe this was really happening!

After awhile, a wicked idea came over me, and I set my empty bowl down on the ground next to us. I lifted my hips and reached back, rolling my sticky shorts down over my plump, sticky ass cheeks, until my naked ass was hovering over his horrified face. “Mmmm! Baby? Is my ass sweaty?” I asked innocently, spreading my cheeks wide and lowering the soggy, stinky mush of my rank, swampy butt crack into his snorting nose. “YES! IT’S SWEATY!!!!” He cried desperately, trying to shake his head as I trapped it between my big hiking boots, holding him steady. Nikki’s eyes shot open wide as her nose wrinkled in sympathetic disgust. I cooed excitedly, biting my lip as I felt his nose slip and slide in my greasy crack, my matted butt hairs reaching out and tickling his quivering nostrils. He was panicked! Mmmmmm, so hot! I bit my lip and moaned softly, giggling as Nikki watched me excitedly. It's hard to explain, but it was way hotter having an audience. I always enjoyed when people watched me in public, and especially when I was like being dirty with my slaveboy in public at the gym, squatting in his face or hanging off his shoulders with my pussy against his mouth doing crunches and stuff, or making out in elevators and just making everyone jealous because we're so hot. Girls and guys both always stare at us. It's fun! Hahaha

I shivered, blinking my big blue eyes and looking down to watch his jaw squirm between my thick, firm thighs. Just as I inserted his nose right into the gooey center of my sticky shit tunnel, I grunted and spurted a scorching shot of boiling butt wind right up his snorting, sweat-coated nostrils. The sound echoed around us and became hollow and bassy, as my thick, fecal fart surged through his sinuses! I giggled like crazy and swirled my hips, itching my pulsing anus with his tortured nose! Mmmmm it felt soo fucking good! “Ohhh….. oh it burns! My asshole is all itchy! Scratch it with your nose, baby! Sniff my stinky farts and itch my butt with your nose!” I arched my back and dragged his nose back and forth against my soupy asshole, starting to pant a little. "Oh baby, it feels soo good! Squirm for me, beg for your air, just sniff it and enjoy my perfect ass!" Nikki gasped, her mouth wide open, as she dug her knees into his thrashing body. “BABY! PLEASE NOOOOO!!!!” He shrieked under me, gagging violently. I giggled wickedly and exhaled sharply out of my nostrils, loading another gas grenade into my rancid chamber.


A huge, violent fart erupted out of my fart cannon, pummeling his trapped nose in a vile swirl of stinky, thick, fart wind that lasted at least nine seconds! Nikki giggled like crazy, groaning. “Ewwwww!! That HAS to suck!!” She cackled. I smiled at her, my eyes flickering with excitement as I bit my lip, again using his nose to itch my burning shit pincher. “Ohhhhh, fffffucckk….” I moaned, sitting down harder to impale my throbbing asshole with his nose, splitting open the wrinkly, oily flesh of my raunchy stinkhole. It milked and sucked at his nostrils as it dug its way deeper inside me, and I arched my back and used my feet to stuff his head further into my suffocating cheeks. His screams sounded like he was gargling! The viscous sludge in my cheesy asshole and taint was covering his mouth and nose now, and there was so much sweat in there that he was swimming in it!

I grunted and spurted another steamy fart right up his nose. The sizzling reek slithered into his sinus, overwhelming him as the long, ten second fart kept packing his nose more and more full of the lethal methane from my asshole. “Ohhh fuck yesss!!” I hissed, sighing in relief as I swirled my hips and stuffed his nostrils deeper up my steaming asshole. “That felt sooooo good!” I moaned happily, rubbing my tummy. He wailed in agony, fighting the urge to violently heave as my lethal gas kept oozing into his tormented nostrils. He tried to turn his head, but he couldn't move at all. He arms flailed as he tried to push my ass away, but I arched my back and sank my full weight into him, giggling as I grabbed his hands, threading my fingers through his and shoving his arms into the ground violently. "Nope! I don't think so, baby. You stay right where you are! Just stop squirming and inhale my farts! That's your job, slave! Be better!!" I bossed in a bratty, commanding tone.

Nikki watched eagerly, and spooned another big bite of chili into her mouth as her eyes locked onto his squirming chin and neck. I watcher her chewing, slowly, deliberately, as the spicy, oniony chili crunched a little between her teeth. She gulped it slowly and I giggled, knowing each bite she took would make more and more farts for him to suffer through later! This was seriously amazing!

Suddenly, his hands somehow got free again and were on my asscheeks, desperately trying to lift me off of him. I squealed a little, caught by surprise, but with my full weight, I leaned back even further and applied more than enough leverage to pin his shoulders to the ground. He was incredibly strong, but my dizzying farts had made him weak, and my thighs and ass were stronger! As I drilled him harder into the grass, the more he fought me, the more I sank down and took his nose deeper into my shithole. Oh god his panicked nose felt sooo good, stuffed and trapped right against my pink, moist asshole. I flexed it and squeezed it, milking his nose, shivering as his hot, desperate exhales made my asshole even sweatier. And each time he sniffed in, the cold, soothing air sent tingles up my spine. Not only did it feel amazing, but knowing what he was smelling, forced to ingest and bathe himself in the awful reek of my lethal fart spewer, it just drove me fucking insane. I shivered from head to toe, wiggling my hips a little and itching my swollen, steamy asshole with his nose. Mmmmmm FUCK!!

I yanked his arms down and gripped his wrists tightly, shut my eyes and sucked on my bottom lip as the tingling sensation of his helpless thrashing increased, fucking my pussy and ass. I was gushing so much now that thick, creamy, white cum was oozing out between my tight little pussy lips. I giggled wickedly and trapped his screaming mouth open as the tangy, milky fluid dripped from my throbbing cunt!

He tried to close his mouth in a desperate attempt to escape the salty, bittersweet taste of my pussy cream, which was extremely sweaty, salty, and pissy. I could smell myself from up high on my perch, and the odor was intense and dizzying, even to me! Dirty pussy, piss, sweat, cheesy body odor, and fierce arousal. Sooo strong! I moaned into my curled, grinning lips as I mashed my meaty, sweaty twat into his mouth, pinning it open and cutting off any air to it. Now he was forced to snort his oxygen directly out of my spongy, farting butt! “Mmmmmm! Smell my asshole, baby… inhale those farts for me… and drink my cummmmmm!” I moaned, my thighs trembling on top of him, as I felt my pussy squeezing and oozing, begging to be filled. As I pushed, sending another choking squirt of creamy pussy puke and fresh squirt right into his mouth, my asshole fluttered open and blorped a brutal, burning, eggy, fiery fart right up his nose. He literally yelped in pain as the scorching wind singed his nose airs, and his mouth filled with more vile excretions from my filthy slit! With no other choice, he snorted down my vile gas as it continued streaming out of my puckering fart shooter. It just kept going and going!

Nikki was mesmerized. She had a spoonful of chili held, frozen, midway between her bowl and her mouth, which hung open, as her eyes darted from my crotch to my face. She absentmindedly squirmed a little, grinding herself down on his crotch as she held her breath and observed me pumping his nose full of relentless farts and having a very messy orgasm right into his mouth. I whined in a lustful moan and leaned forward a little, spreading my asscheeks wider as I stuffed my pussy down deep into his mouth. “Mmmmm BABY!!! Lick my pussy! Eat me! I need to feel your tongue inside me NOW!!! PLEASE BABY! Ffffuuuuccking EAT ME!” I begged, completely overtaken by a primal urge to fuck his mouth.

Nikki gasped so loud he heard it, even under my suffocating mess. He whimpered, shriveling up under me and freezing, as he was again reminded of her presence, eagerly watching him service me in this disgusting, delicious way! I reached back and grabbed his hair roughly in my fingers, yanking him right up into my ass harder. His nose flattened and he winced in pain. I moaned out loud as I skewered my filthy little asshole with his poor nose! I held him tight, panting, waiting. I shook my ass on his face and drilled my leaking mound harder against his lips. "EAT IT!!!" I squealed, in an almost inaudibly high pitch. And then I felt his tongue split me open and swirl around inside my gooey hole, spreading around my milky, creamy cum as it oozed right into his mouth! The second I felt it, three things happened.

First, my pussy squeezed his tongue desperately, stroking and milking it deeper into my sex tunnel. I literally screamed. Second, a river, and I mean RIVER, of tangy pussy squirt exploded out of me, followed quickly by a long, unrelenting gush of thick, white, sweet cunt cream. And third, my asshole flexed and pooched out, surrounding his nose, gripping it tightly in a hazy musk of stink, and a fetid burst of stomach-churning fart fumes flurried out of my asshole and right into his panicked, suckling nostrils! His mouth flooded with the intense taste of my sex and piss, which made him choke hard, and as he gasped for any air he could, he nose was met with a vile sulfur cloud of stink, that simply kept oozing and eeking out of my ass as my stomach muscles flexed and milked! I was pushing so hard, fucking his tongue, humping his face, squealing, my hair flying everywhere. And he was completely drowned in my excretions! My thighs chewed as his face as I savagely fucked his nose and mouth. I heard him gulping, and then immediately almost throwing up as his mouth was continuously refilled with my cum and sour squirt!

By his fourth gulp, I was actually finally having an orgasm, as his tongue desperately slashed and swirled inside my tight, dripping, squeezing cunt. I hadn’t stopped farting, and the act of me cumming forced me to push even harder, as I howled out in an ear-shattering moan! I forgot about Nikki as I leaned back, sinking harder into his face, my thighs trembling as my hips humped and bucked him in spastic, jerky motions. His desperate flailing, a direct response to the rancid flavors and smells I was pumping into him, combined with a severe lack of oxygen as I selfishly smothered him, using him as nothing more than a sex toy, only made me ride him harder. His screams, squirms, and panic sent me over the edge!

I had a gooey, sticky, loud, messy, sweaty, creamy, stinky orgasm right into his mouth, farting the entire time, and by the time I was finishing, nothing but foul, cloudy piss was squirting out of me! He gulped desperately, trying not to drown in my urine, as my asshole continued to expel a nauseating reek of pure shit. It wasn’t even eggy anymore, it was absolutey shit-reeking, as my stomach forced all of the air remaining out of the depths of my bowels, right into his only available breathing pocket! FUCK!! SOOO HOT!!!! As I kept cumming and pushing, I felt my farts turn wet, as a spray of shit water splattered right into his flaring nostrils. He snorted in an absolute panic, forcing gulp after gulp of my steamy, punishing piss into his heaving stomach. When my farts turned shitty, he lost it. He squirmed so hard and thrashed so violently that he finally dislodged me from his face and I fell forward. He turned his head and literally threw up a little, spitting onto the grass! Oh it's a good thing he wasn't handcuffed. If he was, I probably would have started the whole thing all over again. UGH!!!! I fell forward, practically landing on top of Nikki, as the shock of everything made her squeal.

I opened my eyes, my heart pounding, and realized my face was dug into his stomach. Nikki had scooted back in a panic, and her thighs surrounded me as I laid there panting. I felt Nikki’s hand brush the back of my head, as she combed my matted, sweaty hair with her fingers. slaveboy was positively lurching under me, his head had fallen back down onto the ground from sheer exhaustion, and I felt him continue spitting and choking into the air. My asshole was spread wide open, and my pussy, still oozing its creamy white milk, was on his chin. As I caught my breath, I swear I could smell the distinctly familiar smell of aroused pussy, as Nikki sat just inches from my head. And it was a little different than my own. I giggled to myself, thinking she must have enjoyed the show! Finally I sat back up, slowly, on shaky knees and elbows, and sat right down on slaveboy’s wet, panting face. "MMMMMMFFFFF!! MOOOOOOOO!!! ACCKKKURRPPPPMMMMFFFFFFFFSSSSSSSS!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as my big, wet ass plopped down, once again taking his red, gasping face prisoner in the stinky canyon of my pussy squirt covered, shitty asscrack. I bit my lip as his squirms drilled into my messy crotch and asshole more and more. He started to panic and flail.

“Shhhhh shhhh shhhh. Calm down, baby.” I cooed breathlessly. “Just clean me up, and then I’ll let you out.” My voice was shaky and horse, and I rested my palms on my hips as I arched my back and threw my head back, staring at the bright blue sky, blinking against the blinding sun. slaveboy was miserable. He did NOT want to clean me up. I reeked of farts, cum, piss, raw ass and shit. It was positively sickening. I could smell it! Even though I gagged and my eyes watered, it just made me wetter. Knowing he was down there. Suffering. Mmmmm!!

Finally he started licking, first my against my slit. I felt his tongue curl and lap, taking big, thick deposits of milky white cream into his trembling mouth. He choked as he swallowed it. Mmmmm goddd!!! Then he licked inside my slit and up to my clit, and as he took it into his mouth and sucked on it I went blind. My thighs shook like an earthquake as I squirmed on his face, completely engulfing his nose in my farty ass crack. Ohhh fuck! Then he licked my inner thighs, and all over my outer crotch. Everything was covered in pissy squirt. He hated it! I caught my breath and giggled, a wicked little smirk spreading over my drooling mouth. Then I pretended to squeeze out another fart, pulsing and flexing my asshole right against his nose. Every time I pooched it out, he flinched and panicked, expecting a fart. I swallowed his nose over and over again, smearing my pungent stink all over his nostrils. My ass was so wet now, and he gargled and burbled as a mixture of wet fart spray, sweat, cum, and piss dripped from my spongy stinkhole. I kept teasing and torturing him, making him expect a fart every time I grunted and pressed my butthole out into his horrified sniffing holes. I giggled happily, watching him squirm and tense up every time. Finally, I was done toying with my prey. I opened my mouth and swallowed some air, spread my asshole wide and sucked in a little, and then grunted again.

So many false starts had finally put him at ease. He was still cleaning my pussy, and I shivered as his tongue lapped me up. I pressed one more time, just as he finally started to relax, expecting more blanks. But not this time... I exhaled abruptly through my nose, bit my lip, and exploded a steaming, rancid gut bubble, shoveling my disgusting air deep into his nostrils! He literally yelped, caught completely by surprise, and sent a powerful cough right up into my pussy! I shifted awkwardly and giggled again, queefing the air right back down into his face, and immediately felt another boiling butt tornado erupting out of my burning asshole as I flexed my tummy and squeezed my entire body, literally milking the rancid gas out of myself. He choked so violently, snorting in so hard as my pussy mashed down into his squirming tongue! Only his nose was free now, and as the overpowering stink invaded his very being, he began hyperventilating, his body reacting to the extremely lethal concentration of methane and sulfur forcing its way into his nasal cavity. His brain needed more air. And not the fart tainted air I was forcing into him. But, here he was, completely trapped, and each sniff came harder and faster than the previous one, washing my steamy little wrinkled cave in endless sniffs of sheer terror and panic!

Fuck it was driving me sooo crazy, feeling him literally writhing under me, torturing him like this! And even though he continually licked me clean and lapped me up, my pussy kept spitting more pussy puke out all over his mouth and tongue. The more he tried to clean me, the messier I got. He had no hope of actually completing this job! I was so tingly and sensitive that I had to make him stop. Or I was going to cum again. And again. I suddenly became aware of Nikki, watching, unblinking, as I kept feeding him from my gushing, bright red slit. I blushed a little and looked away, taking a shaky breath, and finally, I slid myself down so that my squishy, shitty asshole was right on his lips, and I smooshed myself down.

“Mmmm. Now clean my dirty asshole, slave…” I hissed, biting my lip hard, moaning as his tongue slithered all over my sweaty cum-slathered sex holes. He balked under me, retching on the vile taste as he forced his tongue into my crack again and again. At least now he could breathe, "cleaner" air that came from the top of my cheesy, farty butt crack. It still had to smell awful, but he was grateful to finally have his nostrils unglued from my sour shit spewer. He reluctantly stuck his tongue out, and I felt it slither against my reeking wrinkles, like a scared snake trying to find a clear path away from danger. But there was none. All he could do was explore deeper into my turd tunnel.

I shivered and moaned deeply, making sure to slide my entire asshole back and forth over his big tongue. He choked it down, almost puking with each swallow. Of course I giggled and grunted, sending a few more squirty, wet farts right onto his tongue and in his mouth. He shrieked and tried to recoil, but I bounced my ass painfully on his face until he cried out in pain. "KEEP LICKING MY FILTHY ASS, BITCH! I WANT IT CLEAN!" He whimpered and stuck his tongue back in me, just in time for me to giggle wickedly and cut another juicy fart right in his mouth. He gagged violently but kept his tongue inside my pulsing fart sprayer, cleaning it inside and out and all around. I shivered and moaned loudly, as tingles shot up and down my spine. I wiggled and humped his tortured tongue until it finally felt like had cleaned me sufficiently.

I slid back, grinding his nose back up right against my inflamed asshole. I sat heavy and still on his face for one more minute, until he started squirming for air. I giggled, cocking my head a little to the side. “Oh, do you need air, baby?” He screamed a muffled plea into me, as I looked right at Nikki. She was still in shock having seen what she just saw. I blushed a little but just gave her a goofy smile and tapped my chin, tilting it upwards, intentionally ignoring slaveboy's terrified shrieks of suffocation. "Hmmmm. Did you say you need air? I can't hear you, baby!" I sang out innocently. Nikki's cheeks pooched into a chipmunk grin as she watched him squirm desperately under us. Her hair kind of floated as his bucking hips sent her bouncing up and down a little. "Yes? Air? Okay baby, I'll give you air. Hold on. I'll save you!" I giggled cutely, then I held my hand up, with three fingers out. I dropped my fingers one at a time, slowly, silently counting down at her. “3… 2… 1…” And then I leaned forward just a little, creating a tiny pocket of air between his nostrils and my sticky butthole, and the second he tried to quench his burning lungs through his finally freed nose, I cut a rancid fart right up his poor nostrils, and just kept pushing. It oozed out in slow motion, burning furry of devastating stink, for at least 8 seconds, as he forced himself to continue breathing it in or risk passing out! I cackled as I wiggled my asshole against his nose. “Mmmmm!! There’s your air, bitch! Breath it in deep!!!”

Nikki’s eyes flew open as she bit her lip and laughed her ass off, shaking her head a little. “Jesus Haley, you’re sooo mean!!” She whined, still giggling. Finally I jumped up off his face and quickly pulled my shorts up around my waist, almost falling over as I realized how weak my legs were. slaveboy was a MESS! Nikki covered her face and groaned in mock sympathy as she saw my creamy pissy squirt all over his mouth, and his nose burbled brown bubbles as he panted! He had flecks of shit water all over his cheeks and nose, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. He glared up at us, still trying to catch his breath and fight back the urge to puke again, as we both scrunched up our faces and laughed at him! He tried to roll over and just collapsed back onto his back, over and over again, whimpering and coughing. I giggled viciously at him! "Oh you're fine! Don't be such a baby!" I taunted, shaking my ass at him.

“Oh my god! I see what you mean now by make him drink your pee…” Nikki laughed, still shocked by my exhibitionism. “I’ve only seen girls squirt like that in like those crazy porn videos!” She cackled, and then she became still, lost in thought. I blushed a little. “Yeah… well, I honestly never squirted like that before until I met him…” I panted, giggling. Nikki’s eyes flickered as she stared at his messy face. I wondered if she was wondering if he could make her squirt like that, too!

Spoiler alert — HE CAN! We wouldn’t find out on this trip, as it wasn’t until our next adventure together when she finally made him make her cum. I could tell though that she wanted to. But she seemed conflicted. Later, when she came to spend the weekend for our Harry Potter marathon, she told me she had never been eaten out before, mostly because she was embarrassed by how messy she got when she came. I couldn’t believe it! As soon as I discovered this shocking revelation about my best friend, I immediately told her she HAD to try it. And she did! But it took awhile for her to warm up to the idea. I think watching me cum on his face repeatedly throughout this trip made her less self-conscious about how messy she got. Because I was JUST as messy!

slaveboy sat up, still heaving and groaning, and leaned over to spit more into the grass. “Hey! Spitters are quitters, loser! SWALLOW IT!” I barked. He groaned louder, whimpering as he gulped loudly, his squeamish face shuddering. Nikki was unusually quiet for a few minutes, but after we packed up our stuff and kept hiking, she became her normal chatty self. A few minutes later, she and I were alone while slaveboy wandered off to try and climb a crazy deformed-looking tree. Nikki moved in close to me and looked like she wanted to say something. I spoke first. “I’m sorry about earlier.” She looked at me with a small frown. “What do you mean?” “Just… losing control back there, if it was awkward or uncomfortable for you to see that.” My cheeks turned a little pink. Nikki giggled nervously. “Well it wasn’t the first time…” I laughed and covered my face a little, remembering last night. “Oh, god…” I squealed.

She smiled sweetly at me. “Don’t be sorry, really. I kind of…” Her eyes darted around nervously, and she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, chewing on it. “I liked watching it.” She finally blurted in a hushed whisper. She blinked her eyes and pooched out her cheeks, stifling another nervous laugh. I beamed back at her. “It’s hot, right??” I giggled, wrinkling my face. She nodded slowly, looking out the corner of her eyes. “It looked like you were really enjoying it.” There was a sadness in her voice. She still seemed distracted. “Ohh yeah, he’s AMAZING at eating pussy.” We giggled at my bluntness, and she shook her head at me a little. “You know…. you can try it…. if you want….” I offered, almost whispering. Her eyes shimmered a little, but she still looked sad. “I don’t know… it’s probably not a good idea…” She replied, sounding sadder. Just as I was about to ask her why, slaveboy came trotting up.

"Does this tree branch make me look fat?" He asked casually in a goofy voice, as he held a large, scraggly tree branch that fell off of the tree he climbed. I tried not to laugh, but then he turned to the side, oohing and ahhing as he held it against his waist, posing for us. He kind of wrinkled his face. "I don't know. I'm not really an autumn." Nikki and I stared at him, dumbfounded, as he just looked at us normally, waiting for a response. And then we both just cracked up, laughing so hard we almost fell over! He looked at us, genuinely seeming confused. "What's so funny? This is fashion, people!!" We laughed even harder! Finally, he smirked and then couldn't hold it in any longer and just started cracking up with us. The tension from my conversation with Nikki was instantly erased, and just like that, she was her bubbly, happy self again. slaveboy threw the branch to the side as I ran up to him and wrapped my arm around his waist, snuggling into him. "God I love you sooo much, you big goofball!" I squealed happily into him. He smiled and kissed the top of my head.

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We spent the rest of the day exploring and hiking, working up a good sweat. It was really hot out! Every time one of us had to fart we made slaveboy kneel in front of us and stuck our butt right in his face. They were horrible, too. I could tell mine were getting wetter, and every time Nikki did it, she got a little more comfortable and a little more bossy. By the end of the day, she was really a natural!

We finally made it back to camp, and as we sat and relaxed, I gave Nikki a smirk and leaned into her, whispering, “Should we go into the tent and make slaveboy sniff and lick us?” She gasped quietly and bit her lip, smiling. “Mhmmmm…” She agreed quietly, but excitedly. I giggled. “Ahem. slaveboy?” I called out. His head shot over to us, a slightly concerned look on his face. “Nikki and I are all stinky and sweaty. And I don't know about her, but I'm really gassy... we need you to clean us up and be a fart filter.” I explained in a casual, snobby tone. He whimpered. “Haley, please… I don’t want-“ “Don’t argue! Just shut up and go lay down in the tent. Now. Just do it!” I interrupted, sounding even brattier. He looked at Nikki, I guess for sympathy. But she just grinned an evil grin at him, stifling a nasty giggle, and whined about how sweaty and dirty she was, rubbing her tummy and agreeing that she would have some farts as well!

slaveboy grumbled and reluctantly shuffled towards the tent. We jumped up and skipped behind him happily. He laid down, and I smiled wickedly as I remembered the handcuffs I had hidden in the car weeks earlier. “Oh SHIT! HOLD ON!” I flew out of the tent and ran to the car, tearing through it to find the handcuffs. I ran back in, dangling them in front of me. “Roll over on your stomach.” “Haley, you brought HANDCUFFS??” He asked, his voice cracking. “Duh! I ALWAYS bring handcuffs. You know that, baby! I just totally forgot about them last night in all the excitement!” Nikki looked at me with an amused grin on her face. I pounced on slaveboy and rolled him over, yanking his hands behind his back and quickly cuffing his wrists together. I shoved him onto his back, his hands now bound underneath him. “Oh wow that’s SO much easier than the tape!” Nikki blurted, giggling as he squirmed like a helpless worm, looking up at us with terrified eyes.

I stood over his head, wiggling my sweaty toes in my hiking boots. “Mmmmm. I’ve been waiting for this all day!” I cackled. Nikki came up behind me, staring down at our helpless prey. She was breathing heavily. “Who goes first?” She asked, unable to contain her excitement. I stared into slaveboy’s tormented eyes, as he looked from Nikki to me and back. “You should start!” I giggled out. Nikki squealed happily. “What should I do first?” She mused, inching closer to his body. I shrugged. “I don’t know. Feet? Armpits? Ass? Pussy? It’s up to you! Do you have to fart?” She bit her lip and smiled big into her teeth. “Ooooh, armpits…” She raised her arms above her head and gave herself a sniff. “Ohhh, fuck!” She whined, rubbing her nose. “They smell VILE!” I laughed. “Armpits it is!” slaveboy yelped, trying to beg us to not do this. But it was no use. He had no say in the matter.

Nikki pounced onto his stomach, almost knocking the wind out of him, as her sticky, stinky body crashed down around him. She arched her back and slid up his body a little, as she lifted her arms above her head and peeled off her sweaty shirt. slaveboy looked up at her, awkwardly realizing that his girlfriend’s hot best friend was sitting on top of him, stripping her clothes off. Nikki also seemed aware of his stare, and timidly looked up at me, feeling nervous again. I smiled down at her and sat on my knees next to them. “Well? What are you waiting for?” I beamed. Nikki giggled nervously and leaned forward, her tits almost dropping right in his face. He immediately grimaced, as the strong scent of sweaty girl emanating from Nikki’s body attacked his senses. She looked down into his eyes, raising her eyebrows and giving him a smug, bratty look. “I’m SO sweaty, this is going to suck for you…” She warned. He shook his head and tried to squirm, but he was trapped. “Oh god I can’t, I don’t want to do this…” He whimpered.

Nikki let out a disgusted squeal as she positioned her pink, prickly, greasy armpit over his nose, and pressed down into his face. “Big sniffs!” She called out happily. slaveboy tried, and immediately balked. I felt sorry for him. Nikki rarely wore deodorant, just like me, and she certainly hadn’t put any on on this trip. I always smelled her armpits when we hugged, even with her being shorter than me, and they were rank. Especially now, after hiking all day, and sleeping in the sweaty sleeping bag, she had to be ripe as hell! I giggled and took a sniff of my own pits. “EWW!” I shrieked, causing Nikki to look over at me, as I was awkwardly turning my chin to get my nose closer to my pit. “Oh god, if yours don’t kill him, mine definitely will!” I cackled deviously. She giggled, still looking at me, and a cute little smirk came over her face. “I bet mine are worse…” She taunted, almost like a threat.

“Hey! GREAT IDEA!” I shouted. “Let’s have a contest! He’ll be our judge! Let’s see who has the stinkiest armpits, feet, ass, pussy, and farts! Whoever wins more rounds gets to torture him extra long tonight!” Nikki giggled happily. “YES! That sounds sooo fun!” She started mashing her reeking pit harder into slaveboy’s face. “SNIIIFF!” She whined, like a petulant child who was never satisfied with anything. slaveboy squirmed helplessly under her, horrified at the new game we had just come up with. It was dawning on him that the rest of the day and night was going to be spent servicing two brutal, filthy, gassy princesses who would never be satisfied, no matter how hard he tried. I saw his body sink, as he forced himself to take a big sniff of Nikki’s rancid armpit.

She squealed as he coughed into her wet flesh. “Mmm AGAIN!” She barked wickedly. And for the next 20 minutes, she kept his nose in her sweaty, smelly armpits, occasionally moving from one to the other, while he took agonizing inhales of her putrid stench. She giggled as he tickled her, and commented on how good his cool breath felt on her wet, tender skin. He sounded like he was going to be sick multiple times. And finally, when he thought it couldn’t get any worse, I smirked wickedly at him, attacked Nikki and pushed her off of him to peel my shirt off and stuff his nose into my boiling pits! A fresh, new stink overwhelmed him. Mine was more earthy and thick. Less oniony than Nikki’s, but more cheesy. The bitter stink wafted up to my face and I turned my head, whining about how gross I was. “Sniff em deep, loser! I need you to air dry these nasty bitches!” He heaved, desperately fighting the urge to vomit. Just as he got used to one stink, he was forced to choke on another. Nikki giggled, sitting up on her knees to get a close look at the action. She rubbed her nose, groaning as she watched me smear my sweat all over his nose and lips.

On it went, until finally we both climbed over him and glared down into his eyes. “Who’s are stinkier??” We both asked in a bratty giggle. He looked back and forth, between us, catching his breath. He flinched is eyes in fear and whispered, “Haley…” “YES!!!” I jumped up and danced around the tent happily. Nikki huffed loudly, pouting over at me. I stuck my tongue out at her. “That’s one to nothin, ME, BABY!” She huffed again, and then turned to glare angrily at slaveboy. “Seriously??” She whined at him. He flinched again, honestly scared of her! She giggled, noticing her power over him. She brought her face a little closer to him and made a cute little growling sound. “Yeah you better be scared!” She snorted. “Yours were really stinky too Nikki!” He whimpered. She smirked at him. “Well just wait until you get a load of my FEET! They are literally SWIMMING in my boots…” She poked his nose tauntingly, thoroughly enjoying his panicked reaction.

“Wait, we’re not done with the pits!” Nikki looked at me as I smiled at her. “Now we need to know who’s armpits TASTE the worst!” She let out her trademark “HAAA!!!” And immediately planted her armpit back over his face. “Ohhh I bet mine taste FOUL!” She cackled, rubbing her slimy flesh on his lips. slaveboy yelped, trying to shake his head and squirm his body away from her, but she had him locked in. “LICK IT!” She barked. I giggled. “Damn Nikki, you’re a natural at this! You sure you haven’t done it before?” She giggled up at me. “No but it’s SO FUN! I love the POWER!” She cackled as she shook her ass on his stomach, bouncing happily.

“Lick her fucking armpit, slave! Don’t be hesitant!” I bellowed, growling as I used my hands to help Nikki mash her stink harder into his face. He yelped and stuck his tongue out, gagging on the nasty flavor as it assaulted his tongue. Nikki cooed and squealed happily, giggling and squirming. “IT TICKLES!!” I laughed and gripped slaveboy’s chin hard, holding him still. “Don’t flail, babe! Long, slow licks. Really taste it and clean her up. No tickling!” He lurched, his body spasming under Nikki’s ass as he forced his tongue out more and dragged it across the stubbly pink flesh of Nikki’s sour pit. She shivered and let out a loud “Mmmmmmmm!” Then she giggled again, squirming a little. “It feels so coooool!” She sang, cracking up every time slaveboy gagged. After a minute, he sounded like he needed to vomit. “Don’t throw up, baby! Keep licking!!” I cheered him on, snickering at his suffering.

Nikki was in heaven, switching from armpit to armpit, becoming brattier and bossier by the second. She was really channeling her inner dominatrix, and it was so fun to watch! After awhile, I crawled over to Nikki and playfully wrestled her away. “MY TURN!” She pouted, but reluctantly pulled herself off of his face, still grinning like an idiot. Then I made slaveboy repeat his torture with my filthy armpits, moaning happily as his tongue massaged my sensitive skin. “Mmmm, really get in there and work all that gunk loose. Suck the sweat off me!” Nikki watched me, as if taking mental notes, enjoying the show. She joined in taunting him, and particularly reveled in his disgust every time she mentioned her horrible feet, which was up next on slaveboy’s menu of stink!

Finally I sat up, sliding myself down and pressing my dripping crotch into his dick, moaning happily while grinding him. Nikki flew up onto his chest, showing no shame in planting her big butt right on top of him, her milky thighs rubbing against his beard a little. She bounced up and down, inadvertently sending a wave of pungent pussy stink up into his face. She watched him wrinkle his nose and she thought curiously for a moment, before realizing he could smell her crotch. She became still, even slid back just a little bit, as she looked down at him curiously. He tried not to react, because he knew when he did, we pounced. Nikki looked over her shoulder at me and smirked, her cheeks a little pinker than usual. “I think he can smell my pussy…” She whispered, almost timidly.

I laughed and wrinkled my nose. “I’m sure he can, sweetie! I can smell myself from right here, and it’s ripe!” Her cheeks took on a full blush, as she spun herself around just a little. “It’s weird…” She trailed off. “What is?” She shrugged a little. “I don’t know. I always felt… embarrassed about being smelly… you know, down there…” She laughed nervously. “Yeah I know what you mean. But now I don’t care. With slaveboy, the smellier the better!” I giggled happily. She looked at me with a mischievous little smile, and turned herself back around. I watched her ass lift up as she scooched higher on his chest, and then she planted her pussy right on his chin, looking down at him with curious, hungry eyes. “Does it stink…?” She asked apprehensively. slaveboy squirmed, his face turning bright red.

“Mmmhmmmm!” He answered, muffled in her raunchy yoga shorts. Nikki arched her back a little, becoming more excited as she pressed herself into his flinching face. She sat there and waited, until we both heard a big sniff come from underneath her. She squealed happily as he choked and coughed, flailing his head under her. Then she slid back, biting her lip. “It’s so hot when he’s like, being suffocated under there…” She mused, sounding a little breathless. I giggled behind her and nodded. “And when it’s dirty and stinkier, doesn’t that just make it even better?” I asked excitedly. “Mmmmm…” She moaned into her lips softly, still staring down into his terrified eyes.

“Okay, so who’s armpits tasted the worst?” I called out, and Nikki gasped loudly. “YEAH! WHO WON??” She asked, bouncing excitedly on his face again. slaveboy winced, again choking on the air she was wafting into his face, and she giggled happily, flapping her thighs and watching him choke on the pungent scent of her unwashed sex pocket. slaveboy choked loudly, and then gagged out his answer. “Nikki’s tasted worse!” “HAAAAAA!!!” She shouted happily, thrusting her hips forward to again mash her meaty muff into his face. She sank down heavily and wiggled her hips, really grinding herself into him. “Mmmmmmm!! I WIN!!!” She moaned, her eyes locking onto his as they peaked out from her thighs. I huffed and whined, grumbling at my defeat as I shook my butt into his dick. “DAMN!”

Nikki sat still for a minute and squealed happily every time he took another sniff of her pungent crotch. slaveboy’s eyes watered as she gently chewed on his face with her thighs. “Okay so are we doing pussies next?” I giggled out from behind her. She took a deep breath and held it, finally sliding herself back. slaveboy gasped and panted, trying to escape the cloying stench of Nikki’s lower body rot. “Mmmmm!” She moaned, holding her breath for a minute. “No let’s do feet next!” She finally chirped. “I know mine are worse, so you should start!” She continued confidently, fumbling clumsily as she moved off of him to make room for me. I giggled, wriggling my slimy toes in my boots. “I wouldn’t be so sure, bratface!” I squealed as I eagerly climbed up slaveboy’s body and sat my feet on either side of his head. “Mmmm. They’re SO SWEATY, BABY! Aren’t you EXCITED??” I teased, leaning forward to unlace my first boot. He groaned loudly and shook his head. “PLEASE noooo mooooreee…” He whined. “Oh we’re JUST getting started, silly!” I pouted down at him. “You better get used to this! Just shut up and be a good slave!” He whimpered pitifully and blinked his teary eyes, watching as I unlaced my hiking boot.

Nikki gasped and put her hand on my leg. “WAIT!” slaveboy’s eyes shot over to her, hoping maybe she was putting a stop to all of this. He held his breath, praying for mercy. But none came. Instead, Nikki giggled wickedly. “Haley I have to fart! Can I sit on his face real quick?” I sneered down at him as he let out a silent sob. “Of course!” I chirped, and quickly slid back onto his waist. Nikki giggled excitedly as she stood over his face, looking down at him. Then she squatted down, pressing her sweaty yoga shorts into his squirming face. He groaned, choking on the smell of her dirty ass through her shorts. She bit her lip and sank deeper into him, feeling his nose stick up inside her grimy butt crack. His muffled gags and protests made her giggle happily.

I smiled at her as she made herself comfortable, and then she started rubbing her stomach. “Ugh, that chili is really kicking in.” She warned, half giggling half whining. I pouted at her playfully. “Just let it all out, sweetie!” She grinned and started making cute grunting noises, as slaveboy began thrashing harder under us. It was no use, he had nowhere to go. Nikki’s eyes shot open wide as she grunted again, and a thunderous fart erupted out of her ass! She groaned and sighed in relief, as more heinous shit wind spewed out of her puckered butthole. She squirmed uncomfortably on top of him as the hot wind stung her tender bottom. slaveboy started choking almost immediately. She kept giggling and pushing, and within seconds of her first fart stopping, another one, louder and longer, started oozing out of her. slaveboy was yelping in physical pain as the boiling gas forced its way into his nostrils. Nikki arched her back and pressed her pussy down hard into his howling mouth, muffling him and forcing him to only inhale her through his nose. She cackled louder as he cried for mercy, and as her long fart continued, she smiled big at me, obviously very pleased with herself.

Then the smell hit me. I quickly covered my face and began rubbing my nose, groaning in disgust. “Oh! Nikki! That’s fucking GROSS!!!” She giggled louder, her chipmunk cheeks turning pink. I choked into my hands as slaveboy started screaming under her, desperately trying to free himself from Nikki’s nauseating gas attack. He lurched and heaved, his stomach spasming. God! Nikki's farts can be so unbelievably stinky it's just not right! She definitely gives me a run for my money. I fart a lot more than she does, but hers can be positively FOUL... I’ve been hanging out with her when she farted and it cleared the whole room! And she had no shame about it. When everyone would complain she would just laugh and shrug. Poor slaveboy! With his face pressed right against her ass, I can only imagine how bad it was. My eyes were tearing up and the whole tent smelled like rotten eggs, rancid milk and decaying vegetables! I’m sure he was in living hell! I couldn’t help but become aroused, mmming to myself and smiling huge into my hands.

Nikki arched her back and exhaled little puffs of air through her nostrils. As slaveboy continued to snort her obnoxious fumes out of her moist shorts, he felt her attempting to fart again and panicked. “MMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFF!!!! ACKACKACK!! URP AHHHHHHHHHHH MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Nikki laughed happily at his suffering, as she made even more exaggerated girlish grunting and exhaling noises. She whined and rubbed her stomach again, as she worked her toxic, fermented, nose burners down her stomach and loaded her asshole with another round. slaveboy tried to kick me off of him, but I hunkered down and dug my knees into his ribs. “Quit squirming you little bitch! Sniff Nikki’s farts harder!! I’m gonna be sick if you don’t suck it all up you worthless fart vacuum!!” I shouted, growling angrily. slaveboy yelped and sobbed.

Nikki’s eyes shot open again. “Oh oh oh! BIG SNIFF in 3! 2! 1!” She counted down, and slaveboy held his breath. She smirked at me, nibbling on her lip as she arched her back. She listened for slaveboy to finally take a breath after her fake countdown, and as soon as he desperately inhaled to prevent himself from blacking out, she scrunched her face up and pushed, delivering a steaming hot windy shit biscuit right up his suckling nostrils! He flinched under us, screaming as his nose involuntarily drank in her putrid ass blast! The burning hot lava of her thick, moist fart swirled around his nostrils and clung to her wet shorts, ensuring it would linger for him to really enjoy it for awhile!

We both groaned and giggled, listening to him try not to puke, and Nikki beamed up at the ceiling of the tent, sighing happily. “Ohhh GOD it feels so good to get these out. SMELL THEM SLAVE!” She whined, sounding just as bossy as me. I laughed, enjoying how Nikki was really coming into her own. She grinned at me happily as she wiggled and mashed her butt harder into his screaming face. It didn’t take long for the smell to hit me again. “Jesus christ Nikki, you farts are HORRIBLE!!” I shrieked into my hands, simultaneously laughing and groaning. Her cheeks turned a little redder as her dimpled smile pooched them out, and she nibbled on her lip happily. “He’s really suffering, Haley!” She cackled proudly, carefully following his thrashing face with her hips and pinning his head down hard with her butt, keeping him fully trapped in her lethal stink cloud. “Fucking DUH! Your farts are RANKER THAN RANK!!” I whined, which only made her giggle more.

slaveboy screamed and yelped, and every time his chin dug into her crotch, she would moan and shiver, grinding into him harder. Nikki farted again, mid-giggle, and started cackling as she increased the smell and forced more boiling stench right up his nostrils. Then she started bouncing on his face, mmming happily and sighing as her stomach flexed and released, preparing another weapon of ass destruction. He sounded like he was puking over and over again! His stomach kept lurching and his whole body twitched as her deadly gas entered his brain. His shoulders and neck bulged as he fought his cuffs. His hands were not only bound behind his back, but the combined body weight of all three of us ensured they stayed pinned down underneath him. He wriggled like a worm on a hook, but no matter how hard he tried, Nikki’s ass stayed planted right on his pleading face.

As Nikki kept farting, the smell got eggier and eggier. Each one took longer to dissipate, and the whole tent smelled like a basket of rotten eggs. It was putrid! I literally threw up a little in my mouth, feeling dizzy and nauseas from the fumes. I could tell Nikki was struggling too. We took our anger out on slaveboy. “BABY! EWWW! Nikki’S FARTS ARE GOING TO KILL ME!” I screamed, heaving again into my mouth. I swallowed hard and shivered in disgust. “SNIFF HARDER! YOU SUCK AT THIS, FART SLAVE!!!” I barked. Nikki whimpered, as another steamy sulfur squirter shot into his nostrils! Her eyes went wide as it burned her little blonde ass hairs and she squirmed uncomfortably on his face, inadvertently shoveling the oozing gas further up his nose. slaveboy balked and heaved violently as Nikki arched her back and drilled her asshole harder into his nose. “INHALE IT! BIG BIG SNIFFS! I WANNA HEAR YOU!!” She called out, joining me in verbally tormenting slaveboy. She was gagging too, and both our faces were scrunched up in distress from the noxious odor.

We heard slaveboy trying to sniff harder, choking violently, brutally on Nikki’s repulsive butt belches. He whimpered and cried, and fought the bile down his throat again and again. It felt like he was having a seizure under us! He wailed miserably and begged and pleaded for it to end, but we could barely hear him, muffled in Nikki’s sweaty pussy. The more he screamed and thrashed, the more Nikki enjoyed herself, moaning louder and grinding harder. She was really getting into it now, and I could even see a large wet spot growing on the front of her shorts. I giggled to myself. I KNEW she’d love this! I knew I wasn’t the only twisted, fucked up girl on the planet! Haha this was GREAT!

Unfortunately, Nikki pretty quickly ran out of gas, and she seemed really sad that she couldn’t keep farting. “Haley how do you fart so much?” She pouted at me, grunting hard again, and huffing when nothing came out. I shrugged a little, still waving the stinky air in front of my face. “I really don’t know. I’ve just always farted a lot. Like when I’m gassy I can fart pretty much nonstop for hours. Sometimes a whole day. I mean, you’ve seen me do it before!” I giggled bashfully. Nikki’s eyes shimmered as she sat still, all of her weight on slaveboy’s trapped face. “It’s not fair! Like it seriously seems inhuman how you do it. I don't get it...” She grumbled, giggling playfully. I took a deep breath, and decided to share another one of my weird secrets with her.

"Okay, well actually..." I took a deep breath and giggled a little. "I kind of have this weird talent. I've had it since I was little." Nikki looked at me curiously, sitting very still as slaveboy whimpered into her stinky shorts. "What is it?" She asked excitedly. "Well, like... I've always been able to kind of make myself fart. Like almost on command..." Nikki's eyes shot open. "What? No way! How do you do it??" I shrugged, smiling bashfully. "I just like, swallow air and kind of flex my tummy. Usually it works..." Her head tilted a little as she kind of opened her mouth, imagining how to do what I described. She tried it. And a moment later, she looked excited, as if something was happening. And then suddenly, a loud burp came out of her mouth. She frowned, huffing a little. "It didn't work..."

"Yeah I've tried to show it to people before, and usually it just makes you burp, if it even works at all. But it's different than just swallowing air. Like I have to open my throat different and I can like feel the air going down further. It's hard to explain." Nikki looked at me, puzzled, and tried it again. Again, she burped. "UGH! I can't do it!" She whined, bouncing a little on slaveboy's face in frustration. I giggled a little. "Well like also, sometimes I have to sort of... pooch out my butthole and like open it up and sort of take a little air in through it. And then doing both of those almost always makes me fart." I explained in sort of a rushed mumble, suddenly feeling very awkward, explaining this bizarre process out loud.

Nikki gave me a very funny look as she sort of processed what I said. Then she grinned into her teeth. "Can you show me?" I laughed, shaking my head a little. "Yeah for sure." I giggled as I shifted my position a little, and opened my mouth to take in some air. I felt it move down my stomach and sort of worked my throat a little, and flexed my asshole, massaging it open and carefully going through the motions. A few seconds later, I felt it swirling in my tummy and I grinned, flexing my body and milking out the rancid air.

A big, burbly fart spewed out of my dirty, pink asshole, filling my shorts and seeping out into the tent around us. "HAA!!" Nikki blurted, covering her face. "COOOOL!" She squealed, like a little kid, and started absentmindedly bouncing again on slaveboy's face.

I made a funny face at her and choked again on the eggy fart smell swirling around the tent. I could smell my own, thick and earthy, kind of like leftover Mexican food that had been left out of the fridge overnight. But I could still smell Nikki's ferocious rotten egg stench as well. I wrinkled my nose, gagging a little on the combined swirl of our toxic emissions. “Maybe it’s actually good that you can't do it. I mean if you could fart for hours, I think you’d literally kill us all!” I teased. Nikki whined again, making a funny face back to me, and we laughed happily as slaveboy went into another coughing fit as he tried to breathe the farty air out of Nikki’s damp shorts. “Mmmmm. I bet it still smells like my farts down there though, huh slave?” She teased wickedly, grinding her butt hard on his face. “Keep sniffing! I want my shorts to smell nice and clean when you’re done!” She giggled happily as he groaned and obeyed, choking again into her throbbing pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned softly to herself, leaning forward slightly to press her mound into his mouth more, and force him to take her reek in through only his nose.

She bit her lip and took a deep breath, opening her eyes slowly. They were wild and vivacious as she looked at me. She bit her lip harder, leaving little white marks, and then scraped her teeth over it, pooching her wet lips into a little mini pout. “Haley…” She started, and then became quiet. She giggled quietly as slaveboy took another sniff, coughing on her fumes, but she barely seemed to notice. “Mmm?” I asked, an inquisitive look on my face.

She whispered very quietly. “Do you think he can hear us?” She was almost silent, and I had to watch her lips very carefully to be sure of what she was saying. I chuckled quietly. “Sweetie I don’t even know if he’s even conscious under there!” I wrinkled my nose as she smiled a little. “I have a confession to make…” She continued in her same near-silent whisper. I watched her closely. “What is it?” I prodded again.

She took a slow, long, deep breath, her face wrinkling as she smelled the lingering fart stench that she had pumped into the tent. Her eyes rolled up just a little as she shook her head and let out a tiny cough. “Ugh. That IS bad!” She giggled out. I gave her a bratty “I told you so!” look. She looked down at slaveboy’s chest between her thighs, and whispered, “slaveboy?” He didn’t respond or react at all. She looked back up at me nervously, and took another deep, sighing breath.

“Ever since I met your boyfriend… I’ve kind of, like… been attracted to him…” She whispered in a breathy, almost impossible to perceive voice. I smiled a little. “Yeah, I know. I mean he’s gorgeous, you’d be blind not to.” She shook her head a little, a worried expression on her face. “No I mean… not just his looks. Like his personality. He always makes me laugh, he’s so smart, he’s like the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, plus he has like this quality that just makes me feel sooo safe…” She blurted out in a hushed whisper. “He’s just like this perfect combination of… perfect!” She sighed in a shy, exasperated huff. “He’s everything I want in a guy. Haley I’ve had like a major crush on him… and I feel so bad…” She brought her hands up to her face and rubbed her palms over her forehead and cheeks, looking stressed out.

I smiled sweetly at her. I had pretty much figured all of this out already. He’s gorgeous, sexy, handsome, he treats me like a princess, everyone he meets loves him, and I had caught her before being flirtatious with him or lingering when she looked at him. I’m not really a jealous person. I mean, obviously if I’m willing to share him like this! But I also find it flattering, and it’s a fun game for me to make guys jealous of him or girls jealous of me, like when we’re out in public. We are a really good looking couple and lots of people stare at us. It’s definitely an ego boost!

I reached my hand out and put it on Nikki’s knee. “Don’t feel bad, sweetie. I kind of figured. It really doesn’t bother me. I mean here I am, trying to get you to do all this stuff with him. If I was jealous, would I do that?” My face was warm and sweet as she peaked at me from between her fingers. “Yeah, I guess not…” She said, taking another long breath. “Nikki I love you so much. I just want you to be happy. You deserve a guy just like him. He makes me sooooo happy!” I swooned a little, rubbing my hands over slaveboy’s stomach and chest. I think he could hear us a little now, as he kind of flinched from my touch and let out a soft whimper into Nikki's farty shorts.

She looked at me happily, but with a hint of sadness still on her face. “And until you find your perfect guy, I’m happy to share him with you. Like I said, from now on, he’s OUR slaveboy, and you can do anything you want with him.” She smiled a little bigger, looking happily into my eyes. “I want you to know what it’s like to be loved and worshipped like a princess. So that’s what you get!” She giggled happily, tracing her hands over his chest between her thighs, mming softly to herself as she looked down at his body. He tried to squirm a little more, and she giggled happily, wiggling her ass on his face gently in three quick jerks.

She sat there for a few more minutes, and finally she lifted herself up onto her knees and laughed as he panted and gasped, finally freed of the suffocating, wet smother of her dirty, sweaty, fart-filled shorts. She hopped onto her knees, sat down next to his head, and smiled down at him lovingly. “Hiiii cutie!” She sang innocently, blushing slightly as he opened his eyes to look up at her. He whimpered, still hungrily taking air in through his mouth, trying to rid himself of the nausea from Nikki’s rancid farts being drilled straight into his brain.

I slid up his body, sitting on his chest and looking down at him cutely. “Baby? How are you doing?” I cooed softly. He shook his head and whimpered again. Nikki put her hand on his cheek and softly ran her fingers through his short beard. “I’m sorry my farts were so bad…” She sounded completely sincere and sympathetic. And I reinforced this after care by lovingly massaging his chest and shoulders. “I know that was really bad, baby. You did sooo good! We’re so proud of you, handsome!” He blinked a few times, finally calming down, processing his confusion as we suddenly were treating him with so much adulation. This was all part of the process. I loved torturing him. But I also absolutely adored him, and I would never truly want to actually hurt him.

“Baby, am I your princess?” I asked cutely. He blinked again and took a deep breath through his mouth. “Of course you are, Haley.” He responded reassuringly. His voice was deep and soothing. I “mmmmed” happily. “And you would do anything for me, right?” I leaned down to nuzzle his chest, kissing his shirt. “Yes, anything baby.” He answered. I giggled and lifted my hips up to curl my fingers under his shirt and lift it up, exposing his sexy stomach and chest. Nikki gasped quietly, and I leaned down again to kiss his soft, yummy skin. “And is Nikki your princess?” I giggled into his skin as Nikki gasped again, louder this time. “I… uhhh…” He stammered a little. “Go on, it’s okay…” I cooed at him, nuzzling lower into his stomach. “Yes, Nikki is my princess too.” He declared, a little unsure of himself. “And you would do anything for her, right?” I asked again as I nibbled on his stomach. He squirmed a little, laughing as I tickled him. “Yes, I would do anything for her!” He agreed quickly. Nikki beamed down at him, and I swear I literally saw her heart melting.

Then he smiled sweetly up at her, his big, handsome grin directed right into her eyes. She squealed happily and without hesitation, leaned down and kissed his cheek. She giggled nervously, blushed a little, and pulled back quickly. “Baby?” I asked happily. “Mmmm?” “I want you to love Nikki just like you love me. Hug her, kiss her, hold her, make her feel safe and loved, and completely treat her like your princess. She deserves it, right?” I giggled happily as Nikki blushed bright red, looking at me with her mouth half-open. “Of course, Nikki is an amazing girl.” “So you can do that? From now on, she’s basically like your second girlfriend, and we can share you?” He took a deep breath. “If that’s what you guys want, I promise to treat her like my princess…” He said, still looking very unsure. His forehead wrinkled a little as he looked up at me. But he was good at reading me, and he knew I was serious.

I lifted my chin up and smiled big at Nikki, as she swayed joyfully back and forth, glowing and blushing. She smiled her adorable smile back at me, and I giggled, giving her a funny smirk. “NIK! KISS ATTACK!!!” I squealed, and pounced on slaveboy, showering his chest with kisses. Nikki froze, looking at me with wide eyes. “Come on! KISS HIM!” Nikki laughed nervously and leaned down to start pressing her lips into his shoulder and arm. After two or three slow kisses, she started going faster, pressing her face into him more and breathing in his yummy skin. He smelled sooooo good. Well except for his face, where we had wiped our stink all over him! She started giggling happily and we continued smothering him in kisses, all over his arms, neck, chest and stomach. He squirmed and squealed, half from being tickled, and half from being embarrassed.

Finally we stopped and both collapsed on top of him, laughing gleefully. slaveboy was breathing hard, catching his breath from the kiss and tickle attack under our combined weight. Then I sat up abruptly. “Okay Nikki, what do you want to do next?” I asked excitedly. She giggled, looking happily at slaveboy. “I can do… anything?” She raised her eyebrow and looked over at me. I didn’t respond. Instead, I looked down at slaveboy and gave him a prodding look, and waited for him to answer. He looked conflicted, and also caught off guard at how quickly we shifted from being affectionate, back to wanting to torture him more. He took a deep breath. I gave him another look, as if to say, "Well? Go on..."

“Yes Nikki, you can do anything.” He insisted, looking up at her. “I’m all yours.” Her face melted into an ear-to-ear grin and she squealed. “Awwww! He’s so adorable, Haley!!” I laughed as she bounced on her knees. Then she sat still and a smug, bratty look came over her face as she stared right into slaveboy’s eyes. “Can I….. kiss you here?!” She giggled excitedly as she pressed her finger into the side of his neck. “Yes of course.” He answered sweetly. She squealed and leaned down, mmming happily as she planted a big, sloppy smooch on his neck. Then she pulled back and tapped her chin, thinking. “Can I…. kiss you here?!” She pointed to his chin. He smiled and nodded up at her. “Mmmm!” She leaned down and pressed her lips into his chin. But then she recoiled. “Phew, your face is stinky!” She teased, waving the air in front of her face.

slaveboy groaned and rolled his eyes a little. Then she gasped happily. “OH! Speaking of stinky! Can I….. make you smell my FEET?!” She cackled, a wild-eyed, devious, bratty look on her face. slaveboy groaned louder, looking at me for help. I just raised my eyebrows and nodded enthusiastically at him. He whimpered. “Yeah…” He agreed reluctantly. Nikki pouted at him. “You don’t WANT to smell my feet?” She whined sadly. I glared at him, warning him with my stern look that if he didn’t obey, he would be punished. He gulped loudly. “Of course I want to smell your feet, Nikki.” He flinched as he uttered the vile words, sounding very unconvincing. “Oh you DO? YAY!!!” Nikki clapped her hands and bounced on her knees again. I laughed and slid back, patting slaveboy’s stomach motioning for Nikki to have a seat.

She squealed and jumped on top of him, hugging her knees to her chest and peering down at him over her knees as her boots rested on his chest. She wrinkled her face a little. “They’re going to be REALLY stinky…” She taunted in a snobby tone. “I can feel how sweaty they are, and they’re really really sore.” She snickered as she started unlacing her first boot. slaveboy groaned, again looking at me for help. I giggled quietly to myself. “slaveboy, you need to give Nikki a foot massage.” He blinked nervously, but then he seemed relieved. “I’d be glad to, just uncuff me?” He asked, bulging his shoulder muscles as he struggled with his bound hands behind his back. Nikki looked over her should at me curiously. I giggled again, this time louder. “Not with your hands, silly! You’re gonna massage her feet with your face!” I cackled as he whimpered. “Nikki, if you really smear your feet hard into his face and use his nose, it feels soooo good! And his breath will feel nice and cool. And then you can make him lick and suck them all over. It’s the best foot massage you’ll ever have!”

slaveboy grimaced, already lurching under us at the prospect of what I had suggested. Nikki gasped excitedly and tore at her laces, quickly loosening her boot. Before she even began tugging it off, the smell oozed out and pummeled his poor face. He croaked, choking on the stench, as Nikki stared him down while yanking off her first boot. It was so stuck, she almost fell backwards as it finally pried loose from her soaked foot. slaveboy’s eyes went wide as he once again got a closeup look of her pink, grimy, cheesy foot. Thin layers of glistening, grey foot jam lined her wrinkled sole, and big chunks of off-white cheeseballs were caked under and in between all of her toes. They were literally pruny from sitting on so much sweat all day long! YUCK! She shivered, squealing in disgusted delight as she flexed her toes and examined the damage.

She giggled as she carefully set her boot down, open side towards his face, right next to his head. Instantly he began coughing, and his eyes watered terribly. “Oh, god!” He exclaimed in horror. Nikki grinned viciously down at him as she slowly inched her rancid foot closer and closer to his nose, until finally, she pressed the tender, wet, stinking flesh into his nostrils. She cackled. “EWWWWW!! It’s sooo grosssss!!” Her voice was whiny and mean as she carefully slid her wet, buttery toes over his nose, squeezing and pulling at it as he gagged. “Take a big whiff, baby!” I laughed out, feeling him really start to struggle under us.

slaveboy opened his mouth to try and escape the smell, gasping desperately. Nikki frowned, glaring down at him. “Through your NOSE!!” She barked. I dug my knees into his sides and hissed, “Don’t make me get the tape! And my sweaty socks are going right in your mouth before I tape it shut!” slaveboy yelped, slammed his mouth shut, and took a deep, painful sniff! The explosive odor of Nikki’s cheesy, moldy vinegar toes was thick and cloying. She cooed happily as her filthy toes gripped at his poor nose. The oily grease of her excessively sweaty foot dripped and smeared all over his nostrils, and as he inhaled, bits of toe cheese dislodged from her rancid, wrinkly skin. She shivered and arched her back. “Fuck it feels so good when he breathes in!”

slaveboy could barely handle it. He heaved and retched violently under us as his stomach lurched, sending a nauseating wave of bile into his throat. We heard him struggle to swallow it down. Nikki giggled happily, flexing and spreading her toes. “Don’t they smell YUMMY? Mmm mmm mmm! Don’t throw up, just sniff!” I laughed as slaveboy whimpered at Nikki’s cruelty. She was really getting this down now. Within just a few minutes, she flicked her hair back, turned to look over her shoulder at me, and gave me an excited, evil smirk. “I wonder if both of my feet at once would smell twice as bad??” I nodded enthusiastically at her. “Probably!” She squealed and turned her head back around, quickly leaning down to unlace her other boot. “Are you ready for twice the foot stink, slaaaaave?” She taunted down like an arrogant little brat. slaveboy shook his head, sobbing. “No, please Nikki don’t!” She bit her lip and mooshed her naked foot into his pleading mouth, shutting him up quickly while she frantically worked on unlacing her second boot. She peeled it off of her soaked foot and set it down on the other side of his head, surrounding him with the reeking funk wafting out of them.

She pulled her first foot back and held both feet above his head, eyeing him hungrily, as if she was about to devour him whole. Her second foot was even worse than the first, grimier and wetter, and she squealed as she curled her toes back and extended both her knees to completely smother his face in all ten of her sickening toes! She was so excited, she accidentally kicked him in the face. HARD! She gasped loudly and recoiled her feet. "SHIT! I'm sorry!!" She whined. "Are you okay??" slaveboy blinked twice and groaned, nodding his head slowly. I loved how confusing it was for him, seeing us both deftly swoop from nurturing, sweet, and affectionate, back to devious, sadistic, punishing. Mmmm it was really fun, and kept his tormented mind guessing!

She giggled a little and pushed her feet back into his face, carefully this time, and squealed as his nose made contact with her sour, moist digits. She wriggled and squirmed her greasy toes all over his cheeks and nose, pulling and peeling at his lips, and then gripping and grasping at his nose again. He screamed, literally interrupting his desperate shriek with a deafening, violent, choking retch, and it sounded like he was about to puke! I couldn't believe it! I had made him throw up before, but only a few times at this point in our relationship. And never from my feet. I think Nikki's were just AWFUL for him. Plus, he just wasn't used to it. He was much more accustomed to sniffing my farts. So this was a pretty new, fresh hell for him!

He gulped hard and froze under us, and I felt his stomach seizing as he tried desperately to steel it. Nikki laughed callously and smeared her feet harder into his face. “Oh, don’t be a baby. It’s just my feet!” She teased, her devilish eyes drinking in his anguish. “Sniff them real good, slave!” She continued her relentless cruelty. “I wanna hear big big sniffs. They’re so sweaty, you need to dry them off!” She whined.

I started grinding myself into slaveboy’s lap, moaning softly as I bit my lip. Watching Nikki torment him like this was unbelievably hot. He had been buried in her feet for at least 20 minutes now. And I knew he was suffering, because my eyes were watering from Nikki’s potent foot stench from several feet away! I wrinkled my nose and took another sniff of the air, balking on the dizzying odor. Every time slaveboy yelped, whimpered, choked, or screamed, my pussy gushed a little more. My shorts were becoming SOAKED, and as I rubbed my pussy into his body, it just got worse.

I whined a little, a frustrated moan escaping my lips. “Nikki….” I whimpered. She looked back at me again, a big goofy grin on her face. “I’m sorry if they smell too much.” She laughed, still grinning. “No it’s not that. It’s just… fuck watching you do that is so hot! I can’t believe how disgusting your feet are! He’s in HELL and I LOVE IT!!” My words were a whiny, breathy moan. I humped slaveboy’s body harder as I finished my sentence. Nikki blushed a little, biting her lip as she watched me excitedly. “Should I stop…?” She asked, her tone making it clear that she had no intention of stopping. I think she was teasing me at this point.

“No don’t fucking stop keep going! Make him suck your toes clean and lick your soles!” I blurted, staring at her with lust-drunk eyes. She smiled even bigger and turned back around to stare at her victim. “Mmmm! How are you doing down there, sexy?” She stared eagerly into his tormented eyes. As he tried to answer, begging for a break, she quickly stuffed her toes into his pleading mouth, attack with the speed and precision of a viper. He yelped and panicked, trying to spit her sour, cheese-coated toes out of his mouth, but she just stuck her foot deeper into his mouth. She moaned loudly, using her other foot to hold his head still and clamp her sour toes over his nose. “Shut up and suck my feet, bitch!” She barked. Ooohh fuck, her voice was so bossy and mean. My lust was overpowering me as I humped his dick harder. Even though he was in hell, I could feel him getting slightly hard. Like I said, he liked being dominated. And with my constant grinding on his cock, and Nikki sitting above him shirtless, he couldn’t help it.

My thighs trembled as I whimpered louder, moaning breathlessly as I felt his big cock growing under me. He was gagging and spitting and heaving, which made him squirm more against my throbbing pussy. “Mmmmm FUCK!” I blurted, panting as I reached between my legs to grip his cock through his shorts. I positioned it so that my wet yoga shorts could slide up and down the underside of it, desperately trying to make it grow more. Nikki spread her toes and wiggled them inside his mouth, unleashing a torrent of vile flavors on his tongue. He tried to puke. He wanted to. He needed to. But he knew better. And he fought it down. Luckily he had been trained well for this.

As soon as his tongue started swirling between Nikki’s aching, boiling toes, she started squealing. Laughter at first, and then pure sexual desire. She moaned and panted, unblinking as she stared at his mouth. Her filthy, disgusting foot reek was oozing its stench and flavors into his mouth, and she was fucking loving it. “Ohhh jesus CHRIST! Get under my toes! YES YES YES! Just like that. Between my toes. Ohhhh FUCK! Suck them clean!! Unggggg!!” She was just as wild as me. Nikki used slaveboy’s mouth and nose to fuck her sensitive, stinky little feet, while I dry humped his cock until it stuck up through his shorts and twitched against my aching pussy! Ohhh FUCK it was so hot!!

slaveboy was really having a hard time. Between Nikki’s feet, both our weight, and me grinding him, he was really struggling just to breathe. The smell in the tent was awful. Nikki’s feet were airing out their sour, rotten cheese stink, and she kept his noes physically glued to her toes and soles the whole time. One foot in his mouth, one wrapped around nose, and she switched frequently, rubbing and smearing her filth all over every inch of his face. How he didn’t puke, I don’t know. I felt myself getting sick on the fumes!

Eventually I calmed myself down, and while Nikki kept squealing and moaning as his tongue massaged and cleaned her disgusting feet, I giggled to myself, taking a deep breath, and I slid off his crotch and sat next to his head. Nikki looked at me happily as she squirmed on top of him, wriggling her toes in his mouth. slaveboy was gagging as he tried to gulp down her never-ending toe jam. His mouth looked grey and slimy, and his nose and cheeks were glistening with Nikki’s drowning foot sweat. I couldn’t believe how wet her feet were, even in places slaveboy hadn’t licked yet! They seemed to just get sweatier the more excited she got.

I grinned at Nikki and stretched my legs out, knocking the toes of my boots together as I stretched forward and quickly unlaced both boots. She watched me carefully, her spine still tingling as slaveboy’s cool sniffs and warm tongue worked her feet over. I quickly pried off both boots, revealing my bright orange socks. Well, they used to be orange. Now they were black and crusty under the toes, and dark and wet everywhere else. I sighed happily as I finally freed my stinky feet from my hiking boots. These were the same socks I’d been wearing for like a week, and they were GROSS!! Then I cackled as I stuck my feet out and started pushing them into his face, trying to kick Nikki’s feet out of the way.

She huffed and we giggled and squealed, fighting over slaveboy’s sobbing face with our four nasty appendages. The smell quickly intensified around his head, and he started screaming. Once again, I didn’t think my feet were as bad as Nikki’s, but they weren’t far off either. My crusty socks were moldy and sour, and the thick fumes choked slaveboy terribly. We finally found a position of compromise, with Nikki’s toes back in his mouth, and all 15 of our other toes piled and smooshed together, suffocating his nose! We laughed happily and sang, “Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!” Nikki moaned happily, biting her lip. “Mmmm, eat this!” She crammed her foot deeper into his throat, forcing him to gag and inhale sharply on the evil odor of our combined foot reek. He was miserable!

After he had licked and sucked both of Nikki’s feet clean, she scrunched her nose up and danced her toes all over his chin, pulling each foot up to her knee, marveling at how all of the gunk and cheese was gone. I smiled happily at her as she sighed in ecstasy. “God it feels soooo good when he sucks them!” While she had her feet away, I tucked his nose into the cheesy, crunchy folds of my disgusting, sweaty socks. I looked him right in the eyes and grinned evilly. “So, who’s feet smell worse?” He looked sadly up at me, his eyes squinting as my stinky, throbbing feet oozed fresh reek right up his nostrils. He choked and then sobbed out, “Nikki’s!” “HAAA!!!!” She shouted, wiggling her butt on his stomach. “I WIN!!!”

I glared down at slaveboy. “Seriously??” He flinched under my feet. “Wait, that's not fair! You haven’t even smelled my bare feet yet. Hold on!” Nikki cackled, still dancing in her seat. “It’s not gonna make a difference, my feet are the BEST!” She giggled, and then looked slightly confused. “Worst? Best? Whatever, I WIN!!!”

I leaned forward and peeled my soaked socks off my feet, balled them up together and rested my chin on my knees. “Open your mouth, slave!” My bratty tone made him whimper, and he looked at me wide-eyed. “DO IT!!” I screamed. I dug my sour toes into his lips and peeled his bottom lip down as I hovered my hands over his face, holding my filthy socks and waiting to pounce. He flinched again and slowly opened his mouth, clenching his eyes shut tight. I squealed happily and stuffed my balled up socks, crunchy toe ends first, into his mouth. He yelped as the sour, rotten flavor filled his mouth. I giggled and pushed his chin up, clamping his mouth shut, and before he could even attempt to recover, both my bare feet were thrust into his face and glued to his nose! “Hmpff! You can’t win!” Nikki whined, watching as he squirmed under my sweaty feet. I sighed happily, flexing my cheesy toes and bending them back.

They certainly weren’t clean, but they also weren’t as wet and grimy as Nikki’s. But they smelled horrible. I could distinctly tell the difference between hers and mine. Hers were kind of “fresh”, like sweaty, rotten cheese and concentrated vinegar. Mine were more sour and sickly, like sour, musky mildew and cheesy popcorn. They weren’t as strong, but they were tangier and really made his eyes water! I stared wickedly at him as I scrunched my toes over his nose and squeezed it shut, preventing him from breathing for a few seconds, only to release his nose just enough to take big snorts from under my sour toes. I had wet balls of sock lint and toe cheese between each toe, and even though my feet weren’t pruny like Nikki’s, they were still moist and very sticky.

“How do my socks taste, baby? If they’re still gross, that’s YOUR fault. You didn’t clean them good enough last night. You better suck hard because these are the only socks I’m wearing for the whole trip. And you get to enjoy them every night. SO DO YOUR JOB!!” Nikki rubber her nose as she scrunched her face up, extending her knees to help me press more stinky feet reek into his nose. Now all 20 of our naked toes were wriggling and dancing around on his face, and the smell was unbearable. Combined with the putrid flavor of my dirty socks, slaveboy again was fighting desperately not to puke. He sniffed, choked, cried, screamed, heaved, begged, thrashed and twitched. But nothing he did got him any further away from our foul feet!! Ohh, sooo fun!

Nikki and I laughed and talked about random stuff, casually commenting on how his breath felt or how he hated it more when we put our toes in his nostrils and made him sniff under our nails, but for the most part, we ignored him for awhile. Eventually, I pulled my socks out, still crusty and dirty, and sighed disappointedly. “Why can’t you get my socks CLEAN, loser?” I huffed. Then I stuffed my foot into his mouth. “Here, just suck my toes clean. And then long licks from heel to toe. Don’t disappoint me again!” slaveboy desperately tried to clean my feet, as Nikki and I kept laughing and talking as if he wasn’t even there.

Finally Nikki asked him who’s feet smelled worse, and he again explained that it was hard to tell, but he still thought hers were just slightly worse than mine. UGH! Stupid brat and her rancid feet! I was so jealous! But after she did her victory dance, she asked him who’s tasted worse, and he declared mine more bitter and sour! YAY!! Nikki pouted while I got to do my dance.

“Wait, okay so what’s the score?” She giggled out. “Umm. Okay. So my armpits smelled worse. But yours tasted worse. And your feet smelled worse. But mine tasted worse? So it’s 2-2?” I calculated out loud. Nikki looked at me and laughed, “Yeah, that’s right! Oh woah, it’s all tied up!” She announced, grinning widely. I giggled and glared down at slaveboy, biting my lip. “Mmm. Just like you, baby! ALL TIED UP!!” He squirmed like a worm and whimpered. “PLEASE NO MORE, I NEED A BREAK!” He pleaded. My eyes flickered like hellfire as I watched him suffering. “Mmmmmm!” I just smiled happily at him, stuck my tongue out, and then went back to ignoring him.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Nikki and I were talking, while slaveboy finally enjoyed a much deserved and very short lived break. Suddenly, I felt something moving in my tummy, and it grumbled deeply. I shifted a little, making a face as I pressed my palms into my belly button, playing with my piercing a little. I nibbled on my lip and started pushing gently.


A long, and I mean long, slow, hissing fart eeked out of my fiery butthole. Oh god, it burned! I knew immediate it was going to absolutely reek. No one else had heart it, and I started giggling quietly, waiting for the smell to spread around the tent. Before I could smell it though, I felt my stomach cramping again, and without warning, another one slithered out of my stinky, pink asshole!


It was just as long, and just as silent, and I knew it was just the beginning. I groaned loudly as the boiling gas literally singed my little blonde butt hairs, and just as Nikki looked over at me to see what my noise was about, we all smelled it. Her nose wrinkled, and a look of complete panic jolted over her face! "OH my GOD HALEY! That is SOO FUCKING FOUL!!!" She shrieked, immediately covering her face with both hands and absolutely howling in miserable disgust. slaveboy, too, had caught a whiff of my weapon of ass destruction, and he began balking, his chest heaving slightly as the odor infiltrated his nostrils.

I started cackling, giggling and bouncing like a little kid as my eyes sparkled. I felt a lot more gas in me, but I held onto it, knowing that these were just too good to waste, and they all needed to be funneled directly into my fart filtering slaveboy! A few more seconds went by, and as I finally stopped giggling, Nikki looked excited slaveboy, and then back to me. “So what’s next?” She asked eagerly. slaveboy groaned loudly, realizing not only that his begging was futile, but that I was spouting absolutely deadly silent farts. He already knew what was coming. I giggled happily as my tummy grumbled more, and I twirled my belly button piercing with my fingers. “Well, I think I have some farts building up. So I want to sit on his face.” I said bluntly. What an understatement! Seriously, these weren't farts. These were hellfire, spawned from the bowels of where all farts come from. And I couldn't WAIT to stuff them deep inside his nostrils and throat!!

slaveboy whimpered loudly as Nikki cheered me on. In a flash, I was on his face, pressing my sweaty shorts into his nose! He immediately started to yak on the odor of my filthy butt, and fart filled shorts! Nikki jumped onto his stomach for a better angle, and to help me pin his thrashing body down. Seriously, he was really trying to fight now. I didn't blame him. I mmmmed happily and bit my lip, looking over my shoulder at his squished, terrified eyes. "Are you ready for this, baby?" "MMMMMFFFFF!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He screamed, trying to shake his head free from my suffocating cheeks. I let out a devious little laugh, shaking my ass against his face. "No? You're not ready?" He again responded in a panicked, muffled protest. I laughed harder, my cheeks starting to hurt from smiling. "Oh GOOOOOD!!" I squealed!

I turned my head back around, my hair flicking and falling down my back. I bit my lip and grunted, trying to push something out. But I couldn’t just yet. I had held this in too long, and it needed a minute to coordinate an exit strategy! I pouted. “Aww. Hold on baby, it’s brewing, just give me a minute!” Nikki cackled as she dug herself into his flinching body harder. “And don’t worry. After I give you a few farts, I’ll take my shorts off and give them to you point blank!” We laughed as he sobbed loudly, but he was muffled deep in my asscheeks and we could barely hear him. It didn’t take long for my shit shooter to load up.

I exhaled deeply and wriggled my ass against his nose, feeling his nostrils press right into my pulsing sphincter through the moist cotton. He could feel me trying to fart, and he knew this was a death sentence. He tried to panic again, bucking us around on top of him, but we just giggled and flexed our bodies, easily pinning him down under our combined weight. I pushed again, and a thunderous butt trumpet triumphantly tore out of my ass! The loud, burbling hiss soaked into my shorts and filtered right up his nostrils, as each agonizing sniff sucked a little more stink out! I squealed happily and rubbed my ass back and forth on his face. "Mmmm! My asshole is screaming for you, baby!" I teased in a giddy, taunting tone.

Before he’d stopped choking, I launched another foul fart into his poor nose! It squeaked like a screaming duck, and then started hissing as I felt the burn increase on my throbbing asshole. It just kept oozing, sounding like a faucet on in the next room. Nikki groaned as it just kept coming, and within seconds we could all smell it! It was eggy and thick, foul and burning. But not just eggs. Like spoiled milk, rancid vegetables, and just all kinds of stink. Absolutely VILE! slaveboy screamed into my rancid shorts, begging for fresh air. I giggled proudly, sitting heavier on his face as he was forced to suck all of the stench out.

My asshole was throbbing, and now my tummy was really grumbling. I had pushed that last one out so hard, and now it was like a parade had begun. No longer trying to hold them in, my tummy began sending a never-ending torrent of steaming shit wind down into my ass, and I knew this was about to get a lot worse. “Ugh, I feel like these are gonna get wet and steamy…” I whined. Nikki rubbed her nose and shut her eyes, letting out a loathing groan, as the smell hit her. I frowned at her. “These are my favorite shorts, I don’t want to get them dirty!” She smiled wickedly at me, opening her shimmering eyes again to look at me excitedly. She cocked her head to the side a little and gave me a bratty look. “Then you should probably take them off!” She announced happily. slaveboy was really struggling now. The smell was nauseating, and he was only three farts in! And the thought of my naked asshole pumping more of these wet, shitty, literally boiling farts right up his nose made he absolutely PANIC! Nikki squealed as she rode him harder, fighting to keep her balance as his legs flailed desperately behind her.

I felt my gut cramping up, and I groaned as the next fart was loading quickly. “Yeah I think you’re right!” I jumped off his face and peeled my wet shorts down my sticky, firm thighs. slaveboy was desperately trying to beg but he kept coughing and interrupting himself. It was hilarious. And so hot! I just looked down at him hungrily. “Shut up. No one is going to save you, bitch!” I was feeling especially mean and cranky, because smelling my farts was absolutely brutal, and before he could even try to protest, I was dropping my naked ass right back on his face. I felt his nose sink into my crack, and as soon as it touched my asshole, I pooched it out and starting squeezing his nose and sucking it into my shit cave. "Mmmmmm!!" I moaned happily as his panicked little breaths washed over my tender, simmering butthole. God it felt so good. Each time I pooched it out and mashed it into his nostrils, his panic escalated and he sucked in air even harder, faster. I grinned wickedly, feeling the rush over power as he knew I was about to absolutely destroy him!!

“Ohhh god it fucking itches and burns!” I whined, roughly humping his face back and forth, sighing as I used his nose to itch my greasy, soaking fart spewer. The smell must have been absolutely dreadful, because he sounded sick almost immediately. I lifted up just a tiny bit and looked over my shoulder at him again. "Awww! Are you gonna be sick, baby?" He immediately began trying to respond with desperate confirmation, and I just slammed my ass onto him again, drilling his nose deep into the swamp of my fetid gas grenade launcher. "GOOD!" I barked in a snobby tone, as I wiggled myself around and forced his nose deeper into me.

Nikki giggled as he helplessly tried to squirm free under us. “STOP STRUGGLING!” I hissed, growling and moaning as I swirled my itchy asshole around and around right on his nose. I felt it slide deeper into me, and while it was stuffed up inside my gooey hole, I froze, grunting. slaveboy screamed a preemptive yelp as he felt me trying to unload, and a few seconds later, a whooshing, stinging hiss of putrid, rotten egg fart literally sizzled into his nose! “Ohhh FUCK! God it burns!!” I whimpered, still grunting my girlish grunts and pushing harder.


As my lethal methane oozed into his brain, he heaved so hard Nikki did fall over! She gasped and let out a bratty whine as she quickly clawed her way back on top of him. “DON’T FUCKING MOVE!!!” I howled angrily, my fart vent still releasing a steady stream of steamy shit wind up his trapped nostrils. He sounded like he was puking, and I’m pretty sure he swallowed down some actual bile. My eyes were watering as the smell drifted up and punched me in the face. I held my breath and reached back to spread my sticky asshole wide apart, literally hearing the velcro-like unsticking sound as my sweaty asscheeks unglued themselves. I arched my back and pressed his nose further into my rancid asshole as my fart finally fizzled out.

“Deep sniffs, loser! I’m fucking dying up here!” I ordered, coughing on the potent reek of sulfur and spoiled milk. Nikki was coughing too, furiously rubbing her nose and scrunching her face up. As he fought down another wave of puke, he kept screaming into me, desperately trying to turn his head. But it was no use. I used my feet to lock him in place, like a vice, holding his nose upright. My asshole was so sticky it helped to glue him tightly in my crack. I sighed in relief and grumbled as my tummy kept gurgling. “Oh god, here comes another one baby. Get ready, it’s gonna be super wet!” Nikki squealed and held her breath as she turned her chin up to avoid the horror show. I pushed. A little too hard…


A horrible, stomach churning wet fart sizzled and gargled into his poor nostrils! Nikki and I both groaned violently, whining and shrieking at the obvious sound of pure shit water erupting from my asshole! I felt drizzles of toxic turd worms oozing into both his nostrils as he desperately snorted for air, completely suffocated inside my ass. Then, to his absolute horror, I leaned back and started grinding my asshole harder into his nose, back and forth. “Ughhhh it fucking burns and itches sooo bad!!” I yowled. slaveboy started to puked again, this time harder, and he had to force it down so violently that his entire body became rock hard and perfectly still. His steeled stomach froze as it attempted to lurch and eject its contents. He fought with all his might to keep this unrelenting wave of nausea down, howling in agony as my diarrhea fart clogged his nasal passages. He didn’t dare open his mouth, as I continued to smear my shit-caked asshole all over his nose and lips, desperately trying to itch it and clean it off. It felt like my asshole was covered in acid!!

The smell in the tent quickly became unbearable. Still eggy and thick, rotten milk, decaying vegetables, and now, fresh, acidic shit. Nikki was almost crying from the smell as she gagged violently into her hands. “HALEY oh my god I can’t even deal with this right now!!” She shrieked, shaking her head furiously. I grunted and whined as I felt another goopy soft serve swirl attempting to free itself from my asshole. “You can go outside and get some air! This is gonna get really messy!!” I panted breathlessly, trying to pinch off my next squirty shit-fart.

Nikki jumped up and flailed for her boots, thrusting her feet into them and stumbling out of the tent, still covering her face. slaveboy saw his chance and immediately started bucking his hips and legs, trying to roll me off his face. “OH HELL NO SLAVE!” I growled, tightening my thighs around his chin and leaning forward a little to stabilize myself. As he kept thrashing, I dug my nails into his exposed stomach and raked them up his chest, leaving a white mark that slowly turned bright red before my eyes. I felt his skin under my fingernails as I ripped some of it off his body. Not a lot, but enough to show him I meant business. As he yelped, still squirming, I reeled my hand back and smacked him hard, repeatedly, right on the red marks! He became still, but I was still angry. He needed to be punished. It was time!

I knew I still had to fart. A lot. And they were going to be nauseating. These were pre-shit farts, which are some of the worst kind I am capable of dealing. My heart pounded as I felt my eyes watering. I knew no matter how hard he sniffed, there was no way he could prevent me from smelling them. Not unless I did something to truly filter my farts through him. My body shivered as the excitement pulsed through my body!

I slid my asshole down over his mouth, feeling his trembling lips squish into my shitty mess, as his nose slipped up to the top of my crack. He snorted down another round of liquid farts, forcing them to drip down the back of his throat as he took a big sniff of the tip of my cheesy asscrack. I growled demonically and dug my nails into his stomach again, pressing even harder as I carefully traced my previous marks with my nails. He screamed bloody murder, his mouth flying open from the pain, and I attacked! I slammed my asshole down right onto his open mouth, trapping it, and kept clawing up his chest, leaving more white marks that slowly became crimson.

“Try me again, motherfucker!” I barked, smacking his claw marks again. I felt his body tense up and freeze, as he shut down from the pain and terror. Once he was still, I snickered to myself, as he hadn’t even realized the predicament he was in. I arched my back and pooched my asshole down into his mouth. “Are you ready to behave, slave?” I asked, calmly but sternly. He yelped and tried to scream “YESSS”. I shivered as his mouth and tongue inadvertently soothed my pulsing asshole. “Mmmmmm. Good boy. Now because you misbehaved, you now have to be my toilet. Shut up and keep your mouth open.” My words were cold and calculating. I had no fucking mercy for him. My stomach was killing me, I had so many more farts, and eventually, I knew I was going to shit, bad. He had failed to sniff my farts properly. Nikki even had to leave the fucking tent because he sucked so bad, and on top of that, he had knocked us both over! I was furious!

“Time to learn your place, bitch!” He trembled under me, trying to shake his head. He didn’t dare thrash, as I hovered my long, sharp nails over his red scratch marks. I gently scraped them over his stomach to show him I meant business. “Unnnngg get ready to eat! At least I don’t think you’ll have to chew this much…” My eyes were fiery as I humped his face, making sure my asshole was in proper position. I was so excited at what I was about to do, I moaned softly and closed my eyes, smiling so big my cheeks hurt. He lurched violently, which caused him to accidentally press his stomach hard into my nails, and he screamed in pain. “Don’t move, stupid!” I bossed, shivering a little as even my own brutality was catching me by surprise. And making me excited...

"First, I want you to suck my butthole into your mouth, and just keep sucking." He was still frozen. I smacked his chest again. "JUST DO IT!" His lips curled into an O shape as he howled, and I felt him press them into my soiled, pulsing asshole. "Mmmmm. Good boy!" I purred, giggling excitedly. Suddenly, I felt the pressure of his suction as he began sucking on my oozing hole. I shivered as I felt him lurch, gagging and struggling to keep sucking as he found himself filling his mouth with the shit spray bubbling on my tight little asshole! He tried to recoil. "Nuh uh! Keep going!" I chirped in an excited, innocent tone. He gagged deeply and began sucking again.

"Mmmmm! VERY good boy!" I cooed. "Okay now baby, I want you to just keep sucking, no matter what, and you need to swallow whatever comes out!" My words danced off my tongue as I grinned wide, bouncing a little on his face. I felt him suck a little harder. "Eeeeeeee!!" I squealed, still bouncing as he kept tight suction on my pink and brown, pooched out asshole!

He froze again and gulped loudly as I started grunting my terrifying, girlish grunts. I pushed and pushed, feeling my wrinkly, shit-caked asshole twitch and throb inside his mouth. And then, a wet sputtering fart showered the walls of his mouth in shit spray, as the thick gas puffed out his cheeks. He tried to recoil, but he had nowhere to go. He was locked in my terrible trap! I squeezed my thighs and feet around his head, continuing to graze my nails over his brutalized stomach. I pushed again, sending another thick fart right into his hollow mouth. It was loud and bassy, echoing as it swirled around his tongue. As he exhaled through his nose against my ass, the rotten funk of bitter, acidic shit went up his nostrils and back down as he tried to breathe. The smell alone was enough to make him attempt to vomit. But he knew better. And he fought it down.

I sighed loudly and rubbed my tummy, as my cramps shifted. I knew the next round would be more gas than solid. Lucky for him! But still, he had no idea what was going to erupt out of my ass, what he would be forced to suck into his throat and swallow, and every time I pushed my asshole out against his tongue, his entire body twitched. Mmmm it was so fun teasing him! "Keep sucking, baby!" I called out gleefully.

I started exhaling sharply through my nose, shifting just a little on his mouth, and a soft, hissing woooosh began spurting out of my ass. It was dry, and extremely hot. It began filling his hole as I kept pushing, grunting now, and I felt him literally pulling the steamy fart out of my ass as he continued to suck! Mmmm it felt soooo coool!!! I giggled happily and kept pushing. He took his first swallow, and I felt his nostrils against my ass cheeks, panicking more as his breathing intensified. Each horrible sniff of oxygen sent my nauseating fart wind all through his body, into his brain, his lungs, everywhere. I knew my steaming hot death farts were infiltrating his very existence! "Mmmmm! Isn't that delicious, slave?" He whimpered, continuously gagging as my steaming fart vent turned up to full blast. As the oozing lava steam just kept filling his mouth, he tried to scream, and gulped again as my gas collected in his mouth. "Eat my princess farts, bitch!" I snarled, giggling deviously as I kept pumping him. God it felt sooo good to release these, and I kept ironing my stomach with my hands and leaning forward a little more, pressing and milking all of that rancid gas right into his throat. He tried to throw up again, but he fought it back like a champion, and kept his steady suction on my butthole. God it felt so weird and cool!!

On some level he must have been relieved, even as I kept slowly but relentlessly spewing a toxic cloud of steaming silent farts into his mouth. At any moment, something much worse could have exploded into him, and he would have to continue to suck on my tight little asshole! I felt him heaving and flinching, both fighting back his horrible urge to vomit, and also waiting in agony for my farts to become more wet.

The steaming, relentless gas surged out and spewed out of my puckering asshole, as every inch of me was dialed up to maximum full release mode. It burned and hissed like a demonic snake, and the thought that there was an actual human being on the receiving end of this nightmare barely even cross my mind. All I could think about was how much my stomach was cramping, how much my asshole was burning, and when I did think of him, it just made me excited, knowing he was worshipping me in such a horrible, extreme way, and if he did his job right, I wouldn't even have to smell the absolutely horrifying stench oozing out of my stinkhole. I can't explain the rush I was feeling!

This went on for several minutes. My steam vent would sometimes stop for a minute, but shifting around and feeling the constant suction on my asshole from his mouth made me keep farting! I sighed happily, giggling, moaning, as the cramps in my tummy slowly went away. "I know it's gross baby, but just keep sucking and swallowing! If I had to smell these, I'd know I'd get sick and I don't want to accidentally throw up on you!" I giggled out in my best sweet, innocent voice. He balked violently and let out a yelp as more moist fart steam whoooshed onto his tongue. He was not amused!

Finally, after what must have felt like hours to poor slaveboy, things got worse. Much, much worse...

As I kept pushing, suddenly a wet, squirting worm of liquid shit dripped into his mouth and grew in a small pile on his tongue. I felt it oozing out as my asshole physically burned. The green brown sludge was vile and caustic, and my asshole was desperate to rid itself of the powerful goo! I kept pushing until the squirt ended, twitching my asshole to pinch it off. His mouth was filling up quickly, and he was too horrified to move. I felt him heave, retching. As the noxious flavor slowly poured into his mouth and filtered up through his nostrils, it really did sound like he puked! I froze, slamming all of my weight down into him. Oh god, if he threw up on me, that would be SO GROSS! "Ahhhhh! BABY??" I called out nervously. A squirty, horrifying burble of nausea erupted from under me, and I felt him again flex his entire body as more panicked puking noises began. "DON'T THROW UP! SWALLOW IT!!" I shrieked, suddenly extremely worried. Nikki would probably be pissed if he puked or spilled anything on our sleeping bag, let alone something so incredibly vile!

And it's not like he couldn't do it. I mean, this wasn’t the first time I had turned him into my human toilet. It was kind of new, but as my fetish grew, I was exploring it more. And I'd definitely made him throw up before. It always made me really excited, knowing I did something so powerfully disgusting and perverse to him that I overwhelmed him to the point of physical sickness. Especially because he was so strong! Knowing I could do that to him was an incredible power rush! And it also felt kind of intimate somehow. Like sharing a part of me with him? Literally some of me BEING inside of him... Look I know, I'm fucked up. We've already covered this, okay??

Plus I reserved this sort of thing for times when I really needed to punish him. He had eaten my shit at least three times before this, and drank my piss quite a few times as well. I was afraid to tell Nikki the full extent of my deviance, hoping that in the moment, I could show her, and she wouldn’t be too freaked out by it. But he had fucking ruined that by failing to sniff my farts good enough! Ugh! Still, I didn’t want to make too much of a mess on the sleeping bag, even though his head was at the foot of it. I calmed myself down a little, still feeling pissed at him and cranky from my stomach cramps. I knew I would have to shit more any second.

“Swallow it now, slave. This is what you fucking get for being a worthless fart vacuum. Do better!” I whined in an impossibly petulant, frustrated voice. I felt him tense up under me. Even though he had done this before, I knew it was horrible for him. I mean I couldn’t even imagine. The smell alone was making me want to throw up! The sounds he was making... made my skin crawl. It was just so unbelievably wicked! And for some reason, I absolutely loved it! God it just made me so excited! Mmmmmm fuck!!

Anyway... after a few seconds of non-compliance, I felt my anger bubbling up again. I pulled my hand back and smacked him harder than ever, right on his stomach. The force almost knocked the wind out of him, and the pain shot through his body like a volt of electricity. “SWALLOW IT NOW YOU FUCKING LOSER!!!” I screamed demonically. My heart was racing!

I felt him twitch a little under me as he began forcing his throat to gulp down the heinous shit soup I had forced into his mouth. He could barely chew, since I was pinning his mouth open with my full weight. Good thing he didn’t really need to... As the first gulp slid down his throat, I could literally feel his eyes pouring tears against my asscheeks! He violently heaved and retched, making more horrifying noises as his stomach churned on his disgusting task. “Oh don’t you fucking dare puke now, fucker! Stop fucking around and swallow it now, I have more!!” Chills! My own voice gave me chills. I had goosebumps. The power rush was surging through me! I could only imagine how he felt...

He forced more liquid hell down his throat, and without warning, I grunted hard and erupted another spew of farty shit water into his mouth! He screamed as the taste sent tortuous pangs of nausea through his entire body. “Come on. We’ve trained for this. Fucking do it.” I was beyond demanding. When I get like this, there’s no pleasing me. And I show absolutely no mercy. I just get meaner and nastier by the second. His best bet was to do what I said, and quickly.

I heard Nikki shuffling outside. I think she was looking for something to make for dinner. I didn’t know if she could hear exactly what was going on, but between me screaming orders and slaveboy screeching like a waterboarding victim, she probably had an idea. I sighed wickedly, relentlessly pushing as my asshole flooded his poor mouth with more farts and shit sludge. Every torturous breath through his nose ensure that he could smell it as well as taste it. Being so cruel to him was really turning me on, and my gushing pussy just added to the suffocating wetness and stench dripping into his mouth. He was swallowing faster now, each agonizing gulp accompanied by endless choking and heaving. Other than his stomach lurching though, he was still. And even as he swallowed, he only managed to get little teeny bits down. Ugh. I knew this was going to take awhile. And I loved it. He was only prolonging his own torment. Silly boy!

I sighed and grunted again, poofing another airy, eggy fart into his mouth. Luckily for him, this one was mostly dry. Just thick and hot. His mouth was still half full, and each swallow was still very small. He just couldn’t bring himself to ingest more than a little amount at a time. I couldn't blame him. And I was absolutely thrilled that this only extended his own misery. I leaned back harder, mashing his shit-covered nose into the tip of my asscrack, making it even harder for him to breathe. “Hurry up!” I barked, unimpressed with his performance so far. Even though, truly, he was doing an amazing job! But I couldn’t let him know that. I giggled wickedly to myself as I mooshed my smeary butt all over his mouth.

A few more swallows and he was making good progress. I was still feeling evil, but my tone softened. “Uh oh baby, I have more. Are you ready?” He tried to gurgle a desperate objection, but I just giggled happily. “Okay good!” I chirped, as I started pushing again. He yelped and forced two more quick swallows down, using every ounce of his strength to avoid vomiting. I pushed one last time, and felt the tip of something solid sticking out of my butt. “Oh no, sweetie. I think you’ll have to chew this one…” I whimpered, actually sounding sympathetic. He yelped again as the log touched the back of his throat and began compressing in on itself! The mushy semisolid piled outward, forcing itself into the walls of his mouth, spreading its vile flavor all over every inch of his senses. Just as his mouth was about ready to burst, thankfully the log came to an end, and I pinched it off, sighing happily.

My pussy was so fucking wet right now. Mmmm torturing him like this was like on a whole new level! I leaned backwards, stuffing his nose further into my smeary crack, releasing his mouth from my crushing weight. Unfortunately, this also force-fed my sickening mouthful deeper into the back of his throat, and the physical sensation of gagging like that made him almost completely lose it. He flailed, kicking his legs, and I heard his stomach squelch and scream as he almost sent a flood of vomit right up into his already overflowing mouth. "OH FUCK!! DON'T PUKE DON'T PUKE DON'T PUKE DON'T PUKE!!!" I squealed, inadvertently bouncing a little on his face as I chanted, making it even harder for him to regain control of his stomach! He tried to scream through a mouthful of shit and his legs came up, as if he tried to go into the fetal position, and he held his knees to his stomach as he wailed, frozen. Finally, he regained control of himself! Oh my god! He was amazing!

I cooed happily and gently rubbed his stomach, giggling proudly. "BABY! You're doing sooo good! Oh my god I'm sooo totally super proud of you! You can do it!!" I encouraged, smiling bigger as he became very still under me. “Come on! Chew chew chew!” I sang happily! As his trembling lips tried once to clamp shut, his teeth releasing a brutal wave of murderous flavor, I felt something else tingling in my pussy. Oh no! I had to pee! I moaned as I inserted a finger into my gooey, cummy slit, and wiggled it around inside me. Instantly my aching pussy began squeezing at it, and the urge to pee intensified. I smirked wickedly, biting my lip as I huffed and moaned. slaveboy had barely begun chewing. He was not going to be happy about this. Not at all!

“Okay that’s it!” I pouted loudly, taking my other hand and gripping his chin roughly. I began mashing down on his mouth, yanking on his chin and tugging on his short beard with absolutely zero mercy. “CHEW IT!” I barked. He yelped in pain, also suddenly realizing he was running short of air. With his mouth full and his nose clamped shut in my shitty butt, he was starting to panic! I lifted off him just a little, allowing him to take a deep sniff straight from my soiled asshole. “Mmmm big sniff! You don’t breath again until your mouth is empty!” I cooed happily as he choked on the noxious smell oozing from my ass. I listened carefully as he took two or three big inhales, and then I sat back down abruptly, cutting off his air. “Now CHEW!” I barked, losing the softness in my voice. I helped him work his jaw and he forced one big clamp. Then two. The vile flavor erupted in his mouth. The smell wafting up was nauseating, and I turned my head away to take a sharp breath through my mouth, gagging on the stink I had produced.

A naughty little lightbulb went off in my mind. If he couldn’t sniff, he couldn’t taste it as good. So I quickly leaned forward again, freeing his nose. He took a huge inhale and immediately balked. Yes! My plan worked! He kept sniffing. Which made the taste so much stronger for him. “Mmmm I’m sorry baby, I almost forgot. Keep sniffing, it will help you taste my yummy gift better!” He groaned pathetically, gargling on a mouthful of shit liquid. His saliva was helping to break it up, but he still had to chew it. A lot.

A few minutes went by, and my bladder was about to burst. I whined, rocking back and forth on his face. “Baby finish it already! I have to PEE!!” He panicked again, whimpering and retching repeatedly as he tried to beg me to end this torture. It didn’t work. I couldn’t even understand him! And his pathetic whimpers and sounds of agony only spurred me on. I worked his jaw again with my hand, squeezing and gripping his cheeks. “FUCKING EAT IT!” I hissed, as he forced another gulp down. How he didn’t puke, I’ll never know. Thank god I had trained him for this. But it was taking so long. He had been trying to swallow it down for at least twenty minutes!

“Are you fucking done yet, stupid?” I whined. He panted, now breathing through his mouth. His breath made me want to puke! I covered my face and rubbed my nose, gagging violently. “URP! YES I GOT IT!” He wailed out. I barely understood him. His mouth was NOT empty. But he had swallowed a lot. I grinned wickedly, sliding back down over his face until my cummy, creamy pussy mashed into his wide open mouth. “Good boy!” I cooed. “It still sounds like you’ve got some left though. Here, let me help you wash it all down.” I began giggling relentlessly as he tried to squirm and scream. Within seconds he was cut off by a boiling hot stream of cloudy, concentrated piss! It splashed against the roof of his mouth and began building up in the back of his throat. He fought swallowing it for as long as he could, but as his mouth began to overflow, my pussy showed no signs of stopping. And I didn't want a mess on the sleeping bag.

My eyes were fiery. The excitement of everything had complete control over me now! “Don’t let it spill or you’re my toilet every day for the rest of the trip!” I giggled out, taunting in a bratty sing-song voice. He sounded like he was drowning! Gargling and trying to scream! My piss geyser was loosening all of the shit from his teeth and mouth, forcing it to the back of his throat. The smell was SICKENING! Like a boiling morning piss after not drinking water for two days! Mixed with fresh shit and rancid farts! It was so concentrated, I gagged on it. Hard. And I could barely smell it, because it all went into his mouth, and I kept it sealed shut around my crotch. His nostrils washed the putrid scent in and out between my butt cheeks, and I turned my chin up and heaved. “Oh, baby! That’s fucking awful!” I squealed in a disgustedly delighted giggle.

With a mouthful of piss, and nowhere to run, he tried desperately to sniff any oxygen he could from my wet asshole. FUCK it felt so good to relieve myself into him like this! As I felt his cool, panicked sniffs right on my asshole, I pushed harder, increasing my flow of urine while simultaneously unleashing a thick, bubbly fart right up his nostrils! He yelped as he tried not to choke on my gas. By his second or third gulp, he almost lost it again and I thought he was really going to puke this time! My piss was so hot, so bitter, so strong, it was making ME dizzy! And I kept farting. And farting. And farting! The combination of acidic, putrid piss, and eggy, shitty, rancid farts was swirling around his head. I breathed through my mouth and held my breath often, choking on the stink. Oh my god this was seriously fucking nasty. And AMAZING!!! I felt myself losing it more and more as he struggled to consume all of me...

Every gulp was a nightmare for him. And it seemed futile. With each sickening swill of my disgusting pee, my pussy refilled the empty space, squirting more burning liquid into his mouth. I pissed for a solid two minutes at least, while keeping his nostrils pumped with an unending stream of watery fart steam. It was BEYOND brutal! As I finally felt my bladder empty, I furiously stuffed a finger into my aching twat to fuck myself. As he let out his first gasp through his finally empty mouth, I clenched my eyes shut and finger-fucked my tight cunt until another stream of pissy pussy squirt erupted into his gasping mouth. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” He screamed, quickly becoming muffled by my sour spew. “PLEAAAASSSEEEEUUUURRRGGGLGLGLGLGLGLGLGLGLGGGLLLLL!!!”

I laughed wickedly through animalistic moans as I kept fingering my slit. I couldn’t stop! His gargled begging sounded so funny and soo sexy!! I giggled harder as more pussy puke flooded into his mouth! “KEEP DRINKING SLAVE!!” I howled. As I felt myself erupting into a powerful orgasm, my pussy squeezed and milked at my slender finger. Desperate to be filled, I arched my back and blorted another round of screaming firework farts right up his nose. I could tell by his spasms that he was about to black out, and finally I took a deep, shaky breath, and held my finger still inside my squeezing pussy. Slowly my piss stream trickled to a stop, as milky globs of creamy cum oozed out around it. I stayed still for a minute, squeaking out a few more farts as I squeezed myself against my inserted finger.

slaveboy was having a really hard time breathing. His stomach kept lurching and he couldn’t control his gagging. My asshole was still pumping his nose full of thick, wet farts, and the smell building up was un-fucking-believable. I panted, slowly slipping my finger out of my soaked slit. Creamy white cum strings covered my crotch, and as I pushed one last time, a white milky substance flowed out of me like thick lava, dripping right into his panting mouth. He struggled to force it down his throat as I giggled and mashed my creamy crotch back into his lips. At least I had finally stopped farting. I sat there grinding him for a minute or two, trying to calm down. But I couldn’t... What I had just done to him had sent me so far over the edge, there was just no hope of returning...

“Baby… baby baby...” I moaned, sliding my soaking ass and pussy all over his face. “I need to fuck you. Baby I NEED to fuck you…” I whined desperately. My thighs were trembling as I leaned forward, laying down against his body. “Baby PLEASE I NEED to fuck you soooo bad!!” I tore at his shorts, yanking them down and drooling as I saw his cock, twitching with his elevated heartbeat. I squealed as I wrapped my hands around it, stroking it. Unbelievably, it was a little hard! Even through all of this, his twisted mind stayed aroused. Because he loved pleasing me. He loved being under my control! “Baby! Baby get hard for me… please!!” I begged, milking it more. I licked my lips and pressed the head into my mouth, sucking on it. I felt it growing in my hands as I kept working it, and soon I was sucking the entire length of his perfect cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around it. I kept sucking until it was throbbing and hard, gagging myself on it. I giggled happily as I gagged, mmming and vibrating his cock with my mouth.

He started moaning. I pushed my ass back, sticking it into his face harder as I gagged myself again on his cock. I choked and pushed, spurting out a few more farts right into his nose. He groaned, still moaning as my mouth sucked his dick to a raging hard-on. Even with my farts, I was so good at sucking him he couldn’t help but stand at attention! Having him in my mouth, tasting him, feeling it pulsing against my tongue... mmmm fuck it turned me into a raging nympho!

My eyes went wide as I pulled him out of my mouth, drooling hungrily at his throbbing, rock-hard cock. I scrambled down his body, holding it upright so I could stick it into my crying cunt! As I pressed down, impaling myself on his huge erection, I squealed in pleasure. My ass was facing him as I fucked him reverse cowgirl style. I giggled through my moans, knowing if I farted more, my ass was pointed right at his head. He squirmed uncomfortably under me, his arms digging into his back, still handcuffed. But he started thrusting his hips up, sending his perfect, big cock deeper into my tight, oozing cunt! As he filled me up, I squeezed him over and over again. He was so big inside me! Rivers of gooey, milky cream leaked out of my pink slit, and as I humped him harder, I shot several farts out of my ass back towards his face. It only took me a few seconds to cum, I was so fucking revved up!

I impaled myself to a second, third, and then fourth orgasm, before finally feeling somewhat satisfied. I kept farting all over his dick and stomach, over and over and over again as I pushed and squealed. I could feel the heat oozing out of my asshole and the smell wafted up around us. More towards him, of course! It was thick and pungent. I coughed on it, still moaning and fucking his sexy dick. I slowed down and sank his cock deep into my pulsing pussy, and just squeezed and milked him, panting. “Ohhhh FUCK baby that felt soooo goooood!” I grunted, catching my breath. As I squeezed him, I felt him humping me up and down. “Baby! Baby!” I panted. “Tell me when you’re about to cum okay??” I started grinding him again, fucking his cock in and out of my tight, dripping twat. He was moaning louder and louder, and just after I had my fifth orgasm, he told me he was about to burst. I sat down hard on his cock and froze, squeezing it a few more times gently, before quickly pulling it out of me. He whimpered as I slid my ass backwards, planting it right on his face. I wiggled around until I felt his nose stick right up my twitching butthole, and took his creamy, cum-covered thick cock in my mouth. I wrinkled my nose as the tangy flavor of my squirt and cum filled my mouth. I quickly sucked him clean, feeling my pussy leaking into his mouth as I tasted myself on him. Oh and how dirty and raunchy I was!!!

Just as I felt his cock start to twitch against my tongue, I pushed hard and spewed a fountain of eggy, thick farts right up his nose. “Mmmm cum to my farts you pathetic slave!!” I squealed, muffled by his cock as I tried to get the words out. He started whimpering and gagging, moaning so loud into my ass. I kept farted again as I sucked his cock harder and harder, swirling my tongue around the head of his pulsating fuckstick. I thought for a moment about stopping and letting him squeeze himself to a ruined orgasm, but I couldn't be that cruel to him after what he had just done! Besides, I was aching to taste his cum!

I moaned loudly and giggled, sending a wave of vibration into him through my lips, and with one last gagging deepthroat, he exploded! I moaned happily and sucked his cum out, mmming loudly as I sent more farts into his flaring nostrils as he sucked in so hard, breathing so fast! He moaned and choked as I kept sucking him long after he was empty. FUCK he tasted sooo good! Sweet and salty and oh so creamy!!

He started thrashing under me, hyperventilating on my farts as I kept sucking his insanely sensitive cock. “Mmmm fuck baby give me more cum! Can you cum again? PLEASE cum again!!!” I whimpered, pawing at his still-hard dick. He choked hard on another fart, whimpering as he twitched under me. “BABY I DON'T KNOW!!” He howled desperately. I growled and took his entire cock down my throat, making my eyes water as I gagged on it, closing my throat around the head of his cock. I slowly slipped it back out, keeping my lips tightly squeezed against it to milk him. “Fucking try, slave!!” I hissed. He yelped as I kept stroking and sucking.

It took him about three minutes, maybe five, especially since I kept farting in his nose over and over and over again, and my asshole was still covered with shit. But my relentless sucking and milking paid off. Another delicious cum explosion flooded my mouth as I drank him dry! I moaned so loud, fucking my tender pussy on his mouth as my thighs trembled and my asshole oozed the dirtiest air from the depths of my bowels. I had been farting for almost an hour, and as I kept swallowing lots of oxygen and milking the air with my asshole, I kept simultaneously reloading my fart gun while also swirling more and more gas from deeper in my depths, trying to empty everything out of me. All the chili, all the fiber bars, all the eggs, all the hot dogs, all the chocolate, all the veggies, everything from the last two days! I spewed and sprayed his nostrils with the rankest air from deep inside me, never relenting!

“OH FUCK!!” He screamed! To his horror, I kept sucking and giggling, farting and grinding. After a minute he almost blacked out. “Mmmm agaaaain?” I whined, giggling more into the head of his bright purple dick. “NO NO NO, PLEASE HALEY! I NEED A MINUTE!” I pouted and nibbled gently on the head of his cock, squirting one last raunchy fart into his nostrils. “Fine. Smell that.” I huffed, as I reluctantly let his yummy cock fall out of my mouth. I sat up, swallowing his face in my ewwy gooey asscrack, and wiggled my butt cheeks on his face, giggling happily, still catching my breath as my messy hair fell all over my face.

I was breathing a little slower now, brushing some hair behind my ear and gently pressing my hands into my forehead to wipe the sweat off of me. “Lick me clean, Slave.” I demanded coldly, still catching my breath. He whimpered but quickly stuffed his tongue into my creamy twat, balking on the intense piss and tangy cum flavors covering my slit. As he lapped me up, I pushed down, inserting his tongue deep into the cheesy folds of my sweaty cunt. He gagged again as a new flavor - sweaty, raunchy, dirty pussy - invaded his senses. While he worked on that, I kept trying to fart, but only a couple more came out. I think I was finally done. But I had made such a fucking mess!

I had to pull my cunt away from his mouth before he made me cum again. I could barely see straight. UGH! I reached back to spread my smeary shithole wide open, pressing it down into his mouth. “Now clean this.” I panted ruthlessly. slaveboy yelped as I kept piling on the torture. I sat heavy, pooching my greasy asshole down into his mouth. He was reluctant. "Clean my ass! It's SO dirty!!" I huffed again, insatiably. As his tongue lapped me up, tingles shot through my body. “Ohhh yeah, lick my dirty ass, baby…” I purred in ecstasy. His tongue felt like magic on my itchy, swollen hole.

I sat, relaxing and sighing happily, in absolute heaven. Poor slaveboy, though, was in hell. My greasy, oily butthole milked and squeezed at his tongue, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Gooey shit slime and sour piss lined every crevice, every wrinkle of my perfect, pink anus. And he had to literally suck on it to get it clean. Of course, I giggled sinisterly and squirted a few more farts right into his sucking mouth as he loosened some more raunchy gas out of my naughty butthole, and his coughing made me superbly giddy. My pussy was satisfied, and my asshole was really being worshipped the way it deserved. Mmmm I was sooo happy!!

slaveboy’s existence was a miasma of shit and piss, farts and cum, the smells and flavors assaulting him mercilessly. Even as he did his best to clean me, my sexy girl holes constantly emitted a pungent stink of lower body rot. I was just too dirty. He had no hope of cleaning me. But he did his best, and it did help. Mmm such a good boy! I love my slaveboy SO MUCH!

Finally, on weak legs, I lifted off of him and rolled over, breathing deeply. “Mmmmm thank you baby… you did soo good!” I cooed drunkenly. He was coughing and choking, as usual, whimpering. He tried to squirm around and sit up, but kept falling back. He was extremely weak and dizzy, and his face was contorted into a mess of shit-freckled horror!

I giggled and helped him sit up, finally uncuffing his red, swollen hands. He rubbed his wrists and groaned, quickly pressing his palms into his face to try and wipe away the stink. Of course it wouldn’t work, haha!

“I’m going to go check on Nikki. Come out when you’re ready, baby!” I went to kiss him, but his face smelled horrible. I gagged a little and giggled. “Wow your face is stinky!” He groaned. I held my breath and kissed his forehead quickly. He still could barely move. Barely even breathe. I giggled again and skipped over to the tent flap, pulling my shorts on just before I went outside.

🩷 🩷 🩷

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Nikki was sitting on the picnic bench, staring at the trees. She had started a small fire and pulled out stuff to make burgers. “Hi sweetie!” I chimed at her. She turned her head and smiled at me. She had a goofy look on her face. It was obvious what had happened in that tent. At least, some of it was obvious! “Are you getting hungry?” She asked, smirking wider. “Yeah, I could definitely eat!” I helped her get the burgers on the grill and set out all of the stuff.

“What was going on in there?” She finally asked eagerly. “It sounded like you were doing something… really horrible to him…” She smirked a little, her eyes looking at mine excitedly. “Well, after you left, I had to punish him because he wasn’t sniffing my farts good enough.” Nikki giggled. “Haley, I don’t think anyone could have sniffed those! They were like WET and HORRIBLE!!” She groaned, covering her face. “Yeah, well. Since he couldn’t sniff them… he had to eat them.” I shrugged a little, carefully studying her reaction.

Once it clicked that by eating my wet farts, I basically meant eating my shit, her eyebrows lifted in shock. “Wait, you mean…” I bit my lip and nodded slowly. She continued to stare silently at me in disbelief. I took a deep breath. “Okay so you wanted to know. How do I punish him?” She cocked her head to the side a little and kept staring at me. “I make him... ummmmm… be my toilet…” I stammered the words quietly, my cheeks turning red. I’d never said those words out loud to someone else. Nikki’s mouth dropped wide open and her nose wrinkled in a stunned gasp. Finally, she spoke. “Like, you mean you go… in his mouth??” She blurted, her face contorting more with every word she spoke. I nodded again slowly, hoping she wouldn’t freak out too much about it. “But then after that I fucked him!” I blurted, trying to change the subject.

She kept staring at me in disbelief for a moment. A long, awkward, agonizing moment. The birds and trees and crackling fire all sounded deafening. And then, she smirked at me. “Well duh, I knew that. Every forest creature within 50 miles heard you guys!” I turned even brighter red, squirming uncomfortably. She kept staring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. “WHAT?” I squealed as she just kept looking at me, that same funny expression still on her face. “So you like… really did it in his mouth?” I huffed, half in shame and half in playful irritation. “Yes I took a shit in his mouth okay?? And he swallowed it. And then I also peed in his mouth. It’s how he gets punished.” I finally blurted, trying to be as clear as possible, but also get the words as quickly as possible and just move on. I held my breath, nibbling on my tongue nervously.

“EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!” Nikki squealed, making fake barfing noises. I gave her a bratty look, pouting a little. Just then, slaveboy came stumbling out of the tent. He still wasn’t wearing a shirt, probably because of how scratched up and even a little bloody his chest and stomach were. Nikki saw him come out, first noticing his lack of a shirt, and then noticing his wounds. She jumped up from the table and ran over to him. “What HAPPENED?!” She cried, standing right next to him.

“I, uhh…” He ran a hand through his hair and looked at me nervously. “He was being disobedient.” I explained calmly. Nikki glared back at me. “Haley that’s so mean!” She whimpered and reached her hands out to gently trace along the outer sides of the claw marks. She turned her chin upward to look sympathetically at slaveboy. “Are you okay?” slaveboy smiled sweetly down at her. “Yeah I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” His voice was still very low and shaky.

Nikki was making me feel a little bad now, so I sauntered up to him as well and started gently kissing his chest. She was still rubbing her hands softly all over his upper body. I think she was also kind of using this as an excuse to be able to touch him. Her mouth was slightly open as she rubbed his skin, and I swear it almost looked like she was going to start drooling.

She whimpered up at him one more time. “Come sit down at the table, we’ll help clean you up.” She comforted, leaning in to nuzzle and kiss his arm. "Yeah I, uh... I need to wash up first..." He replied. It was dark out, and Nikki hadn't seen the extent of the damage on his face. I giggled and threaded my fingers between his, and we carefully walked him to the table. He sat down on the bench, his back to the table. Nikki ran started looking through the car for a roll of paper towels and the first aid kit out in the car. While she was gone, I brought him his tooth brush, mouth wash, and a jug of water. He got up and stood over by a tree for a minute, immediately beginning to gargle and brush his teeth. I watched him rinsing and spitting, and scrubbing his face vigorously with the water. I smiled, again feeling very proud of myself for having destroyed him like that!

A couple minutes later he came wobbling back and sat down in the same position on the bench. He rubbed his face again, still coughing and choking fairly frequently, and then leaned back, taking a deep breath of the fresh night air. Nikki had found what she needed, and she ran back to the picnic table. Without even thinking about it, she sat right on his lap. She started dabbing the marks on his chest and stomach with a paper towel she had wetted from the water jug, and then used peroxide to clean them.

The gashes weren’t even very deep, and he was barely bleeding. It was mostly just red marks. slaveboy sat very still, stoic and silent as Nikki tended to his wounds. She kept smiling up at him, and he returned her smile with one of his own. I gave him more paper towels to wipe his face off, and I rubbed his shoulders while Nikki continued nursing him.

After that, we ate our burgers and just relaxed for most of the evening. Nikki and I were extra sweet to slaveboy all night. He had earned it. Nikki looked like she had gone into girlfriend mode, bringing him beers, offering to massage his back, sitting on his lap, kissing his chest, and being extremely affectionate. I think this is the night when she truly became used to the idea that slaveboy was just as much hers as he was mine. At least in some ways. She was careful to never overstep her bounds, and always seemed to be analyzing me and my reaction whenever she did something new. But she quickly saw that I truly was okay with it, and I was just enjoying seeing her so happy!

After hanging out, laughing, and playing some games, we all decided to head in the tent and get ready for bed early. Nikki and I both had to fart quite a bit, but we didn’t tie him down. We just took turns standing in front of him while he sat on the floor, sticking our butts in his face and farting that way. I would help hold his head still against Nikki’s ass while she farted, and she did the same for me. Our farts were pretty stinky, but slaveboy handled it well. I think he was just relieved to not be tied down, and even while we farted on him and kind of taunted him, we kept being sweet to him all night.

At one point Nikki kicked off her shoes and put her feet in his lap, giggling. Even though she only stuck them in his face a few times playfully, he had to smell them even in her lap. She waved them around and flexed her toes, giggling as his eyes watered from the smell. She melted when he started rubbing them, giving her a long foot massage. Towards the end of it I yanked off my boots and put my feet in his lap too. He had to smell all four of our ripe, cheesy feet and give me a massage as well, but he was still very happy to be given a "night off". He was used to much worse brutality, so even sniffing our farts and feet like this all night was definitely a night off to him, because at least he wasn't tied down, taped up and being absolutely destroyed!

When we finally got ready for bed, slaveboy was laying in the sleeping bag. Nikki came giggling up and sat on his face gently, grunting. She sent a few eggy farts right into his nostrils, while I giggled and held his arms down. As soon as she was done I took her place and spent about 20 minutes unloading my own rancid night farts up his nose. Nikki giggled happily and kissed him all over his stomach while I sat on his face. This made him inhale sharply, really forcing my farts through his system! And she loved putting her hands all over him! When I was finally finished, I smirked mischievously at Nikki and hopped off his face, sitting next to him on the sleeping bag. I began pulling his shorts down, first revealing his boxers. Nikki bit her lip and watched carefully as I then curled my fingertips into the waistband of his boxers.

“Baby, I want you naked tonight.” I giggled. Nikki’s eyes shot open, and her lips curled into a big, juicy smile. slaveboy looked at me with worried eyes, motioning subtly towards Nikki. I looked over at Nikki, and I giggled again. “I think Nikki wants you naked tonight, too.” “HALEY!!” Nikki gasped, her face turning beet red. slaveboy whimpered awkwardly, looking extremely embarrassed as I tugged his boxers down. Nikki’s red face turned to pure panic and shock when his boxers were around his ankles. His cock wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t soft either, and it was big and perfect. I noticed Nikki staring at it and chuckled to myself. “I want you to snuggle Nikki really good tonight, baby!” She looked at me like, “What are you doing??” I smiled at her, sticking my tongue out a little.

Then I peeled off my shorts, and took off my shirt and bra. Now I was fully naked too! Nikki stared wide-eyed at me as I slithered into the sleeping bag, pulling it over slaveboy, pressing my body into his and mming loudly. She carefully took her shirt off and wiggled out of her shorts, but she kept her bra and panties on. I could tell she was thinking about getting naked, but it was probably still too weird for her. She cautiously, slowly slipped into the sleeping bag, being very careful not to touch slaveboy’s naked body too much. But within a minute or two, I noticed her touching his stomach again. I giggled quietly to myself as I heard Nikki oohing and ahhing to herself very quietly.

I leaned in to kiss slaveboy’s lips, and then whispered into his ear. “Ask Nikki if she wants you to hold her.” “Haley, no!” He shot back in a harsh but hushed whisper. “Come on, do it!” I whined quietly. I giggled and added, "And call her princess!" Then I playfully pushed him towards her as his body tensed up. He sighed and rolled onto his side a little, facing Nikki. “Princess Nikki?” He whispered. Nikki gasped quietly in the dark tent. “Yes?” She whispered back, with almost no breath in her voice. “Princess Haley wants me to ask you-”

I squealed, “HEY!” I playfully elbowed him in the back. “OWW!” He laughed, pretending I actually hurt him. Nikki giggled. “What is it?” She asked eagerly, not whispering anymore. “Do you want me to… hold you? You know, cuddle you?” He replied nervously. I held my breath, not being able to see Nikki’s reaction, and waited to hear her response. I could tell by how her voice sounded that she was both blushing and smiling from ear to ear. “Okay! I mean, like, if it’s okay with you guys...” I giggled loudly and used both hands to push slaveboy’s naked body into Nikki’s, as he awkwardly squirmed against me. “SORRY!!!” I heard Nikki squeal. “What happened?” I asked, still giggling. “I… I think I touched his dick!” She sounded mortified, but I just laughed. “Well he’s naked, and you’re cuddling. It’s bound to happen!” I teased. She laughed nervously.

slaveboy carefully rolled himself over a little more, facing Nikki. He looked a little awkward, but then he opened his arms, and in his deep, charming voice, sweetly reassured, “It’s okay. Come here.” I heard Nikki take a deep breath and hold it, as she snuggled her body against his and felt his big, muscular arms close around her. She purred happily and melted into him. “slaveboy is the best snuggler in the world.” I said happily, rolling over to press into his back and wrap my arms around his chest. I used my body weight to sandwich him into both of us, as Nikki finally took a deep breath, mmming loudly. She nuzzled into his chest and I heard her giving him soft kisses. slaveboy’s body was tense and I knew he felt uncomfortable. I started rubbing his neck and shoulders, kissing his broad back while Nikki kissed at his neck. “Just relax, baby. We’ll take care of you!” I whispered happily into his skin. He took a couple of deep breaths, and I felt his tension unwinding.

Within minutes, we were all extremely relaxed. Nikki kept kissing and nuzzling him. I heard her whisper, “This feels so amazing. You feel so amazing…” I smiled happily, drifting off to sleep.

I asked them both later, separately, how that night was, since I passed out so fast. slaveboy told me Nikki was extremely sweet and kept kissing his chest and neck timidly. She told him how handsome and pretty he was, and how she always dreamed of having a guy like him. He said it made him feel really good to cuddle her and make her happy, and he told her she deserved someone that would make her happy.

When I asked Nikki, she gushed about how incredible it was. She explained how his arms around her made her feel the most safe she had ever felt. She melted into him and every inch of him felt perfect to her. She also said he smelled incredible - which was funny to me, considering what we had done to him all day, and especially what I had done to him earlier! But he had washed up several times since then. She said just listening to him breathing next to her made her heart explode! She wasn’t shy about admitting this stuff to me later, since we had been sharing him for a little while by the time I asked her about it.

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